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A Christmas Story by Mother Mary

Mother Mary

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When I found myself with child, I was joyful. The Essenes had prepared me for this event and my mother had given me to the temple so that I was steeped in a life of preparation for this moment.

The public does not know much of what I was taught now. My soul was purified and I practiced love and devotion to God every day. It was a serious way of life. There was much prayer and the dietary rules were followed which also helped discipline the mind. All the waking hours of the day were focused upon spiritual pursuits. Even though I was a young child at my pregnancy, I was very developed spiritually.

Most of the Christmas story is known. What isn't known is the personal response to the circumstances.

Our group had many general prophecies through scriptures and we were very aware of them because we studied them in great detail. Many of our teachings are not available now. There was a great depth of understanding about astronomy, astrology, and cooperation with God between the physical and spiritual.

We understood how love and compassion not only influenced the individual, but also influenced world events. These teachings are slowly surfacing now because there are ancient documents that are coming to light.

Discovery of what you call the Dead Sea scrolls has brought to life some of the richness of what the early Essenes believed. These beliefs influenced all their waking moments. These teachings were disbursed to other settlements in their purity and can be researched. Some have already found them in Tibet. The monks in the monasteries have preserved them in their richness. Some of the truths alluded to are not being understood completely now, but there will be people coming to the prominence of the new wave of understanding that will bring these truths to the people.

DNA influences upon the spiritual will be understood soon and there will be great advancement for the world in this area.

For now, understand that the story of Christmas in the Christian tradition is a beautiful story of love and commitment to humanity by those who love you. Much was sacrificed to bring these elements to the world. Know that there will be much more coming as humanity is ready now for the next rung of development.

Love is all that is necessary. That is the Christmas story. Love changes the physical as it changes the DNA, which is the carrier to the physical from the spiritual. This will soon be understood. My son never discussed this fact, but rather taught how to get to the perfection of what spirit could bring.

He taught that going within and finding your Father was the method of advancing. This is the truth. Go within everyday and look for your Father as that is the place of residence because you are a noble receptacle for soul qualities. These soul qualities are what your God is and you can find them. You do not need authority to find this and the early Christians understood this well. They understood this because the Essenes taught them. The Essenes stayed as the contemplatives because they were preserving knowledge that was handed down to them from the high spiritual attainment, which came from Atlantis. There will be more of this, as the world will find some of this knowledge soon.

None of the facts of the past matter. What matters is the Christmas Message, and that message is a message of love and giving oneself to their God and holding their neighbour in the same esteem as they hold themselves.

This time of the year opens portals to the next dimension and there are blessings that flow to the earth at this time. These are very important gifts being given to you from the heavenly hosts. If you become too connected to the monetary way of possessions and expecting some individual from a myth to bring happiness, you will miss the event of what the heavenly hosts can give through the love force.

If your heart is of the love force you can connect to these gifts. The gifts change your soul. They give peace and harmony. These gifts come from a special repository that is held in reserve by the Angel Hierarchy. The angels who sang at the event of my son's birth are there for each and every one of you at this time of year. They wish to sing for your edification and advancement. Open up your heart to them this year. Stop and take the time to go within and seek them. No one seeks that does not find what is in his or her heart. It is a principle of the universe. You will attract to yourself what you are. It is the manner of which this universe was built.

My thought for my children is this, may the peace and joy of the Christmas season be with you in these times of anxiety. It is a story over 2000 years old, but it is just as real and powerful today as it was then. If you go within you can hear the angels sing. They are not singing for the announcement of my son to the earth, but rather they sing for your blessings. If you go within, you can be a shepherd who tended their flocks on the hills of Judea because the angels sing for you. However, you must be in the silence of the night to hear them, just as the shepherds were all those many years ago.

If you do this, you will become as the wise men with their gifts of precious things for my son, but these gifts will be advancing your own soul.

The heavenly hosts love you. We have faith in you. Be good to yourselves. Give up your fears and come back to your God. There is nothing that your world has to offer that compares to the love and devotion of God. Understand God on a personal level. You can reach your creator if you go within and search for him/her.

That is the Christmas story. The beauty of this event is that the heavens open every year at this time for these blessings. Open your hearts for the gift.



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