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PROJECTS: Humanitarian- Projects 1-56 (updated January 21, 2015)

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  Updated January 21, 2015
NOTE:  Under this heading "Project", Fourwinds is posting e-mail letters from our readers giving information about either projects they have planned and with which they need help, such as workers or finances, or projects with which some one would like to assist with their time, expertise or money.
All submissions must be reasonable in helping humanity in some positive way or that of improving the environment, such as the plants, animals, pollution, etc.  It is essential that all submissions have an e-mail contact address attached.  This will allow our readers to contact each other without the need to go through Fouriwnds to do so.  PHB
 1.   ----- Original Message -----

From: Jane Derry

To: Patrick Bellringer

Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:31 PM

Subject: You can post this...

The time has come for a new group of "messengers" to step forward perhaps by posting on Fourwinds, offering recipients the opportunity to invest in your humanitarian plans to help others. Casper

SOLAR CROSS RANCH Pre-approved for $45million+

(revised proposal) 2/26/2008 I have been approved for $45 million this year, and can get more next year if I need it. I will invest some of that to make sure the school stays solvent. It will be called Solar Cross Ranch, because it will mainly be a school devoted to horses, and Healing. We will train Healers.

How to ride and train horses.

How to breed and raise horses.

Learn the history of horses, on this planet and others.

Different ways of riding; English, Western and Classic (Dressage), and Australian.

All the different breeds of horses. (at least 200 horses, for the school and breeding.)

How Unicorns became horses in Atlantean times.

  How to make tack. (saddles, bridles, bits, etc.)

How to shoe horses, and the reasons why NOT to shoe them!

How to care for horses properly, in the natural way.

History of horse art, and the largest collection of horse related art all over the campus.

The largest horse library in the USA.

The largest Dome horse ring for horse shows, in the USA. ($15 million)

How to Heal horses and people with Rife Technology. ($6,000)

The largest collection of different horse breeds in USA. (Draft, regular, minis) Horse Careers, and people that can help students to get them.

A summer camp and private lessons for kids the whole year.

Dome buildings for horses and humans, so they are safe, plus Coverall buildings.

Tack store that has saddles from students as well as others.

Breeding areas for Friesians, Andalusians, Arabians, Lippizans, (To make Unicorns again.)

The second part of this school will be for Healers, teaching them how to use their Healing talents, on people and the horses and dogs.

Most of the people working for me will be college trained, or wanting to get training from the school as they work there.

The President will be trained in Natural Horsemanship.

I also want to hire someone who can ‘talk’ telepathically to horses and other animals.

Eventually I want to make this school the best place to take horses if they are injured.

I want to make a retirement place for horses, where they can live out their years in comfort and peace. Healthy!

This ranch will be unlike any other ranch, because it will be completely self sufficient, getting water from the air, making clean soil, using no drugs on the riders or horses. The fencing is specially made strong, rustproof pipe that needs no painting and is beautiful. The buildings will be protection from tornadoes and earthquakes and flooding( domes). Horses will live as intended to live, in pastures, in herds.

I plan to introduce Unicorns back to this planet as a breed.

I’m basing this plan on the Horsemaster School in England. This one will be larger and a lot better, and right here in the USA. I’m buying land in Galesburg for the ranch/school. The real estate agent has 509 acres to start with and I might be able to buy the land next door as well. He is talking to the owner now. Since the planet is going to shift, we will do this on another planet when I find out where I am going.

Tianca Jane Derry, 768 Ruby, Galesburg, Illinois 61401



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From: "Mark Millman" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 2:02 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Siterun Contact Request from Mark Millman.

Sender Message:


$1-10 million

The Mankind project is an organization that helps improve the lives of men from all ages, backgrounds, races, sexual orientation, status etc.

MKP is totally run by volunteers and is growing slowly but steadily. Over 20+ years we have prevented suicides, marriage breakdowns and crime. We have made men into better fathers, husbands and employees/employers.

We teach men how to model healthy masculinity and help them to resolve the things that are not working in their lives and improve the things that are.

The organization could help a lot more men if it had more funds. This work provides not only a better life for the men of this planet, it positively impacts on young boys having healthy masculine role models to look up to and the wives and girlfriends and other partners have a more emotionally centred man in their life. This is a worthwhile project and always will be. It operates in most countries around the world and in non-religious and non profit. 

For more information go to

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dana & Crystle Salisbury" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 7:29 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Patrick & Anne,

Here is a HUMANITARIAN PROJECT we are working on.

THE HOUSE (many locations in all 50 states)


The House is a spiritual place where people come to be and become.  A place where people can visit, check out spiritual resources with videos, music, books, etc., meditate, walk in a peace garden, sit in the sun, bring their children for a wonderful experience, have a cup of coffee, and many other experiences people desire (FREE TO USE LIKE A LIBRARY).  All of the resources in the library can be purchased also as desired but the focus is not to \"make money\", but to provide a spiritual place for people to come to.


Out of the many books, and workshops, DVD\'s we have studied over the years, the same theme emerges. Everything is vibration with it\'s own rhythm. This simply idea, a TAG Button, was giving to us as we were seeking a way to fund our HOUSE project and connect with others with similar interests. These three words have a high vibration. The TAG Button is a simple tool reminding us of each moment, in now, choosing thoughts that create joy, love, ease, peace, goodness.

When someone asks, what\'s TAG? We ask them, think of something that you\'re really really thankful for? They think and answer (you can see an instant change in them), for that moment they are in a vibration of being truly thankful. Then we say, that is what TAG is. Raising vibration one moment at a time, with anyone that will ask.

 Please consider purchasing your own button, they are packaged with two, one for yourself and one to share with another. This package is only $5.00 with shipping included.

 For more info email us at or visit our web site at

 Thank you and be blessed,

 Dana & Crystle Salisbury

 We have a big project ahead and are intending to see the universe supply abundantly all of our needs. We need people in cities through out the country who would like to hear more. A HOUSE in your commUnity creating unity, truth and beauty.

We will have groups where people can share ideas, books they have read, visions, etc.  We will also bring in speakers. (CHARGES APPLY)

We ended up with a creation outline and have been building upon that ever since.  Now is the time to make it so!  Millions are awakening and need a place to come to. Our first HOUSE will be here in northern Minnesota and will expand as others with like vision let us know  they would like one in their community.



----- Original Message -----
From: William J. Kennedy
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 2:37 PM
Subject: Please post this in Projects
My name is Bill Kennedy and I am the senior trustee for An Eagles View Foundation.
I'm at and/or 925-577-3241.
Have you ever tried going to bed with a painful toothache? You would say a little prayer and take a couple of Ibuprofens hoping you could fall asleep and then hurry off to the dentist first thing in the morning to have the tooth pulled!
What if you lived in a place such as Appleachia (West Virginia and Kentucky?) You could still have the toothache but when bed-time came you would try to sleep on the ground or on a board (no soft mattress or pillows here) There would be no pain releif or aspirins for you to help fall asleep. You would have to toss and turn all night long and in the morning the pain would still be and probably worse.
Instead of going to the dentist you would simply have to live with the pain because where you live there are no dentists and your mom & dad wouldn't have the money to pay the dentist even if there was one.
Many of us have been blessed with our living circumstances but so many more suffer each and every day.
An Eagles View Foundation is trying very hard to solve these tremendous and painful situations by purchasing medical and dental mobile units for our fellow brothers & sisters who live in these standards.
We want our first order to be 10 units and our request would be $4,500,000. This first order would go to Appleachia, India, Brazil, Mexico and Louisiana.
Thank you so very much for considering us.
Bill Kennedy
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 3:40 PM
Subject: Please post this in Projects
AN EAGLES VIEW FOUNDATION,  A Private Charitable Foundation
William J. (Bill) Kennedy, Managing Trustee
An Eagles View Foundation is looking to provide health care, medical and dental, to indigent and needy people throughout the world.
We are supported in our dreams and efforts by doctors and dentists that will volunteer their time and money to profide this care.
We find it interesting that we who have it all find such discomfort in simply going to the dentist; in fact we often times make jokes about it.
In a most recent conversation with one of our dentists he shared his feelings about fixing a simple gum infection on a 12 year old girl
in central Mexico. This girl would have died if left un-treated and not even to mention the ending of the horrible pain in her mouth.
We have many kind, giving and wonderful people here in America willing to assist others for free who need the care that you and I sometimes take for granted.
We are currently seeking grants  to purchase mobile medical and dental clinics to deliver them wherever needed. 
An Eagles View and all associated with it will do everything possible to assist in bringing such desired and needed care to all who would  benefit, regardless of where in the world they may live.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2008 1:11 PM
Subject: solar powered flying vehicle
Dear Mr. Bellringer ,

In respond to your offer to help humanitarian project to obtain financial support , I am hereby sending you detail of my invention , I do hope it does qualify as such to be able to appear in your website .

 1) My invention is a solar powered flying vehicle , it can fly any number of persons or goods to any destination in

     the world , take off and land repeatedly on a small piece of land , stay in the air indefinitely . it can do all this

     using  solar energy as its only power source .

 2) My invention is already registered with the US patent office , Japan patent office and the Patent cooperation 

     treaty office ( International patent office ) The details of which is already published by the US patent office 

     and can be viewed on Google search website under its technical title " solar powered floatation device for 

     all type of vehicle , Air Sea & Land "

 3) The prospect for my invention is unlimited, for it can be designed for a) single passenger model b) family 

     type model  c) bus type model  d) airliner type model  e) cargo type model  f) military type model  d) special

     operation model .

 4) Once the price of Oil became too prohibited or is depleted , the solar powered flying vehicle shall became the 

     only affordable modern transportation available.

 5) I need  US $ 10,000,000.00 to build a workable prototype that can carry 4 crewmen to fly nonstop around 

     the world to prove the safety of the vehicle and also to win the US $ 10,000,000.00 prize offered by NASA 

     to the first solar powered plane to fly nonstop  around the world.  

 6) My solar powered flying vehicle use or consume no fossil fuel ., produce no pollution or noise. do not need 

     airfield or runway .and can stay in the air as long as needed.

 7) To repay whatever financial support given to me , I am willing to offer part   ownership of my patent rights.

     the rights shall included all future business that  resulted from the success of the invention   such as

     worldwide busline monopoly , worldwide real estate monpoly and others.

 8) All profit from the success of the invention after satisfying the legal rights of all the shareholders shall be given 

    to a foundation dedicated to help the orphans and the dispossess.  

 9) To achieve maximun production and worldwide distribution of the invention at the shortest time , We shall adopt

     the leasing / royalty method .used by  other  big company.

10) Note to my financer , this is the best investment you will ever made . your ROI will make you many times a 

     Billioniare.  in a short period of time .

Thank you for your time and patience,

Victor Yam

Email :


----- Original Message -----
From: "Dorothy VS" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 7:45 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Bellringer & Casper, AFTER the Funds finally arrive, I plan to donate to the Food Pantries. The Poor & Ignorant have to eat like everyone else, but I am wondering how to educate these Poor & Ignorant people so that they will know exactly how they got that way. What & Who caused it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ralph Gillispie" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 7:33 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
To Patrick Bellringer and Casper... per your update this date.

As it stands this day, June 24, 2008.... at some ten minutes past the afternoon hour of 5... there has been no delivery to my door.

Because there is a distinct probability that my FC never made it into some safekeeping place and therefore there will be no delivery... at least in the beginning... I shall render this idea to the keepers of such ideas, in hopes that someone will take the time to analyze it and perhaps put it into the pile of possible action items.

So... the secure coordinates for my computer are... just in case anyone should want to contact me... :

Skype:  ralph.gillispie

Secure email:

There are, in the several states, especially in the smaller communities,  literally hundreds of unoccupied, older, misused school houses sitting idle.  Retrofitting and upgrading these buildings, or simply restoring them to usable condition, would provide work for hundreds of men, women and children.

Utilizing these existing buildings as real educational facilities, as they were initially intended, would also provide for information (awareness), knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Starting with one and two hour classes in real American History, accompanied by one and two hour classes in real Law vs the legal system. 

These classes would be for all people.  Classrooms for age groups.  Augmenting the ongoing NESARA functions for bringing the masses the truth about Law.  Large screen internet/television facilities for realtime education.

Complete Law libraries in the bigger local buildings, or the local Court Houses, including research capabilities via internet, intranet, online systems.

Special math classes, science classes, computer sciences, et al.

Teachers, educators, books would be totally transparent, i.e., open to full inspection by the public and teams of specialists dedicated to ensuring truth only be promulgated.

Some people with the skills necessary to put it all together, promote it and bring it to fruition would be required. 


Ralph Gillispie

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jack Kristeller" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 5:12 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Dear Fourwinds10,

I read Casper latest post with great interest.

Since I have been closely following the progress of NESARA and the unfolding drama of the \'settlements\', together with the ongoing saga as narrated by Christopher Story re. the same subject and the so-called Wanta Plan and his sterling work in drawing the  attention of a world audience to the criminal cabal which governs the United States.

I would like to be one of the first people to offer a suggestion for the use of a tiny, tiny fraction of the funds for a very noble purpose.  As I feel it is too hazardous to reveal my identity here, at least until I have established secure, safe communications with fund-holders or their agents, all communications will be to this email address. I hope this is acceptable.

I do have the means to prove both my \'bona fides\' and my professional expertise and professional standing which I will provide at the appropriate time. Until then, I will give you a brief outline of my idea.

I am a composer and music publisher and have been in the music business for over 30 years. I have concentrated on writing and publishing music for young woodwind instrument players (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone) and woodwind music for non-professional players. I have also written (and continue to write) serious concert works which are performed by professional ensembles.

More recently, I have concentrated on piano music (particularly works for 2 pianos and piano duet). I am planning a series of concerts featuring some of my own works plus 2 piano and piano duets, performed by professional pianists in a variety of venues (concert halls, schools, colleges music clubs)  which will impact on a maximum audience. The theme of this first concert is the folly of war - presented in a thought-provoking and thoughtful manner. For this I draw on decades of concert programme-planning experience and the ability to write extremely educational, informative and soul-searching programme notes for concert-goers.

I do so hope that this email will be taken seriously since it is written with a serious intention. In that hope I trust that I will receive a reply.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Kristeller




Isabella Luv

1618 W. Alameda St.

Santa fe NM 87501

Dear bellringer ( thank GOD for you and Ann )

I have many projects in mind staring with

Family members

Friends . I believe charity starts at home.

I have a friend who has an earth business where he brings mother earth back to producing as it did a few hundred years ago. Every thing is natural in harmony with mother earth.

I will contributed to a project called HEFFER

Helping people all over the world with contributions of live animals .

My personal interest are in the healing arts and I will pursue that with all my heart.

Last but by no means least I want to once again work with young girls and women in the department of personal development and self esteem classes no girl or women will be turned away. If her interest is there she will be with us.

Much love peace to you both and our precious world

Isabella Luv



----- Original Message -----

From: "Georgia" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:53 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

you asked for plans:

here is mine-------


I want to build and run  (but will need help, as it is a very big undertaking!)

a combination:  

medical clinic/addiction addressing center

diagnostic process for \"mental problems\"

series of  halfway homes for homeless in transition to their own places

          maybe even going into building permanent housing facilities

          to be constructed around a beautiful and uplifting park-like atmosphere

          where the soul can be elevated as well as the body

laundry/ clothing source

shoe sources


restaurant to feed those who have been homeless

retraining facility

job placement

continuation of education

in other words, a comprehensive  approach to those who have been considered

throw away people.    

This will be far too big for me alone, but I want to have a group effort

a think tank type approach    complete with all sorts of healers, visionaries,  workers

and those taken in to be assisted can also be a part of all this....should they choose to.....

What do you think?

This will require location,   a wide array of talents and people, also some time.

    Georgia in CA



----- Original Message -----
From: "Cathy Kornman" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:14 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


Dear Patrick and Anne,

As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the lightworkers you are!  The information dispersed by your website is LIGHT.

I read the Casper reports, and am thankful for the progress being made, but am disappointed daily that we don\'t have announcements and deliveries.

I have been thinking that maybe all the delays are due to divine timing not being right.  Maybe the world must be awakened BEFORE announcements and deliveries.

Anyway, I thougt I would pass on information to you about a project to do just that.  Are you familiar with the Ashtar Command?  I\'m guessing you are.  They have information about what is being called Project Ultimate Mirror.

See what you think!  If it resonates with you, put the word out on your site!  The meditation is July 5th.

The link that goes directly to the info on the Ashtar Command from my email is:


I don\'t know if it will work from your computer, but it will save time navigating the site for the info if it does!!

Prayers in Light,  Cathy


Project UMPE Conference Call Details - A Must Read! Important!
en changed. This week, we will be having one big monumental conference call. The purpose for this is because of a special guest who will be speaking about Project UMPE. The details for this call are as: Scheduled Conference Date: Friday, June 20th 2008 Scheduled Start Time: 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-6350 Participant Access Code: 985171 Goal: To have 100 people present on the call For this conference call, we are asking that everybody spread this information to as many people as possible so on Friday, we can have over 100 people participating and listening in to the conference call. During the call, we will be discussing everything about Project UMPE which includes: 1) A full explanation of what Project UMPE is. 2) A full explanation of meditation methods for July 5th. 3) A question and answer period with Commander Atmos of the Galactic Federation of Light who is from Sirius B.
For those who are new to Project UMPE, the following is a detailed message explaining what it is and how important it is for humanity! Project UMPE (Ultimate Mirror Peace Event) Today is a most important and critical day for Planet Earth. The message that we wish to address to you is one that can change the planet, if you let it. A plan has recently been created, which can heal this planet of the corrupt, deceitful shadow governments who do and care solely about what benefits them; individualism over unity of the populous. We are at a critical moment in Planet Earths history; one in which you, who is reading this now, can participate in and help change the planet. The time has come for humanity to put themselves back in charge of this planet. It's time to create world peace. It's time to create the world in which you were all destined to be a part of. And it already has started by you reading this right now at this exact time; whenever and wherever that may be. So what are we speaking about? We will go over everything in detail in this message.
So let's begin. 1) The Ultimate Mirror and its History through time. The Ultimate Mirror is a highly inter dimensional divine piece of technology. Its name, the Ultimate Mirror, is what we decided to call it when bringing it to public attention. This name explains how it operates and functions when activated. Upon this planet, it was first discovered during the time of Atlantis, but the technology predates even Atlantean society. There are a total of ten Ultimate Mirror's throughout creation. What is their purpose? Their purpose is simple. When an experimental civilization is birthed onto a planet to help educate its inhabitants, this technology is placed upon it by that planet's Spiritual Hierarchy. Why? That is easily answered. Since the future is never "set in stone"; certain events may occur, whether they be positive or negative. If there is an event in which it disrupts the evolutionary cycles of physicality and consciousness for that specific planet, then the Ultimate Mirror, when activated, will correct that fault or roadblock and place that civilizations evolutionary cycles of all, back on track so to speak. Planet Earth is one such planet mentioned above in the example. But for a civilization to activate it, it must be found and uncovered first. This coincides with the Universal Law of Free Will. It was originally discovered on this planet as we have said already, during the time of Atlantis. But after its destruction, thirteen millennia ago, it was lost, or so we thought. Thoth, the ruler during the time of Atlantis was the being who uncovered it first.
A mass educational process then ensued to try and discover what it was and what it can do. Through a span of several decades, the Atlanteans fully disclosed all of the information they could from this piece of technology. They knew what it was for, what it does, and more importantly, why. So when the fall of Atlantis was clearly seen by all, Thoth ordered this technology to be relocated to one of its outposts which, in today's times, was moved to what is known as North America. Since then, it has been relocated once again to the Inner Earth where it is overseen by the Agarthans and representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Spiritual Hierarchy. It is stored within a temple, where two Atlantean guardians monitor it at all times. Why? In case a time came where it would be activated by the surface civilization; us. 2) The Ultimate Mirror's Functionality. So what does the Ultimate Mirror do? What will happen if it gets activated? And more importantly, how does one activate it? These are all important and necessary questions. What does the Ultimate Mirror do, in detail? First, let's uncover what exactly this technology is. It is a sentient being. It is an orange colored orb that is 5th dimensional and semi physical. It was designed that way for many specific reasons. Based on the current state of affairs of the experimental civilization, the Ultimate Mirror will function in different ways.
The Ultimate Mirror can actually tell what the current state of affairs of the planets civilization is. It's a telepath. But since its activation is only allowable if the evolutionary cycles of the civilization are disrupted, it will always counter what is currently seen as a roadblock which is what is causing the disruption. But let's talk about what will happen to our planet if it is activated relatively soon. Many things would occur. First, it will dramatically boost and elevate the civilizations energies, vibrations, perceptions, awareness, spirituality, and most importantly, their consciousness, as a whole. All of these factors will be elevated to a level where truths about the world will be easily seen and spotted by everybody experiencing it. Examples of these truths are the following: Government corruption, terrorism, September 11th 2001, New World Order, etc. See, the Ultimate Mirror emits energies of awareness and change which will sweep the entire planet and affect everyone and everything, which in turn, will eradicate the truths that are detrimental to the evolutionary cycles of our civilization.
Secondly, it will tear down completely the veil of deceit, that the Illuminati created which hides the true operations of planetary control from the people, which will utterly destroy the dark cabal by the public's heightened levels of perception. Public exploration for truth. And yes, any other truths that have not been released will eventually come out such as the UFO cover up, truth about religions, etc. Since the Illuminati is the source of the problem on our planet, the Ultimate Mirror will aim to dismantle it, as they have been severely and purposely disrupting our evolutionary cycles for their own selfish endeavors. Dismantling the Illuminati. To do this, the Ultimate Mirror will orchestrate times where certain events will occur that will manifest this conclusion. "Ok, this sounds fantastic. But how is it activated?" The activation of this technology is very complex. First, a mass meditation needs to take place. Since the Ultimate Mirror will affect the whole planet, the Universal Law of Free Will comes into play. In order for its activation to be successful, critical mass, or half, of the civilization must participate to activate it. "But there are billions of people on the planet and not everybody knows or cares to know about the truths of the world."
This is correct. But this is why there are star seeds or light workers present. Light Workers make up about 20% of the planets population. We are all here to help the other 80% understand what is happening when things such as First Contact and ascension take place. We are basically representatives of Humanity of Planet Earth. Since this is fact, these are the people who can decide what can happen to the collective. For the Ultimate Mirror to be activated, we need between 5,000 and 10,000 light workers to participate. What needs to happen, is these light workers need to do two things. 1) Meditation for activation. Each light worker needs to emit their intent, thoughts, emotions, images, and energies towards the Ultimate Mirror. It is important that what I just stated is focused to help humanity overcome the disturbances in their evolutionary cycles of the civilization. Examples are thinking about First Contact, ascension, the Golden Age, change to help humanity, NESARA, prosperity funds, your perfect world, etc.
This will be explained more shortly. 2) The Consciousness Grid of Humanity. Each light worker also needs to tap into the consciousness grid of humanity and spread the information and knowledge from step 1 throughout the entire grid. This will tap into the subconscious of humanity and can allow them to help and participate in activating the Ultimate Mirror. It will become something humanity wants, opposed to what 5,000 – 10,000 want with their help. As we have said, a mass meditation needs to occur to activate this technology. This will occur after the eight week worldwide educational program. Starting on April 30th, the first release of this message will be sent out all across the internet. Once a week, for eight weeks, this message will be released on the internet repeatedly so the maximum amount of people can obtain and read it. This will end on July 3rd. Also, on every Tuesday and Saturday of these eight weeks, an Educational Conference Call on the Ultimate Mirror and the event which will follow its possible activation will occur. Anybody can attend. The purpose of this educational program is to educate people and spread this information to the planet as wide as possible before the July 5th mass meditation for activation. "So, what will happen? What should people do during this mass meditation?" The mass meditation will take place on July 5th. Activating the Ultimate Mirror is going to be a 24 hour day. "So what should we do to participate?"
During this day, you need to do the following. You need to meditate and focus all of your energies of love, peace, and joy into activating the Ultimate Mirror. Visualize the planet transforming from war to peace. See the realization of the planet that we are all connected. Set the intent on activating the Ultimate Mirror to change reality to one that is meant to be. One in which Love encompasses everything and peace thrives. Imagine your dream world, and send out all of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions with it. Visualize yourself being within the temple the Ultimate Mirror is kept in within the Inner Earth. Sit inside the temple and focus all of your energies and intent towards it. The most important thing to do during meditation is to know that what you are doing is going to change the planet. The Ultimate Mirror, which is telepathic, reviews all positive thoughts and energies, and attracts them within the technology. When critical mass has been achieved (and it can tell), then it activates automatically and sends energies across the entire planet.
These energies will counter the roadblocks that disrupt the civilizations evolutionary cycles. This will last for approximately four to six months. When its job is done, it deactivates itself. If critical mass is achieved, the beings of the Inner Earth will add their energies to the mix which will boost everything even more profoundly. Many light workers wonder what they can do to help bring things such as First Contact into manifestation. How can a light worker help create peace? Create Love within all? Create Joy? Planet wide? Well, this event is something everybody can finally participate in to achieve Love, Peace, and Joy…planet wide! 3) Uncovering the Truth of You. Other than boosting energies and consciousness and eradicating disruptions from the civilizations evolution, the Ultimate Mirror will uncover the biggest truth of all. This is the truth of One. The god like spark of creation will be lit in every single person on the planet. Realizations of the fact that everything in creation; in physicality, is connected will occur. The truth that God is you will become fact and not fiction.
Your true origins will start to be recalled by humanity. The truth that the human civilization originated from the stars will shed light on the biggest realization that all of us, from Planet Earth, originated off planet. Our home is the stars. We are all spiritual beings. We will all start uncovering the truth of ourselves in a direct intimate manner, which will be different for everybody. Truth is everything, and those who know it, shall thrive in love, peace, and joy. The knowing of this will be the greatest realization of humanity in history upon your planet. 4) Spread The Word. "Wow. All of this seems fantastic. I am inspired and am ready to participate. What else can I do?" The easiest thing anybody can do is spread the word! Take this message and send it to everybody you know. And have them send it to everybody they know. And so on and so forth. Spread the word! This can be one of the greatest events in human history. This can be a time where humanity solves the issues that have plagued our civilization and planet for thirteen millennia. So let's get to work, there's much to do! Let's create a Project Ultimate Mirror Peace Event movement planet wide! You can make a change. Together, we can perfect it. 5) Contacting Project UMPE/Details on Educational Conference Calls For those who have questions or have skills they wish to contribute, then you can email us at: For the eight week planet wide educational program, the Yahoo Group: The Galactic Federation of Light will be the headquarters for new information on Project UMPE. Anybody can join at: "".  Details for every Tuesday and Saturday Project UMPE Educational Conference Call will be listed on the Yahoo Group (listed above) in advance of the call. Details will include the time, what phone number to call, and the access code to attend. We also post the details on various other websites and groups as well. In Love and Light, Commander Adama – Representative for the Galactic Federation of Light Commander Jarekiaah – Representative for the Ashtar Command Randy – Representative for the Spiritual Hierarchy…
Added by Commander Adama at 10:50pm on June 17th, 2008
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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:02 PM
Subject: Healthy Homeless Children.
To provide  homes for children with a loving mother and dad in a good Christisan enviroment on a 550 acre tract.including a150 acre springfeed lake.  Teaching gardening and growing  on food. and self survival.
                                           Ralph Hubbard 402 496 0703
                                           Omaha, Nebraska 68164
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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:02 PM
Subject: Humanitarian Project
Dear Patrick and Ann:

Many, many thanks for ALL that you have done to keep us informed, Via Casper, Story, and others.

As a Vietnam-era Veteran, I am deeply saddened when I have met a Veteran on the streets of my hometown, Charlotte, NC, to only discover that these guys/gays who faithfully served their country have had to spend a night sleeping on the streets of Charlotte. It has brought me to tears whenever I met these individuals, knowing that the "Village Idiot" and "Darth Vader" ran from their obligation.

My project would be to purchase land near downtown Charlotte, and build a  "Home for Veterans and their Families" , where ANY veteran could stay as long as possible without  ANY personal expense  and could receive housing,  clothing,  food,  medical attention, etc.  and NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  A VA administrative office  is located  downtown  along with  transportation to local hospitals, clinics, and other needed facilities.  I am personally aware that numerous area churches  also provide  various  accommodations for existing downtown Men's and Women's Shelters. Once a need is broadcast to the Metrolina region of the Carolinas, I am certain that many groups will volunteer to assist these men and ladies!

I am also aware that this past winter, these existing shelters were "FULL" and had turned away people into the night! This, while those in the "District of Criminals"  were warm, with  full stomachs! 

You may contact me at or at PO BOX 32172, Charlotte, NC 28232


Ralph Faulk

USAF Veteran

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From: SusanAnn <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:06 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


I plan to set up healing and training centers for health issues.

I have been using ancient healing techniques to heal bodies, minds, and emotions, for quite a few years with a 99% success rate.

Any one wishing to finance this project please contact:


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From: Suzy Star
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:18 PM
Subject: Humantarian & Envirionmental Projects
Dear Patrick,

I am involved in a very large global project that will benefit not only every state in the US but also every country in the world.

Our Global Foundation plans to build "Creative Communities" that will provide work, living and educational opportunities for millions of people.

The Creative communities will include Community Centers, Co-op farms, Orphanages, Hospitals, Performing Arts Centers, Water facilities, Healing centers, Schools for both Children & Adults, Disaster Relief Centers, Hostels, Dinning Facilities, Libraries, Art Galleries, Museums and both Organic and Permaculture gardens & training.

There will be many opportunities for talented people to help build, train, and run and staff these centers, as well as sponsor and support financially.

We have a lot of technology that will take us off the grid, provide many alternative medicinal benefits and provide many earth friendly products for building, consuming and healing.

While the website is still under construction, one can receive a fairly comprehensive idea of many of our plans.

Several people have already donated land where these centers can be built and we are actively seeking other parcels in other locations. If desired, the person donating their land can retain a portion of the land and continue living there as a resident caretaker. We are also open to other alternatives such as a purchase, joint venture, etc.

We have a large group of very talented people who have indicated a desire to be involved in this project and we are actively seeking others, along with funds to help back the project.

Thank you for posting this on your website.


Suzy Star

(541) 736-5150


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From: "Camilla Odendaal" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:52 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear Mr Bellringer,

i realize, that down here in the southern tip of Africa, the best we can possibly hope for, would be debt-relief and a completely new banking system (no usury any more). regardless of that, here is my dream:

owning a little plot in the south-east of our beautiful, sunny country, where i could build a few tiny bungalows to accommodate people from around the world who are just looking for the sun\'s warmth and peace; enough silence to be able to think normally again, listen to and feel the wind,  where they can find rest from the normal day\'s stresses, find peace, gratitude, themselves and their lord again.

this dream would grow its own vegetables, have its own milk cows and give a home to all the unwanted, maltreated animals that our SPCA and nature foundations can not house or keep any more.

i know,  that being with animals, being in God\'s nature, learning to live and appreciate all creation, will heal many tired souls and will sow the seed for a better future for our mother earth Shan.

we have enough top-rated establishments that people visit for a day or two, fly through nature and pay through their necks but none, that would be affordable to everyone (if need be free of charge) who desparately just need to get away for some time to heal.

i dream of a self-supporting safe-haven for all that are lacking of hope.

as i pray for the return of the constitution of the united states of america and the release from all the evil you are suffering, please pray with me and some day my dream will come true (if i work at it).

God wanted his children free and happy, HIS WILL BE DONE.

in love and light


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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 4:05 PM
Mrs & Mr Bellringer,

Homelessness has been on my mind for sometime.  I have personal been homeless and have found the majority of people who find their selves in this situation are honorable people.  I believe with the forclosuer situation in this country many more people will find their selves in this situation.  I am from Seattle Washington.


I want to purchase abandon/vacate hotel buildings that could be remodled, fix them up in liviable condition and house the homeless.  In Seattle we have a 501 (C) 3 called Sharewheel, they have what is called Tent Cities where homeless people can come and live in tents that are provided.  No rent, food is free, you come and go as you please work a job or not.  There are some regulations ad I would pattern my Hotels just like tent cities.

1. No Drugs or Alcohol

(you can not come with alcohol o your breath and can not have been drinking this is grounds for immediate expultion).

2.  Set it up with the City to do back ground checks.  If you have any duragatoris in your file you can not enter the hotel until it is clear.

3. Set up a structure that the Hotel community police ist own people.  Develop a Executive Commity, with 24hr. round the clock coverage of enterence. even a patrol that would walk the area of the hotel.

3. Have bus tokens that could be handed out each morning, for those who are looking for work or those who are workig.

4. I woud not have Teenagers just adult although we would not turn anyone away.  People with families could stay the night but must leave the next day and they would go on the list in the city and be on the top of the list for housing.

5. Their would be no cooking in the rooms. Meal would be provided, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner at specific hours each day.  Sack lunch would be made for the next days people who are going out and want a lunch.

Thier is more to this than I am stating here but I think you can see what I'm trying to do.  Note if yo have your own transportation you would have to show proof of Insurance.

Randolph L Fulton


I live in University Place Wash.  (Westside of Tacoma)

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From: "Bob Peterson" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 4:20 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Through a network of contacts I am currently working with "Nourish The Children." Everyday 10,000 children are dying of starvation. We are pushing ahead to drastically bring down that number. This initiative was started by Lee Ioccoca of Chrysler fame.

I plan on using my new money to begin a large, ongoing professional and extensive marketing blitz. The number of children saved will be enormous.

Anyone who wants more information or who wants to join me is urged to contact me:

Bob Peterson

748 Wesley

Evanston IL 60202


Thank you.

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From: "Ralph Fucetola JD" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 10:09 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

I\'m a trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation, - we\'d like to tell your readers about health freedom issues and ask them to join our Health Freedom eAlert system, largest in the freedom movement. We say NO to GMOs, Forced Vaccinations, Codex/FDA attacks on natural products and remedies.

Our accomplishments:

Our eAlert sign-up:

Thank you!

Ralph Fucetola JD

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From: "Steven Greene" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 7:05 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

I plan to organize state food banks in every stae into one master bank per state so that all may come if their individual agency falls short of money or food donations. this will  insure  that those in need do not go hungry in lean times. These banks will also include baby formula Telephone: 916 772-0459

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From: Kara Jarad
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:26 PM
Subject: Humanitarian Project for the People of Panama. #2
.Dear Patrick:

In 2005, my guidance system told me to "get out of Dodge" as I was living in the San Diego area so I simply went to the computer and checked out Panama, as was recommended by a friend of mine. It immediately gripped me and I decided that I wanted to move to the bread basket area in the Providence of Chiriqui, specifically Boquete, some 350 miles west of Panama City. I took a flying trip down and rented a house and a couple of months later, my aunt and I arrived in our new home.  It was magical and without stress.

I knew that there were alot of  what they call Expats already living here but what I didn't realize before I got here, was that  the people are wonderful!  I  fell in love with them  and found that amongst  the many  retired people who came here to share their  lives and substance, there is just a wealth of Big Sisters and Brothers here ready and able  to organize and sustain anything they want to do! 

The major things that are going on for several years now are the Amigos de Animals where we put on sterilization clinics about every two months to help the unwanted and abandoned animals and have been working on that for several years now.  It's really made a difference.

Then there is Amigos de Boquete where the farmers donate vegetables and we provide food for lunches to the Indigenous children who go to school, often times, with empty stomachs.  We started with two schools about four years ago and are now up to twelve.  We also interact with the Rotary Club to improve and stock the schools with what they need by way of kitchens, furnishings, bathrooms and increasing the one meal a day to breakfact and lunch. 

Now, as I look around to see what is really needed, especially for what I call the  "Bridge People",which are those capable of providing a link between the Americans and the local Panamians,  is to help them start projects that would enable the regular people, who presently have to be content with domestic labor or menial work to have more opportunities.

What I have in mind is to set up a fund to be able to extend loans to help people start worthy projects or businesses tobe able to reach deeply into the present cultureand empower them and  build a new foundations for their citizens. I've named the Project  "Follow Your Dream"!  By starting small and providing professional assistance and support to the recipient, it could enable them to make good and worthy decisions that would  produce abundance for themselves and  their families which would help them, in turn, to help someone else and thus would naturally spread their experience and productivity! .They would become the "wayshowers" of their communities.

After living here for almost three years and learning from our local PHD in Behavioral Science, that the Panamian people and the American people have the same structural design in their cultures except we Americans and they are diametrically opposite in approach with Individualism being the top for us and Collectivism being the top for them.  Additionally, they have never been through an Industrial Age where  analytical reasoning would be necessary.  However, we on the other hand, could learn much from their humbliness and heartfulness!  So, I see this as a magnificent experiment between two similar cultures as in a marriage of talents.  This is still a place where they like us and we like them!

I believe so much in correcting what I  see as the cause of our present day condition in the USA; as a failure on man's part to properly develop and balance their Power with Wisdom and live by a Personal Principle! Our training on that score was purposely omitted from focus causing us to fall from graces possessed by our ancestors. .  As a matter of fact, that would be the prerequisite of becoming an applicant so that we could tap the Spirit of the finest of the fine and not end up with another a failed greatness!  In other words, it would be a holistic approach to every day life expression.and, hopefully, we would be able to create a semblance of Heaven on Earth!. The  people down here are still relatively innocent and heartful and therefore I believe, extremely deserving of a time for their place in the sun!

Their country is small - 3, 343,000 population - but beautiful, abundant and friendly ,  with approximately 28,973 square miles, There are many very intelligent, ambitious and talented people down here and this could give them a "step up" into a better life and we,  Americans, would be there holding their hands and encouraging them every step of  the way! Americans can't work down here so we have to play!

I am not a part of Nesara but this idea is something I have been thinking about for a while now, except I was going to start with my own funds until I was ripped off by my Investment manager, so if I had it, this is what I would do with it.  Maybe this would appeal to someone who would like to see what could be accomplished with people of good heart in a pristine environment!  It's the kind of thing that could warm the heart for a lifetime!

Kara Jarad in Panama



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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:00 PM
Subject: humanitarian project
Dear Sirs:
My interest  is in the area of food and shelter for displaced people that will become victims of the earth changes as they progress. I propose to go into the tent manufacturing business. There will be millions in need of shelter. I have been involved with both manufacturing and construction in the past. My particular interest lies in the dome shape, it is the strongest shape that we can build out side of a complete sphere. I have been the general superintendent on two monolithic domes. One was 1300 sq.ft under ground the other a 7500sq.ft home above ground. To give any prospective partner a education on the type of structure I refer to, you may go to the Monolithic Dome Institute   go to the gallery. I went to school to learn how to build these domes there.
All or at least most of the benefits of the dome design are present in the dome relief tents the worlds strongest tent. Any one with interest may become educated here,   http:/  I see no reason to reinvent what is already perfect or least very good. They are easy and quick to manufacture, they are portable, they are inexpensive, and they will be needed by the millions.
Their is no way one company can supply the need. My proposal is to do the same thing just on a larger scale.
Thank you
Bill High field
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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:58 PM
Subject: Humanitarian project offering for Breath of God Ministry
Breath of God Ministry & Mr. Oxygen® Charitable & Educational Project - Educating Humanity That

Most Disease Cannot Exist Long When Surrounded With Active Oxygen.

Historically, the Safest, Most Efficient, and Most Documented - Yet Least Known - Healing Therapies.


Proven for over 50 years, thousands of medical cites exist for therapies using special forms of oxygen.

Totally blocked nationally all this time by pharmaceutical controlled media & politicians.

I have done all I could to let everyone know by telling politicians, showing 2 cured Aids patients at meetings at the the NIH ("We see no reason to pursue this"), self-publishing 2 books; Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease, & Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy for Our Polluted World, and doing thousands of free lectures and radio & TV shows. I did not get rich, I paid the bills to get it out there.

My teachings created the huge oxy-therapy underground supplement and device industry that now exists.

While many got rich using my information, I just kept teaching and putting it all back in.

If you ever heard of, or were helped, by oxygen therapies or ozone, or peroxide, or any other oxygen therapy or heard of Mr. Oxygen, it was directly because of our decades of unpaid pioneering work. When I started, none of this was public knowledge. Now millions have been helped by our teachings. I need your help telling the rest of the disease suffering world how properly applied safe, tested, energetic forms of oxygen can, in my 20 years experience, cure just about anything. Almost all the unnecessary disease suffering can be over if we can just reach everyone else with this information. I have never said this "cure" word publicly, although I have seen it happen over and over, and you know why. I have been teaching everywhere worldwide without any pay for 18+ years, including 2 years in federal prison, with chains & solitary just for standing up for truth. Our charity will use your donations to continue to reach our goal to educate every house on the planet (as an objective) that bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens are anaerobic, and therefor cannot exist when surrounded long enough by energetic forms of oxygen. And that active forms of oxygen are the best preventatives and detoxifiers, and that safe and proven applications and protocols have already existed for a long time. 

Thank You in advance for your support, our history of results is our best credential.

The more you donate, the more of the rest of us we can reach with this life saving information through more publication and media projects.

Make a Donation paste this into your browser:  http//

Help OUR charity outreach further with our educational publishing, teaching, formula creation, device designs, healing, newsletters, donating, and counseling.

To donate manually, please state our email address to PayPal as ""

To send a check. Make the Payee: Breath of God Ministry

                       Address: 502 Division Street, Carson City, NV 89703 


Thank You,

Ed McCabe, Elder

Breath of God Ministry


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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 3:17 AM
Subject: Project Alpha : the ultimate and final Humanitarian and Environmental project
Hello, my name is Elijah Emerson. 
I am a software engineer who very much cares for all of us and our future together.
This is a very informal blerb on an Idea I've been going over in my head.
I like most of us, want to make the world a better place for _all_ of us. I don't think anyone can disagree that the 'serving self, excluding others' based society is not working. And I mean its not working for any of our family members at the bottom or the top of the dollar pyramid, so far all we've created is fear of survival for both the rich and the poor.
The Internet has showed us the beginning of how wonderful this place can be when we all come together.
Enter Project "Alpha"   The ultimate and final Humanitarian and Environmental project
Project Alpha is the idea that we all connect with each other outside of any single denomination or governmental identity just like the Internet to become a single force and solution *ALL* the problems on our planet. Once implemented it would literally end any and all 'fear of survival' as Project Alpha would provide free high quality shelter, food, transportation, and many other 'serve others' services for all mankind.
Think of the Wikipedia website. Its a website that hosts articles for everyone to read for free. Where do these articles come from? They come from all of us, a little at a time. So its a perfect example of all of us coming together to make something for all of us to benefit from for free. No money exchange is 'required' to benefit from Wikipedia or to add to Wikipedia, this is the same in Project Alpha.
Project Alpha is very similar in concept, it would be a non profit organization that anyone in the world can freely add to and receive services and all of this without any exchange of money required.
How would this work? Well first I or a team of software engineers would build the "Project Alpha" website and its servers to host a Wikipedia like service where people can sign up. People would sign up and give a small amount of time out of their day ( like 2-3 hours ) and in return they would receive all the available services to them in their area. As their area grows more and more free services will come online for them. These services include free transportation, free food, free water, over time they will include free house cleaning, free shelter, free education, free medical care, free technology, the list goes on and on!
Its truly a non profit organization run by the people, for the people. As it moves into the future we would not depend upon corporations for our survival but instead depend upon ourselves.
The system is powered by people plugging in a small amount of time using their expertise. For example lets say a farmer owns some land and he wants to plug into Project Alpha, He/She simply logs in and fills out an online application to dedicate a portion of his land to the Alpha project. In his application he states how many people are needed and how many hours to work on the land are needed to produce food. The alpha project then goes over everything and opens up jobs for others to plug in. Jobs are never longer than a few hours a day. New transportation, packaging and farmer jobs become available for others.
So lets say you decided you want to plug into the alpha project, because you want to help make the world a better place. You sign up for the farmer job online. At your scheduled time another person who signed up for a 2 hour transportation job picks you up and takes you to the nearby farm, you then work 2-3 hours with like minded people then you get a drive home from someone else.
Because you plugged into the project the project plugs into you. You choose what kind of services you want to be delivered to your house, this includes organic food/water, house cleaning, home medical care, free transportation, the list goes on and on.
As the project grows we could have owners of entire companies plug in a portion of their company, as a way of sponsoring project Alpha. Then they can advertise that they are pitching in to help the world 'for free'. transportation companies, hospitals, entertainment, etc etc.
Colleges and University's will probably jump onto this as the people there are smart and usually don't have money. The working class, once they see all the free services would most likely jump in to save money, as the 2 hours they plug in will result in many hundreds of dollars worth of goods/services in return.
We will start to shift as the project matures.. people can work many different kinds of jobs, which ever they like. and eventually they won't need to work as much as they used to. Imagine.. working 2-3 hours a day instead of 8-10 hours a day and getting free vacations, and free anything else you need to survive and eventually free entertainment, technology etc etc. as the mindset of people shift from having more than others than giving to others. I could go on and on.. but use your imagination if we all worked together for each other...  like Wikipedia but for all things.
One thing to note as many of you might think this is too pie in the sky of an idea to work. This idea WILL HAPPEN, it is our future. And it will explode. Imagine, the whole world plugging into this.. not just 5% America. Imagine if we all worked together what might happen?!?!?  The question is... when.  will it be in our life time? we cannot ask for corporate America or the world governments to accomplish this due it being on money.
Only a system by the people for the people, not based on money can work. Look at the Internet as guidance.
All we need to start this fire is a good match.  And that match.. in my opinion is a good foundation based on motivated, 'service others' people and good software to support them.
I really believe our future is in our hands and we haven't really been able to all plug in together until now due to the Internet.
I also really believe that this idea will work, especially now in this exact environment.
If anyone reading this is an interested and serious investor of either time or money to move this idea forward I would love to hear from you. In the past I've presented professional pitches in front of billionaires to start software companies and I must say I tire of pitching brick and mortar companies. Everyone is out to screw you and you must assume as an investor everyone is saying exactly what you want to hear to get into your pocket. It makes me sick, in fact money makes me sick, or the way we act and treat others with it.
I very much love you all and at the very least reading this has given you hope of our future. Mark my words these ideas will happen and much,  much more.
- Elijah
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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:25 AM
Subject: Environmental and Humanitarian Project
Dear Patrick:
The EarthStar Cafe Project.   This project will educate people experientially about the benefits of a plant based diet to save the environment and to reduce human and animal suffering.   It will encourage choice of diet based on compassion rather than habit.
I will be hiring key personnel to manage the project subject to my overview.  We will create a prototype and then franchise it worldwide.  It will serve delicious meat substitute fast food.
We Are All One. I Love You,
Wisdom Paradise
Personal Sovereignty Master Guide
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: submittal for Projects section on FourWinds website
Dear Patrick,
    Thanks for your email- here is our public statement request for posting on Fourwinds in the Humanitarian section of the Projects List. Thank you!
        Love and Blessings- paul
Paul and Julie Windsong  Kervick
92 Irish Hill Rd., Apt. 2
Shelburne, Vermont 05482
tel. 802-497-1249
Public Statement

Dear fellow co-creators of the new paradigm- We are first and foremost deeply grateful for all of you who are walking the talk and like the Hopi elders expressed so eloquently back at the shift into 2000- “we are the ones we have been waiting for”   We see this invitation from Casper ( bless you for all your dedication to truth and the light and keeping us all in your loop of information!) and from Ann and Patrick( bless you for your constant and reliable commitment and service to truth and the light and holding space for the many beautiful contributors to Fourwinds) as a perfect example of what the Hopi elders spoke in their statement where they invited us all to “enter the river and notice who is there with you”- we are all moving in the flow of a great river of light and it is time for us all to reach out and notice who is in this divine flow with us.



Our work:

My wife and I and a number of very heartful and conscious community members, here in rural Vermont, have operated our nonprofit educational and charitable 501c3 organization, Awakening Sanctuary, since 1996. ( . ) Awakening Sanctuary is a true light center located on very sacred ground in the Champlain Valley nestled between the eastern shores of Lake Champlain and the western foothills of the Green Mountains.


Our current major focus of work is a new model of community based holistic health care for elders: Living Well Care Home, a licensed level 3 residential care and assisted living facility in Bristol, Vermont ( ).


We believe our current health care system is failing and we as a community need to create models of holistic care that each and every community can manifest that honors our elders, their rich life experience and their continuing abilities to contribute in life even though they may be in physical or emotional challenge. 


At Living Well we provide holistic care that assists our elders in this important time in their lives.  We have created a sacred setting that utilizes existing homes in neighborhoods, where many of our elders have grown up, and we support our elders in contributing back to their communities, no matter their condition, helping  to build, conscious, heartful, vibrant and sustainable communities.  We wish to expand this model and share what we have learned with communities around the world.



Background for funding request and our challenge:

When we established our nonprofit in 1996, we had taken equity from our home and raised a substantial amount of money through donations and had invested that money with a group of supposed financial planning experts- those investments generated income sufficient for us to be able to cover our mortgages and contribute to the expenses of our business that was located in part of the buildings on our property. We were also able to support our debts and living expenses with income we received from counseling and ministerial services we were offering and income from the sale of stock in a former business.


During 2003/2004 we had the financial perfect storm.  The group that was investing our nonprofit resources got into a fraudulent investment scheme and by the time our attorney was able to track down what was happening that company went bankrupt and lost all of our money. We were left with all of the debt and no income.  Also around that same time the business that was repaying the sale of stock also went bankrupt.


Then the next year, my wife got a severe case of food poisoning that shut down her central nervous system and over the next month she had 2 strokes and I had to spend the next 9 months taking care of her 24/7 to bring her back to health. We had no medical insurance and I was not able to work at that time.  Meanwhile we looked at our options and had used up all savings, retirement or any other assets we could liquidate and decided to sell our only asset, our home,  in order to pay off our debts.  The real estate market has slowed and to date we have been unable to find a buyer for our property.  We are now going into foreclosure and probably bankruptcy in the next few months unless a miracle happens.


While this may sound a bit challenging please know that our philosophy is that everything we encounter in life is a true blessing and while this is all challenging on one level, we are not limited in our ability to create and we continue to live in deep gratitude for the many blessings we receive each day- all we need to do is look around the world and we are humbled with the many blessings we have.


Funding Request:  $1,250,000


We are seeking a person, persons, organization, or angel investor who would love to purchase our property or donate the funds necessary for our nonprofit to own the property-(request -$650,000).  Our goal is to be free of all debt and to support the expansion of our work- ( )


In addition, we also request an endowment of $600,000 for our elder care program. This will enable us to purchase the real-estate (we currently rent the facility) without debt.  This will support us in developing the tools and documentation that can be shared with communities throughout the USA and around the world, and will support the expansion of this model in other communities. ( )


We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to put forth our request to the Universe and thank you for your consideration of our request. 





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Developing Compassionate Care in Elder Health Care Delivery Systems

Awakening Sanctuary Inc.; DBA Living Well

Burlington and Bristol, Vermont



One of the greatest challenges facing our global community at this moment, lies not only in awakening and raising mass consciousness; but in bringing consciousness action into how we provide care for each other on a daily basis.  Our organizational systems are living breathing entities, that share common goals and purpose; and it is these very entities that must evolve to breathe compassion, love, and respect for all of humanity.  One such system in dire need of conscious action and an influx of compassion, respect and love is the health care delivery system in the United States. The US health care delivery system is broken; being deeply rooted in financial profit, often at the expense of an individual's health and well-being. 

Living Well:

Our small non-profit organization based in Vermont has been gently leading a global movement in mapping and delivering a new model of elder health care delivery; a model founded on principles in higher consciousness.  Awakening Sanctuary established Living Well our first residential elder care home in Bristol Vermont in 2004. Living Well's mission is to develop the map for a new model of elder health care delivery founded on the principles of love, compassion, and understanding humanity's need for global respect:

·       Community Integration : we work with and for our community to promote wellness and conscious change,

·       Compassionate care: we work with each other developing deep love and understanding of each other's needs for wellbeing and growth,

·       Empowering Individuals: through developing and supporting individual goals, dreams,

·       Expressive Fulfillment through the Arts: our programs incorporate all aspects of therapeutic arts for fulfillment, self expression, inner healing,

·       Farm to Care Program: organic, nutritious farm to table food supplied directly from our local farmers,

·       Fiscally Responsible: offer meaningful wages to employees, offer wellness and child care benefits; while accepting the highest percentage of medicaid paying clients in the state,

·       Impacting Humanity: sustaining our goals to change health care systems and approaches globally,

·       Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Care: our care and services integrate all aspects of mind-body-spirit for healing and wellness promotion,

·       Sacred Beings: we each are sacred beings,

·       Sacred Relationship: we share in sacred relationship, oneness with each other and it must be honored, respected, promoted, and a core foundation of our work,

·       Sacred Communication: we speak with humility, respect and honor to each other,

·       Sociocracy: we utilize a shared governance as our business management model,

·       Socially Conscious and Responsible Business Owners: redefining support of our employees through modeling consciousness, leadership, wellness values.

Living Well has been gently leading a movement in mapping this new model in compassionate elder health care for over a decade. We understand the process of becoming socially conscious, successful, compassionate, and loving leaders as the role models in a turbulent health care environment.  We have established an integrative health and wellness delivery system that has demonstrated success for our elder clients, their families, and our employees based on the principles outlined above.  We recognize that it is time for us to take our next evolutionary step; to broaden our community reach by leading, teaching and training other health care delivery teams and organizations in how to change and deliver compassionate, loving, respectful, and socially conscious elder care.


Our intention is to utilize the consciousness funds being offered through ZAP to create The Living Well Compassionate Care Project.

The purpose of The Living Well Compassionate Care Project is to role model, train and support other health care organizations and teams in our region, and then across the nation in building health care delivery systems based on founding principles in consciousness: compassion, respect, love, and social responsibility within their communities. We believe initial funding of $1. 27 million will make this possible. We know from our experience that  modeling shared governance management behaviors,  compassionate care, sacred communication and loving-relationship skills, are key components to achieving success in organizations awakening to serve with higher purpose. We also know that establishing change while working in a turbulent environment requires finesse, grace, and diplomacy; all skills we have established through hard work, extreme challenge, and years of learning.

The Living Well Compassionate Care Projectwill be established as an educational and consulting collaborative group offered through Living Well. The group will lead and build teams across the region and country to establish compassion health care delivery systems. The project will contain (but not be limited to) the following core wisdom and lessons:

·       Community integration; finding, building, and meeting your community's needs,

·       Creating meaningful and purposeful work environments,

·       Fiscal and social responsibility,

·       Global impact through developing humanity locally, then regionally, and globally

·       Human resources in a socially conscious organization,

·       Integrative health care practices and organic nutrition,

·       Leading through a state of grace,

·       Out-behaving other organizations,

·       Sacred communication and right relationship in the work environment,

·       Developing compassionate care models,

·       Sociocracy in leadership and management.

Living Well is geared for success in building and sustaining The Living Well Compassionate Care Project due to our key faculty and business leaders affiliated with Living Well. 

Mr. John Buck, MS, Sociocracy Consulting Group. Certified as a Sociocratic Organizational Consultant. He excels in customizing Dynamic Governance principles to each organization’s particular concerns and professional areas.

Ms. Devida DeLuca, MEd, Executive Director, Living Well. Ms DeLuca a socially responsible business woman and entrepreneur with over three decades of business success.

Mr. Paul Kervick, BS, MA, BDiv, Founder Awakening Sanctuary Inc.. Mr. Kervick is an ordained minister, metaphysician, educator, counselor, entrepreneur, and spiritual leader.

Dr. Jeanette O'Conor, PhD, MS, MN, Director of Quality, Education, Research and Development, Living Well.  Dr. O'Conor is an expert in improving health care delivery systems and creating systems of change in turbulent medical environments across the globe. Other areas of expertise include developing educational training programs that integrate holistic care and spirituality into traditional health care settings; emphasizing compassion and sacred dynamics.

Ms. Martha Loving Orgain, MFA, is a Collot Painting Therapist trained in The Netherlands, one of six Collot Therapists in the U.S. As an Artist-in-Residence, Martha has worked in both public and Waldorf schools across the country for 20 years teaching watercolor painting to children and adults of all ages, and is the resident Painting Therapist at Living Well.

Dr. Donna Powell, ND, LAC, Medical Director, Living Well.  Dr. Powell is a licensed naturopathic doctor, doctor of oriental medicine, and a licensed acupuncturist. She is certified by the National Council for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

With profound gratitude for this opportunity to make sustainable change,


Jeanette O'Conor PhD, MS, MN

Living Well; (Awakening Sanctuary Inc)

1200 North Avenue

Burlington VT 05408

802-658-1573; 802-370-5075





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Subject: Fw: palena -chaiten rebuild
mail thanks  regards rc
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From: rc
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Subject: palena -chaiten rebuild
Patrick  there is  a  region in the world blowed up  by  one  of the  worst volcano  eruption in the last years   caused  direct  by  iluminati minions  as  PAO  web   say . Palena ( Chaiten Futaleufu  )  in southern  Chile Patagonia  south america , with  more than  100.000 people ,they have  lost  everything by ashes,smoke    ,flooding and so on .Chaiten city has been lost  and because  of   near volcano (4 miles ) can not build  in the same place   ,cost of rebuild  the cities   and  start a  new  job center with  cattle , ,tourism ,agriculture , rain forest preservation     acuaculture  activities  and airport  health  center  for  these  people   could  rise  to   3000 M usd or more  .Help from authorities  is few  and  sluggish  to say the best .
If  your friends  can help  ,we will do a  statue .
thanks  R C
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Subject: Project Post
I must have sent this post to the wrong place, best regards,

From: Chauncey Sharp

To: Patrick Bellringer

Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2008

Subject: Posts Request

 It must be 13 or 14 years ago that I filled out claim papers for a FC. Until I started reading the Four Winds10, I had all but forgotten that I had paid $250 to get the FC filed. This was done in connection with a tax realization group.  I have and now live in Costa Rica.  I have lived here for 12 years so I don’t have a clue as to how to find out whether it was ever filed, or if it was, how would/could the claim be paid since I have been living out of country for so many years. I really don’t have a clue. All those people connected to the FC Program have not been a part of my life for a long time. If you read this and can help, it would be appreciated that you could /would communicate information to me. I would assume others have the same situation.

If my claim would become a reality, I would then buy a large chunk of land (in Costa Rica) to help the poor and interested to become survivors in the art of living a new life style. After securing the land what would be needed would be facilities for living, schooling, fabrications for storing and  manufacturing and equipment for farming. People in the near future are going to have to take their special skills and share with others that have special skills to create a community that does not have to worry about surviving off the grid. The world is changing rapidly for more than one reason. We need a place to hang our hats so we can eat and have a roof to hang our hats under.

Costa Rica is beautiful and I know of several large plots of land available. Having a project such as this would sure be better than sitting around wondering about the future. I am open to suggestions and ideas. We are all going to be in the same boat and the time is right for such an adventure.

Sorry Patrick, sorry, but my Project covers Humanitarian, Environmental, Education, Providing Expertise and Ideas. Makes it tough to post but I cannot settle for less. All are areas are important.

With love and respect,

Chauncey Sharp

Address upon request

506-2268-2273 Costa Rica

216-453-2450 states number for Costa Rica

506-2268-8792 fax

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Dear Four Winds,

Thank you for your great service to humanity in fighting to help humanity with with various financial programs.  There are many good people around the world who have spent there lives striving to do something through there intuition or spirit believing that God has inspired them to do something for humanity.  Over the last 30 years I have met many of these people.

In 1980 I was told that God wanted to use me in a financial way to help people all over the word.  I was also told that God had given me a plan to help humanity and I was told to write this plan out, I would be given the plan as I wrote.  The plan below is this same basic plan with changes over the years that I have adjusted to changing world conditions.

This plan is greater than any group of individuals and is designed to expand and  continue to expand so that humanity will contribute to helping other just as they have been helped by this program.  The people being helped eventually end up being the part of the ever expanding company to help others in every nation of the world.

I was told that God was bringing people together from around the world to fulfill the greatest prophecy.  I believe I have been given just a small piece of what is going to take place.  I believe that this will start out with a few and expand to the masses with everyone sharing equally and contributing equally towards world prosperity.  This will in effect change the world financial system to a agriculural base and production base from all nations, eliminating the differences between consumer nations, producing nations and poverty stricken nations.

Hopefully this will be a plan to bring together all the other plans to help the world where we are all working together in support of each other.  An important factor will be to create an atmosphere of unity and eliminate competing against each other for positions of markets that lead to jealousy or envy.  This program will need many many people much brighter than I myself to be a world success. 

Maybe together we can plant a good seed to grow into a plant to re-plentish the entire earth.  

Thank you for being a leading edge to change the world.

Gary Larrabee


I have also attached some of my off the wall thinking to establish a new World financial system.  I don't think the world is quite ready for this type of thinking.  But maybe some time in the future it may be something to be considdered.  

GOLD TEMPLE - A New Idea for World Peace




The Plan To begin with:


International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty


Gary Larrabee

217 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. # 1905

Spokane, Wa. 99201

Company Profile of International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty

In ten years the “International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty” will rank among the world’s largest and most recognized global human development companies. This concept has grown from its roots through the inspiration of Gary Larrabee beginning in 1979 of a plan to help the needy people of the world through education, physical health, housing and financial opportunities.

“International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty” will be headquartered in San Diego, California and will be active in all nations of the world.

The company will be led by leaders agriculture, business and industry recruited from many of the worlds most successful and powerful Fortune 500 companies as well as social and spiritual leaders in developing the latest nano-technologies.

“International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty” will become the leading and most influential company in world improvement projects for environmental change through building individual self worth and production in all countries in the world. This will be a global influence to create pride in a commitment to community partnerships, social responsibility and environmental excellence.

New Technology is now being introduced that will lead to new ways of restoring this earth’s natural beauty as well as restoring many of earth’s vast natural resources. Scientists say that soon the aging process will be stopped and even reversed, stating that a child born in 2020 will live to be nearly 1,000 years in there normal life span. We, the International World Investment Trust will be building family owned business’s world wide in preparing citizens of all countries for a prosperous long and successful future. We propose to be the leader in restoring all things for all people, helping them to have the fullest life possible and expect to become the leader in eliminating poverty by providing ways and methods of gaining prosperity in health and finances that will be available to all people. We expect to be on the leading edge of bringing forth a new glorious age of prosperity on this earth as we promote peace and work to exchange the production of armaments of war for tools of agriculture production. We truly expect and anticipate that this is the time for change that will be a world wide movement with millions of people working to improve life and living standards for everyone.

If people would stop and think about the solution to world problems they would find this is a feasible, common sense plan to eliminate poverty from this earth within 50 years. This can and will be done as people make the decision to work for peace and financial security for all mankind.

Goals of International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty

This is a new way of thinking and is a concept that will be changed and improved with plans and methods of operation as we move forward. This is a plan to change people’s attitudes in order to lift up and promote people of honesty and integrity, who will allow the weakest among us to get in position to fulfill their dreams of becoming self sufficient. The aim is to get people to internet with other like minded individuals to offer assistance to each other in order to survive the changes that are about to take place upon this earth. Most people of the world realize and fear the changes that seem eminent before us. With this leadership it is anticipated many powerful people and large company’s world wide will become involved in helping less fortunate people to move forward through joint efforts of providing business and financial opportunities through a participating and cooperative basis.

The first of many stages will be the timber investment and recreational vehicle plan outlined just ahead.

This is a plan is not set in stone, and will probably be changed with modifications and improvements that will be considered by the management team as we proceed. In the first development I am sure we will find things that will work better as the plans are refined.

This plan will give the needy people of the world hope and a great desire to improve there living standard through opportunity mixed with dedication and hard work. They will recognize the opportunity for educating there children and purchasing a nice home as a foundation to build upon. This will grow into many new communities with basic services to each community such as utility companies, manufacturers, building and service contractors, small business’s such as well drilling companies, repair shops, hospitals, transportation including aircraft and more.

This will be a plan to guarantee the training and success of the entire community with a professional management team planning and helping all individual business’s to get started properly and structuring the entire community from the bottom up to form a local government. The economy of the community will based upon many small farming operations with the latest technology consisting of high production food crops grown efficiently in controlled environments of hydro phonic green houses where there is not the need for large farm equipment for large acreages.

The planners will see that all the business of one community compliment and work with the business’s of neighboring communities. These operations will be designed to be supportive and beneficial to the leaders and managers of the various governments of the world. As the individual business enterprises will be developed for the needy people of the community who will be trained to know how to make a profit, so the individual business man will be required to repay the initial investment that got him started to independence and will also be required to contribute approximately 20% of his net income to helping other needy people of the world. This will be designed to be the same for everyone and will be continually expanding until the goal of eliminating poverty world wide has been achieved.

This company will be set up where everyone receives the same basic salary of a very good living wage and there will not be anyone receiving huge salaries because of position or influence. There will be positions of authority and responsibility where honest trustees will be overseeing so that there is nothing underhanded or under the table at any level. The company benefits will be great for managers and workers as well, because all people will be full participants in all benefits and offered equal ownership of the stock of “International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty”, the company that owns everything.

Each person will have security and will live in luxury and having access to all the amenities and assets of the company such as equal opportunities of having residential housing as well as vacation homes, company owned automobiles, even the access of aircraft if needed. There will be stewards and managers to make sure that this is equal to everyone.

The beginning step in putting this company together will to purchase large lumber mills and wood production plants including the modular construction of turn key housing, business and units for hospitals. Many large acreages of developable land with much timber and other natural resources for agriculture production will be purchased in all countries of the world.

An important first step to show the world what we are all about will be to build fully stocked modular hospitals that can be boarded on jumbo jets for shipment anywhere in the world. These operations will be expanded in locations where everything from the sawing of the logs into lumber, to the completed modular unit will be totally completed ready to be used as a furnished hospital unit set up for doctors and nurses. Everything will be packaged and shipped by ground or by air to building sites anywhere in the world and will be operational within a few weeks of on site arrival.

This will be our first exposure to these third world nations and will let the people know what we are doing to help people. This first step is important politically to get governments to accept our program of helping there people. Seeing this they will be expected to clear a way through any barriers in getting the rest of the land development projects started in each country.

Statement from Gary Larrabee

At a time when the wealthiest 1% of the world population has more wealth than all the other 99% of the people combined and approximately 50% of the world population lives on less than $2.00 per day, the time is right for a workable plan and concept to eliminate world poverty.

This is not a complicated plan and we will not be inventing some new concept, but this plan will work because a few good and honest men decide to invest there capital and work to improve the world. This will improve and change the direction free enterprise has taken us in giving world power to just a few elite families.

This is a plan to change peoples attitude and way of thinking from the mindset of being the King of the mountain and ruler of the world to one of helping and supporting others in order to make this a better world for everyone living on this planet.

I believe this is true and has been stated. If all the present wealth of the world were spread out evenly among all the people of the world every citizen of the world would be worth more than one million dollars. There is enough wealth in the world to give everyone living on this earth a million dollars.

This project has become a passion with me for more than 30 years. I have seen many good people who care more for there fellow human beings more than building great wealth and at the same time I have seen the wealthy form corporations and pass laws to keep the poverty stricken people of the world from getting to the point of having a good education, owning a nice home, wearing nice clothing and owning a new car. To me there seems to be a great separation between the good and evil people.

Who am I to think that I might get such a great plan started that will eventually change the lives of weak, lowly, and poverty stricken people making up more than half of the worlds population. I am nothing more than an average person dumb enough to think I can do something and trying to do it.

On the other hand I am also smart enough to know that many people will be needed who are much smarter and more knowledgeable than I in the various areas of expertise that will be needed for such a plan as this.

Gary Larrabee

International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty Development Plan

Since the events of 9-11-01 and the recent catastrophic events of the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Hurricane Katrina’s devastating destruction of millions of people in New Orleans as well as many other communities along the North Shore of the Gulf of Mexico, many people are thinking differently about living in large cities, especially those located on the coast of the sea’s and oceans world wide. It is expected there will soon be a wave of people from all nations wanting to purchase properties away from these potentially hazardous areas and will be looking to move inland into the wilderness and mountainous areas where it may be safer to raise families and better protect there loved ones. Many individuals and companies will be looking to relocate to safer havens offering greater personal safety.

The following investment proposal is one that is meant to provide safety for such. This investment plan also provides a safe place for the investor in unstable economic times. This plan fulfills the need to find personal safety for individuals and families and can be modified to work in all countries of the world.

The emphasis for this program is for the people personal safety as well as protection of there home and business investment. The company itself, will be the security of all members in this continually expanding program. There are many signs indicating we are in a period of earth changes including earthquakes, acts of terrorism, wars, volcanic activity, catastrophic diseases and other things that may well effect world economies. This may continue getting worse and last for the next several years, with things expected to turn better after 2012. After this correction, there is expected to be a new attitude of cooperation and unity in people wanting to re-build all that has been lost and destroyed around the world. People world wide will be eager to help those to recover, who have gone through the rough times that lie ahead of us.

The first tasks after the initial funding begins is to form the company

1. Consulting and legal representation will be set up with local and International Attorney’s and representatives.

2. Accounting will be done through top rated local, national and international accounting firms.

3. International headquarters will be established with offices in San Diego, California.

4. Internal and external security will be established to establish procedures for the safety of all assets.

5. Lumber and manufacturing saw milling operations including modular housing construction will be established in the Pacific Northwestern United States Timber area. It is anticipated that this will be within 150 miles of Spokane, Washington.

6. Fixed wing and helicopter aircraft will be established in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A potential site will be Lewiston, Idaho.

7. Transportation facilities will be set up to provide automotive, trucking and other transportation requirements for company executives in the Inland northwest area of the United States.

8. Earth moving, ground preparation, and road building company to be established to develop recreational vehicle parks and other projects world wide.

9. Each department head will be established with directors and oversight protection.

Employment of key People

1. Managers of land development.

2. Managers of architecture and planning.

3. Managers of various types of construction.

4. Managers of purchasing and negotiations of real estate and personal property.

5. Managers of various departments of transportation; trucking, automotive and etc.

6. Housing coordinators and managers of housing requirements for key people.

7. Home office management representation of each department internationally.

8. Sales and promotional managers of recreational park memberships.

9. Various heads of security of all assets.

10. People to assist in setting up proper management teams of each department.

Travel requirements by automobile and/or aircraft

1. Helicopter operation needed for land, timber, and constructions site inspection and appraisals.

2. Travel that will be needed for meetings and interviewing key people world wide.

3. Travel requirements and accommodations needed for various directors and planning meetings.

4. Travel requirements for progress reports and inspection and progress reports.

5. Public relations requiring travel to all nations, world wide to establish development plans.

Closing sales for purchase of key assets

1. Various timber and land.

2. Construction and manufacturing companies.

3. Aircraft operations.

4. Various housing requirements.

5. Office Building in key locations.

Funding requirements

1st year requirement $2 Billion.

2nd year requirement $4 Billion.

3rd year requirement $8 Billion.

4th year requirement $16 Billion.

5th year requirement $32 Billion.

6th year requirement $64 Billion.

7th year requirement $128 Billion.

8th year requirement $256 Billion.

9th year requirement $512 Billion.

10th year requirement $1.024 Trillion.

Debt service will be paid through self liquidating loan secured by Prime Bank Guarantee

Funding requirements

The funding requirements to get this world wide investment program started is Two Trillion USD$ to be invested during the first ten years. It is believed that this can be obtained by using financial instruments such as Prime Bank Guarantee’s to collateralize a self liquidating loan that earns enough interest to be a self liquidating loan that does not require any payment from the borrower for debt service.

Below you will see an offering from The World of WORLDWIDE Lending Capital

WORLDWIDE DEVELOPMENT prime trust funds manager of prime lending

Trading Programs – Investment program- Trust Funding –Trust Services- Offshore Asset Protection

Asset Evaluation- Asset Hypothecation-Capital Foundation- Trust Syndicate

Dubai-Hongkong-London-Los Angeles-Miami-Munich-New York-Paris-Zurich


Member of TRUST Investment Group

16 th Correspondence officer of the board: Cyprus street arslanli Plaza suit 1/1 Cypruse


International Ph : +00905386842330

The client must have available a minimum sum of U$300.000./ or $750.000


We need Summary of Investment + proof of funds Financial capability for banking fee + Loan application & or BG application This program we only work private invitation and referenced applicants.


In order to due diligence & offer contract, Applicant must send Project summary and loan & or BG application. Upon approved the Project we send our RWA Contract.When applicant Money raised $100.MM . we can put applicants Money in our private placement program. So he can get 100% profit.





300.000. …. …...$ 10.000. 000. ……….$ 3.100.000. ……...$ 32.000.000. M. in one year

750.000. …. …...$ 25.000.000. ………..$ 7.750.000. …… $ 90.000.000. / /

1.500.000….. ….$ 50. 000. 000…. ……$ 15..500.000. ……..$ 200.000.000. / /

2.250.000. …. …$ 75. 000. 000…. ……$ 23.250.000. ……...$ 250.000.000. / /

3.000.000….. ….$ 100. 000. 000. ………$ 31. 000.000………$ 300.000.000. / /

7.500.000. ……..$ 250. 000. 000. ………$ 77.500.000……… $ 400.000.000. / /

15.000.000……..$ 500. 000. 000………..$155.000.000………..$ / /

Hospital and Aid station Development Plan and Procedures

Step 1. Set up teams to travel to 3rd world nations as ambassadors to open the way socially and politically.

Step 2. Meet with the nations leaders and establish agreements in writing of plan to assist the people of the country in establishing hospitals and medical teams.

Step 3. Select people from that nation to be trained as doctors and other medical technicians to begin training to operate the completed project.

The initial plan will be to build a hospital aid station at the ratio of one for every 200,000 residents with a total projected cost over the next 10 years of $36.3 Billion. This will not be sufficient care for the people, but will be a start in the right direction and will gradually expand to the ration of one hospital for every 20,000 people world wide within 50 years. Along with the construction of each hospital will be the construction of a 100 unit apartment complex to house the medical staff and patients family members during there recovery.

In ten years there will be developed 30,000 modular hospitals built as modular units and shipped and assembled on site. After the first 10 years this will be expanded and over the next 40 years there will be 300,000 modern hospitals built world wide.


Number of hospitals to be built over 10 years, 30,000

Number of housing units built with hospitals over 10 years, 600,000.

Total number of hospital’s to be built over the next 50 years, 330,000.

Total number of housing units built with hospitals over 50 years, 6,660,000.

Total cost of Aid Station Hospital plan over 10 years $66.3 Billion.

Total cost of Aid Station hospital plan to cover the need of the world over 50 years. $669. Billion

Land Development Plan with cost and income projections

A starting point will be to purchase a minimum of 10,000 acres within each nation as an initial start with an anticipated bare land cost averaging $1,000 per acre, for a total anticipated land cost for each project of $10,000,000.00

The following is an example of how the average 10,000 acre site may be developed.

4,000 acres will be developed into small farms ranging in size from 5 to 15 acres each. There will be approximately 400 small productive farms set up on each 10,000 acre development site.

Cost projections for each farm unit

Cost of land improvement per farm unit. $10,000.00

Housing Cost per farm unit. $100,000.00

Wind Powered or Solar Electric Generator. $50,000.00

Hydro phonic green house for food production. $100,000.00

Barn and farm animals. $40,000.00

Pond for water storage and fish farming. $20,000.00

Total Cost of Developing 400 Farm units $128,000,000.00

Cost of developing each 10,000 acre site.

300 acres for land improvements such as golf course and club house. $3,000,000.00

100 acres where 2,000 motel type units to be constructed. $40,000,000.00

300 acres to be developed into mobile RV Park with 6,000 units. $30,000,000.00

200 acres developed into camp site area. $500,000.00

100 acres to be developed into trails for hiking and riding horses. $500,000.00

Total Development Cost of developing 10,000 acres $200,000,000.00

Income Projections from a typical 10,000 acre Development

Income projected from timber or other natural resources, based on 5,000 acres of timber or natural resources. $500,000.00 per year

Income from 2,000 motel units with an average rent of $50.00 per day with a vacancy factor of 50% equals $50,000.00 per day and an annual gross income of $18,000,000.00. net income projected at 33% of gross income or $6,000,000.00 per year.

Income projected from 6,000 RV hook up sites to water and sewer including amenities at an average cost to hook up of $25.00 per day and figuring a 50% occupancy rate. Daily gross income of $75,000.00 per day gross with a total annual gross income of $27,375,000.00. Annual net income of 66% of gross is projected to be $18,000,000.00

Membership sale based on selling 20 times per unit. Total motel and RV units total 8,000. Total membership for this recreational park is 160,000 memberships available to sell. This membership also entitles each member to go to any other site owned by International World Investment Trust to Eliminate World Poverty, located anywhere in the world. The average cost of membership is $10,000.00 per membership. Also each member will be required to pay a maintenance fee of $50.00 per month to keep everything operating in excellent condition. The total of all sold out memberships to this RV site is $1,600,000,000.00 with an additional $8,000,000.00 income per month to cover all maintenance and improvements.

Total annual income from a single fully developed 10,000 acre site

Annual Income from Timber and other natural resources $500,000.00

Annual Income from nightly motel unit sales $6,000,000.00

Annual Income from over night RV hook ups $18,000,000.00

Annual Income from the sale of 10% of the total memberships sold annually $16,000,000.00

Total annual Income from a single 10,000 acre development $40,500,000.00

Annual Development cost of the costs and schedule

1st year requirement $1 Billion

To begin construction of 10 Hospital Aid stations

To begin the construction of 4 land development projects

2nd year requirement $2 Billion

To date project total $4 Billion

To begin the construction of 20 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 8 additional land development projects

3rd year requirement $4 Billion

To date project total $8 Billion

To begin the construction of 40 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 16 additional land development projects

4th year requirement $8 Billion

To date project total $16 Billion

To begin the construction of 80 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To Begin the construction of 32 additional land development projects

5th year requirement $16 Billion

To date project total $32 Billion

To begin the construction of 160 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 64 additional land development projects

6th year requirement $32 Billion

To date project total $64 Billion

To begin the construction of 320 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 128 additional land development projects

7th year requirement $128 Billion

To date project total $256 Billion

To begin the construction of 640 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 256 additional land development projects

8th year requirement $256 Billion

To date project total $512 Billion

To begin the construction of 1280 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 512 additional land development projects

9th year requirement $512 Billion

To date project total $1.024, Trillion

To begin construction of 2,560 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To Begin construction of 1,024 additional land development projects

10th year requirement $1.024 Trillion.

To date Project Total $2.048 Trillion

To begin construction of 5120 additional Hospital Aid Stations

To begin the construction of 2,048 additional land development projects

Projected Financial Summary at the end of first 10 years

Total number of hospital projects completed or under construction 10,270

Total number of land development projects completed or under construction 4092

Total number of small farm units completed or under construction to give people a new start 1,636,800

Total number of acres purchase for land development 20,480,000

Total number of motel units constructed or under construction 4,096,000

Total number of RV parks completed or under construction 4092

Total number of RV hook ups available 12,288,000

Total number of RV member ships sold 327,680,000

Total gross sales of sold RV Memberships $276,800,000,000

Total net income from land development project


International Branch of the Lion of Judah   
The Wise Investor and Trader  
New Start for World Peace 
Rumor Mill News - The Alternative News Source -  Information you Need to know -




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Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 5:00 AM
Subject: projects
We are in the process of building a prototype 4-wheel human powered solar electric vehicle (HPSEV) using rechargeable batteries.  There will also be a trunk for carrying packages, groceries, etc.  Options would include an enclosure for rainy/cold weather and a trailer for larger, heavier loads.  We need funding/donations to complete the project in a timely manner.  Following the prototype and testing stage, we will need additional funding/donations to move into the production phase.  Ultimately we are looking for individuals who would be interested in forming a worker-owned cooperative business to manufacture the production version.  We feel that the meaningful workplace of the future will take this form.  This vehicle's time has come... "exercise for health, pollution-free for a healthy planet"... with your help, we can make it happen!
Any questions, ideas, donations, please contact:
Real Bicycles
P.O. Box 733
Davis, CA 95617-0733
phone: 530-753-3043
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From: "Ralph Brown" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 11:04 PM
Subject: Humanitarian Project
Project: Dream Boats, Inc.

For the last six years I have been developing marine propulsion systems that can be applied from 14 Foot to unlimited.  We have plans for up to 150 ft. vessels.  I have two patents issued and

Some details can be seen at  and or

I can be reached at

I have been married to the same woman for 18 years.  We have three children, 12, 15 and one that just turned 17.  I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Ralph D. Brown

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From: "Cynthia Darling" <>
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 1:25 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services
Cynthia darling would like to open a medical/alternative healthcare facility as a nonprofit, also like to build a large site for homeless and implement training, trt, etc to help persons in need to get back into a working enviroment and be self sufficent.

Cynthia Darling, D.C.

227 Alexander Rd.

Eatonton, Ga. 31024





‘The Shepherds Mission

(Updated 7/3/08)

Overseer - Connie Lynn Gaddis

‘The Shepherds Mission’ is a Charitable/Humanitarian based Corporation Sole, whose commitment is to help and assist those who are least able, due to either health issues or other their circumstances to rebuild their lives in order to evolve into healthy positive based individuals.  

We are committed no more than a 20% overhead to run ‘The Shepherds Mission,’ with remaining 80% going to fulfill our Humanitarian Commitment to the Global Community.  Of the remaining 80% we are committed to bringing about a secure avenue of regenerating investment revenue to sustain each of our charitable projects. 

By approaching, what will be the ongoing economic needs in this manner, ‘The Shepherds Mission’ will have no reason to continually reach out and ask for additional donations.  We are looking for individuals who share our dream, our hopes, and prayers for a better world for everyone, regardless of Race, Nationality, or Religious, or Spiritual beliefs, or circumstances.

Our financial goal is to raise a minimum of $200,000,000.00.  This can be achieved through Gifting/donations from every region of the planet.  We are looking for 20 Financial Gifts of $10,000,000.00 each – OR – 40 Financial Gifts of $5,000,000.00 each.  Whether there are 20 Gifts of $10,000,000.00 – OR – 40 Gifts of $5,000,000.00 the total remains $200,000,000.00.   If this is not possible Donations of any size will gratefully accepted.

Everyone who gifts to ‘The Shepherds Mission’ will be able to know beyond all doubt what there money has been used for.  On a regular basis, each ‘Gifter’ will receive a Newsletter via the email address to keep them fully informed of our humanitarian progress. Periodically, each Gifter will receive by surface mail a DVD, in documentary form, showing our progress, along with the changes in the lives of the people their Gift has touched.   

Through the DVD and our Newsletters the Gifter will SEE – KNOW and FEEL, in their hearts, how their taking the time to care for the less fortunate – has transformed lives, not only for the person’s highest goal, but Mother Earth, and the Universe as well.  We will also be developing a Website with Real Time Video, so the Gifter and the World can log on too our Project Site and watch, what we believe will be the physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations as multitude Candles of Hope are reborn.   

‘The Shepherds Mission’ is fully committed to assisting those who are in need to achieve full and productive lives on all levels.   We believe it is better to teach a person how to fish, than to simply provide a meal for a single day.  When a person has the ability to fish, they are able to feed their family 365 days a year, year after year, after year.

‘The Shepherds Mission’ is fully committed to assisting those who have lost hope, an avenue of positive transformation.  A single book can, has, and will turn a life around.  A single book can turn a Lost Soul into a person whose life burns bright with HOPE.  Hope re-instills the belief that a person’s life can and will get a whole lot better.  Positive reading materials and other related items change lives around – and People in making a positive difference in their own lives transform the lives of others. 

We currently have two projects on our Humanitarian Commitment Table.  The first is called ‘The Lepers Colonies of India” and second is ‘Hope Bound.’ Both charitable projects will have not only a positive approach and implementation, but bring about, not a temporary fix, but a permanent transformational life change for everyone; along with opening the doors for everyone to be able to embrace current and future Technologies in all areas.

‘The Shepherds Mission’ is committed to assisting appx. 30 - 50 Leper Colonies in India.  Each colony numbers from 50 to 100 community members.  There are multiple family units.  Men, women, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, along a great number of children of various ages.  Many of these children are free of Leprosy. 

Due to the circumstances of birth the Leper free children, are forced into a life of begging for pennies just to feed their families who have be ravaged by the disease called Leprosy.  The social and attitude structure of the society of India that surround the children of the Leper Colonies forces these children to call the Leper Colony home for the rest of their lives, unless they run away and not look back.

The Leper Colonies of India is not like others Leper Colonies, in places like Molokai, in the Hawaiian Islands.  In Leper Colonies like Molokai the latest in medical care and assistance, along with the latest in medical and educational technology is readily available.  The Shepherds Mission is committed to turning the lack of medical care and associated medical technology around, and bringing about a higher level of health care for those who are in need in other parts of the world.  

Our commitments have been – Shoes - Educational supplies - Medical supplies

 Our Overall and Long Term Project Goal is

  • A ‘State of the Art’ Healing Center in every Leper Colony, which will not only help to change lives, bring healing to the body, mind, and spirit, but awaken an individual to their true nature and their oneness with their Galactic Family and the Universe.
  • Additional Healing Centers in Non-Leper Regions
  • A ‘State of the Art’ water purification systems for everyone within the Leper Colonies, but the surrounding regions as well.
  • Greenhouses and planted fields in which in which healthy organic plants for nutritional purposes is grown and harvested, then distributed for everyone, Leper and Non-Leper alike.
  • A ‘State of the Art’ medical clinic for each Leper Colony – which will in, hopefully the near future, become a true Healing Center for all people.


  • The Healing Center we invision will incorporate current Alternative Medical Approaches, but also from the beginning will be designed and geared to joyfully embrace the Technologies and their related applications, which Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation have waiting for us.   
  • Supplies and well trained medical personal and care givers to staff each Clinic, along with Alternative and Advanced Technology the Global Awakening and the Golden Age will bring to us all.
  • A ‘State of the Art’ educational facility in each Colony, where all the children and adults can receive the educational tools, along with a solid foundation, clear understanding and related applications, so they will be able to better their lives, and their loved ones for the remainder of their lives. 

·        Vocational training and/or re-training for the ‘Present’ and the ‘Future’ Golden Age that awaits all of us

·        Supplies and Teachers for the educational facilities, along with the long term needs

·        Golden Age Transition Teams to assist people in the changes that are coming.

·        To train members of each Colony to assist in the education and medical care of those who can not care for themselves

·        To change generational attitudes of shunning the ‘Least of Them’ by educating, with truth and understanding

·        To bringing about and sustain a work related industry and workforce that is economically self-sustaining into perpetuity

We who are ‘The Shepherds Mission’ firmly believe with the Golden Age we are moving into the day will come when there will be no such thing as disease of any kind.  Everyone will receive long life – Where an average lifespan can reach into the hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years.  Until that day, it is our responsibility to help the less fortunate, so they can move joyfully into the Golden Age side by side with each of us.  We believe this is a devout Universal Humanitarian Responsibly we as Brothers and Sisters of this Universe share.

The Shepherds Mission is also committed to donating 200 hard bound books for every prison, State or Federal, in the United States.  There other countries are already on our future distribution list.  This is special project is called ‘Hope Bound’ 

The Shepherds Mission believes a single book has the potential to change a human life from hopelessness into a life of ‘Great Positive Hope and Promise’.  The content of each book must conform to the rules and regulation as laid down by the governing authorities of any given prison facility.  They type of books we have and will be purchasing are -

  • Self help books
  • Educational books
  • Books on religion, with NO focus on one religion, but all Faiths
  • Vocational retraining
  • Books which assist a person in learning to read – beginners and advance materials

As a Humanitarian/Charity based Corporation Sole ‘The Shepherds Mission’ is able to accept Donations.  Upon The Shepherds Mission receiving your Donation you will receive a Letter of Acknowledge.  The letter you will receive from The Shepherds Mission will not only thank you for you help, but document your donation to ‘The Shepherds Mission, for tax purposes, should you require such. 


Donations Can be Sent To

The Shepherds Mission

Connie Lynn Gaddis

16845 North 29th Ave #123

Phoenix, AZ  85053 USA

Phone 1 – 623 – 243-6907 – Email:





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Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 5:01 PM
Subject: Fw: from Edward Lias - Humanitarian project (Third Request - Former copies sent to ANNE@fourwinds10 - must be an inactive address...)
Humanitarian Project:
The Jim Humble International Foundation has been set up with the stated goal of eliminating malaria and sleeping sickness from African nations.
Jim and the Foundation is dedicated to the reduction of human suffering and to the elimination of many diseases.  Jim is the inventor of MMS - the Miracle Mineral Supplement that removes all traces of malaria (for example) from the blood within four to ten hours after administering a few drops of the MMS preparation.
Costing one or two pennies per dose, and with over 175,000 people using the product daily throughout the world, this method for eliminating sleeping sickness, TB, and other tropical diseases requires a professional business structure, organization of human workers, and a generous compassionate public to eradicate some or many of the world's top killer diseases.
Why Africa First? Jim Humble has working relationships in Africa based on the 75,000 volunteers who were treated with MMS between 2001 and 2006. Many people there owe their lives to his discovery and his persistent efforts to help the sick and dying.  Jim's two books document those years of discovery and success including bibliographic references from hospitals, clinics, and medical researchers.
Jim's 127 page first book "The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century" is freely downloadable at  This site also has explanations of how MMS works. Directions for mixing and using MMS at home in your kitchen are at
The first four to six months of this initiative have been designed to establish and legitimize this broad-spectrum method of eliminating fungi, parasites, skin diseases, and infectious diseases.
A formal expanded announcement about the Foundation is here at including a photo of Jim Humble.  The Foundation mission statement and goals are formalized at   At that site the first service of the Foundation is visible - a knowledge base related to MMS and various diseases.
The Foundation will quickly award grants to applicants who can give six months or more to receive training and provide services under Jim Humble in Africa. Grants when awarded will cover travel costs and will provide a living stipend while working abroad in service to humanity and to the Foundation. After training, grant recipients will be assigned to travel to remote villages and cities to dispense MMS and to train local people to mix and use MMS themselves in the future.
Contributors to the Foundation will receive formal quarterly reports which they can use to demonstrate the use of their humanitarian funds and donations.
To rid an average African nation of the primary killer diseases including HIV, costs are estimated to average 12 to 14 million dollars per country, varying with size and the degree of government permissions that can be obtained.  Some government permissions are already in place and one large hospital has committed to assist the MMS initiative by signing off on blood tests and other medical reports.
The first four months are designed to create an organization template that can be repeated quickly in other nations, regions, or cities where the MMS initiative may be welcomed. We are starting in the places where Jim Humble is remembered for his life-saving applications of MMS during the early years of proving its efficacy.
Jim Humble is named as President and CEO of the Foundation.  Dr. Edward Lias will serve as Business and Operations Manager.
Foundation Incorporation papers will be in place approximately July 15th, 2008. At that time donations can be received. Jim will leave for Africa shortly thereafter.
Business Manager contact:   or in Texas  (936) 560-5400
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Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 1:21 PM
Subject: Project to be considered for funding
I would like to set up a website to assist people in need to help manage their finances around their kitchens:
1. How to stock a pantry/kitchen
2. How to shop for groceries
3. How to assemble meals that are eye pleasing, nutritious, tasty, QUICK and under budget
4. How to prepare various foods
5. How  to bake
6. How to can
7. How to entertain creatively and without cost
8. How to clean and maintain a home for very little money
I would like to have video tutorials, recipes, a cookbook, and inexpensive gear to order.
This will fill a need for many people, as well as fuel my passions for food, cooking, health, and people. 
"Wishing you well..."

Connie Baum / Mother Connie

232 No 4th Street

Tecumseh, NE 68450

402 335 1276

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Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 9:24 AM
Subject: HUmanitarian Project---
Greetings Patrick,
Thank you for all you do. I submitted a humanitiarian project sometime back. Mine is number 40. I would like to be more clear on one aspect of my submission. Please replace #40 with the following (I took out the anmal hussbandry as that might be confusing---as I only meant it for clothing purposes only, not eating):


Funds for a Living Community:

I have always had a dream of living on Earth in a spiritually focused and Humanitarian Way. What a shock it is to be born into a reality that is less than living but only a reflection of control and death, death to us and the Planet. 

I would like to create a community of like-minded people who want to band together in preparedness. To prepare for our lives with Earth- Bermed Dome Homes, Homes in Caves or side of mountains. Food Storage and preparation, new technologies for water/hydro, solar energy, growing alga for food and energy and healing, living foods crops for clothing as well as food, and healing modalities. Basically a community that is of the motto, “Many Hands Make Light Work.”  I would like funds for a community that depicts cooperation rather than the cannibalistic paradigm of competition. I would like to create a vision for a living community where science and natural laws apply under YHWH. One where we can come together and thro off the old man/mind and replace it with the new. That’s it short and simple. Anyone interested? Please contact:

Thank you,




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From: "Colin Love" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 6:58 PM
Subject: Projects - Educational (Humanitarin)
Dear Ann & Patrick,

  Some years ago I was offered 3 million dollars out of the blue in a casual conversation.   It caught me by surprise and I declined the offer as the thinking mind thought there must be a catch.   In hindsight I now understand that Infinite Wisdom was offering me the chance to be of service.

   At the time I had been looking at a property that would have made a wonderful healing centre, a retreat from the world for those with an interest in spirituality and evolution.

   This enterprise would be financially self sufficient with a range of accommodation from 5 star to backpackers but with the focus on oneness and equality.

God bless

Colin Love

Namaste Hills

John Renshaw Parkway

P.O. Box 622

Coonabarabran NSW 2357, Australia



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Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 7:29 PM
Subject: Projects - Humanitarian
Hi Patrick,
For years I have been involved with a large online Charity Group who knit, crochet, sew, and purchase items to help those not only in need across the United States, but around the world.  We also support deployed members of the military with items not supplied by the government.
The bulk of our work goes to hospital maternity wards so that mothers have a blanket, hat, sweater and booties for their child when they leave.  Many times, it might be the only thing their child will receive for quite a while.  In some cases, if we do not provide such basics, and the hospital has run out of funds, and the mother is truly needy the baby will go home wrapped in paper.
Each year, (for many now) we create warm items to be used by residents of the Indian Reservations in the Dakotas; a place that is outrageously poor.  We also create basic items of clothing for orphanages located in foreign countries, and wool sweaters, hats and mittens for children in Afghanistan, and Mongolia.
Most of us have enough supplies; but there are those who find themselves having to cut back on supplies, or bypass a request calling for wool (because it costs more than acrylic) because of having less money to work with in their personal lives.  Postage to mail the finished items has also become a problem for some, and will become a problem for others.  The weight of sweaters, blankets, quilts, etc. are heavier than we think and the post office is not what I would call cheap (like it used to be a few years ago).  I would like monies to purchase supplies for those who cannot afford to purchase, and monies for postage. 
I am also thinking of monies to fund the education of Haitian children.  It costs $80 a year per student and most parents simply do not have the money to send their child to school.  Additionally, they have no, or very little money to buy food.  Limitied attention was shed on this in the news some weeks back showing the world that many have been reduced to eating mud cakes to survive.  We do have some Americans who spend months in Haiti at a time trying to help, but they can barely break a dent in a nation that is one of the poorest on the planet.
So, anything that can be given to help alleviate this condition would be welcomed, I am most sure.
Lastly; because of the "energy crisis" many will be suffering this winter in my area to keep warm.  Winters are long and sometimes brutally cold here.  Food will be a second problem.  So funding to purchase oil, propane, wood and basic food would be wonderfully used to alleviate a lack of..
It's wonderful to see plans pulling together to help those of us who need it.  It will be a pleasure to help make positive change on a broader scale.
Yvonne Jackson

Colin Love

251 Timor Road

Coonabarabran NSW 2357

PH 061268422460


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Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 10:46 AM
Subject: Humanitarian Project
Dear Patrick,
I am not exactly sure how to present this or what the cost may be.  But this is my dream.
I have been heavily interested in alternative health care all of my life.  I have received training on how to to blood analysis using a high powered microscope.  I do bloodwork for my family and friends.  I have a diet that can best be described as a rawgetarian diet.  A large portion of my diet consists of raw foods blended in a powerful blender.  At any rate I have come to the belief I can help people overcome serious health problems based on what I have learned.  The problem that I see is that the majority of people simply cannot afford the expense of healthy products that are required to heal the body and maintain the health they seek.
My dream is to have a clinic in a beautiful setting, along a river in the mountains, where people could come and learn to live a healthy balanced life.  This balance would include diet, exercise, spirituality, and an understanding of our galactic family.  I would like to receive further training on blood analysis and use this skill in helping people with health issues.  The clinic would need dieticians, fitness trainers, activity planners, and spiritual guides.
My email address is
Roland Brown
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Sent: Friday, July 04, 2008 12:58 PM
Subject: Humanitarian Project


Dear Patrick Bellringer,

In October 2007 I subscribed to Friends United Network  ( Fun Time Now ). Is the most innovative HUMANITARIAN effort on the Planet. FUN was created to manifest a better way for the new millennium, to break the chains of poverty through inter active sharing. ( PUPOSE ) to help mankind and the Environment I invite every one to check out the following web site  Sure they need financial help, you can still buy Founders Stock, as of today, 2 for one. Learn how to stop foreclosure in 3 days, use the equity in your home and pay of the mortgage in  3 to 36 months, the payments are made for you, plus a lot more. Membership is $36.00 per year

Best Regards

Jerry J Johnson

e-mail ( )

Phone 1-715-483-1950  (w)




Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 11:15 PM
Subject: PROJECT: Making a Difference
Dear Patrick:
We are Spirit Filled Riders (SFR) a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization founded by Mildred Pott & other individuals interested in changing the lives of children
with disabilities, ages 2-10, who have varying degrees of disabilities or challenges.  Therapeutic Horseback Riding helps countless children step over the boundaries of cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, attention deficit/hyperactive disorders, muscular hypotonia and other physical, emotional, and mental challenges.
OUR MISSION:  Driven by a spirit of love, we are dedicated to aggressively provide the finest sharing and caring, compassionate teachers and therapists, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of each individual touched, enabling all to fulfill their God given potential.  We are committed to inspire, educate, train and develop an extraordinary quality of life, empowering special needs individuals with a spirit to achieve freedom of flight.
The program consists of and includes: massage, occupational, & physical therapists,  use of a mechanical horse (donated by the Christopher Reeve Foundation), horseback riding therapy, preparation for 3 handicapped competition events, a 5 day week summer programs,(includes creative activities, music therapy, horse grooming and care, riding 2x/day, games and lunch).
This DREAM was conceived 10 years ago on the way home from a Sunday church service in Ocean Grove, NJ.  We dedicated SFR & its teachers, volunteers, therapists,  students and program to God.  I believed if this was HIS, HE would guide and direct us and HE has.  We have out grown 3 facilities  and now our needs are greater than I ever anticipated.    
NEEDS;   Property,  (at least 20acres), to establish a facility with a 6-10 stall barn, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, swimming pool to exercise
               childrens stiff and weak muscles before horse therapy, a recreational building for therapists and summer programs, pastures for
               turnouts with run in sheds for protection and shelter.
The total project will cost $2.5Million.  
This will be a state of the art facility and will service thousands of handicapped children for years to come. It has been a pleasure and an honor to witness miracles on a daily basis and knowing we will make signficant difference in a childs life. 
Mildred Pott
908-876-5855 Home
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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 12:23 PM
Subject: Project Idea
Dear Patrick, Anne, an Fourwinds Family,

I am a disabled, person. Spending my days in a wheelchair.

My Injury came from, a person of whom. I tried to help. He

was a friend. He, and his daughter, were living on

welfare. I was a self employed siding applicator. Doing

very well for myself. I took him under my wing. Put him to

work for me. And taught him, the tricks of the trade. I

was very busy. I did a exceptional job, and I treated

every house as it were my own. I did not have to search

for work. It found me, because of my work quality, and my

exceptional price for my work.

He worked for me for 3 1/2 years. And all evidence points

to him, staging my accident. To make it look like a

accident. NOTHING added up, as to his explanation, as to

what actually happened. I contacted, all of my  companies,

of which I did the work for. And, he had already contacted

them, saying he was taking over MY business for me,

because of my ACCIDENT. He only returned about half of my

equipment. And, never once, actually came to visit me in

the hospital. Of which, I was in intensive care, for 37,

days, and was in the hospital for 4 months. Suffering from

a T-6 and T-7 fracture, of which by the CAT-SCAN, looks

like it was caused by something like a two-by-four hitting

it, or something of that nature. NOT A FALL FROM A LADDER.

I also had a black eye, of which was swollen up, about the

size of a lemon. Of which does not add up, if I fell on my

back, to break it. The Dr's, from the Injury, calculated,

that the extent of my fracture/injury, would require a

fall of around 20-30 feet. HIS, explanation, of my FALL,

was from a 8 foot ladder. Funny enough, he just happened

to have a friend show up, minutes before, the ACCIDENT.

And, I BLACKED OUT. It was January, in MN, with a Temp. of

about 15 below. We took a break, to warm up in the Garage.

Remember nothing for about 10 days. I finally came around.

In the hospital, and got the news about my injury, and my

severed spine, from the T-6, T-7 fracture.

So Like myself, and everyone else who are disabled, and in

a wheelchair. We didn't get this way, By choice. And, it

is a life changing tragedy. From what I have seen, and

experienced. Is,  EVERYTHING pertaining to being disabled,

wheelchairs, health needs, and all other equipment, to

make life a little easier. IS, so overpriced, it is

nothing short of ROBBERY. For example. I needed, new

tires, and inner tubes for my manual wheelchair. They were

priced at $87.49 for the set of two each. If a person were

to go to a bike shop, and get the exact same items.


be paying around $18-$20. And this goes throughout the

entire category of things for disabled people.

I would like to establish a Company/Organization. That is

not out there, to mark up the prices of these things 5

times the actual value. I would even like to have things

supplied to these people with no charge.

With each person, having a account. And, allowed new items

on a schedule, for daily wear and tear.  Like my $87.49

Tires, and tubes. Power wheelchair, batteries. And

replacements every five years for the entire wheelchair,

for the wear and tear, and upgrades to newer, better


I would also like to add to this organization. A group of

engineers, developers, inventors. Or whatever. To work on

new equipment to make life easier for the disabled. Things

like the IBOT. Of which, is so overpriced. People like me,

could never afford to buy one. Vehicle's designed for

disabled people. Stair climbers. Things for the kitchen,

bathroom, and all around things for the house. To make

things easier.

And finally. To stop the delays, on the technology, that

is already there, with stem cells. And, other technology

that is there to bypass the spinal cord. And, rewire the

limbs so they can be used again.

I have dreams, that I am flying, All the time. I truly

believe that, there is the ability to levitate. Lets get

the scientist to either, explore this more. Or, tell us

what they already know.

So, I would like to start a Organization. Designed, for

the sole purpose of disabled people.  All packaged

together. For the supply of equipment. Design, and

manufacture of new equipment. And, the treatment of spinal

cord injuries.

Doug Danzl

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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 7:41 AM
Subject: Rescue, Rehab, Retire
Could you please post this in 'Humanitarian Projects' - thank you and many blessings for all your work!

For centuries, horses have given their love, loyalty and hard work to the citizens of Planet Earth. They have gone into battle, pulled farm equipment, and provided transportation which helped to explore and settle new territories. Many have been underfed, overworked and/or mistreated by their owners. It is time to reward these magnificent animals. Funds are needed (or a farm donated) to love and care for them. There are classes which teach how to start an IV, treat various ailments, legal and medical advice, etc. I am a Reiki Master and live in northern Indiana, USA. I already have a farrier, vet, and one of the finest 'horsewomen' I have ever known. She has a heart as big as all outdoors for animals. Please consider helping so that 'Horses Dreams Farm' can become

a reality. Thank you. Lightpath



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Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 12:46 PM
     From Perry Weston; e-mail ;(208) 819-7383     I live on the Coeur'd'Alene Indian Reservation in Idaho. My ranch has been annexed into the city for development of low cost housing for the local residents which is badly needed..                           
    Our friends are finding that they must move off of the Reservation in order to find housing.  The CDA tribe is doing very well with their Casino and they provide a free bus service called city link, but unfortunately it doesn't cover housing. 
    It has been our good fortune to own a forty acre farm immediately adjacent to town, but we are struggling to make the payments ourselves in today's economy and are trying to sell it.  The tribe has indicated an interest in having a rehab facility in our house and teach farming, animal husbandry etc. for those unfortunates among us who are struggling with addictions to alcohol and other drugs.  We don't have the money.
    We have been hopefully waiting for years to get this money and begin this project.  We are also planning on becoming benefactors of a Christian School in California to endow some scholarships and do necessary repairs on the school!  First things first though, and if there is anybody out there who would like to be a partner on our farm, please contact me.  There is a real possibility of some profit here along with the philanthropic benefit for our neighbors and friends.
    We have several plans from a private development planner, letters from the town outlining all the things that the town would like to see, can get letters from Tribal members about their needs etc.  The sewer capacity which is the main drawback to this plan will be in place in mid 2010 so time is of the essence!   Thanks you, Perry Weston.                        


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Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 9:03 AM
Subject: Projects

My interest is protecting the food supply.  Weather is changing life every day and affecting the market in perishables and non-perishables alike.  Many countries are experiencing food shortages due to weather.  There is one way to take weather out of the equation.  Hydroponics.  Freedom comes with independence and each state of the union should enjoy a level of independence from the other.  It was once said, and this is a loose quote, “control the money and you control commerce, control the food and you control the people”.  The vision of the Prosperity Programs is to put the control of commerce back in the hands of the people.  The control of the food must go to the communities.  Each state can grow its own food supply for its population.  The ideal structure for a Growing House is a Monolithic Dome.  They are nearly indestructible, energy efficient and environmentally contained which creates their own ecosystem.  You can grow any crop anywhere.  Some crops will still do well in stressed weather conditions and can be grown outdoors and those crops may cross state borders.  Water usage will be at a minimum compared to traditional crop irrigation.  Nutrients are added to the water/feeding tanks to feed the crops as needed.  Land usage also will be less and the Growing Domes will have multiple stories.  No pesticides will be used, as it is a contained environment.  Each state will have Growing Domes according to their population.  I believe this can be accomplished in the poorest nations with the harshest conditions.


Also, here in America we have flooding in one part of the country and drought in another.  I don’t know if this is possible but if a canal system crisscrossing the country to move water would give relief to the regions in need.  I have seen pictures of massive drilling machine that can bore through rock.  I expect they would come in handy.  This idea requires creative, qualified engineers of several disciplines to determine feasibility.  






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Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 3:20 AM
Subject: Project funding
HI ..HOw  wonderful  you are offering this opportunity...I am not sure if this is open to people  from the I understand if you are not able to post...Love and Blessings Sarah XOX

HI:  My Name is  Sarah and I live in the  UK;  My background is in  Art Therapy and Occupational Therapy and I  hold  Honours  degrees in  both. areas.  I also have a love  for  healing  modalities  and working with Energy.  I have  also studied  Usui Reiki, Karuna  Reiki, Chios Healing and  Crystal therapy. I have worked substantially with  children and I have a love and passion for working and connecting with them as the harbingers of the future . 

My Project idea is  to  develop a  Centre  for  the 'Spiritual and  Creative'  development  of  children and  Young  People, within a  large city in the  UK.   The main aims  of this  centre  would be in assisting children to  re-connect with the  truth of  who they are . And the emphasis  firmly  placed on the  Spirit of  the  Child.  I would  like  to  initially offer this service  for  children who are  experiencing  difficulty  either  emotionally, psychologically  or  physically , offering progressive  counselling, therapeutic  techniques and  healing modalities.   Expanding this out  to  encompass all children and young people, offering services  in meditation techniques, healing attunements,  creative  expressive  groups, Self esteem and assertiveness, managing  energy , working with intuition and  Spirit  guides/Angels etc etc An emphasis  would be in working in partnership  with the  child or  young  person  enabling them to  fully realise  their  worth as  teachers  and co-creators of this world.

The sessions  would  be  through  groupwork  and individual one-to-one  encounters  dependant  upon the  needs of the child.   It is  my goal to  place together  a  team of  'specialists' who all have  the  same  focus  on connecting with the  'True Spirit of  the  Child' ; whilst  having  professional  credibility  and an empowering  framework to  create  true change and healing  within. It is also my goal  to have  children  and  young peoples'  input into the  development of this  project both initially and through   ongoing partnership.

I also  envision an educational aspect of this project in terms of  outreach and raising awareness, of working more creatively and honouring the spirit of  the child , within  other  organisations for example mainstream education,  social services and youth work.  

Currently  this  project is in the  very early  stages  of  development and I am  looking into  seeking charitable  status and  funding in other  areas also  to support any  donated  here: for example  the Arts Council in the  UK. I want this  project to be  Non-profit,  taking into account  running  and  upkeep costs and  wages

I  would appreciate  anyone contacting me also with business advice as  this is  not an overtly  strong skill I have, but I am working on it.  I do have  professional knowledge , skill, passion and motivation.  The  CHILDREN of  today  ARE  the  FUTURE of this  world.  They have honoured us here with  their  presence  and yet all to often they become too immersed in the  confusion we have created.



MY email address:



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From: "Mark Millman" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 8:40 PM
Subject: Humanitarian Project
Project: Healing With Humor

Funds Needed: $15 million First Year and $5 million each subsequent year.

Concept: To provide millions of people who are suffering in hospitals all over

the world some relief and a very real contribution to their wellness by

providing them free humourous books to read. It has often been said that

"Laughter is the best medicine" but that is not just a random saying. It's a

scientifically provable fact. Here are some of the facts:

1) Patients who are in good spirits heal quicker. This means that their hospital

stays will be shorter, thereby rdeucing overall costs to taxpayers and getting

people back to their families and jobs in a shorter time.

2) If patients are provided (free of charge) good clean humor books to read, it

takes the pressure off relatives who are also taken away from their jobs and

families to keep the spirits up of their ailing relatives.

3) Most of the humor books at hospitals are purchased by the staff (60%) Nurses

and doctors. These people have high stress positions and they would benefit from

free access to books instead of buying them.

The funds will be used to buy, print and distribute the books to all hospitals

world wide.

Mark Millman


Cell: 0488118875



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Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 5:32 PM
Subject: projects

                                CLEAN WATER FOR THE WORLD   

Approximately 6 months ago, my partner and I came back from Guatemala, a 3 week visit. It was my first visit and it was her third.

On my return I had a business meeting with the company, in which I have invested funds.

I had expressed to the company owner that I had gotten somewhat attached to the people of Guatemala. After a few moments his remark to me was, "How would you like to have marketing rights to Central America?" It did not take me long to decide.

Since that time, having already invented 6 quality inventions, according to my opinion, I have come up with a water filtration system, using the unique water filtration system the company has to offer.

The filter is unique in that, it only has to be changed approximately, once a year.

It is virtually a self-cleaning filter.

It is my understanding that, water filtered down to 1 micron, is drinkable water.

This filtration system filters the water to .8 micron, which is 20% cleaner than required to be pure drinking water.

To make it even cleaner, an ultra-violet light is installed in the filtered portion of the filter to kill any possible bacteria that may come through the filter, powered by solar cells.

The unit that I have created, would convert, from an attractive 2 wheel dolly, street vending machine, to a water back-pack, water selling unit, to a counter-top unit for schools, hospitals and homes.

Presently, the population is buying as much bottled water and other drinks in plastic bottles as we are in all of the Americas, in my opinion.

They don't seem to have any recycling system in place, and there is waste plastic everywhere.

It is my intention, to supply the use of a filtration system, with an agreement, as described above, for a given amount of plastic that is collected because, the ones that I would like to present the opportunity to, the older boys, don't have the money to buy a filtration system.

The water would be sold in a paper cup, which is environmentally friendly, at approximately half the cost of bottled water and the money from the sale would go directly to the person that was selling the water.

The cost of each filtration system would be borne by the company supplying the filtration systems, in remuneration for the advertising it would receive off of each paper cup that would have the filtration systems E-mail address on it.

The advertising is to promote further sales to the larger markets like, filtration systems for towns, villages, cities, etc., at the same time, to be able to sustain itself, for everyone involved, including the company that I am representing and myself.

The entire operation would be open for anyone to view, to assure the interested parties that the entire operation is above board in every way.

At the time, the operation is in progress and we are enthusiastic about its potential around the world, wherever it is needed.

My intention and interests, monetarily is, that , if I have given what I know how to give, I will be reimbursed for my efforts, according to the laws of the universe.

                                          IN CONCLUSION

Neither the company, nor myself would make any money off of the use of a filtration unit for a given amount of plastics collected, therefore making us vulnerable to a few things:

1. A place to collect all the plastic that may come our way.2.What to do with the plastics that we collect 3.Will I have enough to live on, while I am putting all this together? 4.Plus, usually there are other problems that will come up along the way.


Any suggestion or contribution of involvement to the above would be appreciated.




This project is intended to be a self sustaining missions project that also helps the people of the world in a self sustaining way.

Gerhard Schmidt
Giant LLC
Telephone 780 466 2526
Fax 780 466 2569
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Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 4:09 AM
Subject: A 22 year old wants to start a new banking system???

Dear Mr and Mrs Bellringer,

I have visited your site everyday for the past nine months now, and I may not agree with all your posts but this is a very valuable resource in a very inportant transitional period in my life and the lives of others. It makes me happy to know that there are others out there who are as dedicated to the Truth and a better world as me. It makes me feel like I havent done enough.

From A very young age I was given the idea that I had to make lots of money. I tried various schemes through my youth, many of them failed. I feel this was necessary because it helped me be able to separate fact from fiction and think outside the box. I knew that something was wrong with the current system, and a creative, inquisitive person such as myself would not survive.

Throughout my quest for knowledge I found my way to many different lessons. I learned about the Federal Reserve, the Illuminati, the Archangels and spaceships; it was a bigger world then I knew, but pretty much what I imagined it to be.

I also learned about the history of money, banks and how they are used and started, among other things. It all sounds nice in theory, but the reality is much more ridiculous. They are dishonorable thieves of the worst order, but it doesnt have to be this way. While learning this my purpose became clear; start nonprofit banks, locally managed, to distribute the money I make through my investments

Me and some friends made a website called to raise money, but I couldn't put it up because it seemed to lack focus. I asked my Higher Self what I should do to get started, and the reply was " Why dont you just ask people to help?". So I wrote to you,

I wasn't sure whether to post this under Projects or Hello Central, hence the question marks in the subject. If you wouldn't mind posting the more detailed explanation of my plans written below, which are also on the site I would be very grateful and I would work more joyfully, understanding that this is my path to take. (you can also post this letter if you think it would help) Peace to you and yours!

DJ Dean



Who are You?

        My name is DJD, and I am 22 years old. I am presently going to Indiana University for a Master's in Education...actually I was going, until I noticed myself wandering aimlessly from class to class, feeling like I really didn't need to be there. I still plan on teaching, but first I need to complete my current mission, which is to make a lot of money. Until now I never understood why, but ever since I was very young I've always felt the need to accumulate large amounts of cash. I remember being about 7 years old when I wrote on a piece of paper "I wish I had 7 billion dollars", and let it sail into the wind. To the more cynical person, I was littering but at the time I believe someone or something would read it and be able to help me. I don't know why I wrote 7 billion dollars; I guess I just knew millions would not be enough.

        In my later teenage years, while other kids were spending their money on video games and sneakers, I was spending mine on all sorts of money making schemes.I did everything from envelope stuffing, to chain letters, to work at home schemes. I learned that most of those had to be bull, and they were. I had to satisfy my curiosity, and I didn't want to miss an opportunity. I did however learn many things from doing this. Including the ability to discern fact from fiction, performing due diligence, and I was introduced to many different ideas I wouldn't have heard of otherwise. I saw myself in a better position than most because I'm taking this journey toward independence early, while many don't do it until their 30's or later, when they realize they've been lied to.

        By taking bits of information here and there from all the subjects I looked at, I created my own methods based on investing in securities and trading stocks and currencies. I've learned all sorts of methods I can use to maximize profits and minimize losses. I've also studied institutions, such as banks, trusts, and foundations. As I learned these things, I began to understand how to both create and distribute money, so I will be able to make large sums of money, and simultaneously store it and redistribute it to new businesses, restructuring businesses, and individuals.

        This was not just some idea that popped into my head, it became a process which grew as I grew. At first I wanted money for stuff, then as I became a teenager I desired independence, and as an adult I saw and I understood the suffering of others. I realized that I was not the only one who needed to be set free. When the after school center where I was tutoring closed down due to lack of funding, I thought of all those kids who now have nowhere to go after school. I realized the larger purpose of my ambitions. I knew I had to get it back open, and also start many other services for children and adults. People need knowledge, and time to interpret said knowledge, so they can better overstand their true purpose in life and become better souls because of it.

        I understand that it may seem as if I'm asking everyone to help me become the enemy, in fact that is one of the things I struggle with. It's not the fear of failure or success that hampers me, but the fear of corruption. This makes me sit back and assess what I really want to see happen. In reality I want to make money cease to exist. People should be able to barter their own goods and currencies and decide the value of the things they make. I want to help by funding many different things such as farming projects, research and development of all sorts of energies and technologies, and infrastructural projects in developing countries to name a few. I would also like to help with NESARA should I be called upon to do so. 


Why start a bank?

        Because the banks are at the root, if not the outright cause of all the problems plaguing the world. Once fractional banking became commonplace, a few families figured out how to buy everything in the world, with no actual money and control it to their whims. This is the system that's been using people as cattle, calling them "human resources", and commodifying their aspirations. I don't believe in this at all. First of all holding people from reaching their full potential is an inefficient at best and unprofitable at worst as a business model. Second of all if banks can be used to do bad things, then they can be used to do good things as well. Just as fire can burn your house down, it can also light your path. Imagine all the bad things that banks facilitate, such as wars, constant inflation, hoarding of natural resources than imagine the good things that can be funded instead. Now think about the latter, and that is why I want to start a bank.

What do you intend to do?

        Although now I am in the fundraising stage, I plan on using the funds I raise through the site to raise more funds through a series of worldwide investments. Once I have created enough money, I will use it to buy a trust. Through this Trust I will buy banks in other countries, and start foundations that each have a particular focus. The banks and foundations will be funded by my investments. Once there are enough of these banks and foundations to effectively reach everyone around the world, they will then be more widely advertised. We will give microloans if you are employed, regardless of financial credit history, and any size loan can be funded with ten percent payment, and a sound business plan. Our banks will also offer financial education, and education grants will offered through the foundations. The more people believe and participate, the bigger this will get. That is my main goal. If anyone has any other ideas, they can post it in the Idea Box, and send an email.


What makes you think that you can manage such a massive project?

        I don't plan on doing this alone. In fact, I started this website so I could find people to help me throughout the process. Through your donations, ideas, prayers and advice you are making my job a lot easier to accomplish. Everyone has a dream, but the problem is that there are few people that they can share their plans with that can help them. Hopefully this site can also be used as a conduit for others to share their ideas and get help with them as well. As far as my financial network is concerned. I only plan on hiring people who are incensed by greed and understand that the world is the way it is because of it. I want people who understand they will get the greatest reward only from helping others, and I will make sure I reward them for doing so. 

What are you investing in?

By myself I have amassed plenty of contacts of people who invest in currencies, stocks, options, precious metals, and private investments. I will be using their help along with my own systems to raise money. Compounding, which is reinvesting your profits made from a particular investments, is my best friend. I will use this to raise more money faster,so I can buy metals for gold backed currencies foundation and therefore be able to store more money to purchase the financial institutions. These methods will then be used to fund the institutions, which because of their presence, will provide me with more avenues of investment.

If you have such good ideas then why has no one else thought of them yet?

I don't have a simple way of answering that question. Maybe someone has already thought of this. Perhaps they just dont know how to get started. Suprisingly enough, not everybody wants or needs to make lots of money. Some people would like to sell art, some would like to build furniture, others would like to start a television show; Everybody has a passion. The problem is that in order to do what one truly wants to do, it is very hard to get started, especially if money is an issue. Because of this, so many only do what is necessary to survive, never really being free.

        My main passion is freedom, freedom in all its forms. I hate having limits, so I try to find ways around them. This is the key to everything I am doing. The first is mental freedom; I have that, which is why I feel so comfortable sharing these ideas and this website with you all. At this moment I am gaining my financial freedom by asking for donations on this site (sounds ironic at first but please bear with me). Once I gain my financial freedom, I will immediately start sharing my wealth with others, so they can find their own version of freedom. Then once they do this, they can either do the same for others on their own, or they can invest in a fund from my financial network, and we can find companies to fund.

What do you plan on doing with the money that you raise?

This money will be used to build what basically consists of the beginning of a financial network. I need to open bank accounts, research on investments, place investments, and pay for any necessary expenses.

        Once I raise enough money through the site, and invest it in the proper channels, I will then start purchasing financial institutions. Once I have obtained a bank, I will retool it to comply with Basel II or III, and give it the ability to host gold backed currencies.

        These banks will then be loaded with money, which will then be granted to numerous foundations and sponsored banks all over the world. The foundations and banks will then distribute the money to the people in the form of grants and loans. Considering the fact that the days of fiat currencies are numbered it is important that we make as much "paper" as possible , then immediately thereafter put it into tangible objects such as land, equipment, trucks, boats, etc.

        I also plan to start mining companies which will mine gold, silver, and other important metals and minerals, that will be used to back the new (and/or old) currencies. These mines will use the newest technology, and every miner will be paid well and be as safe as possible while working.

Click here for a more comprehensive list

Why are you asking for money instead of making it yourself?

I am asking for money because I have plans on top of plans for investing and making large amounts of money in a short amount of time. I've done my research on currencies, precious metals, stocks, private investment programs, and many other different ways that money is created. The main problem is getting started making the seed money. Not too many conventional options are available to college students and college age people. Ideas and vision aren't good enough as collateral. So I started my own website to offer what I call "fringe information". I like to think outside the box, and I would like to encourage others to do the same. People, however, will not buy things just because they are being sold, no matter how useful it may be. The site needed a purpose. People need to see that not only is there a goal for this site, but that goal is bigger than me or anyone else. I feel that if the people knew I had a reason and a plan other than to use the site to somehow make money from selling "fringe information", they would feel more comfortable giving their hard earned money. Our exchanges become more than a purchase, it also becomes a donation. I believe that before I can help people, I should allow others to help me, so that I can know I am not alone. In this, not only does the donor get very useful information, their purchase would help put me closer to achieving my goals, it also shows how much you believe in me and my visions for the future. Furthermore, it gives me opportunities to network and commune with other like minded individuals.

Why sell book packages?

        I don't want people to get the impression that they will never see any results from the money they donate. So I wanted to offer the series of books to help them in any immediate problems that they may have, so they get something in return for their patronage. So while I work on this plan, one who reads the information provided can use it to improve their lives. In this case, when we meet again in the future, we will both have more power to make change.

What are your goals for the site?

        I have a few goals for this site, for myself and for the people who donate to my cause. My goal is to sell 50,000 items or get 50,000 customers, then I will take the Products section off the site. However the Idea Box will still be open. While I use the raised money for investing and trading, I would hope those who gave to me use their information to better their lives and the lives of others. I also Hope that people can use this site to get together and start new projects. In a nutshell, I want this site to be used to make this world better. I hope to be given the opportunity to do my part.


If I don't want to buy any booklets, but I still want to help, what can I do?

-Contribute a portion to our "Idea Box". Come up with an Idea, basically anything you would like to see in the future, or current causes you would like to see more of a focus on. Write your idea in the form space, how much you think its worth, how  much you had contributed, and what talents and abilities you have that would be useful towards your cause. Once my network is in a comfortable position, many of you will be contacted to work on your ideas, so please use your favorite or most used email address. Ideas will also be posted on the site to inspire others unless you request I don't.

-If you have experience in the banking, legal, or nonprofit industries, some advice or counsel would be greatly appreciated.

-Join the mailing list or the Ning group, and share with others this site and your own plans. And please stay tuned for the upcoming new Bankers Manifesto of 2008.

-If you have a website of your own, feel free to link to mine or tell your visitors about this site and what I am doing.

-And of course, please pray for me that I may attain my goals and help as many people as I possibly can.

There is a lot of chaos in the world, do you actually think that you will be able to pull this off in time?

        I have no worries about the future. The future is set, and the world MUST change in order for us to survive and thrive within it. I feel that I am one of those millions of people who has to help make these changes. This site is the beginning of my plan, and the end result will be a network of banks, trusts and foundations to distribute the money I create throughout the world.

        Does this sound like the exact system the Evil Ones use to keep money away from the people? It probably does, but one must overstand that these are the tools given us in this reality. In an Ideal world, banks would not exist. People would work together, using the land as they please, and people would barter, thereby choosing their own value for the goods they produce. Sadly, this is not the way things are done.

        I believe that things can be made equal for all. Mother Earth alone has enough of all things for everyone on earth and if more people believed that instead of the myth of "scarcity", people wouldn't be so willing to destroy other people's lives over relative scraps. I do believe this and therefore I chose this as my gift to help the world. I know I can't save the world alone; I am only one in a group that includes volunteers, whistleblowers, constitutional scholard, artists, truthbringers, truth seekers, and humanitarians. It is because of people like the Bellringers, Christopher Story, and Casper who dedicate their lives to helping humanity that I decided to bring my ideas to the world instead of trying to do it all myself and I thank all who came to the site, donated, shared ideas, and gave words of encouragement and prayer. I am doing this for you.

Site :




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Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 3:52 PM
Subject: New Post for Humanitarian Projects
Hello Mr. Bellringer!!!!

Here is a Humanitarian Project update to be posted.

My name is Geoffrey Svoboda, and I am currently in Nicaragua. I am a friend of the orphans here. In particular I am working with 3 young adults, ages 18-23, both male and female. They have all been raised at a successful orphanage here, but will not be able to live at the orphanage indefinitely as room must be made for newcomers.

My Humanitarian Project idea is to purchase land in Nicaragua where they can live and operate a successful business with shared profits for all. We will plant fruit trees, bamboo, and other hardwood trees to help reforest the land. We will also grow food crops for sale and for personal consumption. Ideally, we would like to contruct energy efficient alternative living houses for all for those working and living on the property. Our business ideas include producing organic cocunut oil used for cooking and coconut byproducts such as soaps and shampoos. Cocunut oil is one of the healthiest oils for the human consumption. We can also provide Spanish and cultural classes and act as guides for tourists visiting Nicaragua. I will also assist by teaching English.

We are currently looking at properties for sale. I have donated $3000 and a friend of mine has matched my donation for a total of $6000. We would like to raise $50,000 or more to achieve our goal.

For any questions regarding our project please feel free to contact me! :-)


Geoffrey Svoboda


Tel. 541 342 8447



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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 9:00 PM
Subject: Funding Request Altrnative Clean Renewable Energy
I have studied non-conventional energy since I attended a conference in 1983.

I have found inventors that have 700% plus efficient motors/generators tested that could supply people's electricity & motive power for vehicles without large battery packs or recharging from the electrical grid.

1) Joe Newman has several dozen experts & scientists that from their testing will or have signed statements to efficiencies like 700% or higher on various models. One person was head scientist for Sperry Univac testing in his own capacity.
2) Yoshiro Nakamatsu claims to hold the world's record in patents at over 3,000. A director of a movie studio has flown over & is planning on a movie including information on his green house incorporating non-conventional technology such as a wall absorbing & converting zero point energy as I understand it even at night time.
3) has built self running motor/generators with up to 500 hp/373 kw size in the past.
The funding would be used to commercialize the best devices so people would have clean, low cost electricity & motive power for vehicles.
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From: Sunny
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 3:04 AM
Subject: For Posting Documentary Film Project

Hi Patrick,

Thank you so much for posting these projects on your site.

Mine is a cutting-edge documentary about the ‘new kids’ that takes these kids, often termed ‘Indigos’ – and places them in a mind-boggling context, and by showing who they are by weaving together metaphysics, science, new physics, sociology, child development, education, NDE’s and more, this movie explains  why such children are making waves on the planet and why this is happening now.  I’ve attached a press release and would be grateful if you could post it on fourwinds10.

Here’s a link to the PDF Press Release.

Thank you for all that you do for the light.

Blessings to you and Anne.


Sunny Ariel

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