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Why can't all viruses be fakes?

Monkeypox is a coverup (distraction?) for covid “vaccine” adverse events, including AIDS

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Something Very Strange Is Going On And 'Health Experts' Are Baffled: Monkeypox Was Weaponized In The Deep State's Ukraine Labs, Another Sign The Depopulation Agenda Is In Full Swing


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Government report: 95% of omicron cases are among vaccinated!

Mask mandates, vaccine passports fail as COVID explodes in one state

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The new African virus mutation: right on time; a kindergarten covert op for the ignorant

SORCHA FAAL: Bedwetters And Snowflakes Ignite Hysteria Over New Covid Variant That Hasn't Killed Anyone

WHO Classifies "Omicron" As A "Variant Of Concern"; South Africa Lashes Out At Travel Restrictions

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