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Aftermath of Devastating Tornadoes in Mayfield, Kentucky

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Последствия разрушительного торнадо в Мэйфилде, Кентукки, США - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.12.2021

A series of tornadoes has claimed 74 lives in Kentucky, with Governor Andy Beshear saying that the death toll in the state could surpass 100.
Sputnik is live from Mayfield, Kentucky, that witnessed "the most severe tornado event" in the history of the state over the weekend. The powerful storm wiped out buildings in its path, destroying a Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory that housed around 90 out of 110 workers at the time it was flattened.
According to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, the tornadoes left more than 56,000 without power, with at least 74 dead and many others still missing.
President Joe Biden has approved a Kentucky Emergency Declaration and ordered federal assistance to the state. An emergency was also declared in Illinois and Tennessee to help them cope with the devastating aftermath of the tornadoes.