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Ascended Master El Morya Speaks To His Chelas On The Quest For The Holy Grail

On The Quest For The Holy Grail

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[SanandasEagles] El Morya The Darjeeling Master speaks to his chelas on the quest for the Holy Grail

This book can be downloaded from the site of Herewith the prologue from most precious beloved El Morya.


March on, children of the heavenly hosts--march on! Hold your shield of faith high before you. Yes, hold it high and realize that your hand is indeed in our hand.

It is much better that you smile, dear hearts, than that you frown. For after all, the angelic hosts do externalize the smile of God wherever they go, for they spread the quality of comfort....

And now I want you to feel the radiation of my power and my will. Do you know, dear hearts, that the energy that I have charged forth in the threefold activities is tremendous?...

Nevertheless, here I am again at work. And I am somewhat reminded of the work of one of your cartoonists, when he externalized the pattern that has amused the children, of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. And he said, "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go!" Once again I say to you, "To work we go!"

And so you must roll up your sleeves. You must forget that which is past, for after all, the past is indeed prologue. But you must recognize that there is a future expanse before you--a future that can be as beautiful as you will to make it.

Now, if you take a crystal cube of pure light which has no engravements upon it and you work upon it and make mud pies, I assure you that no one will admire that work. But if you take this crystal cube and with the energies of your own lifestreams chisel upon it the beautiful faces of the ascended beings by doing their will, what you externalize shall indeed be made manifest for the eyes of all mankind to behold.

You have heard it said of old, "A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid." And I assure you that there are, from among the various student bodies whom you will contact, any number of students of other occult groups [guardians of the sacred mysteries] who are able to know the sort of manifestation which you are making.

Therefore I urge you, dear hearts--not merely because I take pride in presenting you to the world without blushing but because the souls of the lifestreams whom you will reach will be able to be given great help through you if they accept you in faith--I urge you to do the things in your life that will give no discredit to me or to the ascended hosts.

In the past activities, unfortunately (and I shall not dwell upon it), there have been lifestreams who have thought because they had free will that they could do as they pleased. And so we have said to them, "Do as you will."

Now in this new activity [The Summit Lighthouse], I assure you, I shall not take you by the coattails and compel you to do this or compel you to do that. But I am reaching out my love to you and telling you that I do expect you to give freely your wills to God. I do not compel you but I expect you to do it because you have signified to me at inner levels that you are willing to do it. And I have believed you and have secured from Helios and Vesta a grant at great cost for this new activity.

I assure you that because of certain actions that took place in previous activities sponsored by the Ascended Masters it was not as easy to secure the grant for this one. Nevertheless, in the hope of heaven, I have laid down spiritual treasures of which I shall not speak.

And I stand today before you wearing my turban and my sash with a smile of hope which is not dimmed by the failures of my chelas in any past actions. I am crystallizing before you the light of the Diamond Heart in a tremendous power.

Each one of these little diamond crystals is triangular in shape and the blue flame is blazing within it and it is singing a song to the Creator of all Life, saying: "Thy will, O God, is Good! Thy will, O God, is Good! Thy will, O God, is Good!"

And these blue flames are singing a paean of praise to the Father of Life. And the crystal around them is made up of the radiant hopes of mankind as they are assembled. I have taken the spiritual hopes of many from among the unascended and the ascended hosts and with my own hands formed in the air before you the crystal symbol of the Diamond Heart, made up from the very hopes of their lifestreams and carrying the radiation of my own heart.

I surround this beautiful Diamond Heart with a larger pattern of my heart as it was externalized by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and I charge into that Diamond Heart the very qualities from my heart of flesh, not the physical flesh but the flesh of new birth--the flesh of the living Spirit of God!

O my chelas, it is not fitting that Morya should weep, but I should weep if I thought that it would give you greater efficiency in helping to bring a harvest Home with dignity. There are so many who believe that our energies are unlimited, and of course it is so. But I assure you that while we feel no pangs of unpleasantness, it is hardly fitting that we should constantly pour out our energies with no hope of a return.

I call to your attention the parable of the man who buried his talent in the earth, saying, "Here, lord, is that which thou gavest me. Receive it back." His master said, "Depart from me, ye unprofitable servant."

I assure you that when I stand before the Karmic Lords with this great investment of energy and I am asked, "What has been the harvest?" if I can offer in return only that which they have given me as a grant, in your human levels you will hang your heads in shame. And so it is not pleasing to those of the ascended hosts that they should receive no return on their investment.

Therefore, I urge you to safeguard this action with your very life and be co-partners with us. I know what you have already invested, and I know what you will invest because you love me and because I love you.

Rejoice in the mutuality of our faith. We are partners with God. And as his partners, it is true we cannot fail. Nevertheless remember, dear hearts, that it is the outer flesh that is weak. It is only the flesh which is weak. The spirit is indeed willing. O God, give us more spirits--give us more spirits who are willing!

And so, we of the ascended hosts are this day in your midst, touching you at the same place on your heads that the fingers of the Maha Chohan reached, with a special radiation of the will of God. And wherever you go, around your lifestreams for one thousand feet there shall pour, as little shining diamonds, the light of God's will. Realize that as lighthouses for God you carry this radiation and try to hold calm your being and the tremendous drives of energy that pour through you.

Remember, of course, that I am a "First Ray man" and I am well aware of the tremendous energies of the First Ray. I smile because of course there are so many people who in their blissful ignorance presume that all of this activity is merely a figment of the human imagination.

It is hard for us of the ascended hosts looking backward to realize exactly the limitations that humankind have. For when you reach our realm and look backward, you see nothing but the limitless glory of God! The past is forgotten. You see the beautiful power of God, you see the will of God, you see its radiant beams and you say, "Oh, this is easy." And then, as you charge them forth into the human recalcitrant substance, you feel even the sword of life itself bend and give because mankind has solidified the will in the wrong direction.

Remember, dear hearts, that human will when misused is still possessed with the qualities of God's will and therefore can cause form to be molded in miscreations even as it can cause form to be molded in just creations. And so, there is blunted spiritual force upon spiritual force--one a creation of shadow and the other a creation of light and life.

I could speak to you for many hours and tell you many wonderful experiences that we have in the ascended realms but I realize that your ears could grow weary. But I do not think this afternoon that any of you feel in the slightest bit weary! I think that you would rejoice to have me speak to you.

But I assure you that there will be other times when the sun of Life shall shine forth and you will rejoice every day to gather these Pearls as they come forth fresh from God's hand. String the messages of these Pearls upon the cord of life in such a manner as to present them beautifully to mankind.

O chela, lift up your hands! O dear heart, our friendship is so old and there are times that I long to reach out and once again, as in the flesh, clasp your hand in friendship. The time will come when that will be possible. In the meantime, hold fast to my hand in Spirit.

The chalice of life is always of the quality of the crystal. Even as one chela externalizes the quality of faith, so another shall externalize the quality of love. Each one of you shall radiate the quality of love because of the tremendous love you bear for Jesus and the ascended hosts.

And the contact through whom I am speaking shall externalize the quality of hope in your activity because he has been very hopeful and has not always seen the harvest manifest in exactly the manner in which he would. But I assure him also that the future shall hold brighter days.

And all of you shall see brighter days as you lift your cup of consciousness up to the Mighty Presence of God which I AM and behold the Light [Christ consciousness] of God which cannot fail because it is the Life of God and because it will externalize the will of God regardless of the recalcitrance of substance or any phantasm of the human consciousness or imagination. I assure you that the blazing Son of God is going forth victorious.

I hope that the unascended of mankind will put their hand in ours and will climb up this glorious mountain of faith and illumination. I hope that this will come to pass. And I shall do all that is in my power, together with the ascended hosts of Light and the children of the Great White Brotherhood, the Sons of the morning in the flame, that this may be so--the Archangels, the Archeiai, the Lords of the holy mountains, Meru and Himalaya....

I have spoken! I have spoken! I have spoken!

I adore the Light! I adore the Light! I adore the Light!

Lift up your heads to the Light!

Lift up your heads to the Light and praise it!

I AM Son of the Most High, El Morya Khan.


August 7, 1958

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On the occasion of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse