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Louisiana Town ‘Uninhabitable’ After Hurricane Ida: Parish Leader

The Weather Terrorists Totally Tore Up the Louisiana Coastline with Their Transparently Geoengineered Frankenstorm—Notice how quickly Hurricane Ida went from a Tropical Storm to an extreme Cat. 4 just before it hit the coast

t's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot: NOAA Reveals US Endured Hottest June in Over 120 Years © AP Photo / Nathan Howard Environment 19:30

Here comes global cooling

Watch Waterfall Flow in Reverse

Cyclone Lashes India, Bangladesh After 1.1 Million Evacuated

Sizzling Heat Building In Southwest

Fireball Lights Up Minnesota Sky

Red Sprites Light Up the Sky in Southern China

The new solar cycle bares its teeth: Powerful solar flare jams radio signals over the Pacific Ocean

Earthquakes, volcanoes and “mega droughts” are plaguing Earth in 2021

At least 9 tornadoes touched down in Alabama, Mississippi this week

‘Impressive,’ possibly ‘historic’ snowstorm predicted for Colorado and Wyoming this weekend

Storm of the Century - the Blizzard of '49

Snowing in Saudi Arabia’s Desert!

Texas mayor who said residents were owed 'NOTHING' amid outages, record cold resigns

Texas Goes Dark – 45% US Wheat Damaged – Grand Solar Minimum

GLOBAL WARMING: Frigid Weather Cripples ‘Green’ Wind Farms In Texas, Causing Statewide Power Outages [with Comment by PHB]

Alaska Snow Does Not Burn Black

Strange happenings. Check your snow.

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