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Whistleblowers Expose Grim Reality of Biden’s Migrant Children

TTN Staff

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July 8, 2021
| By: TTN Staff| Administration,Media,NEWS | | 16 comments

It appears even Joe Biden is not immune from whistleblowers. Some are sounding the alarm at the way children are being treated at migrant centers.

According to The Daily Wire:

Hundreds of migrant children, still being held in a Health and Human Services detention facility months after crossing the United States-Mexico border, are being inadequately cared for by an HHS contractor that specializes in cleaning up after fires and floods, not monitoring children, according to two whistleblowers.

As the Daily Wire reported Wednesday, the Biden administration is still holding on to around 14,000 child migrants, down from a high of 22,500, but still, reportedly, many more than the Biden administration can adequately care for. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra sent a letter to Congress earlier this week defending the agency’s decision to shift nearly a billion dollars in COVID-19 relief funds to help defray the cost of holding child migrants in temporary detention facilities — and it was the second such request the Biden administration has made.

Although the Biden administration celebrated a ‘massive drop’ in the number of children in CBP custody in May, many of those kids were simply transferred from CBP to HHS where they were placed in separate detention facilities beyond the reach of immigration courts, which placed limits on how long children and families can remain in immigration authorities’ custody, as The Daily Wire noted.

One of those facilities, on the campus of Texas’s Ft. Bliss, is set up to house nearly 10,000 migrant children, but is currently home to several hundred — and those several hundred are struggling with what whistleblowers have labeled “inadequate” conditions and substandard care.

This grim reality would be front-page news if President Trump was in office, but since Joe Biden occupies the Oval the media doesn’t care about the kids anymore.| By: TTN Staff| Administration,Media,NEWS | | 16 comments