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To Gather, Together

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REAT MISDEED, as some called it. When you awoke and for some days before knew something was "just about to happen." And some of you, on the other hand...knew absolutely nothing..and the news of the this day September 11, one year ago today came to you as a GREAT surprise.

Now let me ask you? Has not this entire year presented to you a new platform for your life? Has not this year been all you could possibly a state of emergency? In your state of consciousness...have you felt an urgency to do, get, reach? Some things out of/into fear ... and some out of/into great love and joy? But certainly, many of you know now that it was, it is, it will always be ... out of/into LIGHT.

And has not this year, been the most enlightening year of your life? Have you not learned more about who you are...and why you are on earth? Surely, still some confusion does exist, in your illusion And so you could say, you may be now in a state of confusion...?

Ah, yes...a state of emergence...EMERGENCE. And in that EMERGENCE...CON-fusion. And so would you say...this year you have reached a new plateau...of EMERGENCE...mixing together...all that you BEcome. And in that becoming...your ILLUSION is truly BE-coming, lighter and lighter?

I am here this morning, to ask you all of this. May I answer these questions to you, too? HA!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes...this year has been to you a YEAR of LIGHT. For you have begun to know, truly know...and BE...truly the the ALL time.

Moving at the speed of LOVE.

So, one year sincerely, one LIGHT-YEAR ago

And you have been, are, and will be...into/out of the LIGHT...EMERGENCE, bringing together all of the LIGHT/dark...all of YOU... becoming anew.

As if you were a loaf of bread! How is that? You have an idea of BREAD. Then you mix together( to-gather, con-fuse) many little things...all separate at first...then stir, stir, stir...and when the mixture feels heat/light it up and when the TIME is right...what emerges? A well molded form of what is good and nourishes you. A new FORM of what was separate now ALL ONE.

So many things that make no sense separately, are now fusing...because you had an your heart of hearts, that you need to mingle together these things...simply to see how it may form!

A short message to confuse you more. HA! Mixing together what you ARE...stir, stir, stir ... forming the REAL-ity.

HOME is where the LIGHT is.

In PEACE...through your illusion. MAY you see more light beaming through the veils. Good morning. And it is.

This is MARY