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IRS To Start Sending Stimulus Checks Of Only $1,400

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( Remember when Joe Biden promised during his campaign to deliver $2,000 checks to American families?

And remember when Joe Biden, after the November presidential election, promised during the Georgia Senate runoff campaign that if the Democrats win, a $2,000 check would soon follow?

Well, that isn’t happening.


The Inland Revenue Service and the Treasury Department have officially begun the process of dishing out $1,400 checks to some Americans – not all – as of Friday. It comes after President Joe Biden signed a massive $1.9 trillion COVID relief package into law, which goes above and beyond COVID relief and provides financial bailouts to Democrat-run states and cities.

The Biden administration said on Friday that people would begin to see the payments hitting their bank accounts over the weekend, with the IRS revealing an official payment date of March 17.

If you haven’t received your money by then, it may be in the mail and in the form of a debit card. You may also wish to look up the current status of your COVID relief payment by using the “Get My Payment” web service available via the IRS website.

The first payments made to American citizens will be made by direct deposit, and if you received your last COVID relief via this method, you are likely to receive it more quickly than others.

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats limited the number of people who will receive the relief payments this time, with only those who earn less than $75,000 per year. If you earn less than that, you are eligible for a single payment of $1,400, or $2,800 if you are a married couple. You may also receive a further $1,400 for a child, up to a maximum of $5,600 total for a family.

If your household earns $120,000 total, you will not be eligible for the check, but legal resident aliens may qualify for it.

But they called President Donald Trump evil, racist, or whatever the buzzword was on the day when he simply called for $2,000 for every single American.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, a Democrat from Massachusetts, praised the Biden administration for getting it done with a “phenomenal turnaround,” but Americans have been waiting since last year for the promised payment.