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“Professor” Joe Biden Fondly Remembers His Teaching Days... But He Never Taught A Class (VIDEO)

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“Professor” Joe Biden Fondly Remembers His Teaching Days... But He Never Taught A Class (VIDEO)


President Biden sat down for an interview with a historian named Heather Cox Richardson on 2/25/22.   Its difficult, actually, to use the word “interview” after listening to the full, and somewhat painful, interaction. Normally, an interview consists of one person asking questions and receiving answers that are somewhat responsive to the question asked.  In this “interview” the historian not only asked President Biden questions, but asked them in such a leading manner that she was basically spoon-feeding him the responses.  Yet, even with such prompting, President Biden rambled down paths that not only were non-responsive and confusing, but in some instances, VERY misleading.

At the start of the interview, Ms. Richardson acknowledged the day as being historic due to President Biden’s nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court.  She said: “I’ve always been impressed by how much she emphasizes the constitution and democracy and the rule of law in her decisions … I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about what factors went into your decision to nominate Judge Jackson today.”

President Biden’s response? “First of all thank you for doing this. You make me miss being a Professor at Penn.”  He went on to explain that  when he left the vice presidency he took a professorship at the University of Pennsylvania in presidential politics & history.  He told Ms. Richardson that he envied her, as he “really enjoyed teaching and writing”.

Per RNC Research, Biden was paid One Million dollars by the University, but NEVER TAUGHT A SINGLE CLASS.

The Western Journal, reports that despite appearing and speaking on campus several times [including a visit to promote his book “Promise Me, Dad”], Biden did not teach any class.   To be clear, he did, reportedly, receive a salary of one million dollars from the University.  His duties as a “professor” did not, however, appear to include “teaching”.

As an aside, I sat through the entire excruciating 29 min and 51 secs of the “interview” to see if Biden would ever answer the question as to why he chose to nominate Justice Jackson. He never did.  In fact, he never once even said her nam