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Message From The Divine Mother Of Light

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bled, the financial structure you have known on this planet has crumbled. As has been foretold in Revelations ashes and blood have rained upon the Earth. Fear not my beloved ones for the ones who brought the teachings of the revelations to you laced them with arsenic, and neglected to mention the manifestation of the Divine Flame of the Holy Spirit that has awakened and consumed this death fear. You have experienced this initiation you have come manifest through these days of fire and tribulation, you have come to join in prayer and forgive. To create thought forms that transcend the existing illusion. There are those that are making much noise on this planet, saying that the Anti-Christ has risen. Fear not my beloved ones, go to the knowingness of your soul, go to the source of your souls song, there is the truth. For now the full geometry of the 144,000 is complete, which is not a number of souls but a matrix. This matrix is complete on this planet.

Your intent manifests far more rapidly then ever before, therefore your prayers are far more powerful. Caution, speak kind words, think kind thoughts. The words that I speak to you tonight, you may say to me, My beloved Mother I know these things, And I would say to you,Do you really? Make these truths a soul commitment. Go beyond knowing, create an all consuming force in your psyche that is the manifestation of Divine Truth.

In these coming days there will be other trials by fire. You have a precious opportunity to become the manifestation of the living temple of light. My beloved ones, my children, we hold this planet in a sacred trust. Seek the mystery of life. Please my dear ones each night before you go to sleep visualize that you are holding the children of the world to your heart, embrace them, love them as I love you.

I foretell that within the next 6 lunar cycles I will manifest apparitions. Look to the skies for you will see my face. I am sending you holy messengers. Manifestations of beloved Quanyin, manifestations of the Dark Madonna, manifestations of Kali, manifestations of Isis, manifestations of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, manifestations of The Holy Mother. Within 12 years they and their sisterhood will be known unto you in a powerful way as never before. My beloved what you hear me speak is only a small part of the message I bring to you tonight, my beloved ones open your hearts and receive my love.

I greet you Divine Ones you are manifestations of the Holy Spirit, May the Divine Flame of life beget to you. May the blessings of life shower upon you.