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PROJECTS: Humanitarian #78a-104 (Updated Jan. 8, 2017)

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 NOTE:  Under this heading "Project", Fourwinds is posting e-mail letters from our readers giving information about either projects they have planned and with which they need help, such as workers or finances, or projects with which some one would like to assist with their time, expertise or money.  All submissions must be reasonable in helping humanity in some positive way or that of improving the environment, such as the plants, animals, pollution, etc.  It is essential that all submissions have an e-mail contact address attached.  This will allow our readers to contact each other without the need to go through Fouriwnds to do so.  PHB  






----- Original Message -----
From: "Charles Hogan" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:30 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 I would like to set up a joint venture emergency housing for contractors who have lost their homes due to this economy. I believe that if we joined together and developed a work pool and a job source pool that collective powers will prevail through this building crisis. I am looking to provide emergency housing for up to 75 people. I need approximately 1.5 mill to payoff existing debt of 1.3 mill and use the remainder for a years housing and feeding for the needy. The property is a 5 acre parcel so it would be used to grow food for the residents and everyone would work. The idea is a temporary commune until they get other permanent employment and shelter. Please post this where you see fit.

#79: (UPDATED March 19, 2010)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ladell Patterson" <>
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 11:48 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

(BANA means \"child\" in Sesotho)

My wife and I and two sons saw a staggering need in Africa back in 2003 and began putting together a humanitarian project among AIDS orphans and abandoned children in Lesotho, Africa. We put together an infra-structure with national personnel whom we had work with for many years before and began feeding orphans in the surrounding area where our national director lives. We started with 35 and soon found that the \"True Orphans\" had many more needs than food. We slowly expanded into a more caring effort by giving them clothes, warm blankets, shoes, school uniforms and lots of TLC.  The months quickly turned into years and we are now caring for 2000 orphans and abandoned children in some 28 villages just south of the capital city of Maseru. We have a community-based volunteer system set up in a non-profit organization and are making a HUGE impact in the lives of the orphans and influencing some 50,000 people. Those people range from children to their relatives, their close friends and neighbors and many village Chieftains, parliament officials and policemen. The 50,000 people are members of the villages who support our project with labor and organization.

We have our own farm projects for growing vegetables and legumes, animals that provide meat for the children, educational projects that range from AIDS awareness, gardening, animal husbandry, farming and others. Each month the numbers grow and we have to turn away many poor and needy children. My heart cannot stand to just say \"no\". I am deeply moved by the needs around me and desperately need help with finances, equipment, building programs and workers. I have many people who are willing to help us if only we had the finances. Some of these are teachers, carpenters, building contractors, and medical personnel. I give $400 every month of my own income and have since the beginning of our existence in Lesotho. There are a few other people who do the same and we are putting only $1600 USD a month toward the entire project. There are many extra-curricular items that we have to supply from time to time, like roof repair, seeds for planting, extra shoes, extra blankets, tractor hiring, electricity where available and many others things. Every month we seem to have enough for the monthly budget, but the needs are so horrendous that we cannot sleep at night thinking of all that could be done.

The AIDS concentration published by some organizations may not be correct. Business people in Lesotho have said it could be at least 50% or higher. The nation of Lesotho could easily be wiped out and taken from the map unless we find more people of passion to help in this most worthy endeavor.

I have been given a vision by my God and Creator. I want to purchase a large flat-topped plateau that has around 6,000 acres of virgin farm land on top that is controlled by some 100 Chieftains surrounding it. I would like to develop a large farm research project for growing food year round to supply the whole nation. I would like to develop a large Alternative Medicine project and currently have people standing by who are ready to help us when it is possible. I would like to provide deep water wells or higher technology for supplying safe pure water to those villages surrounding the mountain. I also want to build an up to date  High School in Lesotho.

This project involves lots of equipment, engineers, teachers, doctors, etc., etc. Some years ago a world renown personality pushed me to developing a proposal of $47.8 million to do this whole project, which (I believe with all my heart) would go far in saving the whole nation and the every growing population of 400,000 orphans.

Our project has been very successful so far because of the grass roots approach with dedicated, hard working honest and godly people we have in leadership there in the country. We simply need the great financial package to be able to make a difference and fulfill the vision given me.

The Visionary Caleb in the Old Testament said to God, \"Give me this mountain\", and was able to realize fully the extent of God giving him the mountain. I have done the same thing. I have asked God for that mountain and fully expect to see my vision before I die.

I am soon to turn 70 years of age and am planning to sell my home (even though the markets seem impossible) and along with my wife and 3 sons move to Lesotho to live among a people that are dear to our hearts to develop this huge project.

Please publish this request for funding and equipment on so that others may read of what we are doing there and become a part of it.

Thank you for all your hard work and pain by keeping the website up and giving us hope that we can make a great difference in the world around us. God Bless you.

A Ladell Patterson

Logos Global Ministries

----- Original Message -----
From: "Pamela" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 11:49 AM
Subject: Starting a Small Community of LIke-Minded People in Canada

 Hello Patrick;

 It has been awhile since we talked. I have been reading PJ 47 and it talks about a work fare. My husband and I have been inspired by this idea many many years ago. So we packed up and moved to a small town we thought would be good. Do to the lack of work and problems in society many small towns may not be the answer. With being robbed only a few months ago and drugs and other crimes even in our small towns I feel other solutions are necessary. My proposal is something my husband and I have thought and planned out with much prayer and thought. Our thought was to start a very small community of like minded people. Yes,this can develop its own problems as well but if done right and with God\'s guidance I believe it is a very good solution. The group would buy land together and live as a community. Everyone each to their own parcel of land but together. Available for help and support and some community service. Obviously can not get into specifics here. For my husband and I we live in Canada. We find BC most desirable for many reasons. One problem is that land is extremely expensive. So for those who have some money at their disposal and live in Canada and would love to form a small community of like minded people who want to live by the Creation and God\'s law it would be great if they could contact us. I would love our info passed on to those who would just like another to converse with as well and possibly get together now and then. We do border Washington and visit Alberta frequently as well.

 By the way I could go on about so much with the going ons\' of even small towns and the problems that can occur when things really get shaken up but that is a matter for another letter or correspondence.

 If this finds favour with you can you please pass this on. My name is Pamela Rempel and my address is PO Box 1708 Grand Forks, BC V0H1H0 Canada.

 Thanks for all your work Patrick. Have a good day.



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 5:14 PM
Subject: Project Funding
Dear Humanitarian Effort:
Malaria Funds request 20 Million:  40 countries waiting emergency assistance.
I have been active as a Humanitarian for the past 16 years and find it very difficult to develop funds for an effort that is deeply deserving, and considered a global emergency.
Scientifically, Tested Device that specifically attracts and kills Malaria carrying mosquitoes. This device has been tested in the field, in Africa and Haiti.
The device is being given to Africans and Haitians in limited numbers, however cannot reach the enormous need, without these requested funds.
This effort is for base manufacturing  a device that attracts and kills Malaria carrying mosquitoes, Once the manufacturing effort is completed, this project can find ground to further it's reach to the millions who are in desperate need of the solution it provides.
The base funding request will get the ball rolling for this project, which is perfected to the manufacturing position, which will be accomplished by
Native Americans, here in the United States, which will benefit their economy.
This device has been tested in different locals under changing environments and conditions recognizing the need for specific formulas in different
This device contains no harmful ecological damaging formulas, while offering great relief to communities all over the world which are greatly suffering the ravage of Malaria, in which 11,000 children die world-wide each day.  This device is a receptacle that incorporates a 90 day non toxic pad that is inter-changeable. It is best benefited by hanging in a home where it will eradicate Malaria carrying mosquitoes otherwise attacking children with netting that is not sealed, therefore not protective, or no netting available. 
These much needed funds are a base project to enter the market that will create a further economy, therefore, three fold enterprise.
These funds will enable the onset of a larger effort to market the device to large foundations and countries that will intially provide the device and train communities to incorporate and utilize this method as a community industry creating stability in very low income areas not limited to Africa, as you may know Malaria has be identified in the humid areas of the United States, coastal areas, as well as just recently, 40 countries have been identified and are waiting for delivery of this device.
The state of this emergency is:  All of the prior methods of curbing Malaria have failed miserably, those being vaccines and netting.  Millions of dollars each year are behind such efforts, however, this had not made an impact on the problem.
Please give this humanitarian base phase of a greater effort a humanitarian, I will make introduction to the scientists who are the developers of the formula and the device design for further details.
There are many communities that will benefit from this gret effort, I hope you will consider this project.
Thank you,
Judith Garrison
----- Original Message ----
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 6:53 AM
Subject: Reply for Patrick

#2: Project Front Line: Project involves the final development and containerization of “First Response” Relief efforts supplies worldwide. Unlike the current methods currently employed by national relief agencies and military organizations, this project focuses on the regional, ethnic and civilization best response for essential relief supplies for a seven day period. In the last 3 years the market for relief topped $460 Billion USD and all agency’s participating (including the Military) fell short on available supplies and equipment. Target Market share is 4%.

Investment Type: R&D +Service and Support Relief

Funding Requirements: $ 7,000,000.00 USD R&D/ $3,500,000.00 USD Inventory Distribution

Risk: 18% - inventory acceptance and asset security offset with agency orders

Projected Return: 250% per annum after first 36 months.



----- Original Message -----
From: "Charles Hogan" <>
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 9:21 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 I have created a apartment sized inside or out greenhouse with a very small footprint and which grows organic food without the problems of hydroponics. The system uses the AGVOL growing solution truly organic and has proven to grow vegies 25% faster with a minamum of 25% less water and grows enough to feed a family one meal a day forever at about 25 cents worth of electricity using time proven Led lights. I\'m looking for some help with this and was wondering if you could post this or suggest help with patents? Please feel free to pas this on as you see fit.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Eric V. Encina" <>
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 10:17 PM
Dear Sir/Madame:


I am preparing  to hold Peopleâ?Ts Forum/Seminar again in 2010.


I am looking tentatively  the dates possible either July 10 or July 17, 2010 as stipulated below and or as attached.


If you have any input or comments, suggestions or proposals and any possible help in advance, kindly let me know.


 I welcome documents and as I am preparing to. So many best documents and articles and contacts have been deleted from original email address ID,  by design, without any prior notice, by the offended and responsible parties plus wrongly-done reports of abuses to


Pardon me,  for leniency and negligence,  for failing to keep  and back up the documents, articles. However I am on the process of encrypting and or locking important documents and articles through this  method: I welcome any further  ideas for security  measures.


Any possible contribution of any amount is welcome for this purpose.  The bigger the funding for this purpose below for any post-seminar-forum practical projects, the better.


Our  approximate and over-all cost for this event is around $200 in Philippine Peso value.


For any amount of help towards this cause, please let me know.


I welcome any documents, materials or books anyone can send to me via online email or via postal mail prior to our Peopleâ?Ts Forum and Seminar.


I also welcome any feedback, comments, warning, suggestions, correction or criticism regarding the topics or subject issues. I listen to anyone that will be in support of the campaign.

DO YOU HAVE ANY BETTER ISSUES to be prioritized for discussions with good and effective impact.

Any tactful measures are also welcome.


I  am on thinking  that campaigns for economic and monetary justice  should be continually done in a very subtle way but in a highly ethical and formal way to avoid to be mistaken as rebellion.


 But I am not a rebel  and,  in no way engaged or promoting rebellion or violence against the government.  I have never been involved in any crime in my country and in the world. I have a clean conscience  and for this reason I have the commitment for my people and for the good of humanity.


The noble motive is security for all people. Dividend to every man, woman and child from the cradle to the grave. Correction of the present financial-economic system  for all people. Economic Justice for all is the common ground and should be a universal policy. All other advocacies for life, family, justice, peace and security are all inter-twining and inter-linking issues for the good of humanity.


 I am not against the government, per se,  but against the destructive  policies and   which we know defy common sense, and  natural and moral laws.


I am not against the bank,  per se,  but against the system and its policies based on debt and usury.


I am not against politics,   per se,  but I am against the political policies that are inimical to human life and justice.


I am not against media communications, per se, but against the present biased operations in favor of the rich and powerful  few over the poor and the marginalized.


I am a Filipino Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer, economic and monetary justice activist, a liberator without any shame of being called to,  attempting to diagnose and expose the root-causes of the life-soul-killing  problems in my country,  and thus  propose GREAT SOLUTIONS to help out  for the millions of poor Filipinos,  and for all humanity  unnecessarily suffering under the predatory system.


Thank you very much indeed.



Remain us united in truths and justice and for the good of all humanity!


Long live and God bless!


Sincerely and Gratefully yours,




Eric V. Encina

Filipino Social Crediter Monetary Reformer

c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite,

Km2, Brgy. Lawa-an, PO Box 8, 5800 Roxas City,

Capiz Province, Philippines,





(Non-Governmental; Non-Partisan; Non-Sectarian; Non-Profit)

A 2010 gathering of concerned citizens and friends who have been marginalized in Capiz province, Philippines,  for an open door discussions on economic/money crisis and other root-causes and pertinent issues and problems affecting our lives, and proposed solutions according to new  paradigm of Monetary Reform and Economic Democracy in response to local, national and international affairs, events and situations for our own living survival.


Eric V. Encina, Initiator-Facilitator

Mobile Phone Number  09995427779




                        July 10/July 17, 2010


                        8:00 AM â?" 4:00PM

                  Homesite, Brgy. Lawa-an

                 Roxas City, Capiz Province




I.         Openingâ......: Reynalda A. Encina

II.       Invocation:

III.      Welcome Remarks & Introduction of Participantsâ?¦â?¦â?¦..: Eric V. Encina

IV.      Presentation of Topics Overview......: Eric V. Encina

1.  Economic/Money Crisis/The Root-causes of the Present Crisis

2.  Proposed Solutions/Alternatives

V.        Discussion of Topics......: Eric V. Encina

VI.      Reaction/Comments/Suggestions.... People's Forum Participants

(Free But Limited Free Snacks For All Participants)

VII.    Proposed Solutions....:..: Eric V. Encina



(Morning & Afternoon Presentation and Discussion-Sessions)


(Free  But Very Limited Lunch For All Participants)


VIII.  Question & Answers/Reactions/Comments/Clarifications/Suggestions/Criticism/Decision, and leveling of Expectations from the participants.

IX.      Set-up of a new campaign and advocacy group.

Prospected Members

Interim Election of Member-Officers


(Distribution of Papers/Documents For Participants Study References)

X.        Closing Remarks & Appreciations

XI.      Closing Prayer



Note: The future People's  Forum/Seminar in 2010 shall be announced at the end of the year.


Thank  you.

Eric V. Encina


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 8:02 AM
Subject: Project Funding Request
This project is various Voices of God Outreach Centers in the East Coast

Requesting funding :

To be able to assist individuals unemployed, in womens Shelters to get reestablished in the community. would like to be able to offer them medical insurance benefits,pay the initial cost of premium for them. Then fund them their monthly premium. Also, need funding for the staffing of the outreach centers, supplies, start up cost, computers,phones,etc. these centers will provide assistance in job search, financial aid , transportation, Humanatarian entrepreneur assistance. Would like to purchase apartment complexes to be able to oofer low income housing to these individuals. There are so many people out here with no where to go and no hope would like to show them they can make. Changing peoples live one at a time.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Flossie Gibson" <>
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 10:47 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Hello Bellringer and Anne:

 I want to do this project to help the Homeless family and individuals, I am send this Project to you in this following email.

 Project Name: The Willing Workers Group

 Organization: My Brother Keeper

 My Name- Flossie Gibson

 Address- 1446 Francis Marion Road Apt #28

 City Florence,

 State- South Carolina 29506-5636

 Subject Status- Proposed

 Full Description -

 Homeless individuals and families will be given the opportunity to live in small homes which will help them established a place of residence for a certain period of time where they can become self sufficient and get back into soceity as working men and women.

 AS these homeless people become self sufficient they will move out and others will move in for a certain time until they be self sufficient etc.  There will be instructions they will need to follow, There will be education assistance to help them get updated with soceity, this program will aslo offer in other States.

 Funding Needed---100mil

 Funding Purpose---- To purchase the land to build the Community homes, provide Salaries, adminstrators, Teachers etc and to over see and mentor the participants to get them back on track.

 Specific Assistance Needed

 1. Carpenter

 2. Teacher

 3. Accountant

 4. Project Manager

 5. Construction

 6. Architect

 Anne, or Bellringer:

 Please reply this I ahve been awnted to this almost all mylife time but fund was not avaiable I pray that you will be able to help or stair me to other who will be able to assit me in this project.

 contact me at


 Flossie Gibson

----- Original Message -----
From: "Nsaidze-dze Community Concepts On Human Security Network Foundation" <>
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 6:33 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


                 P.O.BOX 90, KUMBA

                 SOUTH WEST REGION.



 We are a non-governmental organization in Cameroon actively engaged in agriculture and development projects and programs, as means of improving the quality of life for under-served community\'s peoples in Cameroon.

 We are in need of aid funds, but do not know where we can obtain financial and technical assistance costs of projects, could we know from your good selves, if your renowned organization could be of great  help to our organization\'s projects?



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 12:47 PM
Subject: Projects funding, Please post
This ambitious project will meet many needs for humanity in the future. I am viewing this as a pilot program that can be built on and implemented in other communities.

 This model is for providing quality food for retail while reinvesting the profits back into the local community on a non-profit basis. This will fund other community needs projects: food bank, soup kitchen, small critical care facility, elderly and needy housing restoration and updating projects, while creating quality on going jobs within the community.

 (1) fish production, (2) plant production, (3) fish processing, (4) composting, and (5) cogeneration of power and heat, (6) a new production technique called HISTAR works very well in aquaculture settings, and algae production fits very nicely into the entire concept.  It is another source of income while at the same time eliminating some waste disposal problems--"killing many birds with one stone."

 This will be the trend in the coming years due to the demands put on our food chain due to the problems resulting from environmental disasters and climate changes. Because the food is grown locally the nutrients will be back in the food, unlike the "fake vegetables" most consume today. Shipping costs will be greatly reduced making the produce cheaper for the end consumer. Over ripe and damaged foods will be used in the food bank and soup kitchen.

Estimated costs per phase and time for completion:

 1) $     100,000       Feasibility, 12 weeks2) $     200,000       Design, 12 weeks3) $11,000,000      Building, job sourcing, project management, 6-9 months4) $19,200,000      Ongoing projects & costs

     $30,500,000       Total project expenses

 This will provide: infrastructure, land, 200,000# fish per/yr, 1,000,000# per/yr. vegetables, HISTAR, cogenerating power, composting operation, 60 housing remodels per/yr, community food bank, soup kitchen serving 100 per/day, paid staff of 40, projected on a 5 year start up plan.

 Estimated profit per/yr200,000# fish @ $2.50 per/lb, per/yr                          $  500,0001,000,000# vegetables @ $1.25 per/lb, per/yr          $1,250,000Compost, HISTAR, cogenerating power                    $  500,000Total income                                                                  $2,250,000

 Estimated expenses per/yr Personnel, utilities, kitchen/food bank, etc.                $1,250,000 Remaining  for home improvement                             $1,000,000 Total expenses                                                              $2,250,000 

 Profit/expenses are "best estimate", phase 1 feasibility study will revel closer actual numbers.                                                

 All management, consultants, comptroller, and engineers are on board and waiting for funding. With the funding in place Housing remodels can be implemented within 30 days of funding.

 Contact information:Jim CarpenterPhone 970-856-4897email, (reference project funding)


----- Original Message -----
From: "Daniel JOSEPH" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 10:23 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

  Good Afternoon MR Patrick

Here is The Project Budject


Plan  :  Provide Medical and  Education and food assistance

Intervention  :     Global vision Over Haiti Today


Project   Title : Humanitarian Aids Response for Cholera  and Support  Healthcare, Foods and Education For the poor and Quake victims.

Project   Location  : Morne-A-Bruler  ,3eme section communal de la valle de Jacmel, Haiti: Localite De : Malette

This project has developed because :Morne-A-Bruler  area has been abandoning since its existence and people in  this area have been receiving no healthcare, food and education assistances. The area has also no purified filter pipe tank water and people are striving with cholera, malnutrition, malaria and with all the other kind sickness.after the passage of the earthquake the area getting worse and there is no other organization came yet to bring humanitarian aids/ support.The organization has vision and oversee developments in diverse rural area of Haiti. But, needs a sponsor  in order to accomplish this great mission. using innovative strategies requirements for project rehabilitation together we can developing certains area of Haiti.

Context Justification     

MORNE-A- BRULER,  is populated with almost 20.000 inhabitants. Here live is a misery particularly in terms of education, health care, expecting Mother and children.

Due to its geographical location it is not easily accessible in order words there is no means of transportation thus existence of a health care facility is a rare sight. This deteriorates the health condition of the vulnerable and with the existing economic condition; lack of food worsens the situation.

They may have a home but no house to live, they may have a roof but no bed to sleep.

Many children suffer from malnutrition due to the precariousness of the economic situation after the passage the Haiti earthquake. GVOHT accounts to distribute food intakes to the most vulnerable people who count approximately thousand families thriving in extrem poverty.


With this intention. GVOHT kindly is requested individual, agency and company support

For this project Therefore, GVOHT Organization is in needs the following

1. Essential drugs (medicine)

2. Certain medical devices

3. Expenses for distribution of food products

4. Expenses for-personal medical/Rural material transportation truck or car

5. Expenses medecines,  educational, pupils, books, feather, bags ectâ?¦â?¦..

6. Expenses for maintenance

7. Expenses for local rental fees

8. Expenses for water

In order to keep the board/staff members office and main location safe, your full attention in that sense is required while depositing before making any  transaction to   or delivering any materials and messages directly to the GVOHT Organization.

Please be advised that this project will realized by segments as the population is expect a great development.


Educational  Program information

-Raising financial support and reinforcing fundamental educational and medical clinic service of GVOHT

-Shopping materials and distributed among the pupils

-Training teacher seminar

-parents meeting and a committee training for parents 

Social Program information

-Food distribution to the hungry (deprived)

-Youthâ?Ts awareness of drug abuse and addiction

-Planning on/how to house the homeless and orphans

Medical Clinic Program

-Training seminar about how to maintain help living and listening to peopleâ?Ts general grievances

-Prevention against illness cholera ,malaria, HIV and AIDS

-And organized medical camp for the People .

Budget  Statement

A) Administration

Office material                                    $ 800

Office supplies                                     $ 300

Maintenance     $ 200

Total                                            $ 1300

B) Medical Clinic   

Medecines $ 4000

Medical Material $ 15000

2 physicians                                               $ 2000

2 nurses                                                     $ 1400

Personal and Material Transportation fees

$ 12000

Total $  34,400

C) Foods shoppings and Distributions 

Foods shoppings and Distributions $ 1000

Water $ 200

  Communication $ 150

Total $ 1350

D) School expenses                      

Local rental fees                              $  1500

Material $ 800

3 Teachers  $ 1200

Guardian / Messager                      $ 850

Total $ 3350

Grand  Total  Estimated Project Cost $ 40,400

Project    Leader   : Daniel  Joseph

E-mail :



Global Vision Over Haiti Today(organization) Mission Statement

Global Vision Over Haiti Today is a private, nonprofit Christian and humanitarian organization founded on April 15, 2006.  Global has mission to provide consistent help, support to deprived and quake victims people living in diverse rural and urban communal areas of Haiti.  GVOHT organization has been specifically encouraging and offering Christian training program to people and aimed to provide free education to adults and children(orphans) provide foods and supplies to reduce starvation; create shelters and support for the homeless.  And allow medical aids and supplies readily to everyone. In order for Global to reach its vision and transport its mission towards reality, Global is in need of organizational support from various companies, international agencies and voluntary organizations (individual volunteers are encouraged to provide support and services to Global). This wealth of support and encouragement will seriously aid GVOHT organization in making a sincere differe!

 nce to the conditions of people lives in Haiti.

GVOHT Fellowship is founded to bringing people together, having Christian seminar and worship God. This Seminar is to encourage people  seeking  Godâ?Ts will and working against the followings flesh spirit in man;

Egocentric, Covetous desires, Discords ,Jealousies , Racial Discrimination and  all the other kind devil spirit in man life. The bile reveals that those people who dead by the mentioned spirits are darkness. Daniel Joseph  the founder of  GVOHT  Fellowship , realizes that  Mostly people are prayed and focused to gain a lot of natural interests such as nice houses, social rank, wedding and etc. And a while after those are subject to life disappointment.

Therefore, letâ?Ts  have a look on the real blessings/ Curse( malediction) of God in Deuteronomy chapter 28 in the verses below:

Verse 1 & 2

<If  you fully obey Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands. I give you today. The lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God  etcâ?¦.However, verse 5 mentioned that, if you do not obey the Lord your God and not carefully follow all his commands and decrees. I am giving today. All these curses will come upon you and overtake you etcâ?¦

GVOHT Fellowship is strongly advised to work coorperaltly to each other in the name of the glory God

Reviewing proverbs chapter 15 verse 22 below:

<<without counsel purposes are disappointed; But in the multitude of counsellors they are established>>

The above verse is attracted people attention to fellowship with God â?~s people from anywhere.GVOHT mission thanks to the Lord in proverbs chapter 8 : verses 19 till 31 for his great loves and works done in the beginning.GVOHT mission is kindly requesting world congregational prayers support for its fellowship in Haiti, and kept its door opening for any church organizations, volunteers individual that might be interested to bring their full spiritual support, suggestions in helping this folk to grow up in God. As the bible says in Ephesians Book chapter 4 verse 13,the God works must be accomplished until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ

Feel free to call or email to the fellowship center  for any questions or suggestions ,

Gvoht Christian Training Program Information

<Mission statement  Church of God>

Objective: Lead people to a three-dimensional level

- Spiritual

- Socio-economic

- Intellectual


Awareness and educate for a real change conditions of spiritual and social life.


Implement a spiritual and social cohesion within the congregation

The Christian program of GVOHT organization is dedicated to train his members as follow:

1-Man and sin 

A) The man and his original condition

B) The rights and intellectual condition

C) The man and his moral condition

D) The sin


A) Definition of repentance

B) The leading steps to repentance

C) A self knowledge

D) Godâ?Ts knowledge

E) The need to be repented


A) Definition of salvation

B) What are those who need the salvation?

C) Where can we find salvation?

D) The salvation it is accessible to all men

E) How we can be saved

F) When can we be saved?

IV-The spiritual content of salvation

A) The spiritual aspects of salvation: Past, Present, future

B) The justification

C) The regeneration

D) The baptism of regeneration

V-Christian life

A) How to enter in the Christian life

B) What is the Christian Life?

C) What does the Bible teach on this subject?

D) The things that occur

VI-The Bible

A) Why study the Bible

B) Subdivisions of the Bible by the Jews

C) What are the benefits of Bible study/Godâ?Ts word?

VII-The prayer

A) The Christian and prayer

B) Importance of prayer in the Christian life

C) Obstacles in prayer

D) Attitude during in prayer

VIII-The Baptism

A) What does Baptism under the water in the salvation?

B) Baptisms doctrine

C) The three meaning of water Baptism-

IX) The evangelical church

 A) The importance of the local church in the management of salvation

B) Integration of believers in the body of Christ

X-The behavior of a Christian in his responsibility

A) The Christian and faith

B) How is a Christian should live

C) What is sanctification?

D) How does a Christian should dress/ talk

E) The Christian and responsibilities

F) On the spiritual plan

G) Social, Administrative

XI-Jesus Christ

A) His nature

B) His humility

C) The humanity of Jesus has seen

D) His divinity

E) In the prodigious works he has done

F) In his equality with God   G) His attributes


GVOHTMINISTRY: Has a safe place Church located in Haiti  in Morne-A-Bruler

for children and for their families to worship, work, and grow in the glory of God. We committed to build a large  place  and safe in the future for the servant of God  to worship the lord, We have been  planning to find an organization to work together and help us to be out in this kind of situation.

Gvoht organization has been specifically working and helping according Matthew chapter 25:35 to 40.

For I was an hungred, and you gave me meat, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in,nacked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you come unto me.

Then shall the righteous answer  him saying,lord,when saw we thee an hungred,and fed thee? Or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When we saw a stranger and took thee in? Or when saw we thee sick, Or in prison, and come unto thee

And the king shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have  done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ,you have done it unto me.



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Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Hoping to be a NESARA recipient to create a "Children for Peace" organization in each township or county to promote peace ideas and proper health foods to all.  Increasing to world wide members.

This wonderful project has been a dream of mine since 2003 when I introduced it in my college honors class. 

You can also reach me at:

P O Box 224

South Branch, MI 48761

Thank you for your most informative website!!

~Peace and Love to All~



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Subject: Alternative Energy:  Biodiesel
Projects...this is a project that my step son & a friend have taken on & need help....this was in local paper!!

Alternative energy company kicks off operations in Ecuador

B-U graduates still seeking investors for Intelifuel

By Katie Kuba Staff Writer

Two Buckhannon-Upshur High School graduates who established their own alternative energy company more than a year ago are seeking investors to power that venture.    In 2009, Jeremy McGowan, a 1989 graduate of B-UHS , began his own biofuel company, Intelifuel , in conjunction with Wescott "Scott". Clowdus, another B-UHS (and West Virginia Wesleyan College ) graduate.    Back then, the two had dreamed up meticulously detailed plans for the construction of a filtration facility and biorefinery to be built in the South American coastal country of Ecuador.    Now, with a slew of key governmental and military connections, several investors on board, a new general manager, and a nearly complete filtration facility located in Ecuador's capital city of Quito, McGowan and Clowdus want to transform Intelifuel into one of the most successful international producers of biodiesel. Biodiesel is a petroleumfree , clean-burning fuel created from fats and oils that can be used without modification in dieselpowered engines or mixed with petroleum-diesel to create biodiesel blends.    Thus far, working toward their goal has taken a lot of research, perseverance and politicking (they've met with Quito's mayor and a personal assistant to Ecuador's president ). And now, it's going to take a little bit of money. Right now, they're poised to complete what McGowan describes as Phase I of the two-phase business.    "We're still trying to find investors, but we're off the ground," said McGowan, who occupied management-level positions in the Mountain State's oil and gas industry for a number of years.   

 Phase I consists of the collection, filtration and sale of waste vegetable oil (commonly known as WVO) from Ecuadorâ?Ts restaurant industry. McDonaldâ?Ts restaurants in Ecuador are already on board, and Intelifuelâ?Ts currently trying to cook up a deal with KFC. The waste vegetable oil -- which would otherwise pollute Quito's sewers and streets is converted into straight vegetable oil (commonly known as SVO) at their Quito-based filtration facility and sold to biodiesel companies themselves, which turn the SVO into usable biofuel. Phase I of Intelifuel is on track to gross $20 million annually over 10 years, McGowan said. Two Quito natives are on the ground overseeing Intelifuel's evolution: its general manager, Jose Martinez, whose resume reveals he's racked up plenty of experience in the Ecuadorian military and the country's petroleum industry, and a project coordinator, Mabel E. Moya Ruilova. Mc-Gowan splits his time between Quito and Buckhannon, too. When Phase I is complete, Intelifuel plans to bring about 15 additional employees on board.    Within the next five years, Intelifuel will develop the capacity to convert SVO into B100, named so because it contains 100 percent biodiesel and no petroleum diesel at its own biorefinery to be constructed in Sangolqui, a city just southeast of Quito. Operation of the refinery.  Phase II -- is probably five years off, but the sooner Intelifuel finds a willing investor, the sooner it can get down to business. Phase I alone should yield enough revenue to fund Phase II, McGowan said.   
 He and Clowdus, who steers his own Miami, Fla.-based trucking company, WKC Deliveries, have invested every penny they've been able to spare in getting the filtration facility functioning. Now, Intelifuel is soliciting investors willing to deliver $200,000 in exchange for a 14 percent rate of yearly return over a five-year period. That amounts to a monthly payment of several thousand dollars. Investment dollars will finance the completion of Quito Filtration Facility, and specifically , pay for purchase of new pumps and specialized parts for filtration tanks, among other items. And investors won't have to wait long for a pay-off . "We can be in total and full operation within 90 days of getting investors," said McGowan, who says the company receives

orders from as far away as Austria, China and England. "We can't keep up with the demand as it is now,"Â he added. In the meantime, McGowan's thrilled about an alliance he's in the midst of forging with ESPE, the Ecuadorian Army's Polytechnic School. That partnership might be best described as one in which "they give us the bodies and equipment in exchange for us giving them information on the process," according to McGowan.  "The research we do will help the Ecuadorian military because the school is a direct branch of the military," he explained . It will also equip students with skills that will enable them to land a job in Ecuador's biofuel industry. Intelifuel attempted to negotiate a similar affiliation with West Virginia Wesleyan College that was never cemented. "We tried to create an agreement with Wesleyan, but for various reasons things did not solidify with them, McGowan said. So, why bet on biofuel? Environmentally speaking, biodiesel emits 78.5 percentless carbon dioxide than petroleum diesel, according to the National Biodiesel Board, a national trade association for the biodiesel industry in the United States. McGowanâ?Ts got his own opinion about why biodiesel's better than other earth-friendly fuels, such as ethanol , which is touted on the sides of so many gasoline pumps. Massive amounts of corn and sugar cane must be grown to manufacture ethanol, which means forests have to be sculpted into fields, he said. For one thing, biodiesel production doesn't require the use of viable food sources.    "You don't have to be an environmentalist to know the difference between right and wrong," McGowan said. "If you know that we don't have a sufficient food supply, why would you fuel your car with somebody else's breakfast?"    And why would you destroy essential ecosystems in the process?    "We know the function of trees and we know about the earth's filtration process, and if we remove part of that filter, it nolonger works,"Â he said. "It just doesn't make sense."    But biodiesel does, McGowan says.    "It's intelligent fuel," McGowan said, referencing the company's name. "We are a zero-waste company. Everything that goes in our door goes out our door."    Find about more about Intelifuel at or biofuel at the National Biodiesel Board at

- Jeremy McGowan






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Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10
Three Project Proposals.....

First Project:

First,I would like to assist BAND OF HOPE Foundation. They are dedicated to helping the families of the victims of 911. Many were discarded by the government and NOT helped. I first handed saw the BEST of humanity during the disaster. New Yorkers who said \"How can I help?\" They deserve to be taken care of for this crime perpetrated on them. We need to heal those hurt and the families of those ignored. I lost my best friend from lung cancer in 2005 as a result of his work there. His family never had the satisfaction of being recognized for having died as a result of 9/11. His family is hurting. They deserve better.

Second Project:

I would like to encourage ALL who read this to check out Sharry Edwards Sound Health Institute: She has dedicated her life to helping people with using sound health. Her work is life changing and subversed by the pharmacuetical industry. She needs sound health technicians to be trained and dispersed WORLD WIDE. I recently attending her institute in Ohio, and I am changed forever. Her respect for BIOACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY is second to none. This technology can help people immensely. I personally am considering opening up a sound health clinic in Hawaii, OR working closely with Sharry in reaching out so that more of us can be trained to help people with her work. They are using her frequency to help the GULF clear itself of benzene. She did not get the credit but this was HER work. She needs funds as she is self funded so that noone steals her life long work. I personally want to use help all. It takes money to make this happen!

 . She has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of perfecting her software and training people like me to use this life changing technology. Check out her site, her work is the ultimately help humanity DESERVES. Frequency has been used as WEAPONS and while being tested by the NAVY, has killed mammals, whales and such. Let us THIS weaponized technology for what GOD intended it for and that was to HEAL! She is a PIONEER and humanity needs to MEET HER and learn of HER WORK. People like her are the true HERO\'s we need to introduce publically and recognize. There are others; Dr. Rima Laibow for instance. She and her staff (Fucetalo\'s) have dedicated THEIR entire life in educating and fighting back draconian legislation regarding OUR FOOD. They recently came to our rescue in attempting to push back mandatory vaccination and S510. K.G and her husband living on four hours sleep night after night contacting Washington D.C and writing law suits suing the FDA for THEIR crimes again!

 st humanity.....These people work with LITTLE funding and have!

  been fi

ghting these fights for years. They again, are the hero\'s FEW know about...It is time for us to  FUND these lone wolfs who do this because if they don\'t WHO WILL.

Third Project:

STOP the mistreatment of ANIMALs; Chickens, Cattle, Animals. Start a nationwide awareness with movies such as Food Inc, Starling, etc. I have recently stopped eating meat as a quiet protest to this mistreatment. My goal as an Educator is to develop an Education program that would be a STAPLE in primary and secondary education to teach students on the lies and propaganda perpetrated on them and FIX IT. Give the real history on what happens to these animals BEFORE they hit their dinner plate. This could be opened up to ALL THE LIES all have swallowed on many things. To include; food, vaccines, health etc. Using my experience as a Nurse and Teacher to inform humanity on how to CHANGE the PARADIGM and begin again. This project could employ Doctors, Nurses, Educators, Biologist, Veterinary Professionals, Environmentalists etc. We could use a manual, introduce it to the Depts of Education. Invent a Curriculum that would be adopted by every state. Replace the Carnigie Mellon Lies i!

 n ALL OUR TEXTBOOKS instituted by those of EVIL and once and for all roll out the TRUTH through PRIMARY, SECONDARY and HIGHER LEVEL LEARNING INSTITUTIONS. With a MASTERS DEGREE IN CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT, will use my skills in writing, training and distributing the TRUTH to all. Without TEACHING the NEW generations the TRUTH, we will repeat this part of our dark history. It must be corrected from KINDERGARTEN for us to be the human species of the future. I am a long time prescriber to any and all matters of the TRUTH, of the heart and will support and




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Subject: Project Ideas:

Dear sir,

            First I must give to you and Casper my undying gratitude for that which you report as I have been reading Casper’s Updates for years and have been monitoring for articles and information as well, I have read many of your reports and have been personally blessed to have been able to read your works.

 I have a Business Plan that I would love to share. A plan to take warehouses in inner city areas, convert them into indoor growing centers; each ran and cared for by a caretaker to oversee it. The work to maintain these indoor gardens would be done by students from the local schools as a class and local volunteers. They would be learning the values of gardening and the transfers of energy from the sun and earth to a plant, its storage of this energy into fruits and vegetables,  as well as the humanitarian benefits as the gardens produce would be for the local community and those in need first with excess being sold at food markets.

The indoor aspect of the gardening requires many sciences starting with biology as is obvious, there are the physics and social science aspects as well. Imagine children learning in depth the life cycle of plants, having the understanding of their biology and life requirements and learning to replicate the “perfect Environment for Growth” Learning how to maximize their return from the plants. Best of all is the humanitarian use where 80% of the foods grown are donated and 20% are sold at farmers markets and local markets to pay for the infrastructure( after all the only true profit is in the growth of knowledge in our children)..

By using inner city warehouses and other locations for the indoor gardens, two objectives are met. One) the gardens are close to where they are needed both for educational as well as humanitarian purposes. Two) they will make use of properties that my not have any other immediate beneficial use and the initial setup costs are minimal, especially if we were to try and use wind power, solar power, or hydroelectric power generated on site for the lights and pumps necessary. Each location could be run by one to three (dependent of size and function) persons with the brunt of the labor necessary coming from the activities of education. To learn and produce and receive rewards greater than money all in one place. I have an initial plan devised and am currently working on the logistics. I live in the northeast and the true growing season is short and this could be more beneficial in colder climates, ye t I would prefer the devise a system that might work ANYWHERE!

Thank you for entertaining my thoughts in this manner and I look forward daily to new reports on



Gregory M Bruning Sr.




            I wish to open a healing clinic in New York City that is free to everyone.  I need $15,000 to establish a 501.c3 foundation/corporation healing clinic that would be free to the public.  The money would be used for rent and supplies.  None of this money would be used for salaries or advertising.  Hopefully, patient donations would pay for these expenses and the long term costs of operating this clinic.

Kind Regards,

Robert Ward

Contact Information



Telephone:  914-202-9942

Address:  21 Nssua Rd., Apt. 1          

                 Yonkers, NY  10710

                 Westchester County, USA





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Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

"But a certain Samaritan,as he journeyed,came where he was . And when   he saw him ,he had compassion.\" So he went to him and bandaged his wounds   pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal , brought   him to an inn, and took care of him . \"On next day, when he departe,   he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him,  " Take care of him; and whatever more you spend , when i come again ,   i will repay you.\" (LUKE 10:33,34,35 )

         Hi ,How are you doing .We are working here in Pakistan  as Great samaritan

  We are working some projects like free medical camps for poor    peoples, adult education, women sewing centre, Sunday school and women   prayer ministries. In these days we are working at free medical camp   for flood affected peoples in Pakistan . We have visited some flood   affected areas . There people are in need of food , cloths , pure water and   medicines very badly. Specially women and children are suffering from different   disease . So that we need medicines for women and children . keep   us in your prayers  may God guide you to work with us to help the flood   affected  peoples . God bless you and your ministry .Visit our site


 Barkat pura st#4 block c fsd.

 P.O Batala colony Faisalabad, Punjab

 Cell: +92-301-7102919

 Tel: +92-041-2407099



 You can help us through westren union money gram



 # 96

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From: carleen Dahlstedt


Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 11:09 PM

Subject: Funds request for Project

Mr. Bellringer,

Tent cities are cropping up all over due to the mortgage fraud, corrupt government, lost jobs and people are without hope, shelter and going hungry. Some destitutes are resorting to prostitution for survival and drugs to escape.. Since June, after a fraudulent eviction, I myself have been living in a motel with my husband who has a mental disorder (and has behavioral issues-thus I can't leave him long enough to hold a job) until my funds run out which is uncomfortably soon.. I understand the pain, suffering and loss that people are experiencing and wish to bring them hope and more It is difficult to help others when you have little or nothing to help yourself..but I do what I can.

My desire is to establish a nonprofit with this funding and partner with a local nonprofit that already has three houses for getting the homeless and drug addicted off the streets and helping them to establish new lives. Many lives have been saved from the street and helped to turn their situation around. Their vision (and mine) is to procure additional commercial or residential property to expand this outreach. They have no building of their own and must rent a space to meet. What would be ideal is the procurement of one or more large apartment buildings, a hotel or unused hospital or medical bulding that would be conducive to renovation for these purposes.

This project would include emergency, transitional and possibly permanent low cost housing for those with jobs but unable to afford housing, depending on funding provided. Food, clothing and shelter-basic needs would be provided for those in need as well as developing programs to help them transition back into the community.

Another building would be procured for this nonprofit to operate from and implement the programs necessary for this project to succeed longterm for the people. This would also be used for storage and distribution of food, clothing, medical items, cooking appliances and household items. A kitchen for meal preparation for on site distribution or to take to the housing facilities. On site job training or additional partnerships with groups or agencies in the community may be implemented. The procuring of a vehicle for on site food preparation and distribution in the community and vans for transporting food, furniture and people..

I am not sure of what amount would be necessary for these humanitarian endeavors. I would imagine to complete all objectives efficiently that $110 M total with the appropriate amount put in trade to be self sustaining and eliminate need for further outside funding for the project.

Thank you for any and all help. I appreciate the opportunity to submit this request.


Carleen Dahlstedt


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Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 12:35 AM
Subject: 2nd project
I didn't realize I could post more than one project. I hope this can be added to my other post
It has been my desire to fund a hospital that would treat trauma victims and DID (disassociative identity disorder)..and possibly start and fund programs in each state that could work in conjunction with other mental hospitals to weed out misdiagnosed DID's. Dr.Friesen has developed a tool to be used for initial diagnosis of DID that would ultimately be used by these hospitals and  as a tool for referral to these programs where they could get appropriate help..There was a hospital operating in Texas but is no more and I don't know why-though I suspect lack of funding. It cost $20,000 a month for treatment there. Without medicare-who could afford this? The system (medicaid) does not even want to recognize the diagnosis anymore because it is intensive and expensive. I have contact info for  DR.Friesen whom I have spoken to regarding my husband who is DID--He has written several books on DID and successfully treats them in California. He actually mentored Dr. Mungadze who was operating the hospital in Texas.


I have been married for 28 years, not understanding many things that occurred in our married life until 13 years ago when my husband totally became "unglued" due to "too many cooks in the kitchen" and was let go from his job. I began meeting his "alters" and soon began to understand why our marriage had been so confusing.. He had several hospitalizations but no real help-only misdiagnosis and I have spent 11 years trying to deal with it on my own, not able to afford knowledgeable help. Through the "system" he is now seeing a counselor that has no clue about his disorder. It has been very difficult being his caretaker and having no income.  Even though I fought the mortgage fraud for 4 years we were evicted in June and have been living in a motel with family help.

 My heart goes out to families that have loved ones with this disorder  and feel there must be a reason that I have endured this for so long. If I could help others get the help that I have yet to get for my husband..that would be worth it all.
My vision also included becoming a liaison through these programs  to possibly assess certain patients myself with the diagnostic tool I hospitals by going in and evaluating certain patients for DID that have been possibly wrongly diagnosed..resulting in the "revolving door syndrome"..continuous re admittance of patients because they are not getting the real help that they need due to misdiagnosis. Schizophrenics and bipolar patients are the most commonly misdiagnosed and are actually DID. But they need to be able to get the help that they really need which is very scarce and expensive. So this must be in place. I worked in involuntary mental health hospitals for over 13 years as a mental health professional and RN so I have experience in this field..


 I really don't know how much funding this would take to accomplish and also set aside some for trade in order to continuously fund the project. I would assume at least 100 M.  I would need to contact Dr. Mungadze and Dr. Friesen and their knowledge would be invaluable in determining this.  I don't feel comfortable doing that unless I knew there were actual funds to talk about. I do know that after much searching that it was the only hospital in the united States. I have kept track of it for years and was very disappointed when it ceased functioning--I was hoping I could one day take my husband there. DID is much more prevalent than people realize and only few can afford treatment without medicare.  This would help many people.

thank you for your time
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From: <>; <A&>; "aç"


To: <>

Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 1:24 PM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

My name is Engin Agac and I am from Turkey. I learned that many companies have developed a device that prevents drunk driving. The devices look like significant but I still believe that this is not a final solution for the problem. I have prepared a project about this subject. I believe that the project that I prepared provides 100% solution.


The important points of my project are shown below:


1) The drunk driver can never start the car as he cannot pass the alcohol test.

2) The device can detect the difference when the non-drunk driver changes place with a drunk driver.

3) If the driver starts the car and begins drinking alcoholic beverages the device detects this.

4) The driver is kept under control automatically and during every stop and run.

5) The driver should take and pass the alcohol test every day.

6) If the driver should be changed then the new driver should pass the alcohol test.,

7) If any other person except the driver drinks alcoholic beverages, this will not stop the car or will not prevent the driver from starting the engine.

8) In case the driver \"must\" start the car even though he is drunk, he should define himself as \"drunk\" to the device. The device will not question if the driver is drunk or not in this situation. By this way the device sets a maximum speed limit and the flashers are turned on. If the driver tries to exceed the speed limit the car stops and the lights continue flashing.

Detailed Explanations for some articles above:

Article 2) If the non-drunk driver changes place with a drunk driver then the device will detect this. For example Robert is drunk and Matthias is sober. In this situation only Matthias can start the car and Robert cannot pass the test. If Robert wants to drive while the engine is running, the device will detect that it was Matthias who started the car and will not let Robert to drive. The device will recognize that Robert has changed place and came to the driver seat. In this situation it asks the test to be taken by the new driver. If he cannot pass the test, then the car will be stopped after the warnings.

Article 3) Example: Robert is not drunk until he starts the car but he starts drinking while driving. At this point the device will detect the smell and ask the driver to take the test again. If the driver is drunk, then the car will stop after the warnings.

Article 4) The driver who started the engine is always under control as he should take the test at every stop and run. The device checks the driver change at every stop and run, while the car is started. If one driver passes the test and start the car, and if he wants to change the seat to someone else after a while, the device checks if someone else has come to the driver seat. This control will be done at every stop and run. But if it is requested, this can be applied at certain time periods through the settings of the device.

Article 5) In this project the driver must take the alcohol test every day.

But if we develop the software we can achieve something like this:

1) If a driver never drinks alcohol and a driver change will never be done, the driver may take the test only once a year, once in ten years or he may not take the test during his whole lifetime. This driver needs to take the test only once. But this article makes it necessary for the driver to take the test if someone else but the driver drinks alcohol in the vehicle.

2) Let\'s think of a family consisting of father, mother, two sons and one daughter. One of the sons drink alcohol frequently but the other drinks only on new years. Father, mother and the daughter never drink alcohol and this family owns a car. How does the device works in this case? Should the alcohol test be taken every day? No, it is not. The device can recognize the members of the family. This means that the device cen keep in its memory who is a drinker and who is a non-drinker. The device can also detect that the person who did not drink alcohol for a long time is now drunk and it notifies the driver that the test should be taken. Thanks to the software that has been developed, father-mother and the daughter should take the test only once and they do not need to take the test again during their lifetime. While the father, mother or the daughter drives the car, someone else in the vehicle should not drink alcoholic beverages. Otherwise they need to take the alcohol test

 . This situation does not prevent the car from running or does not stop the running car.

Article 6) A driver change can only be done when the engine is stopped. The new driver should pass the test before starting the car. The driver change cannot be applied after the engine is started.

Article 7) Let\'s say there are 4 people in the car (One driver and three passengers). The driver is sober and did not drink any alcoholic beverages. Even though the passengers are drinking, the alcohol smell will not prevent the car from starting nor the engine will not be stopped.

- For the car to be stopped:

* As the alcohol smell is detected, the driver is asked to take the test.

** The driver must take this test. Otherwise the car speed will be decreased and it will be stopped after the warnings.

*** If the driver is drunk as he takes the test, the car speed will be decreased and it will be stopped after the warnings again.

**** The device always warns the driver before stopping the car. If the driver denies the warnings then the car will be stopped.

The software scheme of this device is already prepared. Alcoholmeter and smell sensors are the components of this device. But the important point is that a software to achieve these functions. As the scheme is already done, the software needs to be written by your company. 


To prevent driving without driving license can be achieved only if the driver licenses are renewed so that it can interact with the device that is to be installed in the car.

1) A person without the driving license can never start the car.

2) A person without the driving license can never drive a car in motion.

3) If the driver wants to change place with another driver without a license, this will be detected by the device and the car will be stopped if the warning is ignored.

4) The driver will be kept under control every second and he can never drive the car without the license.

5) The driver should take the driving license test once a day.

6) One driver can never use someone else\'s license.

7) If a driver change is needed, then the new driver should take the test.

8) At every getting on and off a control is not applied. The test is only applied in case of a driver change.

As you know I am not a mechanical technician or engineer and I cannot explain the details of my project by using scientific terms. But I can describe all details of my project.

Although alcoholmeter and smell sensors will be used in this project, not only these two devices will be functioning. The most important characteristic that differs my project from the others is that this device will be software assisted. I mean each article describing the features of the project will be assisted by a software.

My aim is to offer you the patent of this project to your company. If you are interested you can also contact me online, by phone or come to Istanbul and I can explain this project to you personally.

Detailed explanation and software schemes for both projects are available.

I will be expecting your soonest reply if you are interested in my projects.



Secondly, my project has software plan but because of moneyless,I can not do it.That I take patent in the Turkey,don\'t protect my project outside of Turkey.Many respected firms work about the project in America and Europe.For instance Besides, some car firms work about the project,too.Their works are the same...In spite of the serious works,alcoholic driving can not handigap.If alcohol metre equipment determine driver that take alcohol, can handigap with different connection forms moving of car.

The Connection Forms of Alcohol Metre Equipment :

1- locking motor of car thanks to inmebilezer system.If driver has alcohol, alcohol metre equipment directly locks motor of car thanks to inmebilezer system.

2- locking short circuit of car.If driver has alcohol, alcohol metre equipment in connection with short circuit handigap moving of car.

3- locking from car\'s key.If driver has alcohol, alcohol metre equipment in connection with key handigap moving of car.


This works can nat completely handigap alcoholic driving.I believe that I did software plan will % 100 handigap alcoholic driving.Driver will be under control and according to the software plan; a driver is certainly under control during 7 day and 24 hours.On the other hand,that an other person enter alcohol test instead of driver, is certainly impossible.

In addition,I can handigap driving without driving license to use the same software plan and to add different term complementaries

Characteristics of the Software Plan :


1- If a driver want to move his car, he has to pass from alcohol test.That\'s to say, drink driver can not pass from alcohol test and he can not move his car.

2- If non-drink driver want to drive instead of drink driver, the equipment that I did,becomes aware of the difference.

3- If a driver passes from alcohol test and he drinks alcohol after he move his car, the equipment becomes aware of that and it stopped car within two seconds.

4- When car every moves and stops,driver always is controlled by the equipment.

5- That driver passes from alcohol test once a day, is enough at the project.

6- If driver changes, new driver has to pass prom alcohol test.

7- If other peoles take alcohol without driver take it, the equipment don\'t handigap moving of car or don\'t stop.

8- If driver is forced drive to alcohol,firstly, he has to introduce to the equipment that he took alcohol.


And then the equipment don\'t want alcohol test and it determines speed limit for driver. ( for instance : 30 km ).A drink driver certainly can not pass speed limit.If he passes speed limit, his car stops.

That firms have land, air and sea transportation, use kinds of the equipmentfor both their life-property and people\'s safety.Especially tourism and travel firms in Europe consider important their customer safety.And also some logistic firms that consider important their customer\'s property, want necessarily the equipment.

Consequently, car firms advise the equipment their customer\'s personel cars,too and using of the equipment go up every the other day.

 &#305;f you assists me about that I take international patent, drink driving will come to an end.We can talk on telephone.I don\'t speak English but I have the translator.If you have some question about the subject, you can ask me without software plan.

Thanks a lot.

Mr. Engin A&#286;AÇ



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Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 1:59 AM
Subject: Humanitarian program
Hi Patrick. Blessings to you and yours.
I have a proven construction SYSTEM enabling local labor in poor countries to build new homes of rugged reinforced concrete. These homes are earthquake and storm resilient, and can be built for 40% to 60% less than any competing system. This SYSTEM does not require skilled labor, building of forms or the use of motorized construction equipment. This SYSTEM received a US Patent (since expired) and has been in use in 36 countries mainly in South and Central America. Funding is required to set up the operating structure, upgrade structural designs, and form the Not-for-Profit legal entity. Please contact:
Peter Harlow
P.O. Box 97 Serik 07500
Antalya, Turkey
0539 355 70 05
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Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 3:15 PM
Subject: PROJECT
My name is Carol E. Jackson, I am a 71 year old African American female, who has followed your website since it's inception.   I retired from City Colleges of Chicago.   I have affiliated with the "I AM" teaching discourses for years with St. Germaine and the Rosicrucian Order.  While I was in the educational system I know first hand how students have been deliberately dumbed down.   Now I work part-time for the mentally ill from drug abuse.  It is truly sad to see so many people who are in trouble because of the system that is in place and they feel there is no place for them to go.   The young Black males in this city and most other large cities are in trouble.  
I have followed the NESARA program because I would like to have farm land for as many young men as possible to teach them values of living, learn how to love themselves, teach them the purpose of why they are on this planet.    I never share my ideas with anyone because of negative feedback because of my age.   The following is how I would set it up with help.
1.   Clean housing - teach principles of order, cleanliness and discipline
2.   Must agree to be educated or learn how to be responsible for themselves and help others.
4.   Teach how to give service without pay
5.    Teach how to become self sufficient
6.    Teach that life must have order to accomplish anything along with patience.
7.    Teach  them to develop their own curriculum
8.    Help them to learn how to love themselves
9.    The young women need instruction in a different setting from the young men
10.   The value of having  good physical hygienes and respect for one's self.
I was excited to see the article about the projects for NESARA.   my e-mail address is
Thank you so very much for all that you have done for enlightening others.   Your help and assistances is truly appreciated.   God Bless & Keep you and Yours  Always.
Carol E. Jackson



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To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 8:53 PM
Subject: PROJECT
 Dear bellringer iwill correct 2 areas of the PFR, 1,the hens price is


 140.000 pls add for me zero to the figurer of hes. 2 on materials add

 20,000 and 3, iforgot to quote 20 cocks=24,000, sorry for

 inconvinience. Now the G-TOTAL=544,600KSH(Kenyan)

(Note:  KSH is the $1.00 in Kenya)


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To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2014 7:38 AM
Subject: PROJECT
          Please patrick and Ann Bellringer, iwill present my Project Funding Request as follows. Ineed apiece of land for running this project[5 acres=$9412], Building 2 dairy units=$3530, 4 dairy animals=$4706,tTransport=$354, Fencing=1178, Bulding office=$5883, Miscileneous money $5800.TOTAL=$29685



          This five acre land will enable me to keep the dairy animals and do some vegetable farming which will enable me to assist 10  children from 10 familIES one from each family to cater for their daily needs i.e. education and daily needs. Second iwill also be able to cater fo 10 adults [aged,sick,poor,needy etc] iwill also employe wokers to work on the unit and the farm.

            What remains from the above project iwill use to get what ineed for my work of bringing TRUTH TO THE WORLD eg Apersonal computer and other accessories. Please post my request to the Humaniterian section for viewing.Iam busy proclaiming the TRUTH OF GOD ATON OF LIGHT with the natural ability that ihave which is limted to only spiritual but if considered iwill also be happy to serve the physical needs of HUMANITY



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To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2014 7:06 AM
Subject: Re: appreciation
Iam Harrison orono once more smiling at the feel of love that iam


recievcing from you and Ann.Iam well informed through fourwnds10 that

Earth is undergoing transition. But what to do we chose to be here at

this particular time to fight the enemy on the ground while

representing the spiritual Hierarchy as servants of the GOD OF LIGHT

ON Earth.None else other than GOD ATON OF LIGHT.


       I have passed through many days of meditation concerning LIFE

and the challanges found whithin, ihave encountered people seeking

assistance from me yet iam unable to help.But today iam delighted to

share my shortcomings with my brothers and sisters from the cosmos who

have nothing to offer except love to the peole of Urantia.FIRST isend

my greetings to all UNIVERSE CITIZENS RIGHT FROM PARADISE and down to



          Please patrick and Ann Bellringer, iwill present my Project

Funding Request as follows. Ineed apiece of land for running this

project[5 acres=$9412], Building 2 dairy units=$3530, 4 dairy

animals=$4706,tTransport=$354, Fencing=1178, Bulding office=$5883,

Miscileneous money $5800.TOTAL=$29685


         This five acre land will enable me to keep the dairy animals

and do some vegetable farming which will enable me to assist 10

children from 10 one from each family to cater for their daily needs

eg education and daily needs. Second iwill also be able to cater for

10 adults [aged,sick,poior,needy etc] iwill also employe wokers to

work on the unit and the firm.


           What remains from the above project iwill use to get what

ineed for my work of bringig TRUTH TO THE WORLD EG eg Apersonal

computer and other accessories. Please post my request to the

Humaniterian section for viewing.Iam busy proclaiming the TRUTH OF GOD

ATON OF LIGHT with the natural ability that ihave which is limted to

only spiritual but if considered iwill also be happy to serve the

phisical needs of HUMANITY.



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Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2016 8:53 PM
Subject: Prosperity Project
Thank you so much!!! I am so very grateful to be here in this time now! I would love to go to the Cocoa plantations in West Africa and help all the children (that have been doing slave labor) by building or finding a home for them.I would also love to encourage elders to join this community for healing. I would love to provide them with love and so much positivity and teach them to connect to spiritual source. I would also love to teach them the arts so they can find their own calling. 
This is a project dear to my heart and the beginning to many more.
My Very Best,
Seleen T Saleh





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From: "Marc Muckleroy" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 5:41 PM
Subject: Funding Request
Mr, Bellringer,



This email is to update you on the amount of money in one of my request.  More information has been revealed to me almost weekly since I first email my request over two months ago.   On the farm that I wrote about before, that will have greenhouses, teaching facilities, dormitories, etc., the cost has escalated.  We are to have additional programs for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as folks that have been abused (children and adults).  It has been told to me about the purchasing of several expensive machines to clear the land and prepare the earth the correct way.  Instead of bulldozing the trees down and burning them, we will pull up the trees and shred them and use the mulch back on the land.  We will then plant two trees somewhere else for every tree that we pull up.  Also, we will purchase machines for removing the soil and mixing the soil with compost and then put mixture back down.  These machine are to be use to help other people to clear their land the best way as well.  There are to be more buildings than I first thought and a much larger one than I first envisioned to house all these additional expensive machines when they are idle.    I first requested $4,000,000 and that was just for two months, I was told more prosperity funds would come to finish the project.  What the total project is going to cost, as it has been reveled so far, is 11,000,000.   I am now requesting the full 11,000,000 if you are led to do that.  If only the first phase is to he given, that amount would $8,500,000.


Thank you,

Marc Muckleroy



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Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2017 5:04 AM
Subject: Project, food, Humanitarian
My first project is to get cash to people on the street who are homeless with no bank account and get them stable. 



My second is to start reimbursing people who are cash tight, for car repairs
My third is long term, start reversing the stupid laws that are restricting farming from producing highly nutritious food,  like the one where the farmer has to pay thousands of dollars to convert his land from corn to vegetables. That MUST be repealed. Then we work on improving the Organic system to teach improving nutrition in the fertilizer and thus in the food. This will reduce medical expenses for people and disease and help clean up water use and stop polluting the ocean. 
John L D'Avella