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[WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR WORLD??] Fertility clinic has Black Friday sale, offers discount on babies

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BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction in Ukraine offered a deal on the purchase of babies.



(LifeSiteNews) — A Ukranian fertility clinic had a Black Friday sale offering discounts on the buying of babies.

The BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction offers surrogacy packages, allowing people to rent the womb of a woman and place an embryo inside.

The clinic also offers “sex selection,” meaning when the baby’s sex is not the one desired by the customers, the child will be aborted.

An advertisement explains that “[c]ustomers are provided with the [sex diagnostic test] to detect the possible genetic abnormalities as well as the sex of a baby(s) if needed.”

The clinic’s website boasts of the its substantial bank of “donors” for eggs. It also refers to “our children,” meaning the ones manufactured by the doctors at the clinic.

“Each day we examine up to 200 candidates who want to donate their eggs, and only 20% of them comply with our strict requirements to prospective egg donors’ physical and psychological health, age, having at least one healthy child restriction, and of course — pleasant appearance,” BioTexCom’s website explains. “Our donor base has an outstanding advantage — you have an opportunity to choose donor on your own.”

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