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Shifts In Heaven And Earth

Mother Mary Through Mary-ma McChrist

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ts are required to remain. Please commit with me, NOW!

Say with Me: "I commit to: 1) alignment with the Divine Plan, 2) to Love, and 3) to Life!"

Shifts on Earth reflect shifts in Heaven. Even God the Father is different. Lord Adonia has stepped down, or more truthfully, has been absorbed by Our God of Infinite Light. This Father has learned much from the past failures of Lord Adonia. Creation on the 6th level was not perfect. Lord Adonia and Luficer were like two faces of the same coin. and created a world of stuffed feelings, cruelty and dissention. Beside each of the Children of Light who were trapped, Lord Adonia assigned dark beings whose purpose was to keep you from experiencing you full potential and completing your missions in service to the Light.

Lord Adonia and Lucifer are now gone, absorbed into the Heart of our true Father, God the Father of Infinite Light who created them for this test between good and evil. The experiment is now over! Although the game board appears the same, the dark players are now beginning to run Light.

Our God of Infinite Light honors the Mother. The 03-03-03 was an incredible turning point, for the Goddess/Mother has been asked to step through the veil and lift up Her Children. As Mary, I cut the restraints which bound you. I have canceled the patriarchal hierarchies that have controlled you and kept you in bondage. Yes, that unjust energy is now crumbling all around us. The Christed Feminine is here. Mary and Jesus are equal; men and women are equal. Banished are the restrictions of the Piscean Age.

Come My Children, celebrate this New Day. Praises to our New God, the God of Infinite Light. I AM Mother Mary, Queen of Peace