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Reddit joins Twitter in protecting pedophiles who post exploitative depictions of young children

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A Reddit user who identifies as “trans” was caught spreading pornographic drawings of children under the age of 10 on the platform, and moderators at the site reportedly allowed and supported this illegal activity.

The trans pedophile had been sharing the disgusting images on the r/LesbianGaming subreddit, which is moderated by people who apparently see nothing wrong with Reddit users sharing sexually explicit images of underage children with others.

One former Reddit moderator recently came forward to confess that other moderators on the platform sought to protect the illegal activity by covering for it. The r/LesbianGaming subreddit was eventually shut down, but not without a fight.

“There were a lot of horrific rumors about how the past owner did a lot of horrible things,” the former moderator says about what went on in the channel.

“Right off the bat I called out a bunch of security issues, the main one being they allowed you to have access to NSFW (not safe for work) channels WITHOUT needing to verify your age.”

The former moderator went on to explain that NSFW channels on Reddit have a built-in age restriction of “18+.” However, the r/LesbianGaming subreddit was not set up with an age restriction, allowing people of any age to access its pornographic content.

“So right off the rip there were issues with the possibility of minors having access to be able to see and post nude photos.”

The former Reddit moderator who came forward with this damning information says that he or she was ultimately compelled to step down from the position due to what was taking place.

“I felt it was important to explain that the mods ALL had access to her Reddit posts and profile and chose to willingly ignore these images and ban ANYONE who spoke out against the fact that it’s disturbing,” the former moderator added.

“They then decided to make a post slandering my character and at first I didn’t do anything because I was afraid I would be alone but so many people have come forward with proof of this person willingly admitting that she enjoys these kinds of images.”

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Another Reddit moderator caught inviting young children over to “her” house to take hormones and puberty blockers without their parents knowing

Reddit’s pedophile problem does not stop there. Another pervert named Ianna Drew Urquhart, who is also trans, was caught inviting underage kids over to “her” house to take hormones and puberty blockers without the consent of these children’s parents.

In fact, the parents of the children Urquhart tried to lure in and exploit had no idea what was going on at all – and Urquhart apparently wanted it to stay that way.

In a Reddit post, Urquhart joked that “with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, I need to rename it Drewie’s House of Wayward Trans Girls.”

If that is all not enough, Reddit recently fired another moderator, also trans, that it had just hired not too long prior for similar child exploitation endeavors. Like the other trans moderators, this one was ultimately let go after “her” father was charged with taking indecent photographs of children.

The former moderator’s father was also charged with false imprisonment, rape, and sexual assault of a child back in November 2016.

“So Reddit from now on should be referred to as Peddit,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit.

“Makes me glad that child molesters are usually beaten and / or killed by other inmates in prison, almost as a rule,” responded another.

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