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Dutchsinse: 4/25/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Slow slip moves to North California

4/23/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Italy + New Zealand hit -- Watches continue

DUTCHSINSE: 4/20/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Japan hit as expected , NW California on watch

Worldwide volcanic unrest: Manam volcano evacuations (Papua New Guinea), sudden increase in seismicity under San Miguel volcano (El Salvador), Poás Volcano closed indefinitely and Turrialba keeps spewing ash (Costa Rica)

Dutchsinse: 4/18/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- New Zealand , Fiji, Peru hit as expected

4/13/2017 -- Large earthquake potential across Pacific -- West Coast (NW) slow slip update

DUTCHSINSE: 4/06/2017 -- Pacific Northwest USA + Vancouver slow slip Earthquakes taking place -- Large EQ watch

Dutchsinse: 4/03/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Major M7.0+ seismic unrest spreading

DUTCHSINSE: 4/4/17 9pm update dutchsinse - Fish radiation testing coming soon

4/05/2017 -- Large M6.1 earthquake strikes Mideast / Iran -- South Europe EQ watch now issued

Dutchsinse: Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- South America + Caribbean Hit as expected

Earthquake scientists have been totally WRONG: Quake risk “dramatically underestimated” warns new report

Costa Rican Town Fears That the Sea Will Steal Its Shiny New Face

DUJTCHSINSE: 3/29/2017 -- Major earthquake unrest in Pacific -- N.Z. supervolcano, Japan + West Coast USA watch

GEOENGINEERING Methane Eruptions, And Imploding Arctic Ice

Kaikoura earthquake, the most complex in modern history

‘Explosive events’ rock Pacific Ocean

15 new volcanoes erupt around the world right now

Dutchsinse: 3/16/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Pacific Northwest 3 week earthquake watch

Big Island Video News 2-27-17… “Lava Fire Hose Continues As Surface Flows Crawl Downslope (Feb. 26, 2017)”