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The Heart Matters, November 11, 2002

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nd all events around you. Seeing the LIGHT in the matter...allows you to see the truth.


We do not say to you..."So darkly you live in this dense ball of matter...your planet. So then, you must reject all material things...all human needs...all lovely things that you dream of having to heighten your life in beauty and truth..." How silly that might sound to those of you, who know deeply in their hearts, we would not ask that of you. We tell you to let go of ATTACHMENT. To detach. Not renounce. We do not tell you to sever the beauty and the GIFT of what is HUMAN.

We try so very much to remind you...nudge you...into your memory of the beauty you are. YOU are a HUMAN host...for SPIRIT.

IN NOT feel so dark. But Is this how we see you...? No. We see all the lights!!! And we wish for you to FIND the LIGHT in ALL things.


We tell you what LOVE in light is.

What DEATH in light is.

What PAIN in light is.

We tell EVOLVE those things, that have been INVOLVED in eons of fear..."mis-use," to NOW utilize those tools to expand and broaden your world's SIGHT.

Just as we use what we help you to see your light.

Use your pain...use your love...use your peel away the veil and see through the illusion that your world is HELL.

HELL...where the truth of your BE-ing is HELD in darkness.

Remember that it is NOT!

Claim your HEAVEN on earth...where you are FREE.

Yes, FREE.

And so it is...with MONEY. MONEY is FREE. (laughter)

When you see it as the currency...(current-see) that it know then

that humans may need that form of light in matter from time to TIME.

Just as you may intake other flows of currency order to be the humans that we wish to work with and through.

You are still humans precious, bright lights!!! (laughter)

We tell you that so much is changing.

You may EAT less.

TALK less!!

SLEEP less.

And you are NOW realizing...time-less-ness!!!!

But your bodies do need some must utilize the energy of electricity ... you must sleep on support your human form that is experiencing all these changes!!! You must have some things of MATTER...if you choose to remain on the human plane and do the work you feel in your heart you are called to do!

In "proving your light"...must you curse all matter as darkness? NO!!!

We do not curse you for being a denser form of light than we are!

We BLESS you!!!!

We see YOU.

We appreciate your LIGHTness and your humanness.

So then, my children...we ask that you see the LIGHT IN ALL THINGS!!!!!!

"Wasting time"

Wasting your human resources ... Wasting money ... meaning without a

"heartfelt thought," taking for granted what heavenly wish we have Granted for you on this earth!!!!

Do not waste an opportunity to bless all you are given.

Do we tell you HUMAN love is dark? No, we tell you to remember the light that it have temporary loss of memory. Raise it to HIGH LOVE!

Do we say that your linear time is a demon to trick you (laughter)?

No, use your time to REAL-eyes TIME...

the ALL NOW!!!!

THE PRESENT...which is your GIFT!!!

And we tell you That ALL things are of spirit.


Listen to your thoughts.

If you say... "I cannot give light"...for then I will become dim.

I cannot take in light, for I may burn in my human flesh.

Therefore my eyes remain closed."

"I cannot give love..for in giving is losing.

I cannot have love...for I am not worthy to receive human pleasures.

Therefore I will be alone."

"I cannot give money...for it is the root of my dark and ill humanness and I cannot receive money...for it will compress my density.

Therefore I must sever that root."

And what does happen when in fear of the darkness you sever an earth bound root...?

Nothing will grow.

We would NOT say to you...."MONEY is the root of all EVIL."

We would say..."It is time to transmute what has too long been your human lie"

By ignoring the allow the root that has been imbedded within

mis-use, ab-use, ill-use for eons upon eons, to grow deeper and stronger in it's own poisoned soil.

So then, do not do it.

Do not ignore the truth, get to the root of the lie.

"There, within the darkness...lies the TRUTH"

Allow the truth in matters of TIME and LOVE and MONEY to blossom.

RAISE the light of the LIVING root UP...UP.

Allow the current to flow down...freely, as well.

Then, in the light of the SUN...the embrace of the earth,

you will have a beautiful garden.

Transmute what lies in seeming darkness...the human mis-conceptions with LOVE

and you will then see the invisible spiraling roots are as lovely as the unfolding petals.

APPRECIATE your humanness...or DEPRECIATE your light.

Appreciate the WHOLE-ness (holy-ness) of YOU.


It is not a war between light and dark. Legs and wings. Human and Spirit.

It is a UNION.

A reunion.

LIGHT/DARK...what is seen in truth and what is HELD from YOU.

The TEMPORARY mind fears the dark, that seems to elude the light.

But the light does move in mysterious ways...does it not?

And have we told you things are not they SEEM?

ETERNAL mind is knowing that there is nothing to fear...not the mystery...not the darkness.

For what will it cost you ... to look for and into the light of all matter?

It will cost you darkness.

It will cost you the illusion.

How enormous and also how tiny a price to pay, for a price-less matter of the heart.

"We are the vine, you are the branches"

Yours in UNITY...with the Soul Core,

You call me...