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SORCHA FAAL: Nuclear War Endgame Triggers “Economic Superstorm” Warning

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Steps Back From Nuclear Abyss After Russian “Emergency Measures” Warning

Nancy Pelosi Demands U.S. Go To Full War With Russia, Even If It Leads To Nuclear War: ‘We Should Not Be Deterred By The Threats From Russia’

Japan PM, pope discuss nuclear arms after North Korea test launch

Russia Is Now Openly Discussing NUKING London, Berlin, and Paris

SORCHA FAAL: Russian Citizens Warned “Nuclear War Is Most Probable Outcome”-- [with Comment by Aton]

Risking Nuclear War for a Corrupt, Increasingly Repressive Ukraine

SORCHA FAAL: Easter Bunny Shields Biden After Trump Issues “Everyone Will Be DEAD!” Warning

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Faces “Blood Bath” As Putin Declares “Economic Blitzkrieg Has Failed”

SORCHA FAAL: “Leader Of Free World” Warns West: “Be Ready For Nuclear War With Russia”

AGAIN! Reference to NUKES!

As Ukraine invasion stalls, Russia launches nuke threats to rest of world

Putin spokesman refuses to rule out use of nuclear weapons if Russia faced an 'existential threat'

SORCHA FAAL: Putin Invokes Patron Saint Of Nuke Bombers—Then “Doomsday” Plane Takes Flight

Third of Americans Would Risk Nuclear War With Russia Over Ukraine: Poll

SORCHA FAAL: Putin Warns Of Nuclear War As NATO Masses Three Carrier Groups Off Coast Of Syria

Putin threatens nuclear war if Ukraine joins NATO

SOTN: Russia Will Not Tolerate Nuclear Armed Nations On Its Borders

US Nuclear Target Map

SORCHA FAAL: Atomic Thunderstorm Ignited By Russian Doomsday Torpedo Blast Strikes Curvature Of Spacetime