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Excerpts From The "I AM" Discourses Of The Saint Germain Series Volume 7

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s We are all drawing so much closer into the world of human activity, be- cause of the great need today.

The need is very great, as it was in the time of Our Ministry so long ago - I should hardly say with My Beloved Son. Yet, I still do think of Him as that. You know We mothers are curious Beings are We not? We seem never to forget Our Wondrous Motherhood. It is quite marvelous. Yet so very much more marvelous is that day in the future, when there will come again the True Motherhood and Fatherhood of form, by the projection of the Light Rays to produce those forms.

Beloved ones, My friends of long ago, we are en- tering into the Eternal Perfection which all have worked for so earnestly throughout the centuries. Many times, from the dimness of the Light within humanity, it did look uncertain. There is no doubt about that. Even We, from the Ascended State at times - because of the condition of the Light within mankind - thought and discussed how long it would take the beloved people to awaken sufficiently, for the Assistance to be given which is being poured out today.

May I say a Word to you tonight about that which fills My Heart to over-flowing? It is about your Be- loved Saint Germain! What would you and all have done without His Courage and Determination to try this out; and make the effort to bring This Under- standing once again to mankind? I tell you, precious ones, humanity never in the world could give praise enough to Him. Shall I tell you what I do in Our Ascended State? If it sounds strange to you, please do not feel it so. I make the call to the Infinite Source of Light once every twenty-four hours, according to your time, in praise, thanks and blessing to Saint Germain! for This Work which He has given to humanity.

One day, you will come to know how wonderfully true It all is. Oh, what a great blessing It is in the hands of mankind. You have a Scepter of Power in the Understanding of the Presence, which every one can wield to bring Freedom from limitation and the Ascension.

Once you come to the point where you are begin- ing to feel your Dominion and you Victory, Oh what a change in your world takes place. Only by having your attention fixed upon the Supreme Giver of Life, can this possibly come about and be sustained. You see, no one can have a sustaining power, without knowing that he has an Individualized God Presence - the "Mighty I AM Presence." He must know where his own Focus of Perfection is.

At the time of My Son's Ministry, We were taught this identical Application. Jesus was taught It by the Great Divine Director. Then, He taught John and Myself. This very Instruction enabled Us to soon fol- low Him in the Ascension.

I trust I shall be able to fix so firmly within your consciousness the feeling; that today you can have all the means you need to give you comfort and happiness. Perhaps you think of Me as a Special Be- ing. Every human being is a special being! Why? Be- cause your own God Presence supplies the Life, the Energy, the Substance by which your form exists on this earth today. Then is that not true? Is not every one a special being?

In all religious activities of the world, the Truth to some degree has been clothed with human con- cepts. Believe Me, when I say to you tonight, and I shall do it to the whole world: The inception of the Catholic Church was brought about by and through the Power of the Ascended Masters. There has never been an embodiment since its inception, in which there has not been an Ascended Master somewhere in that church, Who was the Guardian of what took place. If mistakes began to creep in too much, they were checked.

Today, beloved ones, in all activities of attention to the Divinity, the culminating point is arriving. All churches, all religions, all activities through all meta- physical activities and everything which brings the attention in any way to the higher understanding of Life; or in any wise calls the attention to Divinity; all are closing into This One Central Point - the "Mighty I AM Presence"! We see that! We know this must come! If only presious beloved humanity could un- derstand this "Mighty I AM Presence," and the preachers take This Understanding fearlessly into the churches everywhere; the joy, the speed and re- lease of humanity from the discord and limitations of today, would be almost like lightning.

You are so priviledged, beloved ones, to be the Carriers of the Light for this Great Incoming Perfec- tion! Beloved ones there is no service on earth today so great! but I say to you and to all the students; "be so sure of yourselves in your Understanding of the 'Mighty I AM Presence' and in your Understanding of the explanation of this Chart." I say to the indi- vidual students, the Grooup Leaders and the people who go forth carrying this Light to others: "Please believe Me, when I say there is nothing so important as this Understanding of the Law"!

In the so-called slums of your cities, you tear down the old buildings to put up newer ones, more beauti- ful ones, more comfortable ones. So it is in correcting a structure of human creations. You must tear the old down, or in other words, dissolve and consume it. Then, build your structure in the Ascended Masters' Strength and Understanding of the Presence, for It is the only means by which you can have Perfection. Under the Law of Life, everyone must stand within his Presence and one day, draw Its full Perfection forth into outer manifestation. This is the Perfection of the form and the Ascension!

You must realize, that one must be strong and firm at first, in This Understanding to keep shutting out of his world the discordant things which still keep registering limitation within him. All must stand firm and do not allow themselves to have an opinion concerning any person,place, condition or thing; but just keep focusing their attention upon the Presence and keep saying: " 'Mighty I AM Presence' there is nothing with which I am concerned, except the per- fection of my world." Then as your Radiance goes forth, all that touches your world will want to be like it, will want to have the Radiance which they feel; which is beautiful and delightful. This is why, be- loved ones, your responsibility to each other in your asociation is very great! Do you not see that? It is very great, for to the degree that you clothe this Mighty Energy flowing forth from your Presence with dis- cord, are you responsible for its effect upon another.






THEREFORE, beloved ones, remember from this night henceforth; that you have anchored within your hearts, the Light of Infinite Power and Intelligence which is your "Mighty I AM." You are a part of that Great Intelligence and Presence acting here! You have Its Power beating your hearts, acting within your human forms which you can intensify until it floods your being, world and government with Its harmonious Presence and Power. It is Light in which there is nothing of human creation that dare attempt to resist It. Do you see how you are dealing with a Power of Light which is All Authority? It brooks no interference of any kind! All you have to do is keep your feelings harmonized and call It forth into action; and there is no limit to which it will act for you, under that condition.

Will you accept your Freedom now and with a determination you have never before experienced, face your human self and compel it into obedience to this Law of Life? What is obedience? Compelling it to be harmonious! That is all it has to do! Then, the Currents of Energy form the Presence will flow forth; produce health in the body; harmony in your achieve- ment and Perfection in your attainment; and any condition to which the attention is directed.

Beloved ones, you do not but in a fragmentary manner yet comprehend the Power which is in the attention of every human being. It is limitless. When your attention is fixed upon an objective, the full Power of the energy from your Presence is flowing forth to your objective; and nothing in the world can stop its accomplishment but yourself. When you take your attention off, the energy stops. There is not one thing on the face of this earth which you could not achieve quickly. There is not one of you in the room who could not do it. Realize once and forever! every human being is compelled to make his own application to his own final Victory.

Therefore, in the Glory of your Great Presence of all Life, I say to you tonight: stand glorified in the Mighty Activity of your own "Mighty I AM Pres- ence," and accept - first your Presence; then all the Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Light wish to give you; and you cannot imagine what They will do, if you are earnest and sincere. Accept the fulness of the Power of your Presence and the Assistance of the Great Ones! go forth! feeling the full Victory of the Light acting within you and your world! and you will find that you can lay your hand upon a dis- cordant spot in your body; the pain will cease at once and the condition will dissolve and disapear. The Current which flows through your hand will produce Perfection for you. It is Light, which dissolves every- thing unlike itself.

If mankind but understood that, every human being would become a Mighty Power and focus of healing wherever he went; and even the Radiance poured forth from him would heal where it passed. Such is the Joy and Perfection which is before you.

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