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Messages From Mother Mary September 8, 2002 Hope Voices In The Light

September 8, 2002

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Voices In The Light Christine

am including here, the first two messages, that I have recently sent out.

I also have some other messages, from other "angelic/intergaltic" guides of mine...that may be of interest to you.

I am also working on a series of ASCENSION information based on my past on ongoing experiences with LIGHTBODY activation for the past 13 years.

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Energy/Lightworker. Using my natural gifts that I could not deny since the age of 7.

I have been told by MARY, that I am not CHANNELING the words of these high frequency beings. But I am providing a human "host" for the energy of the beings. Something that is obvious when I do this for groups, in person. And also, has been surprisingly "sensed" through the written word...via email. Being that the energy, tone, vibration and light...are communicated within..."no time/no space."

If you are not interested, thank you for taking the time to read this. On the other hand, if you have an interest in these hosted messages...please contact me, with what our "business in light" connection may entail.

Thank you very much.

Many blessings with your continuing GOOD WORK....

Christine Marie Evangelista

Bloomington, Indiana


Messages From Mother Mary


July 24, 2002

4:44 AM

A Message from Mother Mary...through the voice and hand...of Christine Marie

July 24, 2002. 4:44 AM

Bloomington, Indiana

Light is Love. Many of you are moving very fast to with inner LIGHTWORK. So fast, you would say you are dizzy! Blasting off...into the realms of light is certainly not even close, to being done. LIGHT seems to be moving higher...and brighter.

You are feeling, hearing your fears...they are LOUD to you.

Many of you would say..."How can this be LOVE?

Sadly, I feel so much."

My children, let me tell just alittle bit about why Light comes to you in mysterious ways. Before you were born, you told your SOUL CORE UNITY...

" I would like to be on earth when it is Mother time. When the givers on earth are willing to bring to humanity, the dance of very human ways. I want to be on earth, so I can experience...LOVE"

We then...decided together...what your tasks will be. What your choices may be...and what must be the earthly realm. What I am trying to say to you is that it is an agreement...YOU have chosen all the lessons. And in many ways...the very path to your lessons. How difficult...and how easy has it been for you, my dear ones?

Did you know, that we, here in the Spirit Realm are here to serve you? That is why... we must agree to your request to return to earth.

And so as you help your world see more light, we are also able to help you much more.

Water loves to be freely flowing, not in a vase. Flowers you lovely blossoms...need us to give you water. Water of life. Light. Mortal dancers you must see we need you too. Water needs the blossoms.

During this time, loud stories are being heard. Music is playing in the backgrounds of your life to let you know what plot is unfolding. Music like bells tinkling loudly to help you wake up to yourselves. And to your UNION with us.

And so, I am simply telling you to be yourselves. Let your lovely lights shine in all you do. This is what you asked for.

Life, Light, Love.

Tell me, what does love look like??

It looks like you, when you are not afraid to shine.

To allow your mortal forms to feel what you are feeling now on your earth is a gift. It is dark to light. Light to dark. Both sad and full of joy, you are letting the game of your lives, finally lead you to do what you promised you would do.

At are exactly what we think you are...Mortal souls, who chose to be in this heal. To LOVE.

Many of you, including my safe, lovely "talker," have moved from dark to many times...only to prove what we say is true. You ARE what we think you are, lovely souls who chose to let your light shine. NOW. And many of you will continue to move...dark to light...dark to light...

The Earth game you play is only the map to your life.

When you drive in your cars,

Maps help you to find your way. The HUMAN map, you move what we...SOUL CORE UNITY want you to look at more closely.

What we are trying to tell to you is, when more humans can really use their voices/words to allow you to hear, what your earth is working towards, my HOPE is that you do listen.

What does sound right or wrong is up to you.

But what is always "right," is when what you listen to moves your hearts and opens your minds to make some of the lines on your map...not so curvy.

But straighten them a bit so that you can find your way. Find yourselves.

Find your most direct way HOME.

HOME is where the LIGHT is.

So, dear can say ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Love is all there is. But how does LOVE look? It looks like you, you, you, when you see how you shine!! But if you cannot see your glow in the dark, how can you know what Love really is?

Be at HOPE. Have peace in your hearts. And let the work you do in life, move only with love. How big you are to us, is so have no human way of knowing. But maybe, if you can let your hearts and minds open. IN THE LIGHT. Taking in and reflecting love... Your dark mirrors will simply lighten up... and you will see how very "harnessing" your mortal forms are...and why you are so lovely to us...

because you try so hard, to play your light game to win.

My children, what will it take to move you, so love is all you move in...all of the time? We only can tell you...we are so close to you at ALL times. And we talk to you in many ways...And if "talking" to you in many ways and through many signs...helps you more to let your light shine, then just ask.

Ask for more signs.

We are here to be your are the brave ones.


You call me...


(with the SOUL CORE UNITY)

Note: The words and phrases that any of my guides use...are often very sweet...and sometimes a bit relation to our English. In this case, with Mother Mary tonight, I felt it necessary to keep her exact words in tact. Her expressions complete. There is energy in her "semantics"...feel it.

At the end of this transmission. I then asked if that was all.

She said:

"Just this. When you write these words, let them know you are my voice.

Yes, Voice. It is lovely to hear words through you. Let the words you write to the humans in your little city, bring them home."

Oh, and by the way..."lovely, safe talker..." ?

Well, that's me.


Messages From Mother Mary


August 23, 2002


And there are these little voices in your do this and that....which is your small brain...battling with YOU. But which VOICES are US guiding YOU with light. Trying to get through to YOU the ways you may go, to lighten your path. EONS have gone by since there has been so much/less TIME to do ALL you need to do. TO BE ALL that YOU are. You're poor little brains are so tired. Still forgetting things...still trying to remember from where you have come and worrying about where you will go.

"What will become of me?" You ask that with tear filled eyes, with a shudder in your heart. What will become of you?

You will become.

You use your rulers to measure where you are on your paths. No, dear ones, you ARE the rulers. The HOLY rulers...You rule...your world. You command YOUR SELF to Be. How? Ask...ask your soul core essence to come come IN, to BE COME ALL YOU ARE. Now you say, there are not many options...You either ARE or YOU are not. To US YOU ARE, eternally. But to you All YOU are is something to attain..measure...attain more.

Yes, we gauge your light, this is true, but not with a measure of HOW MUCH...with a measure of only HOW. HOW will you BECOME? Just a choice or two. YOU ARE..or YOU are not. BLACK and WHITE? No, more like...MANY colors at once. Which color are you? ALL of them?

There is a light...your spirit. The light does not really get brighter. You open your eyes and you see it see the light. And when you see it, others do as well. It has to be that way. It is in opening your eyes that brightness grows. And so, your light will pull towards you all that is of that light. ALL that also have their eyes open. And with closed eyes..some will see a glimmer..and scream..."too bright!"

And do you care? Human, yes you do. But spirit one you are..with eyes wide do not care more...or care less...YOU simply are. Because YOU HAVE BECOME. And you're only HOPE is to shine so ALL will BECOME. And ALL will, in their own color..and their own TIME-less-ness.

How did my LIGHT much in my young life? Do you know? I was so blessed..why? Because I was SO special? (laugh) WHY?

I was never asked to close my eyes. I had them open all along. They simply opened wider...and one simple day, I said...."Alright, I am never, ever shut my eyes." And the rest is known. Almost...known. Beware of the old stories....many truths disguised. Written by some half-open eyes. (laugh).

And did my eyes ever cry? Oh yes. Many times. And did my heart break? broke OPEN...OPEN..letting the light.....OUT. You see the pictures.

We told this lovely talker one fine day, long ago..when she was measuring....oh so few little degrees...would make her cry. And even the crying would make her cry more. And we said to her...MARY said..."Do you not know that even your tears are filled with Light?" And then..ofcourse, to hear my voice SO loud for a very first time...she CRIED again. (laugh)

And yes, the voices....I heard them too. Guess what? They are the same voices that we send you today. Although since my lifetime...MY voice is added to the list. and it has changed and lightened/deepend....only since my human death. What time-less-ness allows is not beyond your beliefs any longer. YOU WILL BECOME.

EYES..EARS stand alone.

YOU feel alone.


Open your eyes. The ONE...ONLY NEEDS EVOLVING.....

And what of the DNA...Yes, so true it your humanness. DNA....this is the map..where what DOES NOT re-cycled...circling and what does apply...BE-COME...BE-COME the are...

DNA...your your CELLS. CELLS..shut your ears now scientists..but open your that I may say...


Carefully Evolving Love/Light

OPEN your eyes....CRY.... tears of sorrow, tears of joy...let your light shine..SEE IT. OPEN your ears...LISTEN...let LIGHT shouting..hear it.

OPEN your heart....break open it will...

And here we always are.

We thank you...for reading these staccato words...

This is MARY

with the Soul Core Unity

(Simply had to include this...just for MARY. Perhaps not a great likeness....but you "get the picture.")

Love, Christine