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Health Abuse

Abused children speak out against . . .

Kinsey's abused children speak out . . .

This will legalize child abuse . . .

TUCKING, PACKING, and BINDING: Trans Groomers Target the Children For Mutilation

White House Presents COVID-19 ‘Vaccination’ (Bio-Weapon) Plan for Children Under Five ….This Is Pure Satanic Infanticide

Youth Blood Harvesting: Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Vindicated as Fact

Masks purposely being forced on children to dumb them down by depriving their brains of oxygen

SOTN: Why are ineffective and dangerous vaccines being pushed onto children who are not at risk to the advertised infection?

Biden's newest attack on faith puts children in cross-hairs

How are they going to explain all the newborns with cardiac problems?

SORCHA FAAL: Putin Slams West’s “Simply Monstrous” Treatment Of Children As Call Made To Invade Australia

VIDEO: Cop Charged After Dragging Innocent Student Facedown Through the Hall, Stomping Her Face

Whistleblowers Expose Grim Reality of Biden’s Migrant Children

Bill and Melinda Gates: a dark history of exploiting poor children as human “guinea pigs” for mass medical experimentation

How Bill Gates & Big Pharma used children as “guinea pigs”…and got away with it.

COVID Authoritarians Are Abusing Children

Video: Live Q&A: China Expands Persecution With Help From Overseas Journalists and Corporations

‘Like an Animal’: Mother Describes 700 Days Detained in a Chinese Labor Camp Over Her Faith

The “Black Eye” Club - Initiation ritual of a sinister Secret Society?

‘A New Kind Of Child Abuse’: Rob Schneider Retweets Video On Extreme COVID Measures In School

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