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El MORYA P-J 7 Chapter 17

El JORYA Cohan ofj the First Ray

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Thank you, Dharma, for it will be good to have my portion fin­ished this day. Mine is not to overload, but there is so much to be brought forth in these early stages of becoming balanced, one with the other, that we must stay right with the task. It is our intent to pull away from all forms of religious doctrines, the new concepts of what you call metaphysics, political boundaries, creed differences, color differences, etc. We are ONE BROTHERHOOD; no more and no less. We are only inter­ested in bringing forth untainted "TRUTH" that we might serve our commitment in that Truth.


The orphans of the Spirit are our concern-those who, without the thread of contact with Deity, remain wedded to an unwhole­some environment; those to whom the real purpose of Life is never revealed; for the crystallization of their intellectual concepts and the hardness of their hearts, stay rooted in self­ishness, do not open the cosmic doorway to our domain or that of the cosmic brethren who also come only to serve and assist.

So many are the mysteries of Life, so many are the powers of Love. Yet the dust seems to be more their choice than is the destiny of their ordained potential. The veil of obscurity is very, very heavy indeed.

While man's concern for his ecology mounts, what shall I say is happening to the soul within? The moral standard, recognition of the plane of Spirit, listening to the music of the stars and the spheres, creating that tie of cosmic identity which is the forte of the will of God--these are the strong banners we raise. These are the banners which must be raised.

ust take careful and attentive note of the widening schisms, the deliberately maneuvered divisions being created through the dichotomies of mind and spirit in the total world order today. It is my desire to speak from our higher level concerning our viewpoint and our intent. Those who would set peopJe against people, those who would point the accusing fin­ger of one religion at another, by so doing create that fracture in consciousness which is a destructive negative spiral.


It is well known upon thy place that there are in the world mil­lions who are labeled "left wing"; other millions labeled "right wing". There are others who choose, in some degree of human "pride", to choose of the position in the "middle" of the road, so to speak. Let it be understood that WE DO NOT ESPOUSE ANY OF THESE CAUSES.

The magnitude of importance of our service is such that we can­not identify ourselves or our efforts with anyone confined to a secular slice of opportunism.

We tend to not favor any of these positions, but rather to rec­ognize the whole spectrum from right to left, including the "middle". Always the truth seems mingled with error. Ours is not to create division, but rather our goals are sound and strengthening to the whole and to the human Spirit.

We recognize that there are virtuous causes across the whole range of human endeavor, but there are many that are unvir­tuous, unrighteous, deceptive and wrongly motivated. We will not identify with any; for our purpose is not to be popular. but to be truthful and to embrace those spiritual causes which will enable the soul itself to expand its individual Life.

I do not deny that the poor, as Jesus said, are with you always. I do not deny man's right to fulfill those social needs which to some have become a way of spiritual service. Likewise, we clearly see that among the traditions of men there are many of virtue, albeit sometimes sagging. that ought to be upheld; but where shall we position our timbers of support? We cannot identify with the right or the left, and we cannot identify with the middle of the road. So be it.

Even as we write, truth and error slide. The human jackal of division has man in derision. The powers of darkness laugh as people espouse this cause and that cause in radical ways. Others are at the center of total non-ness, luke warmness and take no stand at all-ness. They would not wax hot nor cold. So be it. The soul "salvation" is not served by social reform, nor is it served by "opposing" social reform. The progress of man can best be accented if it is first set in the right direction. May I point out how this can best be done?

It is reasonable to suppose that there are many things of a spiritual nature unknown to men, and divine revelation has not yet closed its mouth of uttering the great fiat of the Word. There are those who actually think religious tradition is com­plete and that man has but to go about the gentle and yet some­times not so gentle business of attaching labels to various people and various groups. These labels are intended not to liberate, but rather to totally confine.

When the man of honor sees clearly, he will know that both so­cial reform and opposition to social reform have their own way of sapping his totality of energy. People feel the need to es­pouse one cause or another, and those who are of a radical na­ture find niches of comfortable radicalism in varying degrees to the right or to the left of center. How one radical can condemn the other is difficult to understand in the light of spiritual knowledge; yet it does exist in widespread opulence.

Spiritual Knowledge is the Highest Knowledge and takes into ac­count the total compass of the brotherhood of man. Therefore, if we make a pronouncement that seems to sanction one or the other it is because the garment of truth must run the whole spectrum. Truth knows no man boundaries.

The choice then is to render the greatest service to ALL men and women upon the planet wherever they appear on the social scale, from the poorest to the wealthiest, from the weakest to the strongest, from the most unspiritual to the most spiritual, from the foolish to the wise. We must serve them all; and unless we do, we have fallen short of our divine office.

As the spokesman for the WILL of God (the first ray), I do not believe that division is the divine intent. I do not believe that manipulators do not exist in the world. I know that they most surely do exist; to the total degradation of mankind.

What we need most is honor; and those who espouse such honor should see to it that the text books of the world, the magazines, the radio, motion pictures and television programs, and all media should honestly present to man all sides of the question.

Man should not become so enamored with this environment that he loses touch with his soul in the process of "egotistically" molding his environment. Rather, he should understand that the opportunity for life, which he sometimes wears solemnly and then again unceremoniously, is his God-given right, one through which he may, if he will, attain enough self-control to become the master of his own destiny.

In truth, man CAN be the God of his own universe. He can supplement his desires with reason and can transmute and direct the total course of his being--for either positive or negative purposes.

Man must be patient and loving with himself for it requires "digestion" of information to be assimilated and properly uti­lized as fuel for his system.


We are primarily concerned with the children of your species, that they be given an opportunity of expanding the richness of the universe, the abundant life and the knowledge accumulation to which they are rightful heirs. When religion, however, becomes a gambit to he used by one group against another, with jealousy increasing rather than de­creasing, we think of the fable of the fox and crow, and how the crow held the cheese in its beak. Then, with flattery the fox induced the crow to speak, the cheese fell out and was devoured by the fox and the crow did not have any of which to partake. All over thy planet, nation is against nation and against them­selves. Religious groups kill and maim their brethren in the name of God and Christ. There is no such thing as Christianity practiced anywhere upon thy place. So be it --as long as there is judgment of man against man, there is no such thing as "Christianity" .

World order does not provide nor allow proper training of its young. There is too much recklessness and wild abandon, too much deceit and personal motivation devoid of honor. This is the example they experience each moment of their existence. These are the images burned into their very consciousness from every sector of their lives. If they are given nothing of purity and Truth to emulate, they emulate that which they do vision and audibly intake. It can be no other way.

As we begin to thrust forth better events and visions for emu­lation, the dark brothers will cast about wildly and effort at stopping the growth. However, remember, darkness cannot "create". only the Light can "create" and darkness has no exis­tence in Light. So be it.

As I bring to a close this message at this time, please accept it with the love and intent given. I am here to assist in the gaining of the "WILL" that our task may be completed in honor and integrity in a most timely manner. I bring only strength and goodwill to all men, all creeds, all nations and all colors of man.

May our Father/Mother Source magnify that Christ-unity of an unbroken, infinite circle and reality born of no winds of delusion and fanned by no fanatic fires, but clearly indicative of the whole spectrum of the consciousness of the Great White Brotherhood/Sacred Councils, which holds the TRUTH above all.

Forever in the service of that Father/Mother Source and Truth through divine Will, I AM MORYA EL. May our work in unity be blessed and fruitful. So be it as I place again, my seal upon these words.

Adonai, chelas, adonai in the Light of Truth, Balance and Har­mony through Love.

Let it be known that I AM THAT WHICH I AM; OF THE FIRST RAY.