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US hits record 1,082,549 COVID cases in a single day but hospitalizations are well below peak and deaths remain relatively low at 1,688: Experts hope Omicron 'causes so much immunity it will quell the pandemic' [RENSE: IT'S MOSTLY FLU]

Keith Griffith and Harriet Alexander

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  • New daily COVID cases exceeded one million on Monday for the first time since the start of the pandemic
  • Alarming number follows a holiday weekend which likely delayed reporting for several days
  • But hospitalizations and deaths have remained relatively steady, with 1,688 new deaths on Monday
  • Evidence continues to mount that Omicron is a milder strain with less risk of severe illness
  • Cases appear to be plateauing in London, which is a few weeks ahead of the US in the Omicron surge
  • Even British advisor 'Professor Lockdown' Neil Ferguson admits he is 'cautiously optimistic'