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Patrick H. Bellringer

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[NOTE:  DR. SIMONCINI'S NEW LINK is-- )  His regular link ( to his site is off-line for maintained.  ( See link in red/bold below) ]

Tne one disease affecting the life of more people than ever before in our planet’s present civilization is cancer.  It’s cause and cure have been known for centuries, but the “Controllers” have purposely hidden this information from public view to advance their Genocide Agenda.  More money has been collected for fake cancer research than for any other disease, and no “cure” has ever been found, the public is told.

          Only new treatments are discovered that advance the demise of the cancer victim.  Chemotherapy and radiation are guaranteed to rapidly terminate the life of a cancer patient.  Only a few have survived such radical medical attacks on their bodies, but are left with huge med8cal debts impossible to pay in any lifetime.  More money is spent for cancer treatment via Medicare and other health insurance programs and from personal funds, than for any other disease, ever.  It’s all a game to fool and kill off the people.

          Many factors cause imbalance in the human body in present-day society.  A chemical imbalance or a compromised immune system leave the body open to bacteria, virus and fungi attacks.  Lack of proper nutrition, fluids, exercise and high levels of toxins and stress all serve to compromise the body’s natural ability to defend against disease.

          Dr. Tullio Simoncini [Rome, Italy] has worked for many years with cancer patients, and he has discovered that all cancers are a fungal infection caused by the fungus, Candida.  Candida lives in healthy people in small amounts and is kept under control by a healthy immune system.  When the immune system is compromised by various means, the Candida multiplies, using the body cells food.  This causes cellular death.  The body responds by building a wall of cells to contain the Candida fungus.  This mass of fungi forms the cyst or cancer tumor.  When the fungus is not destroyed within the tumor by the immune system, the fungi may escape to other body organs and repeat the cycle.

          There are some principles we need to understand about human body chemistry.  The modern day diet of much sugar, meat, grains, alcohol and carbonated drinks creates an acidic environment in our bodies, which is conducive to microbial and fungal growth.  An alkaline environment cannot be tolerated by these disease agents and will cause them to die.  Because Candia cannot tolerate an alkali environment, with proper treatment, it can be easily and totally and rapidly removed from the body.

          On the Ph scale of 0-14, 1  (one) is highly acidic (car battery), 7  (seven) is neutral, and 14 is highly alkaline (lye).  Due to diet and the lifestyle of people today, the  body's bloodstream and lymph system is commonly slightly acid at 6-6.5, but needs to be in the normal range of 7.2–7.5 to destroy Candida.  This Ph change is easily done by using sodium bicarbonate or baking soda.  Because Candida love sugar and may ingest as much as 16 times the amount of food the individual cell needs, sugar is used as a carrier for the sodium bicarbonate.  The recommended sources of sugar (Glucose) are honey, molasses or cane syrup (pancake syrup).  It is best to use aluminum-free baking soda, such as Bob’s Red Mill baking soda found in some stores or at Swanson Health Products.


1.     As a maintenance program to prevent Candida from becoming abundant enough to cause a cancer problem.

Mix one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in one cup of warm water.  Drink twice a day for three days to make the body alkaline.  Skip ten days and then repeat the three day cycle.  You can avoid the taste of the baking soda by taking it dry in your mouth, holding your breath, and washing it down with warm water.

2.     As a means to stop and remove a Candida infection (cancer cyst or tumor) problem.

When Candida has overwhelmed the immune system to the point of the formation of a cyst or tumor, the Candida fungi are demanding large amounts of food.  Honey, molasses or cane syrup is added to the baking soda to provide the food, which the Candida quickly ingest along with the baking soda.

Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of warm water.  Drink this mixture twice a day for at least ten days, or whatever your body will tolerate.  The body’s blood and lymph systems must be changed to slightly alkaline long enough to kill the Candida fungi.  As this happen, the cyst/tumor will dis

If one has a very serious cancer problem, use the one tsp honey-one teaspoon soda mixture as often each day as your body can stand to kill the massive Candida population.  There are no harmful side effects from using sodium bicarbonate other than diarrhea.  If this happens, reduce the intake of the honey/soda mixture.

Information that has been on the Internet for some time advocates the use of maple syrup boiled together with baking soda to treat Candida.  Dr. Simoncini in an interview with George Noory recently, stated that the maple syrup/soda treatment is a hoax started in the United States and does not work to treat Candida.  Boiling these compounds together produces a different substance which make the soda ineffective in treating Candida.

Litmus paper strips are used to test your saliva or urine for your body's acidic or alkaline(base) quality.  These can be purchased at drug stores, health stores and spa sales or veterinary places.  The Litmus paper turns pink to red for acid and light blue to dark blue for alkaline conditions.

          To conclude, all cancers are Candida infection.  Candida can be killed easily and cheaply.  With advanced cancer, much organ damage may have occurred, making it improbable to recover, even with the Candida removed.  Some people claim the above Candida treatment did not work for them.  The probable reason is that they did not change their body Ph to the proper alkaline level to effectively kill the Candida, and they did not change their diet to reduce their on-going acidity to maintain an alkaline environment in their body        

          With the knowledge we now have concerning the medical profession’s hiding the Truth about cancer, may we stop being People of the Lie!  Really, there is no excuse for having cancer.


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