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Channeling From The Mother Mary

Through Valerie Donner

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ing and love to take your hearts into my hands for healing. I treasure them so.

You are the precious ones whose hearts are so open that you feel everything. You feel what is good and what is not so good. Your spirits linger in the backgrounds of all who need assistance. You value and respect the Earth and feel her great upheaval at this time. She is the one that called you and due to your love for her you came to help raise the planet out of the darkness. This you shall do and better.

Yet, as you send love and concern for others how often do you take the time, beloveds, to find compassion for Self? You took on a big task when you chose and were chosen to come to the Earth. It is bigger than you originally realized. As you go through your clearings and healings too often you forget to find compassion for your Self and for all that you are going through. You continue to push your Self by always expecting more. You must think that you are not entitled to find time for your own Self. It is permissible to crumble emotionally when you feel overwhelmed. You keep expecting more. Then you get to a point of falling apart.

Who do you look to for nurturing and healing? Who takes care of your own Inner Child? This is the one who is feeling abandoned by most of you.

Do you realize how many life times most of you have lived on the Earth? This includes thousands of lifetimes. With this history do you think you have ever had it easy? Well, for most of you it has been a continual challenge.

So now we are coming to a time when you will not have to return to the Earth. You came for the clean up and for the ascension. You cannot do one without the other. That is why I am instilling today the need for deep compassion for Self. The love and tender nursing of the inner Child who has so preciously awaited your attention is of the utmost importance.

If the veils were lifted and your minds could recall all of the past you would be in deep trouble. You would want to run away as fast as you could. Now what you have is the soul memory that is only triggered as you can handle it, gently and little by little. These times are accelerating, as you know, and soon the gentle triggers will intensify as the soul’s attempts to free the unresolved issues from the past.

When you tune into what I am saying you will understand the importance of manifesting for your Self the greatest amount of compassion. Feel it in your hearts for Self and for each other. This is the most challenging of all assignments of any incarnation. It is all coming to fruition. You simply must give compassion to Self and others on this powerful pathway of ascension. It is the mercy and compassion that will allow for the healing of the imprisoned wounds within.

Perhaps I should re-phrase the term “wounds” for in truth they are simply opportunities to allow the true wholeness of your God Self to emerge free from all that has encumbered you in the past. As you free yourself you will begin to take on the truth of who you are—the aspect of God/Goddess that you always have been.

What are you afraid of when you face a painful remembrance? Is this because you are in judgment of Self or someone else? To make your ascension you will be required to let go of judgment of Self and others. You will re-learn unconditional love and trust of self and God. These separations which include judgment, criticism of Self, lack of Self love and mistrust of God are all part of the impurities of heart that need to be realigned within.

Working through these issues will clear the way for your ascension so that you may be whole completely and totally. Your hearts will be happy, beloveds. That is why compassion will solve everything.

Become the observers, beloveds of Self and others. Stand back and see your own soul and others reaching out for love. By finding compassion you will release the harder points of energy, which keep you in pain.

I know this sounds easy and for some of you it might seem almost impossible. You may feel that you have been so wronged or that you have done the worst things imaginable that you could never find it in your hearts to replace the hurts with compassion. Yet what you are doing by not allowing for even a small amount of compassion is keeping yourself stuck. If you feel so wronged you are still feeding an image of a victim. If you feel so poorly about yourself you are forgetting that you are God. Creator does not judge you. You are the only ones who judge yourself.

I pray that you will allow my request for compassion to sweep clean from the closets of your hearts all that no longer serves you. Do it beloved children for your own peace. Peace within is how you will generate peace on Earth.

Speaking with you today has been my heart’s joy. I love and tenderly embrace each one of you. I am Mary. I have compassion for all of my children for I know what is within their hearts.