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El Morya, the Statesman

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Yes, precious one, you have come to this place at this time for your work was unfinished. I feel the clutter within as you effort at balancing "life, as it were", with thy appointed task. So be it, the way is never an easy path.


I come in the light of a beautiful, golden dawn. There is mist on the land, dew on the living branches; also a new Season of growth and birth. I am your elder brother, EI Morya of the "ray of dawn"; the first ray. I greet you in peace and appreciation for thy labors. You will become more and more comfortable with the cycles of energy, chela. You must always begin "within" and move outward. Man always begins outwardly and moves within bearing all the dregs and causal pains within to pull him to lower energies. Start with the God­ness within and all will be transmuted in the violet flame of what "really" IS.

I became one with the cycles of Matter for the mastery of those cycles, almost, as it were, going within the within; the heart of Matter before going to the outside of Matter. Growing from within--from within the sun, within the earth and within the Sun behind the sun-I learned the way of Source and Source's laws by the inner geometry of the molecule, the atom-the Cosmos.


My appreciation, chelas, of that which I did NOT at first call God, or Universal Source, came through the humble awareness, the awesome awareness of this magnificent "thing"--this "thing" that IS "LIFE", this thing that is energy, this thing which is the  harmony, this thing that I now behold as the "WILL" of Creator Source; That Mighty Presence of Universal "Allness".

The will of God Totality is applied in all levels of human en­deavor. For the will of God is the blueprint of every project. It is the foundation of every task. It is the skeleton of your body, it is the physical energy; it is etheric fire. The will of God is your will TO BE GOD in manifestation. Without that will, you would not be in this place at this time attempting a magnificent encounter with the task at hand.

Because you cannot be expected to function in other nations, other portions of thy planet, our thrust in the teachings will be upon the geographical locations where ye are at home. In this instance, America. Do not effort at absorbing the whole until thee can Master the portion

There is a cancerous substance moving across the mass uncon­scious. Let us just call it anti-will. It is a substance so subtle that most among mankind do not even perceive that by this substance there is a denial of freedom, a denial not only of the will to be, but of the ability to will to be. Like the weakening of the form, like the drawing away of the very strength of the body, so is this substance moving against the flame, the fiery flame of the will to purpose, the will to perfection, the will to Life itself. Man has been all but rendered helpless in his own existence.

This is the plight of the evolutions of Terra Maka. Both in East and West there is that "hypnosis", that manipulation of consciousness at sublevels by the substance of selfishness itself, by the substance of lesser will of desire--willing for power, pleasure of self and manipulation of brother, willing for everything but the will of Source God which is sufficient to meet all aspects of life within the soul.

The plight of modern man is the plight of a "false will"--a will to death; not unto life. A will to be unconscious, not to face of the issues, not to take of responsibility, but to become drunk by the media, by the chemicals in the food and drink, by the dissipation of individuality through a mass mesmerism, a collective consciousness of the crowd instead of the individual rising, rising to a self awareness carved out of the will of a Higher Beingness. Therefore, chelas, the heroic problems shall be met in heroic measure--through the same methods of reaching through that subconscious level of receiving instructions. We have to replant the fertile soil within the subconscious. Relax, chelas, the blueprints are well drawn and already beginning to be structured.


I, and my brethren, come to wake ye ones. I come to shake you to a larger purpose, a larger destiny to which you were birthed. I come to let the decibels shake, rattle and roll until you "HEAR", to allow the frequencies and the vibrations of your be­ings become attuned--NOW!

Let this precious gem of placement and atunement be a place of rallying point to move out of the lethargy and sleep of the ages, to awaken this nation to a vital purpose, to awaken the individual to strength and courage, self-discipline and the will to move beyond this deathlike mesmerism whereby the people give in so easily to sloth and sleep and sensuality and every form of "pleasure" while the world, the world of the energy of Source, instead of spiraling unto a fulfilling purpose, unwinds down and down and down until there is nothing left but the inertia of the rest of death.

This substance, this pall, this pollution that is the very core of the pollution of the elements of your beings, is taking from you your very life-flow that you wander from here to there, ac­cepting what the day brings as though it must be.

You ones go about these groggy headed ways, blaming God for thy plight. Surprise, chelas, YOU HAVE MADE IT THUS; YOU MUST NOW UNDO WHAT THEE HAS ACCOM­PLISHED. Accept that you have done it and therefore, ye can undo of it. Stop blaming God and brother for thy own plight.

The rise and fall of civilization is the work of Man, not of Fa­ther God. Man has failed to implement the will of God, has failed to contact the very core of being that is his own.

Ye ones must cease of your "blaming others"; thy parents, thy society, thy teachers, your culture--your civilization. However, ye must make of thy own stand for right purposes and cast aside those things which bring you down.

I find myself using the term "sacrifice". I dislike the word but ye have no word to fit of the meaning I wish to convey. Let us instead use "self-discipline". Sacrifice indicates a negative "giving up of something". You are not in the "giving up", thee are about to be in the "getting or'. Sacrifice indicates a perception of "pain". There is no pain in carving away the fat of the mortal so that the lean soul of the spirit can fly. There is no pain in the entering into the wondrous beauty of the will of Source-Self. There is actually a moving away from "pain" that ye ones have endured as a civilization for centuries of your time. Your souls are in agony and you have not even made contact with the soul in this life to recognize of its agony. Ye just proceed upon thy path of misery, boredom and longing for better without acting to achieve "better".


To achieve this "better" there are requirements. These are dis­ciplined requirements. You must have discipline of self and situation. There is no substitute for self-discipline. It is why we get this child up at dawn to write. We can write at any hour of thy day; but she has gained the discipline to get up at the break of dawn to do this work. If she will do this, she will also be available when she is needed and not just when "she feels like participating". This is only an example, Dharma.

As you begin to manifes control over self, ye will begin to see how ye can manifest any other thing thee wishes. Not for the fun of "magic" but for the fulfillment of thy accepted task; to revel in thy own fully developed mind control over all matter. This will not be to impress man for ye will be beyond the wish to "impress"; rather for thy own expression of truth.

It is good to demonstrate mastery, but ye must not be in the following of those who demonstrate phenomena as "the way", whether legitimately or illegitimately, whether as the "white" or the "black" magician. The time has come for mankind to fol­low the Teacher for the Truth of the Teaching Itself, for the very sake of the vibration of Truth and "Life"--not mystical hocus-pocus.

To mesh with the higher vibrations of purpose you must cease dwelling within thy own "self-ness"; the "me-ness" of all ac­tions. If ye only act for self reasons ye have done nothing other than replace one selfish experience for another, and that is what thy brother will emulate if it be more desirable than his own selfishness. Ye will only have set up "your way", not the way of Truth which must be the route of transition from this blighted state in which this planet and civilization are trapped.

I can assure that all who take the position of seeking freedom from the subjugation of mortality, without exception, have had to first take the step of self-discipline and have given up person­alization of input, both from higher sources and worldly physi­cal attachments. Ye must go beyond thy conscious reaction to personalized "self' to come into harmony with that which is sur­rounding of thy being.

As ye have committed unto this magnificent task; I and my brothers of these higher vibrational frequencies will respond to thy call at any moment of any day or night. There is not one soul ever neglected when a call is made. Like attracts like. I go where the call arises. I go where the vibration is located and my presence is felt-eye are never without guides and protectors in thy work--NEVER; NOT A MOMENT!

Know thee are always in the sight and knowledge of the higher planes. Every thought is known; every action accounted. Naked you will stand before thy God at the conclusion of this sojourn, so it would behoove thee to be a bit careful of thy activities which you "assume" to be hidden. It will not be "MAN" who will stand in thy presence; it is God.


Do not concern as you become focused within our gaze. All ones have that feeling of discomfort when they realize that all actions are known. Ye have heard of it since childhood, but ye now will begin to feel the presence of the "watching". Let me assure you, precious ones, we have seen it all before--"ALL". There is naught ye can think of or do that has not been seen or done or thought of prior to thee. It is repeated over and over and over and over again in the mass consciousness ad nauseam. We have seen this world and its folly. I have seen the same old plots cued up by the fallen ones, the same old tapes played again and again until they are so old that those tapes of the fallen ones actually sound worn and distorted from the re-playing within the inner receivers.

It is strange, however, that it is never realized that ye are being subjected to the same old conditioning that ye have heard in your last experience and the one before that and the one prior-­on and on. The plots are the same. Very little new literature has been written in lo, thousands of years. If you were among the fallen ones, ye would have no need to be "creative" as the same few plots work again and again without need of change.

Ye ask; "How long will ye Masters wait while we grow"? Well, we have eons to wait in patience, while ye toy and try-­again into ad nauseam--. THE QUESTION IS, HOW LONG DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT? We know the hour of our coming and our going. Do ye know of the hour of thy coming and thy going, of your aborning in the womb of time and your moving again through space .to other shores? Ponder it carefully. chelas.

Can you be assured that if your task of fulfillment is not ac­complished "this time" that there can be a next time on this beloved place? Is it possible that at some point all those ones with whom you will experience are also planning to complete their missions upon this place--will there be a place for thee?

Where will thee go to fulfill your inner blueprint when you are bound to earth? With the attitude toward abortions, birth con­trolling and life itself, will thee have a way to come again?

You must look carefully within, chelas. What are thee about? I mean, what are thee REALLY about? Do you go here and there to be searching, to be entertained and the, best "story performance gets thy vote of confidence", to look for a reed in the wind? Or --, are you REALLY responding to the call of the soul for that wholeness, for that harmony and for the light which is your very Life, your very sustenance?

In this wondrous land where we are focused, you are a people of "goodwill". This is a land of goodwill, a land of abundance that has been shared with the nations of the world. Thy people of goodwill have also been infiltrated by those who have come to steal the Light of the Christos and of the Mother and of God himself (herself, itself), and to twist and to turn and to torture the children who hold to the path of truth. You see, chelas, they attack in efforts to cause ye ones denial of the light and the goodwill and the God-government that WAS INTENDED TO BE MANIFEST IN THIS PLACE--IN THIS NATION!!


I have come forth to reinforce thy "will"; thy belief in the higher causes. I have come to convince you, by the very essence of my presence, my life, my radiation, that the As­cended Masters ARE "REAL". To doubt in their existence is to doubt the existence of your own Reality. To doubt the Path is to close the door to Life. To doubt the way as being shown is to move into "death".

The Sacred Christed Circle declares evermore, "I AM the open door which no man can shut". Do not give the power to anyone on any plane of existence to open and close the door of your consciousness. Give that power to no one, for God gave it to you to keep unto yourself, unto your Real Self, your own Christ Presence.. Do not relinquish of it to anyone, and thereby you will not lose time in the detour of the personality-cult con­sciousness that is filled with maya and selfishness and manipu­lation.

I contact you for a cosmic purpose-so right the wrongs of civi­lization, to clear the way again in the marts of education and culture for the recognition that life itself is a path of initiation, that all of government and all of industry and all of learning must serve this end, this end to which Christ was born, to which Christ came into the world, to bear witness to the Truth.

Let us then see, one by one, how ye will eliminate from your life that which does not serve the cosmic purpose of bearing witness to the Truth of your own inner reality and your own in­ner being. Let us see how you will eliminate those factors and conditionings that rob you of your sleep, rob you of your en­ergy, and keep you on the treadmill of economic survival. You had better consider the survival of your soul and be less con­cerned with thy status in society. This society will crumble.

How will you strip yourself, then day by day grow beyond those impediments to the will of God? Let us see how you mark the way of the overcomer.

Yes, civilization will crumble unless some among mankind re­spond with the fervor of the devotees of the will of Truth to hold the balance for America, South and North America, and for all evolutions of this world. Some will make the supreme sacrifice­-a sacrifice that is not death but of total living. Some will build of the structures and foundation of the blueprinted plan of transition. I further assure you that the building will be upon thee ones in the physical form. It is totally upon your free will, what will be the determination of this age?


Cast your superstition into the flame of fairy godmothers and the such of mystical "do it for me fantasy". There is no way of the "miracle" that will bring in such a golden time. It is the miracle of hard work, of application of the law and of the science of initiation. That is the great miracle. And when the sons and daughters of Truth say, "A miracle has occurred this day", it is the alchemy of the overcomers--always; not a "miracle".

Precious ones, when you work the works of the Father Source, the Masters multiply your effort by the alchemy of the Sacred Holy Spirit. But this too, is "law" and you can expect your investment in life to return to you with interest. It is the law of abundant Life. If, however, you sow a narrow field, you will reap of a narrow harvest.

The will is in your hands, for I have already made My deter­mination. You will give answer, for the guardian angel of your Presence takes note of the increments of the will. The incre­ments of the will are the all-determining factors of who you will become, whether or not you will succeed in the material or the spiritual universe. Increments of will determine whether you will live or you will not live in the consciousness of Truth, the Father Source, God.

Chelas, I ask you this question: Are thee ready? Is thy will strong enough? Are ye ready to "WILL IT TO BE SO?" SO BE IT AND SELAH; I PLACE MY SEAL OF THE FIRST RAY UPON THESE WORDS AND UPON THY HEART CELLS. HOW WILL IT BE? HOW WILL IT BE? IT IS UP TO THEE

I go now, leaving you in peace to ponder upon thy task and commitment. For, beloved ones, the task is great and always in the beginning, the help small. So be it for it shall all come to pass as written; Will thee be in the story?




Hatonn here Darma. It has been a long session. Thank you, chela, for thy acceptance. Always I stand by, little one, as the lessons are powerful and the energy almost to overload; you will be tine. Take time to come again into thy own balance in gentleness and perhaps solitude. The lessons are of utmost im­portance and the teachings must have entry unto you ones in consciousness. We are melding of the subconscious teachings of thy sleep/dreamtime into thy wakening consciousness. The lessons learned on a higher plane must now be brought into useable format of conscious thought and acceptance. So be it and the strength of understanding abides with thee.