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What Kind Of Mother

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very thin...not just between all your dimensions...but between all of your dimensions, as well. What I mean to say is that as the grids collapse are your human lattices melting into each other. And your so called.."energies" that are personally and uniquely yours are forming to allow you to remember who you are. Your shells are order to see your core. And well...the boundaries between you...human to human are also falling away, like Autumn leaves fall, allowing the tree to show it's truest core. This merging/ falling-away leaves you feeling so all alone, and so ALL-ONE at the same time. That is what we mean when we tell you this is the ALL NOW TIME. Many feelings that seem to be crashing into each other, that any other time would be so obviously "opposite feelings"...are now merging. The Union of opposites... (as you have called it) is what manifests much human confusion.

I have moved MARYDOVE to write this as she was contemplating and recollecting thoughts on an issue. A very delicate issue. After listening to one lovely humans story told her...regarding darkness that came in the form of abuse..."molestation". She had some questions. These are her words.......

"The woman told me about the horrible molestation that she endured for years. She also told me that she was raised Catholic and had always felt and loved the MOTHER MARY. For a moment, the story seemed incongruent. Ofcourse I knew that wasn't true, with my heart. But in my mind...I was outraged. Being so empathetic, feeling the pain of this my cells...seeing the pictures, I screamed out loud... "So where were you when she was getting molested???" Before I could even blink my eyes...the answer came from HER...."I was right there, getting molested with her. And If I could have taken her human place, I would have. Just as you would have...if it would have been possible" I burst into tears.

I always know when it is ALL her..with no filtering of my human mind...when the answers surprise me ...and move me so quickly to tears. She went on... "I heard what you were thinking...What kind of mother, with SO much power and LIGHT, could let that happen. There is just so much we can do. We try to intervene when we can. But your human free will is a painful right sometimes. Because we cannot stop all the pain, hatred, war...abuse in this case, that you are so moved by. It does not mean that we were not there. You are never alone. You are NEVER without us. There is just so much we can do.

Just as we told you long ago...we use what we can, to move you to light. No, we do not wish pain on any of you. We do not wish that your children feel abandoned, unloved, invaded at any any way. (You are ALL children, to me.) And there are many miracles...of intervention. But the intervention you humans speak of is really just a tiny dot of a vast universe of guiding stars. You speak of intervention from the divine as something that magically moves down from the order to stop something bad from happening. That is not how it really is. It is one way...that light can manifest, but there are many ways. When humans do what they sometimes do...bringing much pain and sorrow to themselves and others, often, our lighthands are tied, so to speak...unable to "grasp" in a human way...your time, your order to alter an event. Do you know how dense FREE WILL is? Perhaps, NOW...with your new hands, grasping a deeper understanding of such things CAN make REAL changes in Earthly lives.

Now what we can ALWAYS do...(please listen closely ...) is USE the event, that for some reason, could not or perhaps should not be altered...and BRING LIGHT TO IT. Through the sad event we CAN then intervene in the hearts and minds of those effected...and try to re-invent their experience. We cannot take it away...but we can try to turn it around, clarify it by making it they can see through it...see through the pain. And then, at some fine point of clarity, allow them to use it, to help themselves and others more. And on a higher level than they ever expected. These are the times, often...when you are open enough to be be moved by the signs we send. I cannot explain this better for you now. Marydove. Perhaps, you need to feel for a short time...the effects, of the stories that made you cry. You are so connected to your humanity. This time, you understand what your connecting line is. For you have had an instant response to it. You do not always know why, and where. Do you? There is this story and many others..written and played out, every moment. Many times, humans feel things and cannot see the straight line to the source of their feelings. You are blessed in many ways to KNOW often, what you are feeling and why. The new age..the golden time..that had been long awaited is NOW. It is time to re-invent ALL THINGS...even time and space. And also to remember that all learning does not have to come through does not. An unfortunate human condition ... is to think that LIGHT can ONLY manifest alongside pain. A lie ready to be altered in see TRUTH.

Please bring this into your teachings, there are some that will gain peace from it. There are some who will be angered by these words. Remember the few are the Many"

How you hear me, is how I hear you. Heart to Heart.