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Environment Weather And Climate

The new solar cycle bares its teeth: Powerful solar flare jams radio signals over the Pacific Ocean

Earthquakes, volcanoes and “mega droughts” are plaguing Earth in 2021

At least 9 tornadoes touched down in Alabama, Mississippi this week

‘Impressive,’ possibly ‘historic’ snowstorm predicted for Colorado and Wyoming this weekend

Storm of the Century - the Blizzard of '49

Snowing in Saudi Arabia’s Desert!

Texas mayor who said residents were owed 'NOTHING' amid outages, record cold resigns

Texas Goes Dark – 45% US Wheat Damaged – Grand Solar Minimum

GLOBAL WARMING: Frigid Weather Cripples ‘Green’ Wind Farms In Texas, Causing Statewide Power Outages [with Comment by PHB]

Alaska Snow Does Not Burn Black

Strange happenings. Check your snow.

This Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything’

Califorhia Storm Brings Rain, Wind, Snow and Mudslides


Weird Nature and stormquakes: Hurricanes or strong storms can trigger seismic events in nearby oceans, report scientists

Record-Breaking Hurricane Season Results In Biggest Offshore Oil Output Decline In Decade

Hurricane Sally Crawling Towards Gulf Coast, Could Produce ‘Historic Flooding’

Weather Report Confirms Dangers on Day of Trump’s Cancelled WWI Cemetery Visit

Tracking Laura: posses bigger threat, cat. 3 at landfall; major storm surge, flooding, at least 115mph wind

“Weather War” Plot To Destroy Wuhan Virus Causes Red Alert And China To Warn “Worst Is Yet To Come”