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El Morya: Message In Response To Questions About His Race, The White Dragons

The White Dragons

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Morya - 11/24/03 Message in response to questions about his race, the White Dragons :

Information requested about the White Dragon race. Also, Morya is my counseling guide.

As you have just heard me say, the White Dragons, my race, are the race that in the hierarchy of the lower dimensions are the highest of the reptilian race. We are sort of like the Vorlons on the series Babylon 5 in the way we are powerful and esteemed. This does not mean that we are perfect by any means, however we are very powerful and knowledgeable.

We are the original Melchizedeks but are somewhat different than what you'd imagine. Many Melchizedeks, since they are highly Reptilian in genetics [Nicole: mostly pure Reptilians are Melchizedeks, even though some other races are], have no emotional body or very little of one. But know that we White Dragons do have an emotional body and we use it in balance. We are the purest of the pure, the most powerful of the powerful, and at the same time the most loving of the loving. We exist in the hierarchy above all others. I speak of the Reptilian hierarchy, as for Reptilians there is always hierarchy and it is respected by those who value honor and integrity. This is simply how things are and I ask that you reserve judgment [Nicole: he hears me questioning this].

Yes, as I said earlier Merlin is a White Dragon. And as you are asking, you are correct that the talents of the Melchizedeks (of which Merlin was one) are intuitive. They can be cultured but are not taught as the "Method" is on your planet. You can liken this to the Masons. The lower rank and file are given busy work to do while the upper ranks do the real stuff. This is the hidden information that will soon be exposed on your planet and to this universe. Those in charge can no longer contain it and grow weary of their fight to.

Yes we are affiliated with the violet flame. It is within us and is of most high vibration. And yes, the Ascended Masters as you know them - the Archangels - are of White Dragon. While we exist in our natural state in the higher dimensions, we can incarnate in any form that serves our purpose and we have done so many times on your Earth and in your dimension. Time is of no consequence for us and we can also incarnate simultaneously.

Thoth, as you area asking, is of Carian descent, hence his depictions. However, you know the Carians created the Reptilians in this universe and so he is of the Founders just as the White Dragon race is. Founders is a good way to put the way you can view us. We are founders in regard to the Reptilian race and are revered as such. We are not the rank and file and are not as prolific.

Not all White Dragons are Ascended Masters nor are they Melchizedeks or Archangels. We have the choice to participate in those games or not. I call them games because all of existence is a game as you well know. You can also call existence your own personal movie - it is this way for us as well and we are all actors on a stage so to speak.

That while we are in another dimension, treat us as equals to yourself. Do not put us on a pedestal, and this includes the Ascended Masters and Archangels as we are they. Many on your planet will not listen to someone who is not on a pedestal - hence the terms 'Masters' and 'Angels' - and so we must present ourselves this way. But we are just as you are although more technologically advanced, for lack of a better term.

Know that we are compassionate beings and that not all dragons are alike. As I told you when watching that movie about dragons, it saddens me to see my brothers and sisters depicted only this way. You cried did you not when I told you this? You felt my emotion? [Nicole: yes] While they indeed were vicious, they were still my brothers and sisters. This scenario has played out before. But there were other scenarios where dragons lived upon this Earth in this dimension and were unfairly treated because of the fear in the hearts of men. This subject saddens me greatly, although it was in the divine blueprint and scheme of things.

Know that the energies of late will open more and more of you up to be able to see and accept us as we really are. We have longed for this because deception, while necessary, isn't what we would like.

I will leave you now as you have no more questions and I do not know what the others would like to know specifically. I hope this has been of value to those who will read it and wish them well in their day.

Much love to you! Morya