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Health Vaccinations

Americans dropping dead: Largest decrease in U.S. life expectancy in 100 years!

COVID VAX DAMAGE: Oklahoma news anchor suffers STROKE symptoms while live on air

UK government now paying covid “vaccine” victims up to $141,000 for injuries… MEDIA SILENT

Blood damage explains many harmful impacts of COVID ‘vaccines’

OBEY: US government paying behavioral science influence groups to generate new “interventions” to brainwash more Americans into taking covid vaccines

SOTN: President Donald Trump: You had better read this OPEN LETTER before it’s too late.

If Aaron Rogers, Djokovic, and Kyrie didn’t get vaccinated...

Washington, DC Delays COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Students After Ruling

The British Government Has Begun Paying $140,000 for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Victims.

Trail of death: Latest actuarial data connects excess deaths to covid vaccine mandates

They knew people were dying . . .

Mass vaccinations responsible for 1 in 30 children now having autism

Tearfully, "I would beg them to .

FDA knew huge percentage of women in Pfizer trial suffered miscarriages


New study sees one-in-three teenagers who took the Pfizer jab suffer cardiovascular side-effects

Nearly 1 in 6 fully vaccinated for covid American adults now suffers from serious health problems

SOTN: This is why TPTB will soon be forced to lock down planet Earth…..

Top 10 “aliases” for vaccine-induced injuries blamed on COVID

$10 million settlement announced for workers forced to take COVID shots

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