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El Morya, the Statesman

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[NEW]  EL MORYA:  PJ-7 CHAPTER 15  REC #2 ~~~MARCH 31, 2022

Greetings, beloved ones of me. Do not concern that thy job re­quires interruptions and input from my brothers .. The job is ONE, 'tis no matter. Discipline is oft-times hard to take as is the medicine; sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. Take all from thy Guide, Hatonn, in sweetness and gratefulness, chelas, for his truth is strong and unbending. He is thy leader; he is thy Father. When he wears the cloak of his fullness; he is Aton and none else come first. Behold him in his glory that ye can rise unto that glory.

I contemplate the vast mysteries of the Cosmic realms, the all in all of the Cosmos, and were it not for the sustaining power of that will divine in my life and myriad angels who also succored me in my hours of travail, I should not have reached the goal or been able therefore to assist you to attain your own.

I come to encourage you in the way of standing for the Light and assisting the progress and the healing of a world; nations and hearts. I would give you a morsel of my own--my sense of compassion not alone for people everywhere but in fact and indeed for the individual. The "orphans" of the Spirit are our concern--those who have not been tutored properly and fully in the inner Light and know not the way to go.

Ye wish to travel in emulation of the Master of the Sacred Cir­cle; the Christ, let us say, Jesus--the one Esu. Beloved, I point out to you one of the most pernicious errors of orthodoxy this day, and ever. It is the lie that the one Jesus is the ONLY Son of God, and furthermore, that Jesus came into embodiment in the full mastery of Christhood and did not himself have to follow the Path and realize his own inner God-potential before beginning his mission.

These things are plain in scripture, but the scriptures have been read and reread, interpreted and misinterpreted and then removal of the very keys themselves have given to Christianity today a watered-down, incorrect religion that does not have fer­vor or fire to meet the challenges of a civilization. Therefore, thy civilization is in great suffering and peril.

Beloved ones, I share with you, nothing can move forward in life unless the individual has a true understanding of God and of his relationship to that eternal Spirit. And as Aton impressed upon thee, (I trust), passion in that relationship.

Ye must come to realize that Jesus did not come from God a "new soul", born for the first time from his womb in Nazareth. Nay, I share with you. He has come in many ways as many things; and many ones. By his own teachings he proved this to those abiding with him in the physical at the time of his walking among them, that he bore of other energies. Yet it is still denied by those "Bible" quoting Christians who have determined to say it is not so. They do not want to accept their accountability for their own past experiences and what ye would in the East, call karma.

The non-accountability, due to the upbringing of children in the West today, does not prepare warriors of the Spirit to meet the inroads that are being made by all forces of lust and greed after this nation's light and after this citadel of freedom.

Ye must understand, then, that your understanding of the one God and one Christ enables you to see that that one God and one Christ has vouchsafed to you the I AM Presence and the Christ Self as the manifestation of pure Divinity--not many gods, but one God. And the pure Son of God is the UNIVERSAL Christ whose Body and bread are broken for you. Ye must, as par­takers of the Light, as one with the Holy Christ Self, pass through the testings and lessons of discipleship as the Esu did.  And you ought to look forward to and expect the fullness of that Christ dwelling within thyself.


Wherefore evolution of a spiritual nature? Why have the prophets come? Why have the avatars appeared? That you can remember what ye were taught; what one can do, all can do. To unlock that potential of thy heart, that divine spark, and show you that you have been moving toward that point of the courage to BE who you really are and not to accept the philosophy that you are evolved from anything other than God. Therefore, in thy purity thee cannot be anything other than God.

What shall be left of a planet?--a scientific humanism? What shall be left? --world socialism and all shall become drones in a planetary movement controlled by moguls of power East and West?

Beloved hearts, this IS THE GOAL of sinister forces. And let none deny that there is an Anti-Christ. For the Anti-Christ IS EVERY FORCE WITHIN AND WITHOUT THE PSYCHE OF MAN THAT WOULD PUT DOWN THAT TRUE AND LIVING GOD WITHIN YOU. REALIZE THAT THIS IS NOT OF NECESSITY, A PERSON WHO WILL APPEAR AT A CERTAIN TIME, but it is the decision on the part of man to embody the destructive forces of the universe to put out the light of freedom, nation by nation.

Without understanding of the equation of Armageddon, without the understanding of "free will", it is impossible to realize that some have chosen the left-handed path of black and destruction, of the Lie, and of the murderer. And without accepting of this, it is impossible to understand so-called human behavior, which is not human at all, but it is dark (devil you ones call it), be­havior and the behavior of evil incarnate and disincarnate.

Do I sound like a fundamentalist Christian? Well, I am! Remember well: I came first to adore. I was transformed. I was transfigured. I was, if it need be said, among the first "born-again Christians". Oh, would it be only possible that all could see of the path so clearly in that grand circle of truth.

Just as the Christos Esu Jesus studied with great preparation of his soul of Light, this Son of man, ye must come into thy knowl­edge. Harken back to the ancients and the teachings. Harken to the time of Lemuria. Those teachings of the law of God that were there were transported to the caves and retreats before the sinking of that great continent. Thus, going back far back be­yond all recorded history, you find the lineal descent of those who have come to earth for a single purpose; to seek and find the thread of contact with Almighty Source and to demonstrate by their lives a LIVING truth.

Men may tamper with scripture. They may rewrite the codes of law to suit themselves and their lowered and lowering standards. But, dear ones, they may NEYERCHANGE THE RECORDS OF AKASHA. In Akasha--as the subtle energy and force that permeates the planet and your auras-you will find the record of ALL past experiences of yourself, of all previous experiences of masses of lifewaves who have come here from other planetary homes. You will find the records, THE TRUE RECORDS, of civilizations.

You will find that ones who have been given the gifts to write the truthful stories of the motion pictures and great books, have been given the gift of tieng into these akashic records. Many, as Dorushka, sat to write about subjects concerning those things of which they have no knowledge. Not only have they recorded for people all sorts of invaluable information that would give keys to the past and past glories of civilizations of great light and scientific achievement, but they have also shown a teaching and a path and an understanding for each individual soul to find his true roots all the way back to the birth in the heart of the Great Central Sun (Son) and the descent to experience here.

Why experience in a darkened world and a darkened star? Why put on veils of flesh and forgetfulness? It is because the soul demanded free will and the right to experiment in the universe of God, and the Father accorded the request. Thus they went forth as from the bosom of Abraham, from the Great Causal Body, and evolved into denser and denser spheres. And, alas, came those hours when the "fallen angels" did tempt them away from their first love and that of the God Most Holy. And there began to be the densification of the flesh and the mind (some minds are really, really "dense"), and the people lost the contact with their God. THEY WERE GIVEN TO FORGET THE NAME OF I AM THAT I AM.


God sent the knowledge of the true monotheism in the midst of pagan culture, even to Ikhnaton (Akhnaton--sound familiar Dharma?) and then on to Moses, et cetera. And once again to great I AM Presence because the focal point as the sun-symbol of the Presence of God=the many hands extend as Ikhnaton saw it, the power to move a nation as Moses perceived it, and today the source of your strength and your healing as you perceive the same Presence.

"They" may attempt to divide the Body of God upon Earth by religious schism and argumentation, by placing the emphasis on the letter of the law. We have seen enough of inquisition in our time! We have seen enough of the wars of Protestant and Catholic! What is the net gain? The only true gain on the path of religion is the spirit, the Holy Spirit (Ghost) with the in­dividual and then moving nations-Yahweh (Yewah) moving among his people, who is still able to draw out those servant-­sons of God who will truly manifest an example of the path of freedom with Saint Germain and the other Brothers who have come forth to lead and assist.

Beloved heart so Light, surely you can see that the return to Source is necessary, for a people have forgotten their God. They have not understood the future coming of the Christ and therefore they do not understand why the saints have lived, why they have died and sacrificed, why they have left a record-­because the emphasis is not on you, but upon a Christ nailed to a cross.

This will afford you nothing unless you yourself realize that all that was in this Son of God can be yours. And the imitation of the path of this Jesus Christos, this Circle of Infinity in Perfection, is surely our calling and our teaching. It is the fundamental teachings of the Spirit. It is the teachings given to the apostles. It is the anointing of the apostles. It is the transfer of fire, heart to heart! IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE "WORD" AND THE WORD "WAS".

So thusly, where does a nation stand when challenged by the taunting of "a" Kaddafi or terrorists from any creed or nation? It is divided and weak. Where does it stand when there are those who tamper with the money supply and the economy? Where does it stand when the children cannot read and write and cannot rise up to become leaders and representatives of still the greatest nation on earth?

Where do a people stand when they no longer have recourse to Almighty God and his Spirit in them? What can they do when their bodies are beset by drugs, when they are caught up in vio­lence, when all manner of pleasure and entertainment is the first thing thought of when their disinteresting jobs are through? I tell you, if America, let us discuss, is to be secured from that which is plotted by the dark ones on this planet, there must be a rising fervor and a return to first principles both in "Church" and "State".

How shall we tell them? How shall they be God-taught when the false pastors have invaded the temples and denounced even the very communion of saints which we enjoy with you and you with us in the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood? Brothers and sisters on earth have a right ordained by the Christos to commune with their brothers and sisters in heaven, not by psychic or astral means, but by the true Holy Spirit. And the Holy Ghost is the Comforter and the Teacher who has come to you to bring all those things to your remembering which the Christ has taught unto thee.

When did he teach you those things of which ye are not being reminded? When? Were you all there in Galilee? It is not quite possible for the tens of thousands and millions who ascribe to the path of the Brotherhood on this planet to have all been there in the flesh. And thus, The Christos spake to all of you to whom he taught in all octaves of being in that hour and upon that mission in many forms and many diverse ways. The Sacred Circle Son of God truly spoke from the etheric retreats, and all the world heard.

Do you think the fame of the Christos spread only by the apos­tles or only by the "grapevine"? I tell you, no. The power of the presence of the Christos in the earth has been' the power to contact every living soul these thousands of years with the inner knowledge and the sense of the honor of the Christ presence within them. And that teaching is ongoing no matter what is said in the mosques or synagogues or temples. So be it for the truth is so.

The LIVING CHRISTOS does shepherd his own, nation by nation, for this reason: People understand right and wrong, they know what ought to be and ought not to be, they know what is evil if they will allow themselves to perceive it. And therefore, the STANDARD "LIVES". The honor code is present with the comings and the goings of philosophers and psychologists (in truth) and all the rest who now say, "this is right," and they say, "this is wrong".

Relative good and evil is not the story of your life. Put that aside and recognize that it is the Absolute Good of God present with you that is the power to devour the forces of Absolute Evil, first and foremost being that tyranny over the soul and spirit of freedom--this time to a spiritual birth of freedom. The way ye reach and accomplish this in greatness is no different from the way it has always been taught--through discipline and singleness of pure thought and action.


If you go within to thy true knowledge ye will remember that the path followed by the Christos was never an exception, was not something unique and exceptional where one life should forever atone for the sins of the many, but was the example of what had been done again and again and again=always the avatar coming to give to the followers on earth the example that there is a way out of DEATH AND WHAT THEE CALLS "HELL" and the round of suffering. There is a way of self­-transcendence. DEATH IS NOT THE END OF LIFE--DEATH IS A MERE TRANSITION OF EXPERIENCE UNTO DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE.

Erro leads to unreality. Unreality leads to insanity. Thus, the insane stalk the earth taking innocent life through deliberate or misperceived means. The insane take the life of the unborn and call it woman's right; or man's right. Man and woman-the right to murder their own child! Is this liberation? No. It is enslavement to a pain that gnaws within the soul for the rest of the natural experience and in future experiences until it is finally resolved.

Offering liberty, the dark ones sow corruption=corruption of the spirit and the soul and not of the body. This is why the dangers of this particular "age" are so great. This is why I say it is the greatest moment in all of history of each and everyone of you to make your statement and to establish that contact with God which all who have gone before you have made, and thereby become the functioning instruments in that great service, the spiritual power and the healing and holding of the balance of nations and peoples.

Oh ye can rejoice that these things can be done and thy mirror can reflect of it as thee stands afore thyself and can stale: "I have worked, I have mastered--God with me and by His GRACE. And because I know who I am and God is with me, I can do these things.


Look carefully at those pastors who preach falsely. Those who create in fact a servile relationship of sinners to a favorite son, and internally and subconsciously it is a psychological maneuver of the fallen angels, preaching hellfire and brimstone and enormous fear and an angry God and the promise of everlasting hell and damnation to those who do not repent. THESE ARE THE PREACHMENTS OF THE EVIL WHO HAS CREATED AN ALTERNATIVE RELIGION TO THE TRUE TEACHING OF THE CHRISTOS.

Know, however, that most pastors who are thus indoctrinated are not of an evil bent, but have simply followed the "party line" they have been given and that has been carried on for 10 these many generations. The proof is in the eating of the pudding. THE PROOF IS IN THE ACTION. Where are the results?

Ah so, and so be it for the flame of freedom and truth cannot be put out. The voice of truth can never be silenced. It speaks in many, many hearts. We are here, summoning the mighty archangels to go forth with their legions of Energy to cut free those souls who are bound, to cut them free from the nightmares of demons and discarnates that prey upon the mind and the body. But do not fear those discarnate souls--shun those ones in physical form who house these darkened beings in incarnate form.

What is transpiring upon this planet is the result of the softness of religion itself and dearth of leadership. Thus, we come to give to you our momentum and the momentum of thy Brothers that your work can be fulfilled in purpose.

The entire purpose of life is finding God--finding God within yourself and your talents and your calling and your sacred LABOR. Ones can say what is pleasing but I tell you NO ONE IN THIS WORLD IS HAPPY UNTIL HE HAS MADE HIS PEACE, BALANCE AND HARMONY WITH HIS GOD, HIS "I AM PRESENCE". There are many who would deny this and yet, are they truly happy? Oh, dear ones, the pain and unhappiness upon thy orb is overpowering and overburdening; ye cannot comprehend of it.

Constantly I pray that you ones of this great nation will not come to knowledge of Truth through adversity, through nuclear war, through economic collapse. I trust you will also pray with  me in this-wise, for beloved, the prayer of ye ones, those of you who use the law rightly, availeth much. We must fight the good fight would be thy words. We must take the action necessary to move in "timely" manner. For many of these things will come upon thee ones as the cycle closes and we can only have fulfill­ment in peace unto the extent of thy preparation.

Chela, let us close for this portion. I do not wish to overburden so that ones will not be in the reading of these words. I will speak more in the hours to come. Lo, I AM and I AM with thee always, even unto the ending of thy days upon this place--SO BE IT.