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Editor's note:  The following writing is by the Ascended Master known as El Morya, The Statesman, Elder of the First Ray among the seven "Rainbow Masters" communicating at this time to help us through Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.  Refer to Journal #7, called THE RAINBOW MASTERS, for more background on this important group of teachers.  See the Back Page for ordering information.



Good afternoon and thank you for sitting this day.  I am El Morya, keeper of the First Ray of Creator's Spectral Expression.  I come in that One White Light which permeates and motivates all of Creation.  Be at peace for we have work to do!

The transition time is at hand and your world sleeps on in ignorance.  This slumber shall be coming to an abrupt end very soon!  As ones are bluntly awakened to the realization that they have been slothful in their efforts to prepare, there shall come an inner sense of horror as the realization of what is taking place around them takes seat within their mind.  These ones are the ones who have chosen to ignore the warnings and thus have chosen NOT to prepare.

Preparation in these times--NOW--is the key to survival.  Your world is hanging on by mere threads and you will see that, literally, one day all is well, and the next day ALL is in chaos, confusion and horror beyond your ability to take in at the moment of realization.

This is not to frighten you, it is to get your attention! What will your excuse be when you are caught off guard and vulnerable?  Will you say, "Oh God!   Why are you doing this to me!?"

You who are drawn to the inspired messages of Lighted Truth (from whatever source they come) shall have had the opportunity to make conscious choices and decisions as to what it is that you will do.  The time to prepare is NOW! Did you hear me?  THE TIME TO PREPARE IS NOW!

You who sit on the fence and wonder what your friends would say or your family would think, are the ones who are in the process of creating a very painful experience for yourselves--an experience that does not have to happen.  Nonetheless, you are creating it by your inaction.

There are no free rides and God will help those who effort to help themselves, and others, first!  If you are sitting and doing nothing because you are in an apathetic state of denial, because you make excuses that you do not have enough money or time, or you just do not care about yourself, then I would say to you:  "Do not later come asking for a miracle when you are not even willing to lift a finger to help yourself, let alone a brother in need--or the children next door.

When you make an honest effort, with heartfelt intent, to make preparations, you will find doors and opportunities opening up to you. When you sit and complain to yourself and others that you just don't care or that you would rather not be around anyway, you are creating the very horror that you are constantly denying.

These experiences are for your education and growth, and that is why you have chosen to participate in the physical at this time.  You want the experiences that will cause you to expand your awareness of self and of the true nature of your spiritual heritage.

Our mission, as Messengers of God, is to present these messages to you and make them available to any who are honestly seeking.  Those who do not even have the slightest desire shall be given every opportunity to find information that will resonate and thus spark an inner emotional desire to look deeper into that which is taking place at this time.

We of the Hosts of God work through many sources in the physical.  We will help your scientists, geophysicists, medical doctors and even your religious leaders put together the information that they have in such a way as to come to the same conclusion (but for "different" reasons) as those who bring forth these more direct messages.

If a geophysicist tells you that your planet is in for a major geological shift that will cause great earthquakes and volcanoes, many will heed the warning and prepare.  These same ones might read one of Commander Soltec's discourses on the same subject, but dismiss the information for it came (to their thinking) by way of "mysticism" of "hocus-pocus" instead of science.  Yes, we know there are those who actually take Soltec's messages more seriously than they let on, but that is another matter--one of wrestling with the ego, be it self-pride of be it what other professional colleagues might "think" of them should they become aware of from where they acquire some of their technical input!

Let me tell you right here and right now that the communication process by which these messages are being transmitted is quite scientific and your secret governments currently have this scientific technology available to them as we speak.

It is the ignorance of "intelligent" people which causes them to so easily dismiss that which they do not understand.  You can choose (conveniently?) to believe as you will, but just because you disbelieve something does not mean it is false.  When you cannot allow for the fact that you do NOT know everything there is to know about everything, you set yourselves up for very impacting experiences that will show you that you are in the mere infancy of awakening and that you have quite a bit to learn.

We will assist any and all who effort to find Truth through any route that ones may choose.  If a scientist wishes to examine one small aspect of Creator's thinking, and wants to know how it is, for instance, that gravity REALLY works, then we will help that one in their quest.  But, they will have to make honest efforts to figure out the answers for themselves.  These ones will be drawn to seek out all information written on the subject and will have a strong EMOTIONAL DESIRE to understand the phenomenon.

When the emotional component is strong enough, therein lies the secret to bridging the gap between the knowledge that has already been presented and the knowledge that lies on the peripheral edge of planetary awareness.  Keep in mind here that there are great technologies available on your planet at this time and that such have been secreted away from the masses by the greedy "elite" power brokers on your planet.

Much of this technology would be considered "ancient" and primitive by we of the Ascended Realms.  However, it would be considered advanced and "mind-blowing" by the average person of average education on your planet.  There is a kind of "safety factor" built in for the elite controllers, who desire that YOU remain ignorant of technologies at THEIR disposal.  This safety factor exists because so many would simply laugh at anyone trying to even suggest the existence of such great technology.  The fairly recent movie called Chain Reaction is a more-true-than-not example of the situation.

You live in a world of illusion and mind manipulation, and it takes a strong emotional desire to pull oneself up out of the mind-numbing culture that is prevalent on your planet.  Those of you who are reading this now can look back in your life and find a turning point experience when you were presented with information that sparked a curiosity that needed to be satisfied.  If you recall that experience, you will see that there was a strong emotional desire to learn more, to find that which causes emotional satisfaction, and thus your journey of discovery started.  Perhaps this happened the first time you encountered the Edgar Cayce material of the Seth material or the Phoenix Journals.

Whatever your path, you took in the new information and realized that, the more you learned, the more questions you had, for your realization was that there is much more unseen than there is seen.  This is to say that the spiritual side of your existence (unseen but FELT) was where the answers are found and those answers in turn helped to explain the reasons for the physical experiences.

As you have been growing, somewhere along the way you realized that the "coincidences" along the way were in actuality your Guides helping you along your way.  Remember always that when your heart desires something, you are in effect calling in your spiritual side for the creation and manifestation of the desire.  When you mouth the words, although there is not enough emotional desire to even cause you to take physical action toward finding your answers, then you will not have any real expediency in manifesting your desires.  This is to say that the rate at which a creative thought will manifest in your life experience is directly proportional to the emotional content (power) of the desire.

Those who sit back (usually on a "fence") and wait for life to happen, and take no real effort at creating or manifesting their desires, will find that their life is somewhat un-fulfilling.  These ones are so consumed by the distractions (such as television, movies, sex, food, and illness) that they give up the moment, the here and now, on such a regular frequency that their thoughts are fragmented, and thus their focus and desires lack any real emotional energy.  This sort of passive existence is what keeps you in a controlled state and thus powerless to change your current life experience.

When you can realize that you have a choice in this matter, you will begin to break free from those things that you choose to do on a habitual basis and thus free up the HERE AND NOW so that change can take place.  For instance, for those of you who spend a large portion of your free time watching television, I would suggest you turn it off a month or two and spend the time focusing your mind on the way you would like your life to be.

If you have difficulty finding something to focus on, then focus on the desire to know what it is that you are wanting.  Say to self, "I am wanting to know what it is that will help me to create the fulfillment I desire!"  Take five minutes to affirm this statement to yourself every day.  Write down any ideas you may have and monitor your emotional response to each.  If at first nothing comes, do not worry.  For some this may take a few days or weeks in order to really get your emotional side focused.  With persistence you WILL have success!  Once you find an idea that really causes an emotional response, then follow up on the idea.  Spend the five minutes focusing upon that idea and continue to write down any thoughts or ideas that come.

At some point, when the emotional desire is strong enough, you will be compelled to take action on these thoughts.  When you take action you are reaffirming, in the physical, your thoughts and thus have started to manifest the thoughts into physical reality.  The physical experience is a school for learning how to responsibly create.  You have a desire within to want to do this, else you would not be in the physical.  The key word is RESPONSIBILITY!

All of your experience is a result of your thoughts (non-physical) manifesting into the physical.  When you live in a passive mode and wait for life to "just happen", you are not actively fulfilling your Higher Spiritual Desire to learn how to RESPONSIBLY create, and thus the feelings of un-fulfillment.  When you begin to take the active role and leave behind the excuses, you will then be creating the excitement of living for which you yearn.

So, get off the "fence" and start creating your future and you will find that you will naturally be preparing for those things of the future that may impact your experience.  Perhaps YOU will be the one who feeds your neighborhood children when they are hungry?!

I am El Morya, keeper of the First Ray of New Beginnings, come in the Radiant Light of Infinite Source, so that you have the insights that were promised.  SALU!