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Exposed: State Deptís Human Trafficking Rings

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Panama and neighboring Costa Rica have implemented a joint policy, known as “controlled flow,” to secure safe passage to many migrants illegally traveling through their territories on their way to the United States.


Instead of detaining the illegal migrants and sending them back to their home country, the governments of Panama and Costa Rica essentially serve as coyotes, providing transportation through their territory and getting them closer to the U.S.

Todd Bensman, a “controlled flow” expert at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), told Breitbart News that the two Central American countries decided to take over the smuggling of migrants transiting from unscrupulous human traffickers who were abusing them during a surge in 2016.

He urged the American government to “use diplomatic muscle” on the Panamanian and Costa Rican governments to “end this practice because it’s essentially smuggling” that puts U.S. national security at risk. Read more…