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Why Iíve been writing about Yellowstone at substack

Jon Rappoport

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Why millions of people are watching Yellowstone...
Why I’ve been writing about Yellowstone at substack
Why millions of people are watching Yellowstone
by Jon Rappoport
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15 million people watched Episode 1 of Season 4 of Paramount’s smash-hit cable series, Yellowstone.
This is populism television---a tidal wave out of nowhere.
There are several factors involved. The main one is:
A family is determined to keep its land---the biggest ranch in Montana---against all odds. Against all attempts to take the land by: the state government, a gigantic corporate land developer, an Indian tribe, a psychopathic killer and his hired guns.
The ranching Dutton family will go to any lengths to keep the land.
This suddenly resonates with millions of viewers.
No other television series in history, based on the premise of holding on to private property, has provoked such passion.
What’s going on?
Americans have come to a crossroad and they know it.
The government and its allies want to gobble up private property and end it. This is the inevitable outcome of the Parent State in action. This is also Globalism in action. This is, yes, one of the pillars of Socialism, Communism, and Marxist philosophy---the outlawing of all private property.
The tactics for achieving this goal are many. Outright seizure, crippling property taxes, a welter of regulations making private ownership far more risky and difficult.
Yellowstone pulls no punches. No episode goes by without the producers shoving the issue of private ownership in the faces of viewers.
And viewers respond. They see who the good guys and the bad guys are.
Of course, reviews in the press don’t hammer on this issue of private property incursion and destruction. They acknowledge the popularity of the series, but they don’t try to explain it. Well, they wouldn’t. Because the issue is too hot to handle. Much too hot.
At the end of Season 4, rancher-daughter Beth Dutton schools an idealistic environmentalist on the biggest threat to the Montana environment: the corporate developer, Market Equities, who intends to build a new ugly modern consumerist city for rich tourists on the beautiful landscape---an airport, highways, hotels, casinos, condo complexes, ski resorts, etc.
Market Equities’ notion of private property has no connection to basic family ownership of land. It’s impersonal. It’s a factory operation. It’s a partnership with the state government, a job creator, a tax collector. It’s a non-stop bulldozer. It’s Vegas, brutally injected into eternal hills and valleys.
And along with this “modernization,” Yellowstone also puts front and center the rise of the “modern citizen,” shallow, perky, politically correct, clueless, petty, nasty under the surface, completely cut off from the land and its moral values and traditions. Beth Dutton is the relentless exposer and slayer of this new citizen.
If ever a fictional television series could cross over into real life and spawn a greater resistance to foul, elite, giant destruction of private-ownership, Yellowstone is it.
I can only hope the upcoming Season 5 doesn’t back down an inch from the previous 4.
There’s another thing Yellowstone is doing. It’s highlighting a stark competition and war been one side and another, played out on the land of Montana. Yes, COMPETITION, yet another traditional American value that has been attacked, downplayed, befouled, and accused of being inherently UNFAIR.
Hence, trophies for children who merely participate in sports. “Here, Jimmy, you tried to kick the ball four times last season and missed three times, so accept this plastic statue and know we all love you, and don’t ever bother thinking about who the best athletes on the team are. There is no best.”
Sports put the lie to that. Sports, which more and more people are taught to hate, endure. They’re stark. They’re real. They’re built to decide who wins. The nightly news doesn’t turn sports into a mush of indeterminate he said he said. The scoreboard doesn’t turn 101-87 into a tie.
Even with all the corruption surrounding and infecting sports, they survive. On the field. Where it counts.
Kids learn to deal with it. They find out they can get better if they work harder. There is a ladder of attainment, and they can climb it. Or they can try to fake it and fail. Excuses don’t succeed. Complaining doesn’t succeed.
Parents can console their children after a loss, but if they try to rip the heart out of a sport in order to “save their kids,” the whole proposition backfires. Weakness takes over.
The world can’t be made fair by trying to strip away talent and effort and the desire to achieve and the commitment to work. The world can’t be made fair by trying to submerge these basics. It can only be made into an idiot’s circus and a government overseer-bureau and a peer-pressure reduction of language and a massive toleration of stupidity.
In a society where the Glob and the Group and the Know-Nothing and the Pussified and the Obedient Little Fascist are promoted as The Good, the ultimate resistance comes from The Individual.
That’s what I’m speaking of and writing to.
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