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Health Racism

New York Sues Over Plans to Racially Discriminate Covid-19 Treatment

Florida Gov. DeSantis pushes back big-time on society-destroying critical race theory by introducing ‘Stop W.O.K.E. Act’

Biden administration hands CRT opponents a new weapon

AT&T hates white people and hates America as evidenced by new “woke” Racial Re-Education Program employees forced to endure

Black Mother Files Complaint Against School For Segregating Children

The ultimate goal of Critical Race Theory . . .

NC Lieutenant Gov Backs Anti-Critical Race Theory Effort

Mom of Bullied Daughter Says California Schools Taught Kids to Be ‘Ashamed That We’re White’

Iowa Public Schools Taught MAGA is ‘Covert White Supremacy’ Before Banning CRT

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs House Bill 3979 'critical race theory’ bill

Judge Suspends Biden Administration’s Non-White Farmer Debt Relief Program

Breaking: Apple Pie is Now Racist

Federal Court Legalizes Discrimination Against Whites

Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors Resigns After Making Millions Of Dollars

SORCHA FAAL: Pentagon Proclaims America And Whites “Are Inherently Evil”—World’s Largest Secret Army Isn't Amused

Black professor says whites should be blown up and “gassed” in coming race war

Unsafe levels of strontium found in drinking water of 2.3 million Americans – study

Biden’s CDC now claiming RACISM is a “serious public health threat”

Disgusting left-wing BIGOT Sen. Mazie Hirono calls for total ban on white people in Biden’s cabinet… a sitting Senator openly admits to judging people by the color of their skin

‘Sesame Street’ to Air Special Teaching Children How to Be ‘Anti-Racist’