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On Beams Of Light - Two Messags From Mother Mary, August and October, 2002

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HT? Only with your heart...of the matter.

And what can we tell you of death? Human death...REUNION of the spirit and soul...the form taking on the formless light.

We wish we could describe in your words, what your Human death, really is. How does a light exist in timelessness...spacelessness? No real words in your language to tell you. But translating from the LANGUAGE of LIGHT is OUR/MY here "I" am.

All matter is light, in degrees of density. All light is Love. All love ... is. And in-between the ALL of these things, there is darkness...that which has not come to light yet. (and yet, it is still LIGHT, ah yes). There is LIFE...the stage upon which you play out you light/dark show. The production you chose. The place you are, before you get HOME. And then LOVE...the heart, the true heart of the matter...THAT is ALL.

All we ask, and YOU ask the door between the levels of consciousness...that you call DEATH, is..."How have I lived my LIFE?" Yes, that is it. How have you lived your life? What is the heart of the matter?

Everynight when you sleep, you die to life. And in the dark of night you dream...and heal...and watch what needs to be seen. And for what? To be reborn again in the light of live and play and work...and do what you need to do...until you die again. How can HUMAN DEATH be that simple? But it is. We tell you, it is. And so in the morning, when NEW LIFE is at hand...there is some those lives left behind. But do not be fooled...because the dead are only more alive than the mourners could possibly imagine to be. Pray for the dead? Then you are truly praying for yourselves...the ones left behind.

Do not deny your grief. GRIEF is a powerful attain more light. And Why do you grieve? Because you feel as though you have lost someone...something. Perhaps, in a tiny cell, in the highest heart of your grieve for your OWN LIGHT. To remember YOUR LIGHT, YOUR FLIGHT again.

So cry...and the light flow.

Breath and let the light in. again.

When a spirit in form decides to leave the plane you call LIFE. It really, then comes to comes to light. HOME is where the light is. And there...we can tell you only where the decisions are decided. The blanks are filled...and everything that has come revealed...purely and matter what the life on your plane had showed the spirit in form.

And then...what is Heaven? Heaven is Hell. WHAT????? Listen... How peaceful is your heart of hearts when you get HOME? For if you your small brains that there could be two places...then surely your life must be HELL. So what the "Hell" are you thinking? (big laughter...and apology)

Ah...think HEAVEN. A HEALing VENture.

Not where things are "HELLED"...but RELEASED (Re-lease) (REAL-EASE). Into...what? THE LIGHT, of course!!!!

After a long day at work...and you enter your private worlds. What do you do? You re-collect the days events, you decide..."Oh yes, this was a good day." "Oh, I see that I could have used this day alittle better." Well, That is what happens when you come HOME. After a lifetime of hard walk through the door, enter a room...where you put on the LIGHT...put your feet up...(laugh) and decide...what shall I do next? Perhaps, sleep (simply a departing from human-ess)...until you wake again...and start another day. Another life.

The you call them are so close together...still some wrinkles...but so closely fitting into each other. And the veils that hid so much from you are now transparent...gauze, not thick, fibrous, rough fabric. Still beautiful in color and shape and form...simply for you to relish...But only energy in the lightest form. A lovely, curtain of light...blowing in the breeze. No having to knock them down...or tear them up to get through...simply a twinkle of your eye/I...and there you you are. A walk/flight through some thick air...that's all!

And so one is ever lost or truly gone...unless with your fear thoughts, you construct a wall from the veil of light.

[Now, there ARE those who do help...with some of the in/out of time "moments"...when the human spirit is passing thru, still holding on to the thinnest thread of the veil of what they THINK is LIFE...and so "a friendly face" at the door is a position that some of you dancers in the dimensions fill, because it is your task. You see, each spirit needs what THEY each need...ah, but that is too much for now, Technicalities later. (sigh)]

We do not want to take up your precious "life-time," with too many words trying to explain the indescribable.

Can you be happy knowing that Death is LIGHT? And that LIGHT is LOVE. And that where you find LOVE, you will without struggle, be at HOME? (And that is true for your light-life here...on earth, as well!) Can you be so content with such a simple answer?

And so we say, we are always with you...goodnight and GODmorning.

With LIGHT....MUCH always

Nimusan (AKA: "Windman"...Marydove's pet name for me)

A gentle guide of Christine' unison with MARY/ISIS and the Soul Core Unity

As I finish this more unusual than usual message...and I re-read it again and again... Windman says..."Would you please press that button"? (to send) And so, I will.

Dancing...Light On Your Feet

Dancing...Light on your Feet.

October 1, 2002


So, in the scheme of this new Millennium and the IDEA of your multidimensional selves forming a more solid reality, day to day. We want to remind you... there are those of you who made a promise, long ago...eons ago that you made in the ALL NOW. And because of that promise, you have been learning, ARE learning...will be learning how to work here with us, more consciously "side by side."

Now, in your human terms, we will try to explain you may understand in your human minds. In order to be a part of the multidimensional Core, that works with the transitions of human light matter between life and human death...between dimensional lights levels...that you would have worked very hard...during many of your lifetimes, on the path of Spirit. You would have been committed and dedicated in very deep and strong ways...for eons.

Now, please feel in your hearts...this is not us CHOOSING YOU....we are not comparing and judging who can and cannot work here, with us. It has been YOUR choice. You are the CHOSEN ONES, because YOU HAVE CHOSEN. We simply love you and watch.

The question always is...will you fulfill your vow to do what you promised, with ease and with love and with total and undeniable willingness. Now, that is where the FREE WILL comes. You have set out on an were born, that is when the adventure started. You have promised to "do"...remember the things you could "see" so clearly here, in No-time. We can send you signs...and even nudge you once in a while when we see that you are WILL-ing to access your memory through your hearts. But we cannot make you do anything. And so...for those of you who have said..."I am waiting so long for my purpose to come to me." "I am so frustrated that I am not clear on what my life task may be...." "Why, oh they not TELL me. SHOW me."

My dear ones...we try...we TRY to RE-MIND you through all the signs and synchroncities...through all the life challenges that you are addressed with...we move that you........may REAL-EYES YOU. So, we say with all LOVE...WE ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE BEEN "WAITING". (to use your semantics)

Some of you NOW...have realized that the human also a YOU in a parallel, if you will...out of time. Now, why is it that SOME of you have remembered your agreement. Or parts of it. Perhaps, you have seen the signs and followed them. Perhaps when we move in such mysterious move with us...without fighting back with your ego.

Perhaps, for those of you who can clearly see signs and hear not only watch as an observer..."Oh look at that!". "OH, I hear this!" move with the signs. And you LISTEN to us. Listen and move. YOU move and listen. Moment to moment. In the human-now that you are in. For what other way could you possibly earn back your memory of who you are in the ALL NOW..if you do not move and listen continually in the NOW that you are humanly residing your world? And by doing so matter what that means...YES, NO MATTER WHAT IT MEANS....that is the key. The key that opens the DOOR to the dimensions. That unlocks the cage that encases your light. That is the little dot, that may be the next dot...that will lead you to the BIG PICTURE.

When you are willing, no matter what...what you are really saying is...." I know this is an illusion...and I am willing to matter what...because what of it..if I lose an illusion? An illusion that means the real SELF I am.

The SELF...I AM.


So, within this moving and create your own dance. And the music that you dance to is in the ALL NOW, yet so beautifully unique to the human YOU ARE.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- that same as being Unconditional? To be that, you must BEcome, without any conditions of the ego...or false realities that you may be bombarded with in your earthly life.

Unconditional ... So, what are the conditions that you trying to "UN"? Outcome, expectations...the "seems"...and "what if's" and "shoulds"?

In your human have surrounded yourselves with so many rules and boundaries and limitations. And although these things DO have value...earthly do they fit into the Ascended picture...the BIGGER picture?

As you slowly, bit by bit...pixel by pixel...translate the old movie that appears to have been directed for begin to realize, that there is a Newly directed video. Perhaps this one is the COLORIZED version...Same colors. In the realm of the Ascended prepense...Conditions do not exist. Because ALL is LOVE. Because LOVE is all there is. Love IS the condition. Ha! So, then....what is "wrong"...what does NOT fit in?

What about the ones that are moving fast..and can SEE more into the Newness of it so THEY affect the ones...that may be taking awhile "longer"...working out the old thoughts, at their own safe pace? How much of an example can the faster ones be...without totally sending the others into a stream of confusion? And the ones who lead into a stream of frustration? that enlighten? Is confusion the first learning step in the dance? Do you feel like you are dancing with two left feet?

Take a lovely story. A Lovestory. There is a Rose. And there is a Lotus. Both lovely flowers on your human level. They both need the same air, water and earth to grow with. Now, even though, they both are using the same holy elements they need to grow...and may even be growing in those elements at the same time...what would happen if you put planted a Lotus in a Rose garden? The Lotus may suffocate. And what if you transplanted a Rose into the watery depths along side a Lotus? It would most likely drown. Right?

Same lovely gifts of God. Same air. Soil. Sunlight. But they must grow in their own safe allow the beauty within each of them to unfold at their own pace in their own divine timing. And the joy they exude for many will they are the "right place" at the "right time." Takes awhile, perhaps...for the blossoms to come together in a lovely bouquet giving the world a life, a light, a love uniquely of their own and yet, together.

Perhaps this is not the best example for you to understand, but we try to express how you all grow in all the same elements...but in different ways at different times. And yet, you are ALL doing this at the same time...within the newly remembered framework of the ALL NOW!! Confused? Good, I am telling you some human confusion just may be the first clumsy step in a lovely dance.

So...ALL this to say. That the one thing many of you seem to be waiting for...along with your life purpose, that seems to be taking "longer" than you within the realm of relationships. Well, then..let us is ALL the same thing. For to BE the relationship that YOU are meant to have...BE...that IS a the movie...that is part of your purpose!!! A little tiny step...within the DANCE!!!!

And even when you truly believe that you are out of our little love box...and falling into/rising into REAL LOVE...HIGH LOVE, you still find that you as humans still hold on to certain expectations. they are.

In the realm of the all now...that you have one foot dancing must remember, that you cannot compare your newness, your purpose your relationships to what they have been to you in the past. There is no past. No future...not in REALITY. It is the ALL NOW!!!

And so let us on...


To be lost in time...and not found in light, brings pain. To be in "longing," you are trapped in time. But when you BELONG to the LIGHT, you do not have the feeling that you are "missing anything." In NO time...there is NO waiting.

Does the Rose LONG to be in the Mud with the Lotus? No. Does the Lotus LONG to be placed in the in the garden with Rose? No. They simply ARE.

So, when your path brings to you...the opportunity to be in TOTAL healing...on all levels of your being, that is when many tests are brought to you. Tests, not to pass or fail. But gages for YOU to see who YOU are. We will remind you here, that These LIGHT tests may remind you of how you are feeling some loss, fear and pain...but look to the LIGHT that it reminds you of. The Light that you are. It is a gage for LIGHT, not just your human difficulties. It is to enlighten you. Not to make you feel bad, sad, tricked. We do not trick you to bring you pain. We are here to help you remember your light.

All right...then any pain, fear, LONGING you are simply a sign to you..where there is some space for more light to enter. You walk into a dark room. turn on the light. Do you long for light...and sit there...and wait, until the light is turned on. No, you probably just on. "Hmmm, it is dark in here, cannot see what I am doing...I need some light."

So, firstmost...WILLingness is to be willing to SEE the light. And then to learn, remember how to use it in your life. To BE it. To Belong to IT. And willingness sets you free. FREE WILL.

Yes, pain is a measurement of your light. Darkly, you walk in pain as to see more light. Humans do this. To be in such a dense from, beginning to remember you're light is not an easy task, We have told you this before. We know.

The WILL of the heart. A perfect soul dancing allowing it's light to fill their spirit and form. Two spirit-forms, dancing carefully towards each other to dance together.

So when one human works to raise their form, holding their light... (not just letting it briefly visiting) harmlessly releasing their pain, anger taking on all the tests...knowing that it is for the light healing of the union of their soul to spirit in form...then they are ready to dance into another one likely form that has also done the work...danced the dance to have a dancing partner.

The intent of this dance...relationship is NOT to work out it is very roughly put...between each other, towards each other. No work to signs of any kind of abuse, or to inflict any pain...even for the sake of light. Because they are total Light within themselves...already.

No lost mind thoughts. No death-like dives. Anything that may be tossed to them by human life and outer conditions can be easily felt...healed. No tension.

"Soul Charms" come together, when most personal cords are cut. When each person has worked and sought the light and used it to perform as a total being in this lifetime. In their own garden. Pure love. Not neediness. Pure light. Not attachment. Light attracts Light. Yes, this IS possible. And as humans begin to see their own light more and more as the next few years unfold. More and more will be responding to healthy and lightfilled relations.

The purpose of this UNION will be to raise the light continually within themselves by right living. To raise the light for each other thru pure loving intent. And ALL who see them will be raised as well, to know that THIS IS REALLY POSSIBLE.

As the light fills in the STENCIL of your humans create the light beings that you truly the BIG Light picture...YOU will REAL-EYES the connectedness with ALL. ALL-ONE, not ALONE. ALL humans are soulmates. Just with different degrees of light, love and timing in your human "condition." And so in redefining your life's purpose...and how you all effect each other on some matter who or where you are, you will be redefining your a more personal way as well.

The extreme opposite of what we have described to you as "Soul Charming," is what we call "Ransom Love." Giving and taking in any relationship must be a healthy idea...BUT when the giving and taking is measured...and calculated..."If you do not do this, then you MUST not love me...." or even..."I love you...whether you do this, or not..." (subtle darkness).

If "love" hurts, then it is not LOVE. It is a case of mistaken identity. How your human minds can fool you into thinking what love is and is not. No, the heart, the true heart is NOT fooled.

Love is NOT possessing. Love is not limiting. Love is FREEING. Otherwise it is a RANSOM LOVE. And that is not "charming" is only "harming." And ofcourse, there are many degrees and levels of your humanness...between the high light of Soul Charms and the longing light of Ransom Love. But it must begin within yourself. "Belonging" is what YOU ARE. Present and NOW. AND to be in longing is something you do. Waiting and needing.

Some of you are still thinking that working to such a high light, is lonely work. Sad to say for some of you, that has been so true. But this, we are happy to tell you is beginning to change. In this lifetime you have chosen, you have chosen to Blast Off into the light. B-last...the light. B the light. So many of you are working so hard to BE the light. And have been so alone in it. What good would it do your world if so many of you worked so much only to live your human ALONE? You are human...we know that. We do not want you to be humanly lonely. BELONG to the Light. And your longing will be gone. Yes, it will.

You are remembering what you are here for. To bring light thru your light....that is it. Light attracts light. Tone to Tone and form to form in this human dance.

So take what we have told you. Take it into your hearts. If it does not feel like home to you. Let it go. If it feels lightfilled, then embrace it. And know that waiting is a mortal trick. Longing chases LIGHT away. Creating a space between you and the Source. Longing chases real LOVE away. Creating a space where your true human love BELONGS. There is so much HOPE. HOPE for YOU to feel like you finally BELONG...In your forms...In your light. And with each other.


Let us/me tell you, this is Windman. There is new ray of lightfilled energy coming to you in the very next few days. be ready. More light to fill in the stencil of your human forms. Filled with it, you will belong to New clarity and understanding will be the gift of this waving light energy. If it feels uncomfortable, remember that it could be the first step your new dance.

Also...I want to express how this story/message has been very difficult for MARYDOVE to write. We have sent it to her, in bits and pieces and then had given her a timeframe to release these light filled words, through her lightscreen. And as well, it became a personally evolving, timely message for her. I want to tell you, (yes... I am really wanting you to write this, my dove...) Marydove wanted to title this message sent today.."DANCING WITH ONE FOOT IN HER MOUTH." I am glad to announce that MARY crept on her earlier yesterday and requested that she not use those words. And may I say, that I, Windman am very, very pleased that she listened. (laughter)

Never stop laughing...laughter is the sound of light, dancing.

Yours in VERY high love...