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Daily Briefing: Fear Is Back: Omicron's Grip Threatens Global Disruption

The new African virus mutation: right on time; a kindergarten covert op for the ignorant

SORCHA FAAL: Bedwetters And Snowflakes Ignite Hysteria Over New Covid Variant That Hasn't Killed Anyone

WHO Classifies "Omicron" As A "Variant Of Concern"; South Africa Lashes Out At Travel Restrictions

American government poised to unleash “Angel of Death” smallpox

SORCHA FAAL: Level Of Concern That Biden Is Plotting False Flag Smallpox Attack Rises To Fear

Ron DeSantis’ Wife Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

SOTN: HIGHEST RED ALERT! Globalist Biowar Against America to Commence with Drone Release of “Super MERS” Bioweapon

EXPOSED: Wuhan scientists planned to use “skin-penetrating nanoparticles” to unleash “chimeric covid spike proteins” into bats in China

Here we go again… WHO announces the ‘Marburg Virus’

In case you thought the PCR test detects an actual virus...wrong

Dr. Mikovits: SARS-CoV-2 is actually a lab-made monkey cell virus, readily deployed through the flu, MMR and polio vaccine supply

The New “Delta Plus” Variant Has Arrived In San Francisco As Authorities Ramp Up The Fear To Level 100

S0TH: OPERATION DELTA VARIANT: The Bioengineered 2021 Covid Wave

THE SCAMDEMIC NEVER ENDS: Fauci says another variant of COVID “worse that Delta” has surfaced with endless lockdowns and restrictions sure to follow

SORCHA FAAL: Next Covid Variant To Be Named “Communism” In Honor Of Sex Fiend American Leaders

It’s almost certain that Biden will announce nationwide “Delta” lockdowns this month as the White House remains clueless on how to halt the pandemic without destroying America’s economy

Top 10 China flu FAILS by lying governments and fraudulent health “authorities”

Chinese billionaire says CCP planning to release another covid strain this summer

Huge! New Study Concludes Masks Did Not Slow COVID Spread In US

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