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Message from MARY and...January 1, 2003

By Christine Marie

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And so you ask, what WILL the new year hold for you?

Some of you have heard that the next months, you are going to breath in NEW if it were new. Truly, YOU are new. But in my budding humor, I told you to wish each other HAPPY NEW remind yourselves (your cells) that YOU are different now. That you live differently. Move in different ways.

Speak different words and even your breathing is not the same.

There is a freedom with you now. Some would say that is a lie.

We do not lie.

Some would say that you are humans held in shackles, by many events in your world...and in your daily pins and needles lives. But WE say...YOU are FREE now. WE tell you ... you are free.

So then...perhaps this year you bring in a like a new rarefied atmosphere into your breathing days...will remind you of your FREE WILL.

And what does that mean?

FREE WILL. The WILL to do what? When? How? Freedom to be what? To move where??

When you are deeply breathing in your NEW AIR. Consider your bodies, gently and easily letting the air in...and letting it out. A continual flow...a current...not an idea that you need to THINK about, plan, debate. You simply let the air in. You simply let the air out. Thoughtlessly. No, I do not say, carelessly...without any care if you breathe or not. I say...thoughtlessly..."without unnecessary effort." You naturally, moment to moment...breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.



You could stop breathing...and not allow the life force to move into your cells. You could clog the flow by THINKING too much about HOW you breath. Stopping the flow with your careless thoughts, fears.

So, in my way, I am telling you that the NEW YEAR...does not hold ANYTHING for you. IT HOLDS NOTHING. NEW AIR flows freely without holding back...without holding holding in..."holding out"...NOT holding onto...and not holding until.

THE NEW THE NOW YEAR...THE AIR you are NOW...allowing effortlessly to flow where it flows...without your control or force ... moves with your...your heart-will ... if you WILL (laughter). Let your heart lead your breath. Does it not anyway? Ha...and you thought you were in control.

Your HEARTwill INSPIRE you.

Your Heart-will inspires you.

BE in your heart...ALL THAT IS FREE. ALL that is true. TRUE to ALL. Not simply what you thought to be true. Not patterns that have adhered to your small consciousness. Not habits. Not fears. NOT who you THOUGHT you may be. Or should be. But the truth within your thoughts...above your human mind. Behind what limits you. not even BE IN your heart!!!!

BE your heart ... that is...WHO you truly are.

(And what have we told you so many times? The Heart/Home is where the light is.)

Just as WE/I said.


And then how can you BEHOLD the TRUTH...

When you gently embrace TRUTH...with the HEART STRINGS that are simply, only strands of light...LOVE, not ropes of contingency, but only light threads connecting only to more strands of light/LOVE (yes ... capital letters). It is as if you are HOLDING NOTHING.

NOTHING can HOLD you...if YOU hold NOTHING.

You simply ARE.


Are you free? Are you willing? Are you?

It is "too late" to go back. If you choose to freely breathe in the NEW AIR. If you embrace gently. If you VOW, that you will not THINK about WHAT is only natural...and free...

If you are WILLING to BE FREE...letting your HEART-WILL lead your every move, your breath...

THEN and only then can you be truly ALIVE.

You cannot go back to who you were. You can only become WHO you ARE.

Or else...


Will you hold on for your dear life...this new year?

Or will you dearly breath in new life?

This IS a choice of your free will. Yes. We cannot make you do anything.

We cannot force you to do anything you do not want to. Or think that you cannot do. Because we cannot CHANGE your MINDS!

But, (laughter) we can nudge you alittle closer to WANTING to do it.

Because we CAN touch your HEART.

HOW? Look around you, what do you see?

Many are the SAME, SAME OLD AIR breathing thinkers...victims of what feels to them a stone-heart world.


Look at them. AND then you might ask..."Why am I suffocating?"

STOP HOLDING YOUR BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP HOLDING...ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gently, lightly embrace the TRUTH.


Nothing is the same.

It is ALL different NOW.

And yet, it has, is and will always BE.

This is all we want for you.

And ofcourse, this lesson has ALWAYS been.

But on this day...your hearts beat with the wonder of NEW-ness

And so...we nudge.

We know you will have questions...and answers for this lesson.

Ask and you shall receive.

In Light...we gently embrace you.


ISIS and


with the Soul-Core Unity



Christine Marie