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Pearls - A Message From Mother Mary

A Message From Mother Mary, 10-22-02

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our world, possibly be a HEALING. It is too full of pain. Yes, but that is the way of a returning ray to the source. Truth.

Light does appear to send suffering to you. Call it peeling away your human shell, in order to find your core of light. IN ORDER. There is an order...layer by layer...

We have told you, Human healing comes with Pain. For pain and JOY reside in the same little space in your hearts of hearts. Yes. But we also tell you, that you are returning to truth...the truth being...that the illusion that you MUST always find your light this soon to be "uncovered" as a lie. Yes.

Many enlightened you call THEM, have done what so many of you are TRYING to do now. Jesus, the Buddhas and MANY others...have felt the same JOY/PAIN returning to their LIGHT. And never has your earth been so prepared...never has the soil, the water, the air you breathe been so delicious, to support you in your healings and rememberings. This is THE advantage. THE TIME IS NOW.

We, The CORE UNITY are like a hub to humans that hear the words of Jesus...(Rose)who walked upon the earth, many eons ago. We are also a CORE UNITY to the RAY of the Buddhas (Lotus), that rested on earth many, many many different lands.

We want you to know...that there are many ways of Spirit...many rays to the SOURCE...this is only one. But we may also say that, in their own words and human expression the lessons are so much the same. Because your MARYDOVE is a close and natural ray to the tone of the ROSE, we send her many words and stories that align to the time that Jesus walked the earth.

And so, let me tell you a lovely little story.

One time, when Jesus was so tired of life, with confusion and doubt in this heart and human mind... he went to the sea he loved very much. Too tired to move one more step...he shouted loudly into the sky...

"I cannot do this anymore!!!!!".

"How I wish I was in Mother's lap now, so safe and warm. Without a worry or a care...not having to think one more moment about how on earth, one can work to the light...with the light...when trapped in such dense cage." (the human form) He was giving up. (and so, he did...give it up).

His hands were clenched. So dark and heavy he was feeling that day. Drops of salty tears fell from his eyes. And as he sobbed and shook, ...he faced the salty water that flowed in the earth. Just then, a clam washed upon the shore at his feet. And for many minutes he stared at the creature...that rested at his left foot.

Then he heard a voice... "pick it up." He stared longer. Hands still clenched. Then he bent down and picked up the tiny clam. He always listened. "Open it up," the voice commanded. More minutes he waited, then finally, he did.

And there...inside the tiny clam shell...he saw it. A pearl. And the voice said..."This is what you are doing. In your human shell so hard...there is a seed. A germ. Very tiny to your human eyes...but not to The Light that IS. And this seed, this germ of light needs to uncover."

"In the uncovering of the light, there is a layering of humanity. And this from/of all TIME."

"Just as a tiny grain of sand...invades the hard shell of the clam, only to be turned...and jostled and turned again and forms a seed of beauty and light. It uses a small, prove what the truth is..and the truth is that ALL things are LIGHT. "

"As so your human form, mind, spirit must prove WHO and WHAT you truly are. And WE must use what we order that your proving can occur. Just as the clam and the grain of sand. It is there, right near it. Close by. Perfect and timely. We use what we can to provoke the process..."

The voice continued...

"Furthermore, the clam turns...and floats...and rests and turns. Just as you do. "feeling" the tiny seed of what a human would call discomfort, pain. But does the clam scream? You may think, knowing that all life has feeling..that it does! But we tell you, it keeps turning...and recovering, layer by layer...~in order~ to discover the beauty that is forming. And so the resistance that forms that light/ simply, and only natural to the clam. And the layers, uncover and the order in which is right, and safe and complete for the perfect and divine light to BEcome."

Contemplating the words that he heard, he sat for a very long time...still thinking how difficult it a human to live on this human earth and with same breaths also to live in the high places, as well. The worlds beyond the time and PAIN.

And then, he was given more lessons. A story of the past/present/future in which the PLOT was only LIGHT/LOVE. And how the most pain that he was feeling was the heavy thoughts of how to stop the pain. How to resist what his tiny seed was exploding to...was making him heavier.

Hours went moments.

He began to forget the pain and he began to remember that he was being asked to shift his vision from a tiny grain of a lovely shining pearl.

As he sat and contemplated the JOY/PAIN mystery. One of his dear sisters approached him. (Yes, there were several children, but you may believe what you will) His youngest sibling walked to meet him at the place where they had many conversations, at the stones by the sea. She walked towards the brother she revered and loved. Feeling his sorrow, she asked "What is troubling you, Rabbi?"

He showed her the pearl and thru his tears revealed to her the words he had received. Miriam then asked him.."How is it that you know ALL things?" He rested his hand upon hers and said.."You too know ALL things..." And motioning towards her heart he said, "And mostly know this...that when I am gone, you will not hold sadness in your heart for very long."

He began to tell her of the Past/present/future story.

"Many things you are learning now, will come back to you in a slow a life you will choose to be in...many years from now. Finally there will be many humans, who will understand that what we are so trying to do...can be done. That what we know is true...IS the truth and the light. And like shining pearls...they will be strung...side by side... asking the same questions that we have asked...and will be hungry for the same lessons that we have committed our lives to. And thirst for the same words...that we so easily hear."

"And the memories will come back...and so the LOVESTORY will resume. For it is all LOVE. In Life, death and all things of Heaven and Earth. It is, will be ALL LOVE." "And you will know what to do ... you will be a lovely listener then, too. And I will be your light in the dark, when you too, may be vested in fear. And I will remind you to listen..when your hands are listen to the FATHER and the MOTHER. "

He handed the little pearl to Miriam. She said..."I will only wear this, to remember you..." "No," he said... "Wear it, to remember you." And let us ask together NOW that the memory of the Pearl will return, even when you adorn a new shell, "

"You will shine like a golden ray of the sun. And you will glow as a silver beam of the moon. And In that life when you will restlessly move from place to place, taking in light from every ray that you can...sending it back to those ask for it, you will raise your shell-like prove that what we now know, the LOVESTORY was, is and always will be true."

"And again, sister I repeat...t when I am gone, I will always be with you. For I will only be dead to ALL human ways. To the light I will return"

And the brother and sister walked away, hand in hand, as they often did.







Peeling Every Aspect Remembers Light Source

Thank you for reading this little story of Love and Life and Light

"And furthermore... After the clam-life...of hard shell tossing and lovely pearls care how they are strung? No, side by side...there is an ORDER, that is divine. Remember this, when your hands are clenched. For you are ALL shining lights...and all in the right will remember it, if you remember to WILL IT."

Yours in HOPE, TRUTH and LIGHT,


and the Soul Core Unit