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"Taking Time..."

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ause YOU are gracefully moving with the new wave. Wings moving at the speed of LIGHT.

The pace of LOVE.

But even so, as you check your watches, and set your clocks and fill in your are noticing in a very annoying way, how SOME things seem to be taking so much time to form. How can it be that much is happening the twinkling of an eye? And yet there are some things that you wait for...and wait for...and wait some more, and those things are taking so long. And you LONG for those things...that seem to be stuck or lost in time.

I have a secret to tell you. Those things that you "wait" for...are really not taking time, at all. No. You are being given a GIFT. A GIFT is something special. A a something that you give someone...or are given, from/with LOVE/in love.

It is a PRESENT. The PRESENT is something very special.

In the NOW are being gifted with TIME. With the PRESENT.

You could say, We ARE taking time give you


All right, think about that for one of your minutes, then read some more.










All right. So, I just asked you to "wait" for one minute, (did you?) before you read more. Why did we do that? Because we need to give you TIME, so that you may gain some deeper understanding, in the PRESENT ... of what we had just told you, before you took in any more words. And so...when you have some things that are forming to a certain degree...and then wonder why the rest of the degrees do not seem to be measuring up to your expectations/calculations, it is because we are giving you TIME, to be with those things. To know those things. To feel those things...that you have NOW. And, in that "meantime" you gain some deeper meaning to those things you have...and to those things that you are waiting for.

I repeat...You are being gifted with TIME!

Taking In More Evolution

Humans always know what they want, when they are waiting for something...they always know what they are waiting for. Right? When you are waiting for something know what it is. Maybe what it looks like. What it feels like, because you are waiting for IT. (In Time)

You are waiting SO LONG...Longing In Time...and not BELONGING to the PRESENT...the GIFT.

Grace Is Forgetting Time.

When you accept the GIFT... gracefully, BELONGING to the LIGHT of NOW.

In/with the PRESENT, then, you might say...

"OH, I thought I knew what I wanted. But in my lofty (look it up, laughter) patience and understanding...I can now see that what I thought I wanted was simply what I thought I SHOULD want. But in letting the meaning of the Present...become grace- full and rich, LIGHT with weightlessness...(wait-less-ness), I can see that I am gifted with exactly what I AM, NOW.

Do not worry. Do not panic. Taking time for your human needs to come. Taking time for your human Love to come. Taking time for your mission to unfold...Taking time is really GIVING you understand what you really want. Because when you see

who you really are, as you Take In More Evolution, in the the G-RACE period, in the PRESENCE of LIGHT...then the meaning of your wants evolve to what you sustain you, support you. Assisting you in your timelessness.

Please accept our GIFT. We are giving you thoroughly observe, feel, and value who you truly are. Enjoy the humanness of this GIFT. It does not diminish your glorifies your BE-ing.


We know, you think ... you know what you want/need.

But you do not know your entire story yet. There is an end, a middle, a beginning???? Well, yes and no. But, there is a PLOT. And how that plot unfolds and in what order it reveals itself....sometimes WE do not always know, either! Surprised?

But...The PLOT...IS always LOVE. This we do know. So does it really matter...HOW?

Which way? When? Why?

Mary says..."Do lovely pearls care how they are strung?"

And furthermore... those things/events/people that seem to moving fast according to your human measuring...are they really moving so fast? You may not know when that certain agreement was vowed...or strategically put into the divine design. This very occurance/fufillment could have taken EONS to happen...but because you just saw it, felt it...and NOW it is seems to be moving fast. So, what do you really know about what moves fast and moves slowly?

How accurate ARE your inner measuring instruments?

Your calendars? Your clocks?

Your (oh!) judgment?

Sorry to dis-illusion you.

Oh, no...I am NOT!


THAT is MY mission!!!!!!!!

When you see a flower. Do you say, OH...that flower was never there before. It just appeared! Out of nowhere. It could not have been there, because I just saw it. No...the seed has been unfolding for many days...weeks...months. It has only just come into your view...but, the flower in it's trueness...has existed in light and potential for a long "time". The seed has simply NOW, gracefully...given forth it's blossom.

And what about a flower that pops up in unusual places?

In the sand! In the Snow!

"Look...there is a How? When? Why?"

Everyday, simply breath light. Walk lightly. Speak in love/light tones. Then HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHERE...will not Matter.

The Heart of the simply BE love, NOW.

Pearls, flowers, your G-I-F-T.


Tired and sad...and impatient as you may be. KNOW that you can take this TIME...that we give be sure that it is the real you...that will,

in no time at all, be present, to receive what we so want you to have, NOW.

So, the next "time" you say..."Why is this taking time? I have been waiting so long!" Please hear us say to you...accept the GIFT. TIME. TIMING.

All divine.

Not later. Not then. Not before. NOW.

The TIME is NOW. Be the NOW. And NOW, feel into your heart. And your eyes open. And your MIND you do not have to "watch" the time...any longer.

A timely message? (laughter) Yes.

Many words once again, to explain the unfolding mysteries.

Like a prayer, you might say within yourSELF...

"What I want and long for is not ALWAYS what I need.


I can see the GIFT.

Only then...what I need is ALWAYS exactly what I want, NOW."



This is Weight-less Windman, at your service in LIGHT.

with the Soul Core Unity