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Jan. 8, 2016

2/23/94 #3   HATONN



I did not say "Buddha" or "Jesus" or, or, or--I said "CHRIST". "Christness" is a "state of being", A SOUL STATE.  With this in mind we will speak of lessons and proclamations of the great "teachers" come before.  Does "Dharma" claim to be a great teacher? She doesn't even claim to be a "teacher".  Why, then, is there such upheaval and attention given to her?  Do "I" claim to be a "great teacher"?  No--JUST A TEACHER OF TRUTH AND KNOWER OF THE WAY.  I DO HAVE A MISSION--IN TOTAL SERVICE TO GOD OF THAT "LIGHT" OF WHICH WE HAVE JUST BEEN WRITING.

Christ proclaimed, "I am come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly--even life eternal!"

Christ never spoke of death nor did he leave any teachings by which man could be prepared to die. He taught only LIFE!  Life more abundant!  Glorious, beautiful Life!  Yes!  He taught only the principles of Eternal Life.

He revealed the straight and narrow way that leads to LIFE ETERNAL, good friends.  He explained his association with Creator (His Father and YOURS) and claimed nothing of greater power than that of which you too are capable.

He also warned continually against the "Broad Open Way" which leads to destruction and which so many enter, always by individual "choice".  He spoke to John in Revelation about overcoming even as he overcame.  Overcame what?  DEATH!  He efforted to express his lessons in terms which could be understood by his audiences--just as we have efforted to show you the way in terms already familiar to your senses and understanding--and we are brought into the courts of non-law and injustice for the efforts.

Christ foretold of the time in which all distress and sorrows along with evils would be overcome.  He said that the very last overcoming would be of death.

God never planned death!  Man came up with "that" one.  God permitted it because of "...the blindness of men's minds and the hardness of their hearts and because of the gross wickedness of unbelief."  There is a lot of good "stuff" in those grand old books of wisdom--IF you have the wisdom to glean it from the misrepresentations.  For instance, do you know the true meaning of the word "zion"?  I thought not.  It means: "purity of heart".  So the "road to zion" means that pathway and journey in experience to achieve purity of heart and perfection of soul.  Is this the meaning offered by the "Zionists" of today?  I hardly think so.  Theirs this day is to unify and take control of the WORLD--the physical expression manifest.  There is NO ZION on earth--only the pathway! So again you must begin to consider the "beginnings".  There is no actual "beginning" or "ending"--only the perception of such.  YOU have no beginning or ending--only the cyclic evolvement of soul in progression.


ALL (everything) progresses in cycles.  This includes your civilization as well as all prior civilizations. It is that "new" comprehension periodically transforms mankind into higher understanding and being.  A new cycle, of which shall take around three thousand of your years in counting, is now in its birth throes.

God's omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are centered in the consciousness of EVERY man; but few there are who know of the oneness of their Self-Soul with the Universal Self-Soul. Man requires many millennia to begin to be aware of that.  Each cycle of Man brings him nearer to his awareness of his Oneness with the LIGHT of his Self-Source.

Russell did state the next most beautifully: "Man lives in a most bewildering complex world of EFFECT of which he knows not the CAUSE.  Because of its seemingly infinite multiplicity and complexity, he fails to vision the simple underlying principle of Balance in all things.  He, therefore, complexes Truth until its many angles, sides and facets have lost balance with each other and with him.

"TRUTH IS SIMPLE. BALANCE IS SIMPLE.  Rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposite expression in natural phenomena, and in human relations, is the consummate art of God's universe of Light.  It is also the law.  In this one fundamental Universal Law lies the balanced continuity of all creative expression in God's electric wave universe of two conditioned lights in seeming motion which record God's one Whole Idea of Creation into countless seemingly separate parts of that Whole Idea."

Is "this" an expression which is meant to be kept within the secret places of a singular "institution"? Surely not, for it infers that only a select "few" may have the great secrets of LIFE ETERNAL.  GOD IS LIGHT AND YOU ARE THE RESULT OF THE IDEA OF GOD MANIFEST AS HE HAS "THOUGHT".

Glory and praise be unto the "Father" forever and forever, for His path is made straight and His way of Truth and Light revealed for, as the mind is opened, another seal is loosed and the great blindness of mind which has nearly destroyed a world will begin to be removed from you and you will be given faith and vision to behold the things of God and understand His holy promises.  As this Holy Light begins to penetrate the mind, His divine vision of perfection is revealed.  And with that vision comes the testimony of the Holy Spirit of Promise bearing witness to your souls that it can be fulfilled unto you for you will receive strength to follow it through to its completion.  This is the road I mapped, for I am the Way, even the road of perfection, the path you must follow--said the Christed teachers.

This invitation, offered to those who would heed wisdom to become perfect, even as the Father in heaven is perfect, contains the vision divine.  It is a possibility and a promise as definite and real as the promised diploma is to the student who is working for it.  God will not be mocked.  Neither has HE ever mocked HIS children by giving a promise that is impossible to fulfill.  Every promise HE ever gave must and will be fulfilled, whenever man has developed the faith to receive.  When we speak of vision--we also are speaking "thought".

Man's right to choose the thoughts he thinks contains all the creative powers of eternity, even the creative powers of godhood.  If he uses these powers amiss or misuses the divine gift of free-choosing, he will lose his free-agency.  It is in the loss of free-agency that one becomes enslaved by the powers of darkness.  The great issues this day are over this divine, God-given gift.  All dictatorial governments must take away man's free-agency from him in order to obtain and hold their power. When this happens as it now has, either politically or morally, man is no longer free.  He is a SLAVE.


This may seem to be an overused word because it is misused almost constantly by those who would align themselves with a "thing" and "get vibrations".  However, "vibrations" are the very essence of LIFE.  YOU ARE BROUGHT INTO CONFUSION SO THAT YOU WILL MISS TRUTH BY THE TOTAL DISTRACTION THRUST AT YOU.

Behind EVERY thought and feeling are the vibrations of their reality.  The living, breathing power of existence is contained with the substance of vibrations.  The universe itself is simply an electric wave universe.  It is also that all is a "spiral" universe of cycles--be it expressed in simple electricity, sound frequencies or elaborately perceived human expression.  The WHOLE of existence is the constantly resonating vibration expressing God's thought through and within LIGHT.

Therefore, in simple deduction of thought "reason"--every individual who is not consciously "About his Father's business" of bringing forth the vibrations of true, eternal glory by correct thinking, is wasting the powers of existence and creation.  Each has every freedom of choice so how unfortunate that ones flow into the vibratory catch-basin of that which shackles and binds to the illusion perception.

Every thought brings a "choice".  All ones who move away from the Lighted pathway and move into the dark vibrations and powers of destruction are actually making a "conscious" choice to do so. Check out that which you do in the darkness, what you "hide" and what you would tell lies about to avoid the truth coming forth.

Every person who is reaching out to gather TO HIMSELF wealth or power or personal glory at the expense of his fellowmen, or even of a single individual, is contributing to the delinquency of the world.  And these delinquent vibrations are being amplified and hurled forth, transformed a thousand-fold in magnified intensity at the present "time" in progression.

Now, readers, there are more delinquent adults and parents than there are delinquent teenagers, who are sending out their vibrations of negative darkness of uncontrolled thoughts and acts to wreak havoc upon the world.  The adolescent groups are receiving the greatest reactional shock because they are completely unprepared to withstand the violent vibrations that are being hurled against them by their adult elders.  The young cannot cope with the magnified, intensified vibrations of evil being released into the Earth's atmosphere by the thought patterns of decadent humanity. And realize right here and now (and go back and read about pulse waves, ELF's, etc.) that these thought vibrations of which we speak here can only be negligible relative to the ones being scientifically thrust deliberately upon you now.  In this, of course, I speak of both constant pulsing and the remote mind-control techniques of which we have so often written.  Thought itself has "frequency"--vibratory frequency.  There is a prophecy worthy of taking note here which states: "And in the last days Satan shall rage in the hearts of the children of men."

You have moved into a time of violence and chaos.  Art is violent and vulgar if not totally insipid and pornographic.  Even the art depicting the Christos as he expressed in manifest form is hideous, even gruesome as the violence is depicted ever more and more terribly.  Those who create such pictures say they are only seeking to portray all the suffering He endured, whereas they are only reflecting their own perception of that which they are experiencing and dumping it upon an unsuspecting audience to become the "historic" fact later mis-interpreted and mis-translated.  They are only releasing their own dark, emotional strains, their rebellious conflicts and their evil moods as they reflect them upon HIS face.  Even in HIS crucifixion no such darkened, unholy expression ever found lodgment upon HIS countenance.

Entertainment is violent.  Literature is violent, vulgar and pornographic by demand.  Modern noise called "music" and even dance--are no longer peaceful or graceful.  They are but the visual and physical eruptions of the inward violence of their expressers.  Motion pictures are completely defiled with violence and corruption--purposely geared to entrap a captive audience from controlled media. You are transforming a world of people into monsters as innocent victims, even small children, are trained into the only perception they see and recognize--violence.  You even move to MURDER unborn babies.  I find it interesting to note that if a pregnant woman is slain that there are "murder" charges for TWO.  But the same babe can be aborted at the same "age" and it is called "rights" and "freedom of choice".  Now an almost full-term baby is partially delivered and murdered to have "fetal tissue" to use on others.  The world's youth is being unbalanced, blighted, outraged and destroyed, and adult delinquency is the main cause.

The cure, of course, is not contained in the harsh measures of correction now being used.  The cure is not in reformatories, nor in prisons, nor in capital punishment.  The cause of all violence is in the adults themselves and through them the cure must come.  But will it?  No, because by the time you have moved through three generations of misinformation and visualization as well as physical expression according to the social "norms" of the time, you have destroyed the concepts which came before.  History is simply rewritten to reflect that which the ones in control and power wish to have offered. TRUTH GETS BURIED IN THE ARCHIVES, BURNED AS WILL BE THE PLEIADES CONNECTION SERIES OF BOOKS, THE PROJECTED "TRUTH" WILL BE ACCORDING TO THOSE WHO COME "AFTER" AND MAKE THEIR OWN PERCEIVED CHANGES AND THUS AND SO.... You will, further, note that the ones making the "changes" will be the same ones who team up with other promoters and deceivers to project upon the unsuspecting audiences that which will garner and reap reward in wealth and power unto themselves.

Look at your children and on further into child perversion, whether it be manifested through low sex impulses, disobedience, sullen rebellion, cruelty or any other negative manifestation which is being expressed in the rampant excess, which is caused primarily by children being unloved, unwanted, or punished excessively (abused).  You adults react differently by VOTING-IN that with which you want to demean the civilization.  By this I mean, behaviors including abortions of the unwanted as if it were birth control pills of some kind, etc.  And how does all this come about and into practice within civilization's acceptance?--THROUGH THOUGHT!


There is a lot of Bible-thumping and shouting from pulpits wherein this or that quotation is opinioned according to the doctrine of the cult or the denial of same.  In the opinions of interpretation most often both the intent of the original message as well as meaning is totally LOST.  So how do we comprehend "good" when so much seems to be "bad"?  Well, it is difficult because in order to fully comprehend the good it IS necessary to further digress from the high pattern of attainment and take backwards looks at the evils, that one day they might be forever left behind.  It is necessary to take this quick, penetrating look into the weaknesses of man's little mortal self in order to know fully the road of overcoming so that each individual might comprehend what it is he must overcome in order to complete the journey into the Light and be able to abide in that highest vibration--even HEAVEN.


He who can become the least will be given power to become the greatest.  To become the least, one must give himself over completely to the Will of God.  In such complete surrender nothing but God's Will matters to the individual.  His love soars on wings of glory to embrace the very stars.  He is no longer concerned with his own personal life.  It no longer matters to him whether he lives or dies, endures trials and vicissitudes, or lies down in green pastures.  He loses his life that he might find the greater life--of service.  With the eyes wholly single to the glory of God, he becomes filled with the Divine vision of perfection.  And henceforth, he beholds only perfection, even as God holds that supreme vision always before Him.  In his "choices" he chooses God EVERY time--without realizing he is choosing--he will simply say there were no other alternatives.  There are ALWAYS alternatives!

It is by vision that all things come forth.  The power of vision, or the power to imagine (image) is the power of creation.  And it is by pure, high vision that all evils can be overcome, or transformed into blessings--whether or not it seems that you are enjoying the transformation.

It is only by deep love and praising devotion that one can blend his own life so perfectly with the mind and will of God that he becomes the expresser of the "Greatest".  Does this mean that the individual becomes a non-human?  No, it means that the higher self is attuned to that which is beyond the basic expressions of the experience of the moment.

This condition, therefore, may well sound impossible, even undesirable to those who are still lost in the cravings and tamperings of the flesh and who love the little mortal "self" with its dwarfed, selfish traits, its prides and personal lusts and desires--the ego gratifications.  But to him who has lifted his vision to the heights, where his eyes become single to the glory achievement that fulfills all things, It is the supreme accomplishment, the sublime attainment.  It is the POINT OF POWER.

It is this little mortal "self" with its sin (errors and separation from God) that must be comprehended. This little ego-filled "self" is the block to the way of glory and full accomplishment.  It is the little mortal "self" that stirs up all discords and keeps one out of tune with the great healing, restoring, perfecting symphony of the Universe, or with the out-flowing glory of the Spirit of God and Its love.

In many ancient religions and in numerous modern ones this "self" has been understood to be "the great retarder".  Various methods have been instigated and used to overcome it.  The Buddha used the method of fasting and begging.  The yogis of India still do.  But some of the yogis are completely defeated by their own method, for as they let go of all earthly claims and possessions and become separated from the multitude they take pride in their exalted achievement.  The very title "holy men" becomes their stumbling block for, as they are filled with pride and satisfaction at being exalted above their fellowmen, they become self-righteous.  Their beggarship becomes a source of pride and though they assumed it for the sake of righteousness, it becomes only the outward show of empty vainglory.  It is no longer righteousness but only its ugly shadow--self righteousness.  We all know ones who express in great shoutings of absolute and unconditional "love" and then do everything possible to destroy another in both character and presentation.  These ones will literally join with and through ones who then turn and leave others to hold the painful "bag" of dirty dealings.  These proclaimers of unconditional love will even JOIN WITH those who perpetrated the crime in the first place--failing to and refusing to see the truth of the circumstance and the responsibility of that mortal "SELF".  These ones will even turn upon God while proclaiming unconditional following of that God.  In these instances it behooves the individual to evaluate WHICH god he may be serving and HOW.  FACTS presented seem to elude these ones in point--they seem blinded by the controlling lies presented by the perpetrators of the actual crime in action.  They will continue this illusion of blindness until they lose everything which they originally claimed.  In these instances it is usually lost to unscrupulous barristers or to the very greed originating the actions in the first place.  I could give you many examples but I know that you have a library filled with your own.


Anything which causes a man to take pride in the little mortal "self" is self-righteous and is empty and barren of all good.  In the beginning of his endeavor, one could give all that he possessed to the poor and his body to be burned and yet, without the great Christ-like, selfless love, it would be vain and worthless.  Any service to God that is lifted in pride to the exaltation of that little mortal, personal "self" is unacceptable.  And so it is always this little "self" which blocks a man's way, unless it is overcome.  No man is truly humble who exalts in his position or his works or his own lofty seat upon the church pinnacle.  No matter what his works are, as long as he is doing them to be seen of men and takes pride in the "self" or in his works, he is flaunting only the shabby, defiled garments of self-righteousness.  He is only filling the seat of a Pharisee who loves his long robe and the greetings in public places and the highest seat of honor at every feast.

From the point where self-righteousness takes over, all righteousness is lost.  Righteousness is the ability to put God and His laws and will as the primal reality behind every act, even every thought. Self-righteousness is the continual effort to exalt the little mortal "self", to reveal its imagined importance and flaunt its mediocre works and achievements.  Self-righteousness is more concerned with exalting the little personal "self" than it is with exalting and glorifying God.

It is not just among those who may consider themselves specially anointed ones that this great deception is permitted to destroy one's endeavors.  It is waiting at almost every turn of the road of man's upward climb and will deceive even the very elect if they are not humble.  It is humility and love which make an individual "elect".  Self-righteousness and humility are incompatible.  Self-righteousness and righteousness are utter strangers, enemies to each other with nothing in common.  It is impossible for them to exist together.  And many a proud man who thinks he is most righteous is only deceiving himself, or is permitting himself to be deceived as he serves only the forces of darkness in his unrecognized self-righteousness.  Any service that is rendered without perfect love and pure humility, with eyes single to the glory of God, is rendered to the "self" instead of the glory of God.  And any individual who renders this proud self-service is no longer traveling upward, as he supposes, but downward into the darkness.

Self-righteousness is deadly in its complete destructiveness of power, and there is a little of it in almost every man.  It is that "little" that can complete the downfall of those who would attain unto the heights unless it is comprehended and replaced by true humility and the pure, love-filled devotion.  Throughout the ages there are examples upon examples for the seeing.

This is such an important subject that I am reluctant to end this writing but it has been a very long day at the keyboard for the typist.  I will point out a very important point with which to close this writing: Anyone who uses the tiniest iota of God's power in pride and arrogance will find that he has laid his hand upon the razor's edge.  And that razor's edge is the pruning knife of the Father.  That knife will cut away all dead and lifeless twigs and branches, and all inferior traits.  This pruning process, as the knife is held in the hand of the "Husbandman", is painful and very humiliating.  It is always the most humiliating experience possible to endure unless the individual, knowingly and with humble understanding, begins of himself to bring that strident, pompous, little mortal "self" into subjection.  When an individual sets his own hand to such a task it becomes a work of glory and magnificent achievement.  AHO!


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 1, 1994, Volume 4, Number 10, Pages 25-27.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.