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PROJECTS: Humanitarian -- Projects #57-78

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 Updated April 22, 2009

NOTE:  Under this heading "Project", Fourwinds is posting e-mail letters from our readers giving information about either projects they have planned and with which they need help, such as workers or finances, or projects with which some one would like to assist with their time, expertise or money.  All submissions must be reasonable in helping humanity in some positive way or that of improving the environment, such as the plants, animals, pollution, etc.  It is essential that all submissions have an e-mail contact address attached.  This will allow our readers to contact each other without the need to go through Fouriwnds to do so.  PHB  



----- Original Message -----From: Cathy Van Rhyn
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 6:01 AM
Subject: FW: Betreff: PROJECT
Dear Fourwinds10 Readers:
Caroline & Catherine Healing Home"
What inspires us is the extreme abuse of alcholol and drugs in Khomasdal, Windhoek,Namibia.
These factors lead to poverty and children suffer of hunger, emotional and sexual abuse.
We have been dreaming about opening an orphanage and school and Senior Park (so many of our orphanages and old age homes do not provide sufficient shelter and/or warmth and food , not enough bedding, clothing too)  to help people with their recovery and stabilization.  We do not only consider alcohol and drug abuse victims only, but also the victims of sexual and physical abuse... eg. their children and the people who suffer from fatal concience about their actions.
We have an ideal plot in mind for developing the above mentioned Rehabilitation centre and school but funding was an "out-of-reach-dream" until we found Fourwinds and your projectsite. If  you would consider also posting our idea, this IDEA and HUMBLE project might come true.
We want to help the addicted to stabilize but at the same time we want to assist their children in receiving an education. The world  sees  these people  as DRUNKARDS AND DRUGGIES, but we see them as " NEEDING AND TRAPPED" .  We are not superior  to them, we mean we experience theier suffering as well , so we see the need for change in our community as well as trying to make A DIFFERENCE, escpecially in our country.
N.B: DISABLED KIDDIES/ADULTS( I do have family with disabled children (since birth), and no support what so ever from the Government or the community,
This is also one one my biggest heart desires to accommodate/assist these kind of people.
Your considerattion will be higly appreciated.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 11:58 AM
Subject: Humanitarian and Healing Project in Puerto Rico
Greetings, Mr. Bellringer!
Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference and heal our fellow brothers and sisters.
Ever since returning to Puerto Rico on 2004, I've been dreaming of setting up a 200 acre self sustaining community in the island mountain range dedicated to non-profit healing services and new age teachings for all. I'm a Reiki Master with Karuna Ki and Krystalumen extensions and am looking to build a place where myself and other local practitioners can share and teach all kinds of new age techniques, such as Reiki, Tai Chi, Qui Gon, Yoga, Organic Gardening, Water purification and recycling, power from alternative sources, etc. This facility will also include a Healing and Relaxation Spa, Meditation Gardens, and housing facilities for both permanent staff and temporary visitors.
I estimate the size of the investment to be around $10-15M as both land and construction materials are very expensive in Puerto Rico, especially where the mountains are.
Any help that you or any investors reading this post is greatly appreciated.
Harry Acosta
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 3:58 PM
Subject: projects humanitarian
HI patric in respond  to your  offer to help with  humanitarian project.
and  how obtain financial help.  i am here by sending you detial of my project.
i want to do. i have 3 project. the first one  is call the center for creative grouthe.
creative grouth have 7 home  were they keep all these children that they get
from deefax . wydc. and djj. they ar asking to sponcer these chidren by giving
donation to help feed these children. i would  be verry thankfull  if you  can give me
some financail help so i can do this project. #2  project is the hold folks that there homes
get old there roofs is leeking there homes need reepair they have no money to fix there home
i would be verry  glad if you can help me with some finance so i can do this project.
from wellesley foster. 127 auburn ave.  lagrange. GA 30241
email        phone 706 884 7184.    fax 706 884 7184
project #3 there so many dogs and cat some of them is sick the owners them
have no money to take them to the vet for treetment i would like to do this  project
please help me  with some finance so i  can take care of thease animals. thank you
i wish you and family long life health on strent may the blessing of god be with you thanks.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 7:05 PM
Subject: Project: Humanitarian
Patrick, My name is Linda Hunter I would like to submit my  Humanitarian project plan.

The name of my project is Glory Outreach.

Function: Education children around the world, starting form infancy to adulthood.

I own my a small daycare home for infants. I have owned this Home for twenty years. My plan is to open center starting in my city and other city for young children that have teenage mother who can not properly take care of their children. I would like the center to be open twenty-four hours. All parents that qualify must adopt a child from a another country to support according to that child needs. The goal of my program is to teach parent and young children to give to the needs of other from where they are.

The funds that the program receives will help educate children from all walks of live and all people no matter where they live. The program would have a team of missionary to keep monitor the program funds to make sure that the money is being used to promote the well being of children 

I would like to open a public school community center where school children from middle to high school could go on the weekend and take classes, art, music, dance, cooking, carpentry, foreign language and  a tutorial program for children who needs extra help with math and reading.

My heart is for the children because they are future world. 


Glory Outreach stands for "Go". The word of God said to "Go ye therefore to all nation, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.   Linda Hunter

----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul Tamplin" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008 7:06 AM
Subject: Abundance Project - Humanitarian
Hello Patrick,

Here is an outline of the ICAN (Individuals Creating Abundance Network) plan

for a better world. We are looking for funding to complete the modifications

necessary to an established digital service that would effectively provide

the mechanics for the whole system to work.

ICAN propose an inexpensive, subscription-based: Simple Co-Operative And

Lotto system (SCOOPALOT) that rewards Members for BUYING and EXCHANGING

goods and services - As opposed to selling them to each other.

Bizarrely, the more automatically notified trades /swaps /exchanges made

between members within one trading cycle (lunar month), the greater

potential dividend awarded back to them on Abundance Days (every full moon).

Even more bizarrely, it becomes highly beneficial to keep prices as LOW as

possible between members or their communities such that more people are left

with more money to trade more goods and services between each other within

any given cycle! Furthermore, because more Abundance remains within this

closed loop system (and is not fleeced off by greedy institutions) - it just

grows and grows to donate to worthy projects and causes AND THE BENEFIT OF


Once ICAN SCOOPALOT is established and earning regular Abundance for itself,

its affiliates and of course, its own members, it is committed to ABUNDANTLY

supporting numerous worthy organisations, causes and projects of choice such

as those here on -  ICAN will allocate a significant

percentage of its future monthly profits to The Abundance Day Fund that it

will GIFT by way of Abundance Day Donations to these bodies. Furthermore, a

portion of the Abundance Day Fund will also be set aside and placed under

the collective control of those longstanding members who have paid a minimum

of 12 subscriptions (not necessarily over consecutive months), for them to

vote for whichever causes and projects THEY care to support with Abundance

Day Donations.

The math stacks up and is extremely simple to grasp by anyone with a modicum

of ability in this area. We have a very sophisticated distribution system in

the works that can be rolled out across many established member bases under

a franchise arrangement and these may even be supplied free of charge at the

outset. This will establish critical mass very quickly and make the whole

thing viable.

The new marketing strategy behind this whole concept is called Multi

Tradeflow Marketing which completely differs from ANY other methodology

currently in use as follows

. It is the FIRST 'Multi Tradeflow Marketing' © System or 'MTM' EVER!

. It is NOT any sort of conventional MLM, Matrix or Pyramid 'scam'

. It Abundantly supports its membership and the things THEY care


. It does NOT bear resemblance to any marketing program in existence


1. The monthly Abundance awarded to members is related to the NUMBER of

different ICAN members that a member BUYS FROM in any given month. It makes

no difference if a member purchases once or 100 times if it is from the same

member within the same cycle. Furthermore, a purchase price of 10 pence has

EXACTLY the same effect as far a member's Abundance award is concerned, as

one of £10,000 - or more!

Abundance is NOT related to value or sales volume! This concept RADICALLY

differs from conventional commerce and marketing philosophy.

2. Abundance flows back to members based upon a UNIQUE, dynamic

commissioning structure rising from an ever evolving and expanding Tradeflow

Pattern based on each member's individual monthly PURCHASES that only

renders just before Abundance Day. Every member's Abundance is then

calculated based upon the Tradeflow Pattern they created for that month from

making their PURCHASES.

3. No single company, organisation or individual is making or providing

something for sale from the top of the supply tree. The ICAN MEMBERS

represent thousands of different companies and businesses able to create,

supply and service their customers with many different goods and services on

a local basis, mainly amongst themselves and in support of each other. ICAN

enables its members to sell themselves.

4. Products and services are encouraged to flow BOTH WAYS, in other words

buyers trade or exchange with their customers. In cases where members don't

seem to require anything directly in return from their customers, they might

find something desirable to purchase from their customer's customer instead

- or their customer's, customer's customer.! And so on.  If these scenarios

can link up they become Circular Tradeflows. The system will be able to work

these out for the membership using logistical and practical preset delivery

radii set within a member or item profile. 

5. No one is above anyone else (as in a conventional MLM, Pyramid, Matrix or

other network scheme) when it comes to commission payments and residual

income streams. Therefore, arguments such as "You've got to be in at the

start else you are wasting your time and money" have NO validity whatsoever.

6. The MTM System DOES NOT REACH SATURATION as occurs in MLM type structures

whereby the system may bottom out as there simply is not enough people to

ensure that later new members are able to receive promotions for increasing

commission awards. ICAN CANNOT RUN OUT OF PEOPLE.



8. The affiliated franchise that enables a member to sign up receives a

monthly profit share from ICAN (based on each of their members' monthly

network purchases) for the first 12 subscription payments. This also means

NO member is forever under their sponsor's umbrella. However, ICAN does

offer substantial alternative residual income opportunities and incentives

to reward its franchisees and affiliates.

9. Quite amazingly, the more a member trades with another, who then trades

with yet more members who also inter-trade with each other, the more money

flows back to ALL concerned the following 'Abundance Day' (Full Moon).

10. It is in everyone's interest within the network to keep prices as LOW AS

POSSIBLE between themselves (Non-members of course may be charged at the

market rate!) - No other financial methodology has ever induced this level

of economic DEFLATION, whilst simultaneously enabling EVERYONE within the

scheme to become BETTER OFF - communally AND financially!

11. ICAN is possibly the only trading entity that arranges its fiscal month

around the Lunar Cycle - The moon is at its most Abundant - therefore why

shouldn't we be?!  

12. ICAN will provide to its members free of charge a complete phone, text

and web based account capable of transferring to and receiving funds from

all the major banking and clearing institutions.

13. ICAN is possibly the FIRST pseudo-co-operative concept able to work WITH

AND SIMULTANEOUSLY COUNTER TO the existing commercial paradigm. 

14. To safeguard against any exchange rate complications ICAN plans to flow

Abundance to its membership via the new global ethical metals based currency

currently in the works - which it also called ICANS and CENTICANS, these are

simply virtual units of currency that may be drawn out of its system as

whatever currency and is no different in any way to any other computer byte

of information representing the value of the new currency - ICAN will only

ever hold a metals backed account.

To facilitate international transactions, all non-UK residents joining ICAN

initially, will have to pay their subscription fees at the applicable

exchange rate of their national currency to the Pound Sterling Value. But

until the new metals backed global currency is in place all Abundance flowed

back to them will be in Pounds Sterling.  As their ICAN accounts accumulate,

overseas members may choose to pay for their monthly subscriptions, as well

as all their ICAN purchases, directly from their ICAN accounts in ICANS. In

this way the purchasing power or 'energy' of an ICAN remains constant across

the network.

Therefore regardless of any international currency fluctuations or economic

volatility, the 'energetic unitary value of exchange' for goods and services

between the ICAN members is exactly the same for everyone!

The effect of this supports entirely the massive case for FAIR TRADE!

15. The ICAN concept offers a DECENTRALIZED politically WORKABLE alternative

to the same FLOGGED TO DEATH 2 PARTY CENTRALIZED 'govern-ment' (aka mind

control) philosophy who actually ARE one and the same! History has

conclusively proved this to be so, seeing that POWER has always remained

CENTRALIZED, with the primary agenda of perpetuating ITSELF.  

16. ICANs primary focus is to make a POSITIVE EFFECTIVE DIFFERENCE FOR AS



Perhaps in the face of all this uncertainty, surely a system to empower

local communities far and wide to collectively support themselves and each

other - if only with those 'bare necessities', has GOT to be GOOD INSURANCE!

- As Baloo in The Jungle Book put it so well:

"Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities, Forget about

your worries and your strife,

I mean the bare necessities, Old Mother Nature's recipes, That brings the

bare necessities of life"

Only the bounteous nature of Mother Earth and our RESPONSIBLE COLLECTIVE,

creative and productive endeavours to provide food, water, shelter, goods,

services, heat, power, transportation, healing, comfort, entertainment,

education, caring guidance (NOT self serving mind controlling political

regimes), benevolent support, love and fun FOR AND AMONGST EACH OTHER on a


Selling and prostituting ourselves in return for SO MUCH of the above to the

DISPROPORTIONATE EXTENT as our western culture currently does, serves only

to line the coffers of parasitic private bankers, corporations, institutions

and the government exchequers of our world - And IS the monumental failure

and terrible indictment of mankind culminating in the sorry 'dog eat dog'

mentality and the mess now prevalent on planet Earth. All sold to US as

better standards of living, less hassle (laziness) and greater security

(folly) - But with the glaringly OBVIOUS AGENDA of ACQUIRING MARKET SHARE,


corruption) and ultimately at the expense of ANY choices and liberty for the

people. (Aka fascism!)

"It's nothing PERSONAL - It's just business" (BIG business) - AS USUAL!...

Business does not have to be BAD - IF IT IS NOT SELFISH!! - But when 95% of

ALL the world's wealth is CONTROLED by a 5% 'elite' MINORITY of the world's

population, one could be forgiven for thinking things are A LOT SQEWED from

the perspective of the 'lower ranks' - (Us!)

So maybe it is HIGH TIME for some 'UNUSUAL' business - THAT BENEFITS THE


In relation to our current personal finances we can draw the analogy of

filling up the bath with the plug out! In order to fill it up at all, let

alone keep it topped up, the taps need to be full on (our earnings going

in). This is NOT a closed system - IT LEAKS VERY BADLY - WE MUST PUT THE

PLUG IN - DUH! Whereupon we won't have to earn so much - just to take a


This may be achieved to an increasing extent by making sure we provide for

as many of our own needs within our local community and spend more and more

of our own money AMONGST OURSELVES - Moreover we should spend it (move it

about) between each other on a VERY REGULAR BASIS, but whatever else we do,

instead of sitting on the energy of our past endeavours (money!) - WE KEEP

IT FLOWING and do not hoard, save or invest it elsewhere to any great extent

or for long periods of time.


It just requires enough people believing and contributing to a system such

as outlined herein to generate an enormous Momentum of Abundance for the

good of MANY communities both locally and worldwide.

The fundamental point here is:

Money has power, but to work best it has to be able to move and FLOW.

But how do we achieve this?

The simple act of steady trading BETWEEN OURSELVES ensures that money

continues to flow.

And because none of it is hoarded, and people keep donating their life

energy into the system by 'doing':

It not only keeps flowing, it also ACCUMULATES!

MTM mathematically proves that by maintaining the flow of monetary energy

within a CLOSED SYSTEM it will always accumulate as more and more people add

more and more of their energies to it. This accumulation goes on to create

more and more Abundance resulting in the MTM Paradox:



So the net result of MTM is that:

Energy invested in the ICAN system empowers people - Energy left in the

existing financial system dis-empowers them!

Thank you

Paul Tamplin


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2008 7:53 AM
Subject: Re: forgotten email address

Dear Mr and Mrs Bellringer,


Ever since I read about Jim Humble’s MMS on your wonderful site, I have wanted to assist his effort to make MMS available to Equatorial Africa.

To this end, I have been put in touch with a Lightworker in Ghana who is willing to distribute this, and I have sent him my spare bottle for him to test and be reassured of its efficacy.  He has been given the necessary information for its use and I have found a supplier here in the UK willing to export it.  However, this is a business and MMS could be made much cheaper increasing the likelihood of more donations.


We are doing an internet ‘mailshot’ asking for the donation of one bottle of MMS which we hope will be successful.  If this turns out to be the case, it might be better for me to set up a small workshop to make it myself (my husband will not allow me to do it at home) and also to think about expanding the operation to train further Ghanaian people to administer MMS in which case we shall need transport to reach outlying villages where the need for MMS is much greater.  At the moment my Lightworker can only treat the poor in and around Accra.


I therefore submit this small effort for the consideration of those who may want to fund it from prosperity funding when this becomes available.


My email address is  


Many thanks to you both for your efforts,


In Love and Light


Sheila Lloyd Mulvey





----- Original Message ----
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 6:01 PM
Subject: We have finally installed our Credit Card Application page
Attention: Mr. Patrick H. Bellringer,
Dear Mr. Bellringer,
We pray that you, your family and your associates are doing well and that God is blessing all of you.
We also pray that you will visit and read our Website at
We are the primary Chiefs of the Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation, Inc., which is registered and Incorporated with the State of Texas.  We are currently on a quest to gain Federal Reservation Status. To do this, though, we know we need to grow in Members and Sponsors.  If we get enough Members along with select Sponsors, then we know the State of Texas and the US Government will listen to our words if we walk softly and speak clearly, with a large number of Members and select Sponsors behind what we say.
We are praying that Four Winds would agree to help us in getting our news out to the world by posting our information on your website.  Again, our primary goal is to search for new Members and select Sponsors to help improve our chances to obtain Federal Government approved Federal Reservation Status.
We request that Fourewinds10 will publish our Information letter that is herein attached named 1-News letter and pass on our Website address:
to your Family and all of your Friends and Associates
The Chiefs of The Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation,
Head Chief Evening Star Elizabeth Sheri Bouse
Deputy Head Chief Morning Glory Leana Morgan Bouse
Chief Justice Screaming Eagle Clyde V. Bouse

This is history in the making.


We are the new Head Chiefs and Board of Directors (Head Council Members) of the Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation.  In 1836 Chief Bowles, Chief Big Mush, along with some of our ancestors signed a Treaty on behalf of the Cherokee Nation of Texas with Sam Houston and other Government Officials from the Republic of Texas.  With this in mind, in 2002 we incorporated and reregistered the Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation with the State of Texas.  We have updated our original Constitution and Bill of Rights, and in 2004 we signed out First Amendments to our Bill of Rights.


We are now rebuilding and praying that the Federal Government will grant our quest for Federal Reservation Status and the right to take our rightful place in this modern world.


We are not asking the State or Texas or the Federal Government to give us any money nor put out any money to buy land for our Reservation. We only request the Federal Government to grant Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation, Inc. Federal Reservation Status.


We are striving to gain new members and sponsors. As we look back at the History of the United States of America, we have seen that the United States has gained their position in this world by accepting new citizens from countries all over the world.


Since the 4th of July 1776, the people in the new land called America fought and formed the United States of America, after this, people have come to the USA from other Countries all over this world and thereafter the US Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Services issues a certificate of Naturalization, after the individual meets all of the requirements and Pledge allegiance to the United State of America, the Document is then signed by a Federal Judge, who hands the document to that individual person who then becomes a full blooded American.


The United States of America has become the prosperous Nation it is by accepting people from Nations all over this world regardless of their Race, Creed, Color, Nationality, or Religion, and under the Laws of the United States of America every person is created equal.


We have considered this point and we have noted that in order to achieve our goals and be recognized by the US Government where they will grant Federal Status to Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation we must become stronger in numbers.

Therefore we are searching for new members from all over the world. Should you be interested in becoming a sponsor and an official registered member on the Rolls of the Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation, visit our Website at:


May God Bless you,

The Chiefs of Cherokee Nation of Texas Reservation

Head Chief Evening Star Elizabeth Sheri Bouse

Deputy Head Chief Morning Glory Leana Morgan Bouse

Chief Justice Screaming Eagle Clyde V. Bouse


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:08 PM
Subject:  humanitarian project
Dear Patrick,
 Thank you for this opportunity to post my humanitarian project to see if anybody can help me with finances.  Thank you for opening up this channel of communication. Here it goes.
 I live in a Mobile home park that was just sold to a new owner, who turned into a real jerk. he's charging 400.00 a month lot rent just 4 one person, any body over one is 15.00 more per person more. He's insane.
Anyways what I need is someone who can provide finances so I can buy the park back and improve the living conditions for all the people that live here.The people living here are so financially hurting. They can't even afford to leave or stay. They can't even afford to up grade there trailers because the new owner wants to turn this park into a 55 or older park and wants everybody to buy his trailers, which is a double-wide. The park was never designed for double wides in the first place. over half the trailer in this park are shot. This is a small park of 36 lots. in the country with a beautiful view of the Blue Mountains here in SE Pennsylvania. I love it here as so do most of the people that live here.But he has made it so that most of us will have to leave  because one you have to buy his trailers and two you have to pay the high lot rent , which nobody can afford let alone pay both.
So this is what I want to do.
1. Buy Park
2. Drop lot rents back to affordable rates
3. Help with financing new trailers for tenets. Low and affordable loans - because most people credit is in the hole.
4. Go Green- meaning hooking park up on solar and wind energy
5.get people to live and function together as a whole
6. recycle garbage
7.Improve the water system . Get a system that purifiers the water so its drinkable. Instead of buying bottled water.
8. This park could be a beautiful park again with alot of tender loving care from all that live here. This park was started by a man who had a vision of helping people . By supplying people a place to live that was affordable and yet you could have fun. If you needed help with anything he was more than willing to help you if he could. He  just want people to get alone and live in peace. He passed away a few years back and the park has never been the same since.
My vision is to pick up were he left off and take it to the finish . And by setting  up this park to run on solar and wind energy would set and example for the rest of the community that it can be done . And alot of these smaller towns around here could go green too. It just needs to show them that it can be done.
I was figuring it will take around 5- 6 million start to finish. It can be done and Me and My Husband have the will to make it happen . So if anybody out there can finances my humanitarian project. I would love to hear from you. You can e-mail me at
Thank you for your Time
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008 1:41 PM
Subject: A Healing Vision
Dear Mr. Bellringer,
       I have a vision for a project here south of Kansas City,Missouri. It would be a healing center,or hub where people could present their particular modalities of healing.  Retreats could be held, and appropriate musical concerts could be staged.All religions would be welcome for healing knows no boundaries.
       Thinking large, it could also be a biodynamic farm where biodynamic and organic methods would be employed, both to provide food for the complex and to present new ideas to those interested in this type of agriculture.
      The architecture would be monolithic with Feng Shui principles applied.  The structures could also act as shelters for the local population if disasters strike. Solar energy would be incorporated to run most of the center's energy needs.
      If anyone else is interested in such an idea, they are welcome to contact me at, or phone  816 773 6345.
      Thank you so much for your time...Michelle Knight
Dear Mr. Bellringer..When I sent you my previous e-mail about my vision, I did not put down that it is just my idea and that it  would need funding. Could you add this information? Thank you so much.  Michelle Knight
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 10:39 PM
Subject: Project
Dear Georgia and Patrick:
I had a similar project I have wanted to create.  While living in Seattle (I left a year ago) there were "tent cities" the homeless have created.  They fight for every place they are allowed to stay.  The neighborhoods don't want them, and there is usually a battle with the City Councils to get a permit.  They are usually only allowed to stay for 90 days, so that doesn't leave them much time to find a new place for the next move.  These aren't just alcoholics and drug addicts, they are people that lost their jobs, then lost their housing.  There are plenty of children in these camps, as well as single moms, etc.
My thought was to purchase some property and have a permanent tent camp, where they are out of the city, and can get shuttle service, etc.  It would also require a common building for showers, cooking facilities and a meeting room.  If the group were so motivated, it would be good to raise some of their food with a nice flower garden.  These people need to express their spirit in artistic ways.  When the fear of living is removed, they would have the opportunity to re-join society.
I would also get old motor homes with no re-sale value to be donated for the families that are working to better themselves.  All those unused FEMA trailers could be used in this manner, in cities across the country that has homeless people.
in Brookings, OR
From: "Georgia" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:53 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

you asked for plans:

here is mine-------


I want to build and run  (but will need help, as it is a very big undertaking!)

a combination:  

medical clinic/addiction addressing center

diagnostic process for \"mental problems\"

series of  halfway homes for homeless in transition to their own places

          maybe even going into building permanent housing facilities

          to be constructed around a beautiful and uplifting park-like atmosphere

          where the soul can be elevated as well as the body

laundry/ clothing source

shoe sources


restaurant to feed those who have been homeless

retraining facility

job placement

continuation of education

in other words, a comprehensive  approach to those who have been considered

throw away people.    

This will be far too big for me alone, but I want to have a group effort

a think tank type approach    complete with all sorts of healers, visionaries,  workers

and those taken in to be assisted can also be a part of all this....should they choose to.....

What do you think?

This will require location,   a wide array of talents and people, also some time.

    Georgia in CA



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 1:46 AM
Hi Patrick,

Thank you SO much for your site...I've only been accessing it for about a year or so now...

I was on a series of calls with someone...who had a small group of people who were trying to "raise the consciousness...or vibration..."... to assist in the manifestation of world changes...and the manifestation of the Prosperity Fund Programs...

It was on one of these calls that my first humanitarian idea came to me...Before that...I did not have any idea for any project that I thought was humanitarian...

The project is called SANCTUARY HOUSE...It is a program for foster children...Basically here are the parameters...

1) We would want kids around the age of 12...Ten children per that we can have them for 6 years...

2) Children selected for these programs must stay the full term...If they are returned to their parents...or removed from the home for any reason...they cannot return...their "slot" would be filled with someone else...

3) Home schooling is what I prefer...I think our educational and life-skills program would be better taught in this environment...

4) There would be two professional parents...a husband and wife...They would be paid for this "job"...

5) Education would be accomplished by skilled teachers...possibly using Superlearning techniques...

6) A whole host of therapies would be available for the help them overcome their horrible past...and move forward in life...

7) The money paid by the state would belong to the children...It would not be used by the house...Half would be put into some kind of investment...The other half would be in an account that the child could access for their own personal use...

8) At the age of 18...the children are NOT abandoned...We will help them in every way...whether to fund college...a business or whatever...just like a "real" family...

9) The money for funding AFTER the age of 18...would come from donations...OR skillful investments by myself...and/or the board of directors...who will serve in a non-pay status...

10) I would like to have about 1/2 to a full million dollars available for each child...after they complete the "program"...

11) The children are not guinea pigs...they are PEOPLE...and would not be monitored as if in a fish bowl...

12) I would not be very involved in the project on a day-to-day basis...I have other things I would like to do...but I WOULD be available to the kids...if they want to talk to me...if they are having any kind of problem...

13) It is hoped that professional therapists would donate some time to the assist the children...

Though I am nowhere NEAR ready to begin this project...I probably would be ready almost the MOMENT the Prosperity Funds materialize under my "control"...

I'm telling you about this project you can keep it with your list of OTHER projects...When the time is right...perhaps donations would be solicited...It must be known and stated that I will have absolutely NO control or ACCESS to the this is nothing like a scam...

In fact...I will purchase the first house...or property to BUILD the house...I will furnish it...and provide all that is needed in the way of startup...After that...the project must run by donations...or perhaps some other creative way will manifest to assist with the necessary expenses...

There will be a director...and the parents will be paid professionals...I already know of a contact that has a summer camp...just for children like this...that might not cost anything...The kids could go to this camp in the summer...

I do NOT have all the details written out...but this is the gist of it...

We will teach: Life, Love, Laughter, Learning and Lifeskills...

Well...There you have it...

Thanks for reading this...and for your INCREDIBLE support over the've done an AMAZING job...

Take care...David...


"In the beginning, we create our own reality!"


Check out my




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From: maryve
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 6:36 AM
Subject: Fw: Breaking news(Surmang Foundation)
Dear Patrick
My friend Gail sent me this email about the dire circumstances charities are in trying to help Tibet people. One such charity is SURMANG FOUNDATION.              i would like to nominate this charity  as a worthy recipitant of any Prosperity Funder that ma y be looking for a worthy  project  and would       like to donate to this worthy Cause.
In the Light
Mary Frawley
POBpx 5963 GCMC  Bundall  Australia 4217
61 7 554457
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 From: gail cibilic
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 8:24 AM
Subject: FW: Breaking news
Hi Mary,

Thought you may like to read this about the dire situation charities are in trying to help Tibet people.

Andy in Beijing whose company I trekked with in Yunnan province put me onto this Foundation and his wife does some volunteer work with them.

Its very interesting to read what they do and makes me wish I was a doctor so I coud volunteer for an organisation such as this.


Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:48:50 +0800

Subject: Breaking news




amara:  the china rural health  alliance  

Surmang Foundation  
surmang charity medical  center

Dear Friend of Surmang,

I’d like to keep you in the loop of an important developing story.  We intend to come out with a fall issue of Parasol this week which will detail other items.

Political Catastrophe

As you know we are not in any way connected to any religious or political group.

Yet, it has always been hard, on a political level, to keep the Surmang projects afloat with the stigma and the suspicions accrued by being a foreign foundation working in an ethnic Tibetan region. We are not a big foundation flush with money or one that has a CEO with highly recognized family name like Gates or Soros.  For us success depends on the success of our projects. And accrued good will.

As a foundation we’d been outside the box for a long time. As we’ve broadened our projects, having treated nearly 80,000 ultra-poor Tibetans,  we’ve surfaced and taken on the kinds of official partnerships that are required not only by increasingly higher profile outputs, but by evolving legal requirements for transparency. For the most part, through the efforts to connect with the government, we’ve succeeded. I’ve been believed. We did all the due diligence we were asked to do — resulting in legal registration at the beginning of this year, at the end of a 4 year process.

2008 has brought its own special challenges.  

This year’s political uprisings in Tibetan areas, temporally linked with the quadrennial international sporting event, has resulted in priorites being set by a part of officialdom neither connected to our friends in public health nor the Prefecture or Provincial Ministries.  

This turn of events is at best a challenge and an obstacle for us and at worst threatens a devolution of our projects in Surmang.  At this writing there are no other foreign foundations in any Tibetan areas aside from Surmang Foundation.  Neither can foreigners (foreign passport holders) work in these areas nor can foreign money go to projects in these areas. Financial links between foreign foundations and projects in ethnic Tibetan regions have been cut.  

This poses the threat of an interruption for the projects of our friends at Kham Aid Foundation, One H.E.A.R.T. Foundation, Konchok Foundation, Kunde Foundation etc. That we can go to Surmang next week is a unique situation in the midst of this crack-down.

How long will this last?  No one knows.  We have been asked to help with a number of health projects that are even more vulnerable than our own. We have a scant 3 months to prepare for next year’s summer volunteer season, so the clock is ticking.

Fortunately, either through evolution or intelligent design, we have been slightly ahead of this curve, first by registering as a Chinese charity. This act has created a local manager with close government ties, and a local office for our work. This is one factor that has allowed our work to continue.  

Secondly we have made Surmang clinic a prototype of a larger project, one not specifically “Tibetan

.” Amara, in providing a sustainable health care system, casts a much wider net than just the 6 million ethnic ultra-poor Tibetans. There are at least 30 million ultra-poor in China and that includes these 6 million ethnic Tibetans.  Amara looks at the health care crisis through the lens of poverty, not language or religion. We will partner with the China national Ministry of Health for this project. This gets us out of the shadow cast on ‘Tibetan’ projects. But we can’t do this alone. We need your continued support.

Not only do we still have a balance in the guanxi, or good will bank after 21 years in Qinghai, but we are growing those relationships.  Amara’s partnership with Ogilvy PR Worldwide, is an important step to connected to a bigger project and the bigger world by stepping outside the Tibetan box. And it is only such a step that we can step back into that box at all. Next week we hope to begin to take that journey with the Qinghai Provincial Government as well.

As we look towards 2008 and the, I have every confidence that we will be able to continue the journey we began 20 years ago and complete its promise.

I hope that, in Surmang and

amara: the china rural health alliance, we can give China and the world a replicable, sustainable model of rural health care.  I hope that we can be a force that can continue to show the wisdom of both a good process and good results results. But to do this we need your help at this critical juncture both to stabilize our existing situation and to go forward into projects such as immunization and continued community health worker training.

If you have donated recently, thanks. I urge your continued support for our work. If you have supported us in the past, but not recently, please do so again.  If you haven’t given us money in the past, please do so now, even if it’s just $25.

Please get out your credit card right now and make a donation through






Lee Weingrad


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From: Sam Pawluk
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 1:43 PM
Subject: Humanitarian
  Dear Patrick and Anne ;
Humanitarian Project ; A service toward unity . A new reflection .
                               Projection :
                      I am looking to create a healing facility / medium . I  am a gifted  Shaman / healer / Sage . We are here to help and to assist those within these awakening times ., providing knowledge and upgrading personal power to the point of transmutation and transition . These are very critical times . It is the first for Mother Earth and humanity to experience higher dimensional energies . Fifth dimensional frequencies and abroad are here now . We must fluently flow with these transitionary times , complementing ourselves with the necessary tools for a successfull leap in consciousness . With support from each other , we will never be the same , as we once were . There is no turning back !
A service toward unity . A new reflection !!
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Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 4:21 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


Project proposal;

 As a "patent holder" for the Water Fuel Cell technology which uses Hydrogen fractureing to convert wate to hydrogen safely, economicly and on demand, I propose to carry on the project that Stanley Meyer, Members of our executive board (WFC prayer warriors) and others gave their lives to bring to Yahvehs people. I intend to restor the WFC injector unit that makes the technology retrievable to internal combustion engines by the simple replacement of the spark plug for the WFC injector.  I would require the funds to travel to the UK to meet with the original contracted developers of the prototype and retrieve the original plans and have them agree to manufacture it for us or to take to a manufacturer  who could. This would then make water as a fuel source available to the masses in an easily retrievable form. Stanley demonstrated our injector at the 1993 energy seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I am told this idea was given him at lunch in Switzerland in the late 80s. I  believe we can make this happen in short order with minimal effort or funding. Please contact me with ideas or comments.


 please get a free NNM subscription for private communication at

 skype \"GaryRay7777

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Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 9:00 AM
Subject: Biz Plan


I was looking in your archives for the article written on Bretton Woods 1943-1971 from a couple of days ago and it is not showing up in search engines or your archives.


I read the article on feeding Africa with organics. Not only could you feed a nation using applicable technology with organic, but the world. I invested into a business plan years ago that is made up of proprietary building material which would be used to build hydroponics chambers to produce organic food with high yields in short time cycles. The biz plan centers mainly around a proprietary building material called Fibershel. I put the person who has this technology together with a developer who has people in Guadalajara Mexico that wish to invest into the biz plan, more for the construction capability of the panel system, then for the hydroponics system. The land in Mexico is worth over $2billion. The owners of the land are willing to put the land up as collateral on a loan to get Fibershel operation up and going. The technology would eventually be used to develop the land in Guadalajara. The hydroponics summary is written mainly for ethanol production but also addresses food production. You may wish to pass this onto an interested investor if settlements ever occur.  The technology will also have an environmental impact in that it will reduce the need for many of the plant resources used in building construction.

Best regards,


Fibershell Technology

Here are excerpts from Norm’s USCC PPM on the FIBERSHEL® Technology: The technology was originally developed and used by TRW for the ceramic tiles on the space shuttle.

            The foundation of the Company’s business objectives and future operations involves the re-vitalization, utilization and exploitation of the FIBERSHEL® structural composite technologies. Structural composites generally consist of two or more materials, mechanically, adhesively or chemically attached together to form a variety of components. Typically, these components are assembled into an “end-product” this is demonstrably superior to the sum of the individual characteristics of the materials and components measured separately. Thus, with respect to residential construction as one example, the FIBERSHEL® structural composite process can produce high-quality construction components and end-products, usually at substantially less cost compared with traditional materials, methods and processes. FIBERSHEL® structural composite components are produced using four basic methods:

1)      PANEL structural composite components are usually produced on a flat surface (lay-up table) and fabrication is accomplished by adding a layer at a time as the table moves along the production line. (i.e. “sandwich” panels, “oreo” panels and other creative names have been used to describe both the process and the result.)

2)      CURVED AND MOLDED structural composite components are produced on irregular surfaces using stationary tables, molds, jugs and forms.

3)      TUBULAR structural composite components, such as pipe and conduit, are produced on “spinning” devices called mandrels that resemble large lathes.

4)      FIELD structural composite component production techniques are used where retro-infill is required or where the required components are so large they can’t be shipped by ”any” means of land, sea or air transportation including helicopters.

All of these components will be used by O.E.M. customers in their end-products, field installed or used in end products constructed by and for USCC.  Since most of the initial production of FIBERSHEL® production will be dedicated to multi-family residential development pursuant to USCC’s growth strategy of “build & hold”, the features, benefits and engineering data provided below are limited to that market segment.

Note:  The International Congress of Building Officials (“ICBO”) publishes and promulgates the Uniform Building Code used by local building departments and building officials in the United States and throughout the world.

AXIAL OR COLUMN LOADING – Previous ICBO testing measured a standard FIBERSHEL® load-bearing wall panel’s ability to support in excess of two (2) tons of linear foot along the top of the wall. Such load-bearing capacity permits construction of structures up to five (5) stories without the typical steel & concrete, post & beam configurations.

DEFLECTION & WINDLOADING – Previous ICBO testing, involved static load and wind tunnel testing. Since no structural engineering test has ever been able to take a FIBERSHEL® panel to “failure” in a bending or wind loading test, results must be stated using terms such as “up to” and “in excess of”. Thus, a FIBERSHEL® exterior wall panel will withstand non=debris winds “up to” and “in access of” 400 miles per hour using special engineered connections at the floor and roof line. Equally, a FIBERSHEL® floor panel will span over 32 feet without posts, beams, or joists and over 40 feet in a diaphragm configuration.

RACK AND SHEAR – Previous ICBO testing demonstrated that an 8 ft. X 8 ft. wall is over 10X as strong as a typical American stick frame exterior load-bearing wall with double diagnonal bracing. In addition, as the length of the wall increases, the strength factors increase geometrically and exponentially. Thus, a 8 ft. high x 30 ft. long FIBERSHEL® load-bearing wall is in excess of 50X as strong as a load-bearing, stick frame wall with the same dimensions and double diagonal bracing.

IMPACT TESTING – Prior “unofficial” testing demonstrated that FIBERSHEL® panels withstand severe impacts from 16 und sledge hammers, automobiles at 20 MPH, .38 caliber bullets and other “unauthorized” curiosity tests. To obtain official impact test results, the Company intends to make special arrangements with Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas to subject FIBERSHEL® panels to their “debris canon” which shoots 2” X 6” X 12’ projectiles at 250+ MPH thereby simulating debris impact during an “F5” tornado. Of course, the results of such future tests cannot be predicted with accuracy and no assurance can be given as to the outcome of such prospective testing.

FLAME SPREAD – All FIBERSHEL® panels to be used for USCC residential construction in the future will utilize non-flammable components which will withstand direct flame and temperatures in excess of 6500 degrees F. applied directly by an acetylene torch which cuts through quarter-inch steel in about 15 seconds. New “loaded” flame spread tests are required for these new configurations and will be conducted by an independent engineering laboratory utilizing the facilities at U.C. Berkley.

INSULATION – 3.5 thick FIBERSHEL® insulated panels are rated at R-19, 5 inch panels at R-29 and 7 inch panels at R-49.

MOLD, WATER, INSECTS, ULTRA-VIOLET RADIATION, RADON, ETC. – All FIBERSHEL® panels used for construction do not support mold growth, don not absorb water, don not dry-rot, are not subject to termite infestations, and are stabilized against UV radiation. Since the Radon problem identified after our most recent testing activity, no testing for this problem has been accomplished. Regardless, based on certain other data, we expect FIBERSHEL® panels will provide a substantial solution to this situation. Again, the results of such future test, of course, cannot be predicted with accuracy and no assurance can be given as to the outcome of such prospective testing.

FIELD TESTING & ACTUAL EXPERIENCE – Some of the best tests involve actual experiences of FIBERSHEL® structures that have been installed in a number of hostile environments. Most notably, on December 13, 1982, The Hadda Ramada Hotel in San’a, (North) Yemen was subjected to a huge earthquake of 6.0 in magnitude. Over 2,800 people were killed and over 20,000 people were injured-mostly due to collapsing structures. Another 300,000 people were left homeless but the only damage to the hotel involved some glass breakage, concrete sidewalk damage and paint peeling at the baseboards.

            The core of the FIBERSHEL® structural composite technologies is dependent upon the Company’s ability to fabricate a wide variety of materials into a large variety of superior, cost effective solutions and present them to the appropriate marketplace. All patent and proprietary rights to the FIBERSHEL® products, production methods & processes and the designs for twenty-four unique pieces of equipment were purchased by (Company President & CEO), A. Norman Matson, on August 1, 1982 and have been assigned to USCC under an exclusive license agreement dated March 15, 2000.

                                                      Narrative on Advanced Hydroponics

                                                                  Historical Perspective

As you probably already know, hydroponics actually dates back to Biblical times (The Hanging Gardens of Babylon) and was used by the Aztecs in Mexico as well but, from our perspective, the modern genesis of hydroponic growing methods in general (and Advanced Hydroponics in particular) actually begins on numerous remote islands in the South Pacific during WWII.

With the advance of the Allies, the Japanese Imperial Army found themselves increasingly isolated and their supply lines virtually strangled or non-existent.  To maximize the few supplies that made it through, the Tokyo bureaucrats decided it would be more efficient to ship seed and tools to grow a variety of crops to sustain their troops – with little consideration given to the fact that coral, volcanic rocks & sand are not exactly suited for growing anything.

Thus, when Allied troops captured island after island, they were sometimes amazed at the variety of fresh vegetables growing in anything the Japanese could find that would be suitable for growing without soil – mostly ammunition, mortar and artillery boxes.  They would simply spread seeds in the bottom of these containers and let the gentle South Pacific climate and rains do the rest.  This led to a concentrated effort by the Allies to emulate and enhance such growing techniques for our troops.

The next real advances were accomplished during the U.S. Navy’s Operation Sealab during the 1960’s with the assistance of the late Jacques Cousteau and with my close friend, Astronaut/Aquanaut, Scott Carpenter. 

This resulted in the ability to grow food hydroponically in strange atmospheres –  with typically a 50% Helium and 50% Oxygen mixture used for high-pressure diving and submarine rescue by the Navy.

Although publicity was minimal because several participants were killed, Operation Sealab essentially opened the door and just about everyone from housewives to growers began experimenting with hydroponics.

Now, please fast-forward to 1982 when I purchased a former TRW manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California and began developing and producing over a hundred “consumer” products made with the identical “structural composites” technology used to construct the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft and all the re-entry heat shields.

Needless to say, NASA had succeeded in creating a highly insulated capsule with “no measurable heat transfer” that could withstand ambient space temperatures that hovered around a balmy 350 degrees below zero F. on the shady side of outer space or temperatures exceeding 10,000 degrees F. during spacecraft re-entry.  Thus, the homes, apartments, freezer boxes, and over-the-road “refer” truck trailers we produce would enjoy infinite “R” values if we could eliminate the windows and doors.

Next, we developed a superb agricultural shipping container for my former IBM “Ag” clients like Contadina, Del Monte, etc. that could be steam-cleaned – with no slivers from bare plywood to penetrate the poly-bag they use to ship bulk tomato sauce.

Lastly, we developed a superb “phase change” environmental control system by adapting an ordinary heat-pump with typically a COP rating of 3:1 (One unit of energy in – three units of energy out) into a “super-heat pump” with a COP rating of 15:1 – along with humidity and atmospheric controls.  Add an analog driven (IBM Series 1) control system to constantly measure everything, and the stage was set for “Advanced Hydroponics.”

Then, with periodic assistance from the Northup King seed folks and the UC Davis Ag department, we spent the next two years in a trial and error mode spread over some forty commodities including shrimp with varying degrees of success.  Most notably, we were able to grow a 12 inch stand of alfalfa in about 36 hours. 

The UC Davis Ag department determined that our alfalfa was an average 60% more nutritious (including the starch content) than field grown and there was no rotting of the roots or stems – resulting in a virtually 100% yield.  In short, we succeeded in tweaking the genetic/chemical quasi-pituitary mechanism without really understanding how and why it works.  Thus, even with our moderate successes, there is no doubt much more we can learn and accomplish with the investment of more time and dollar resource.

Please note that we even visited the World Rice Research Institute in the Philippines and while learning a little bit about genetic diversity, an extraodinary idea came to us when our CFO was taking his vitamins during dinner at the Manila Hotel.  Presoak the rice seed in a vitamin-E like capsule which can be made to dissolve during the hydroponic growing process!  In short, accelerated rice crops without rice paddies!

Unfortunately, all of our efforts were suddenly “shelved” when our financial partner, Eureka Federal Savings & Loan, was taken over by federal regulators.  They proceeded to install a bunch of criminals to operate Eureka and they did a “Sherman’s March to the Sea” on the old Dunes Hotel, some 300+ commercial loan clients – and Me!  The bad guys “called” my loan but when I attempted to payoff said loan with “white knight” Philippine money from the Puyat family (Bank of Manila, Puyat Steel, etc., all payoff tenders were refused!  As it turned out, the bad guys were merely trying to steal my $10 billion enterprise and our technologies.

In short, we were forced to shut down and we disabled all the proprietary equipment and burned the documentation - which was followed by twelve years in a fruitless effort to get relief in the courts – an effort that ended when my war chest was depleted.



Now that all the law suits and nonsense are well in the past, I have attempted to get funding over the last few years with no success because few prospective investors can comprehend the magnitude of what we have without dedicating more than three minutes to review.   Of course, my NASA and astronaut friends were quite surprised and shocked to learn that NASA technology was not considered “high tech” and, therefore, “not cool” in the eyes of the bits, bytes and broadband boys.   However, a few investors actually stayed around long enough to arrive at the “sounds too good to be true” phase.  Then, when investors gained an understanding of what we accomplished and our potential, somewhere in the process “too good to be true” would magically transform into unbridled greed and the prospective investors would attempt to “steal or slam” the deal. 


                                                     The Current Business Climate for Ethanol

Up until a few months ago, and as the grandson of a Midwest cattleman, I was still locked into my original vision of supplying food to people and livestock.  Of course, I had briefly skimmed articles that discussed ethanol production – but always in the context of “corn” which is not exactly suited for hydroponic growing.

Then, I was watching the old movie called “The Great Escape” where the character “Hilts” (played by Steve McQueen) managed to brew up a batch of “white lighting” using potato peels.  That was when it dawned on me that a number of our crops (especially our alfalfa) could be used as a cellulosic biomass for the production of ethanol.

Quite frankly, my initial analysis of the ethanol  corn model” left me stunned as it would appear (at first blush) that, using a common real estate term, “The deal doesn’t pencil!”  Nevertheless, numerous investors are throwing billions of dollars at a “cool” technology that admirably seeks to encourage alternatives to foreign oil dependency, but where the jury is still out as to its eventual success and profitability.

Most notably, the price of corn has more than doubled in the last year – which unmercifully hacks away at the margins that might have existed during the business plan phase – assuming everything else went well and nobody like me had technology to threaten their “corn model.” 

Finally, I found it almost humorous (if it wasn’t so tragic) that Bank of America and other analysts have downgraded a few ethanol producers (and the industry as well) from a hold to a sell rating.  Of course, I’m also certain that (based on some volume anomalies) the same companies issuing these reports probably “short” these companies before issuing said reports which ironically cited what amounts to a temporary regional “glut” of ethanol over-production as the reason for the downgrades.

In summary, and in my opinion, the ethanol industry has two chronic problems – that together “we” can overcome.

First, there is a finite amount of corn that can be diverted to ethanol production which will keep the price of that raw material prohibitively expensive and profits exceedingly rare unless alternative and substantial sources of biomass can be created.

Solution:  Using the above Advanced Hydroponics technology, we can make the supply of low-cost biomass very practical using several raw material alternatives at less than 1/3 the cost of the present corn price.  Cost factors gets even better when the cost of transporting 100 car trains for corn to the ethanol production site is eliminated as our Advanced Hydroponic growing chambers are “mobile” and can be placed a few feet away from the ethanol “still.”  Down the road, you might consider transporting the ethanol in our “composite bulk containers” that don’t corrode and encapsulate the ethanol to reduce evaporation to almost zero.

Secondly, we need to radically increase the demand for ethanol to avoid the aforementioned “glut” situation.

Solution:  Our Advanced Hydroponics technology has no geographic limitations and can be produced in Alaska, on the Moon, on the ocean floor or right next to any ethanol plant – anywhere!  This, in turn, will accelerate the conversion of automobiles from the present E10 to E85 or E100 because supplies could be and would be plentiful.  In addition, inexpensive ethanol (in the 60 cents per gallon range) would justify a significant expansion of co-generated electricity.

Of course, Advanced Hydroponics can and should be used to produce a variety of crops - which will free up land for other crops (like corn) which is not suitable for these techniques.


                                                                  Preliminary Proposal

You may have noticed that this document is not filled with technical data and cost analysis because, as mentioned earlier, my factory was seized by Eureka.  This, however, did not prevent us from destroying documents with trade secrets and certain pieces of proprietary equipment.

This should not be of concern to AltraBiofuels nor Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers as I am not asking you to take any risk with respect to the revitalization of our technologies.

This is because we have managed to create a series of joint ventures involving land that we will develop sometime in the future.  We have gone to great lengths to explain our collective potential and have gained the confidence and consent of the land owners to use said land as collateral for a loan.

Thus, all I need is for KPCB to provide a quality introduction to a major bank while “strongly suggesting” that the bank loan my company about $600 million.  We, in turn,  can pledge as collateral, a prime parcel of undeveloped land (that carries a two year old appraisal of $1.2 billion) as security for a loan of about $600 million – or the traditional 50% LTV – whichever is greater – as the property is most certainly worth more today.  If I was Sam Zell, they would loan me the money in a heartbeat but I’m not – so I need the strength of KPCB to convince a bank otherwise.

The uses of these funds will be as follows:

  1. $50 million for an interest reserve
  2. The land owner will receive $50 million plus stock in my company
  3. We will use about $50 million to reestablish our production facilities & “Advanced Hydroponics”
  4. The remaining $450 million will be used to create a “money tree” cash stream in the form of about 80,000 apartments using our composites technology over a 3-4 period which, in turn will create an annual cash flow of about $1 billion – more than enough to retire the debt.  Since there is no wood in our structures, we build them at half-the-cost.  (Over 8000 in the US and over 3000 globally – which, by the way, did their part to slow the deforestation rate.)

Benefits Flowing to KPCB and/or AltraBiofuels:

KPCB/AltraBiofuels will be provided the option to acquire equity in my company by merely retiring as much of the convertible bank debt as they wish – but only after we have re-established and proven our representations and successes from the prior company.  This should provide KPCB with an 80:1 return on their investment in four years.   Thus, excellent venture capital returns – but without the risk!

In addition, KPCB’s investment in AltraBiofuels will be protected and significantly enhanced as we will supply AltraBiofuels all the cellulosic biomass they can use at their production sites and “pre-prepare” said biomass for use in a “corn model” ethanol production facility – but at far below the price for corn.  This will allow AltraBiofuels to expand their ethanol activities to any geography on the planet and still enjoy significant profits.

Since AltraBiofuels (nor anyone else!) could not compete against my company if I elected to go into the ethanol business, we will sign a non-competition covenant as part of an exclusive strategic/supply agreement which should allow AltraBiofuels to consolidate the ethanol industry on a global basis as no one will be able to compete against AltraBiofuels as well.  I, however, wish to retain the right to produce non-ethanol products such as food & feed.

The only real negative in this situation is that it will take approximately nine months to see an “Advanced Hydroponics” growing chamber in action which necessarily involves the revitalization of the “composites technologies” to fabricate the “Advanced Hydroponics” growing chamber.

In summary and conclusion, introducing collateral into the situation virtually eliminates any actual or perceived risk on both sides.  Neither KPCB nor AltraBiofuels  are taking any financial risk in the above scenario and I am not taking a risk by having to “open the proprietary kimono” and disclosing trade secrets.  Equally, we are not embarking on any theoretical experiment or a concept we think might work.  Since we have already accomplished all of the above, there are no negative nor embarrassing surprises lurking anywhere as it’s just a matter of revitalizing what we did before with essentially the same team consisting of 80% returning lettermen.




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From: "Karen Schuster" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 12:59 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


 My husband and I are asking that any of those giving money to humanitarian groups, consider  If you go to the website, you will see what LifeNets is about: LifeNets was begun by Mr. Victor Kubik and his wife.  Through the efforts of people all over the world, many humanitarian projects are underway at any given.  My husband and I are working with raising funds to drill water wells in Africa, where the people have to walk 2-3 miles just to get water.  We are also working with the purchasing of insectide-treated mosquito nets for children to sleep under, so they do not get malaria.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:  We would greatly appreciate your support to help humanity.  Karen and Mike Schuster





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Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 10:00 PM
Subject: Re: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10
Dear Patrick


My wife and I have always had it on our hearts to either create a loving home for troubled girls ages 11 through college.

Our goal is to build a house, indoor pool and rec area, a horse barn for therapeutic sessions and be able to put each girl through college.  If someone would be willing to help us we would see a life long dream manifest that has always been hindered by lack of finances. Estimated cost would be 2.5 million.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Kevin Nelson

PO Box 841

Platte SD, 57369





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From: "Don Rapp" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 8:15 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Subject: Humanitarian Progam

 Dear Patrick and Anne Bellringer

 Thank you so much for all that you have done to bring truth to our beautiful planet. You are truly an inspiration to have remained so steadfast throughout the years.

 I have developed a sustainable model of food distribution that can dramatically reduce the cost of the food we eat and eliminate the toxic substances we find today on our grocery shelves. The model is community based, locally empowering, and return food profits to the local areas where we live. It is meant to be a model that can be utilized in any community that cares about the enviroinment, and is committed to building a strong community base. Each community food system only needs $36,000 to begin operation and will employ local labor to sustain itself and grow. In addition it will provide a platform for nutritional education, health and wellness  support. I know our home is ready for a new birthing to higher truths and I look forward to being able do all I can to support this transformation.

 With great respect and admiration,



TimeBanking Comes to the Lower Mainland


Exchanging Time and Talent With Your 

Community Members


New to the Lower Mainland is TimeBanking! A chance to exchange time and talent with your neighbours in your community.

TimeBanking is a hit on ABC Good Morning America 3/14/09

Read the article and watch the report on the power of TimeBanking.....



In TimeBanking members earn TimeCredits for helping each other - one hour of your time entitles you to one hour of another TimeBank member’s time.

Here's a good intro video made by a sister TimeBank in the UK:

TimeBanks don't use money: instead, they encourage people to make deposits and withdrawals of their time for helping each other. When your skills are called upon, you give your time by providing a service for another member of the TimeBank.

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You receive TimeCredits which are deposited centrally in a TimeBank that you can withdraw, anytime you need help yourself, from any other TimeBank member.


Helping between members is offered, requested and exchanged through an easy-to-use internet website (or by phoning a coordinator) to link people up and keep a record of transactions through the local TimeBank website.


Unlike money, anyone and everyone can earn TimeCredits - no-one is excluded. Everybody - young or old - has something valuable to offer. What help would like to receive and what would you enjoy doing for others in your community?

Here's another good intro video made by a sister TimeBank in the the US. A great story of people coming together to make a TimeBank a reality!

Helping works better as a two way street, meeting neighbours, making friends and building a vibrant community! Everyone has something to offer of value and we all enjoy the opportunity to share our time and talents with others who value them.

community building with timebanking

Join up for free to share your time and talent and also receive time from other great people! Members earn TimeCredits for helping each other - one hour of your time entitles you to one hour of any other TimeBank member’s time.


Your TimeCredits are deposited centrally in a internet based TimeBank that you can withdraw, anytime you need help yourself, from any other TimeBank member.


The more members there are the greater variety of exchanges of time and talent can take place!

Help between members is offered, requested and exchanged through an easy-to-use internet exchange website (or by phoning a coordinator if you don't have a computer) to link people up and keep a record of transactions through the local TimeBank website.


Everybody - young or old - has something valuable to offer. Helping works better as a two way street.



Give the Gift of You, Receive the Gift of Another -
Pay It Forward Volunteering -
Making Friends, Having Fun

Come Join The TimeBank - Free to become a member


Read through this entire website, the main US TimeBank website (if you want to learn even more about TimeBanking), call for guidance and attend a local information meeting to find out more.

Another intro video about TimeBanking (got the idea yet?)  :-) 


Giving and Receiving Ideas


Minor Home Repair





Computer Assistance



Car Repair & Maintenance


Jewelry Making


Arts & Crafts

Planning a Party


Tax Help

Language Translation

Website Design

Moving Assistance


Mending & Alterations

Group Activities Ideas


Movie Nights

Potluck Dinners

After School Activities


Game Nights

Fashion Shows



Knitting Lessons

Community Clean-up

circle of people

"People giving and receiving complete the circle."
Just one more video about TimeBanking.....
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Subject: RE: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Own a piece of the future:  the new airlines!!!!  


This is going to be huge. (No pun intended) I personally know the folks who are connected to the project of raising of funding through a major foundation overseas.  They have a very strong commitment that the foundation will fund $500M  in the next 12 months.  And an additional $1B capital infusion in the company next year.  We have an opportunity now to get in on the ground floor by helping them raise the seed money needed to produce a first rate you-tube-style movie  to present it to the directors of the foundation.    They are very generous in their offering of either stock or straight 30% promissory note.  $50,000 minimum.


The main thrust of their mission is humanitarian in nature.  This is a brief overview showing both the application and the opportunity.  For those who would like more, I can offer more proforma to help you in your due diligence process.  The clock is ticking on this so a prompt reply would be appreciated.


UN Flag.H.O.P.EHelp Our People Exist



This is a recent news article from the United Nations website , showing the need to transport goods deep into a land locked country. Because of the food shortages, blamed on the current World Economics, not an ounce of these shipments can be wasted on a dock. There are many historical and current examples where the Dynalifter Aircraft could provide extreme Emergency support. 


Note: Addis Ababa, said. "These [food] commodities are needed urgently to assist beneficiaries who are still suffering from the impact of the drought, high food prices and [low] global food stocks."



Ethiopia: Urgent food supplies stuck in Djibouti

Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)

Date: 04 Mar 2009


ADDIS ABABA, 4 March 2009 (IRIN) - Beneficiaries of food aid in Ethiopia could face tougher times unless supplies that are stuck in Djibouti port arrive quickly in the country, sources said.

Officials blamed congestion at Djibouti port, land-locked Ethiopia's main access to the sea, but insisted the situation was improving.

"It was a problem during October and December," Mitku Kassa, Ethiopia's Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, said. "Through negotiation and discussions with the officials, especially Dubai Port World, which manages the port, and STDV, the port agency, the [situation] is improving."

A recent joint assessment by the Ethiopian government and its humanitarian partners found that 4.9 million people would require humanitarian assistance over the next six months. The government and donors have appealed for US$389.3 million worth of food to alleviate the situation.

"A large quantity of WFP's [UN World Food Programme] food is at the port," Paulette Jones, WFP spokeswoman in Addis Ababa, said. "These [food] commodities are needed urgently to assist beneficiaries who are still suffering from the impact of the drought, high food prices and [low] global food stocks."


Current Air Operations are Most Expensive

From the United Nations Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC)


 In a crisis airlift enables the rapid delivery of significant quantities of cargo over long ranges. However, it is the most expensive mode of transportation and should be used only if no alternatives are available. That said, due account must be taken of such important factors as accessibility of the victims and the urgency of the humanitarian crisis. At the onset of an emergency, the use of air transport is very often the only way to reach the victims in a timely manner. Because of their high cost, airlift assets (fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters) should wherever possible be shared or made available for common use. These air assets could include both regional and strategic aircraft.

Humanitarian Services of H.O.P.E.





Creation of Job Opportunities Within Our Production Facilities:

As the business grows, there will be a large human resource requirement for the production of the Dynalifter®. Because of the greatly simplified build process as compared to that of a traditional aircraft, a large percentage of this resource do not require the highly specialized skills needed to build a traditional aircraft. We will have in-house training facilities to train local members of the community.  

Once Dynalifter® Transporters start being used on regular flight routes, ports or hubs will be established in those areas with regular traffic. The Dynalifter® can be built wherever a suitably large and reasonably flat surface is available which provides great versatility in terms of where Production Sites can be set-up. 


Creation of Economic Opportunities within the Production Community:

The Company intends to establish production facilities in countries that have a huge need for economic renewal. The Company plans to play a key role in the establishment of whole communities around these facilities in remote and impoverished areas. This company will particularly seek to promote the development of both agricultural and non-agricultural growth, to generate increased levels of economic growth and stable employment opportunities. To achieve this we will work in close collaboration with local government bodies and foreign aid groups to provide and support the required training facilities, housing and other essential services such as fresh food, water and water treatment plants, medical services, and so forth.  Gradually, people will be able to find gainful employment within the production facility, other local businesses and the non-profit establishments in the community, enabling them to earn their own money to support poverty reduction. 


Tactical Assistance Whilst Job Opportunities are Being Created:

The quantum leap in the volumes and weights which can be transported by the Dynalifter®, and the detachable, customizable pods which are carried beneath the hull, will provide the ability to rapidly and economically transport prefabricated commissary, housing, and even hospital units to areas of the world that need them most. Once these have been delivered to their destination, they can be assembled in place in very short time to cater for the immediate needs of the community. This will satisfy the more immediate need to provide low cost availability of, and accessibility to food, as the mechanisms for development of markets and economic growth are put into place.


Synergize with other Humanitarian Groups


Bring into manufacturing facilities daycare and preschool education systems from other Humanitarian groups that are already specialized in doing such a thing. Teach night school to adults that need to brush up on the basic skills and make themselves personally better. Night School will be paid for by the employee. This will provide a productive, consistent support. Humanitarian Services of H.O.P.E.  




Bypass Infrastructure “The Roadless Transporter”


These pivotal features underpin our belief:

Not only is the Dynalifter an ecologically friendly and cost-effective form of transport, it is the only means of mass transport with practically no need for ground infrastructure, i.e.: it eliminates the need for:



  • road, railway, or waterway networks,
  • tunnels and bridges, 
  • airports or seaports;
  • expensive road projects
  • costly maintenance on infrastructures for transportation modes
  • higher cost to move products



This can represent savings of billions of dollars in areas where extremely limited or no infrastructure exists at present.  And it can be deployed in a fraction of the time it would take to build other suitable transport infrastructures. (REDI) Rapid Economical Development Infrastructure will allow the movement of raw materials to produce products that can be sold over the entire globe.



Because of its unique, the Dynalifter is much safer on take-off, landing, and in flight, than any other mass transport air vehicle (airship, hybrid aircraft, plane or helicopter) that exists today.

The Dynalifter leaves an extremely light environmental footprint as compared to all other traditional means of mass transport. This opens up a huge realm of possibilities in the world of transport. Humanitarian applications of the Dynalifter are the most significant, along with those in the Transport Industry, and constitute our two largest and most important target markets. In fact, our "Dynalifter Transport Networks" are at the heart of many projects that Ohio Airships, Inc. are currently in the process of developing with the Middle East, Africa, India, and Asian countries This Dynalifter alone will provide a potentially radical transformation of their economies.



The DynalifterÒ Aircraft / The Breakthrough Aircraft


The Dynalifter is a heavier-than-air aircraft (not a blimp, not a crane), using a combination of lifting body, wings/canards, all augmented by helium lift. The design allows the craft to operate under a much wider envelope of loads and buoyant lift combination. A problem with historical airships and current Lifting bodies (catenary curtain design) are maintaining desired buoyancy despite variations in temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, fuel expenditure, and condensation or icing loading - helium is too expensive to vent when the airship is light.                                                                                                                 


Consequently, the Dynalifters ability to descend or ascend without losing ballast or lift gas will significantly reduce the operating expense associated with helium only lifting bodies airships. The Dynalifter will be absent of ground crews, weight transfer systems, and mooring facilities on the ground. The Dynalifters act as a heavier-than-air cargo plane.


Main Innovation in the Dynalifter Design

The main innovation in the Dynalifter design is in the novel rigid internal structure, which uses a central neutral beam, supported by stays (cables) from a tower in the manner of as a stay-bridge design. This allows greater loads relative to the airframe mass. Unique to the Dynalifter, the positive or negative concentrated loads from the wings are evenly distributed throughout the main neutral beam. Ohio Airships, the manufacturing agent has a supporting patent.


Studies concurred that the aircraft could handle cross winds on the ground to specific levels, simply adjusted by the aircraft’s weight and other methods. Ground Management Operations (GMO) will always use real time forecasting to decide on the proper mooring technique, or weather avoidance altogether.


cargo bays 747Quantum Leap in Technology

Quantum Leaps in the design provides the ability to land in short distances with high volume cargo bays. (90,000 cu ft. in < 4000 ft)

The Cargo bay sizing is three times larger than current cargo aircraft, simply because the lower speed of the aircraft produces less drag penalties. Shipping efficiencies come with sizing of the cargo bay, and the fact that helium is a renewable lifting device. 



Dynalifter Cargo Bay and a Boeing 747


Future Dynalifters Freighters will be considered the semi-truck of the sky. The aircraft will stay the same, the detachable cargo bays will change for the mission. 



screenshot_17“Roadless Transporter”


This providing the transport solution for areas where only limited or no transport solution currently exists due to land formations, lack of funds, or both

-        economical transport of cargo to support trade within international communities

-        the solution for “ferrying” people and moving cargo to and from land locked areas

-        Humanitarian aid applications, including rapid deployment of desperately needed resources such as food and water, technology and medical programs; emergency evacuations in disaster areas; etc. include electrical restoration, and persistent mass notification, and security.

-        Rapid Economical Development Infrastructure (REDI)

-        Effective fire-fighting, flies at slow speeds at which massive volumes of retardants can be carried

-        the creation of Dynalifter transport hubs where many Dynalifter routes intersect, to help support the creation of new or stronger "communities", and the creation of new jobs for unskilled labor in both the Dynalifter assembly facilities and the new businesses set up to support these communities

-         providing the means for transporting exceptionally large equipment needed for the exploitation of natural resources to distant inland locations or deep sea locations; and likewise, for economical transport of extracted and processed resources to other destinations

-         leisure travel: “flying yachts” for the lucrative tourism industry; sightseeing tours; a new kind of safari for those who are less inclined to trekking in the wild

-        replacement of aging air cargo fleets

-        aerial surveillance and other security-based applications

-        Creation of flying Hospitals and Water Treatment Plants

-        and much more markets available…..


-        Current Dynalifter® Models


-        Currently, three sizes of Dynalifter® body have been designed, the PSC1, PSC3, and PSC2. The different models are produced by fitting the Dynalifter® body with a detachable, fully customizable "cargo pod", which can be used to transport cargo, passengers, or a combination of both, to meet specific Customer requirements.



-        Scales
















-        This allows for the possibility of purchasing several pods, identical or with a different configuration, along with a number of Dynalifter® transporters, to provide great versatility.  These have been evaluated by feasibility studies, computational fluid dynamics, structural analysis, and wind tunnel testing, all performed by highly-qualified aerospace contractors.


More information upon request to:

Here is a table of contents for what I will forward with your request.


Table of Contents                                                                   

International Cause

Hope International Humanitarian Cause                                                                                                              Page 3

Help Our People Exist                                                                                                                                                                 Page 4


Ethiopia: Urgent Food Supplies Stalled in Djibouti                                                                                             Page 4

Help Our People Employ/Expand                                                                                                                                             Page 5

                    Creation of Job Opportunities Within our Production Facilities                             Page 5

                    Creation of Economic Opportunity within the Production Community                                     Page 5

                    Tactical Assistance whilst Job Opportunity                                                                                      Page 5

Synergize with Other Humanitarian Groups                                                                                   Page 5

Help Our People Expand                                                                                                                                                            Page 6

Bypass Infrastructure “Roadless Transporters”                                                                                                  Page 6


Our Mission

Company Mission                                                                                                                                                     Page 7

Company Structure Based on Human Energy                                                                                                     Page 8

Company Experience                                                                                                                                              Page 8


Technological Break Through

The Dynalifter Aircraft , a Breakthrough in Aircraft Technology                                                 Page 9

Quantum Leap in Technology                                                                                                            Page 9

                    Main Innovation the Ridged Internal Structure                                                                              Page 9

Roadless Transporter                                                                                                                                              Page 10

                    Reduction in Shipping Costs                                                                                                               Page 11

                    Current Dynalifter Models                                                                                                                 Page 11


Business Opportunity

Funding Requirements                                                                                                                                                               Page 12

Company’s Responsibility                                                                                                                                       Page 12

Customer’s Responsibility                                                                                                                                      Page 12

Company’s Objectives                                                                                                                                                                 Page 13

Five Year Plan/ Production/ Assembly Facility                                                                                                   Page 14-15


Business Plan Pertinent Information

First 18 Months  Development Costs                                                                                                                   Page 16

Year 2-3 Sales Forecasts, Costs and Profits                                                                                                         Page 17

Year 4-5 Production, Sales, Profits                                                                                                                                           Page 18

5 Year Production Profits                                                                                                                                                           Page 19

                    5 yr Balance Spread Sheet Profits Equity, Cash flow Graphic                                                      Page 19

                    Projected Monthly Balance Sheet                                                                                                                        Page 20

                    Projected Profit and Loss                                                                                                                                       Page 21

                    Plans Assumptions                                                                                                                               Page 22

Ohio Airships Suppliers                                                                                                                                                              Page 23-24

Dynalifter Versions Specifications                                                                                                                                            Page 24


Aircraft Specification

PSC-1 vF Dynalifter Super Heavy Lift Freighter                                                                                                  Page 25

                    Container /Humanitarian Ship                                                                                                           Page 25    

                    Portable Hospital                                                                                                                                 Page 25

PSC-3 vF Dynalifter Heavy Lift Freighter                                                                                                              Page 26

                    Luxury Variant                                                                                                                                                          Page 26     

PSC-2 vF  Mid-Size Cargo Freighter                                                                                                                      Page 27

                    22.5 Ton Cargo Bay Page                                                                                                                                        Page 27

Additional Markets                                                                                                                                                  Page 28-29





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From: "Angela Collins" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 1:53 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


 I have misplaced the information as to where to send a proposal for funding that was featured on one of your updates afew months ago. There were a few applicants that had some wonderful ideas, plans, and proposals that focused on ways to save our planet , turn around the mess we\'re all in and etc. I have some property in rural Ga that needs preparation for organic farming,an institute for youth to acquire the education for this much needed skill and knowledge for our future farmers, and at the same time will provide extra income for our local farmers who are struuling in this nightmarish economy. The land is paid for . Funds are needed for site preparation , seeds for 101.1 acres of land , operation and etc. In lieu of the diabolical Mansanto seed plan, I feel that this endeavor can be of some assistance to help thwart this evilness that is rapidly encroaching on our planet.please provide me with the and or/ alternative resources that can of assistance. please feel free to !

 contact me at the following number : 310-538-1225 I anticipate,  Sincerely, Angela anxiously your reply