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Commader Tomeros Massu Korton

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Commander Korton Speaks About Current World Scene




Good morning.  I come in the Light of Holy God for service unto mankind, for it is a time of sharing and communion.  I am a facilitator, linguist, and translator--all in one.

There are many, many visitors and their craft in your sphere of influence.  They are here to help man, as a species, make the transition into higher-dimensional transition.  We of the Hosts of God have various and sundry methods of making "contact"; however, we are limited by your perceptions of what God can and cannot do.  My job is to aid you in your understanding of the hows, whys, and wherefores of our presence.

My task is most difficult because mankind is programmed to fear anything that comes from "out there".  And yet he believes in the Christos Master Teacher as a being of unlimited expression and accomplishment, a being who is himself coming from "out there".  Dear ones, you cannot have it both ways.  If he is not yet on your place, then BY DEFINITION he is NON-terrestrial.

Does that mean that He is an extraterrestrial?  Yes.  Does it mean, since you are no different (except for your level of learning and knowledge) and from the same Source, that you are "extraterrestrial"?  Yes.  So where does that leave you?  Right in the hand of God, my friends.

In the heavenly places, also defined as "off terra firma", there are pleasant and benevolent beings and there are beings who are not so "nice".  Just as with any placement, you have entities who follow the Laws of God and the Creation, and those who choose to be the adversary to God-ness.  That is called FREE WILL CHOICE and it is a quality of being you are all birthed with.  But it does not come without "strings attached".

What you reap, you will sow in like measure.  Indeed, entities have come to Shan (Earth) with the intent to break the Cosmic Laws and enslave God's "children of the lower grades of learning", if you will.  How do you think evil was let loose on your plane in the first place?  Those ones are prying the price for breaking His Laws and are now "landlocked" within your spaces of experience.  Unfortunately, God's people have to now share those accommodations with the usurpers of freedom.

Why did God allow this to happen? God will allow you to do as you will; that IS free will. However, before you cast blame, it is not God who did this to you.  YOU did this to you.  You have allowed evil to take up residence in your mansion given to you by our Creator Source.  So it is YOU who will change of it if a thing be changed.  That is what we are here for.

Mankind does not learn easily that which has been purposely kept from him, for when Truth finally does surface in the face of a constant diet of lies, there is fierce resistance to change from that which is comfortable and familiar.  Your adversary has spared no expense to see to it that their lies are consumed with a goodly amount of honey and sweet song.

Their PLAN is not one of perfection, but it has been in gestation for centuries.  You do not even know that Truth looks like in actual functioning operation--as in government or science, for instance.  You have NEVER had a truly functioning "Republic" as envisioned by your inspired "Founding Fathers".  Evil was introduced from the beginning and has grown steadily ever since. You are almost completely chewed and swallowed by the beast.  All that is left is the digestion of your last remaining rights as a nation of "free" people.  Then you are finished.  And as goes America, so goes the rest of the world.

Is there hope?  As long as you have the thought possibility--AND GOD IS PART OF THE EQUATION--there is always hope!  And let me tell you, chelas, GOD WINS IN THE END.  Even the "big bad boy" himself knows that.  It is just a matter of finishing out the final act of the cosmic play.  You see, the physical does not matter one whit in the higher dimensions, but to you of this electrical compression of perceived solid matter, it IS YOUR REALITY, and INTENT of action and thought is all that matters.

One of your best tools, as given by God, is your ability to REASON.  You have a mind that is a fragment of Creator's Mind, with all the power of God's infinite universe available for your use.  It is yours to utilize IN THE MEASURE OF YOUR KNOWINGNESS OF THAT CONNECTION TO GOD'S MIND.  Your brain is a tool also; it is used to allow the body to function according to the WILL of MIND. Therefore, your brain must be "programed" to facilitate those HIGHER FREQUENCIES of thought.  And to do that, you must first DESIRE TRUTH, for TRUTH IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE UNIVERSE.  And once the desire is there, you must ask for that which you seek of Holy God, and it will be given unto you.  But it will never be in the form you expect.

God IS the WORD! Ponder this carefully.  How else do YOU perceive it is going to be given? Why would God not keep His promise of bringing The Word BEFORE the changing of the cycle?  It is not conceivable that CNN, a mouthpiece for the Committee of 300 evil controllers, will allow The Word to be shouted far and wide if it means exposing their lies--which it does.  God would not utilize such biased and silly methods to teach His children.  REASON offers that He would use that which has been tried and tested since the beginning--direct COMMUNION THROUGH INSTINCT, INSPIRATION, AND IMAGINATION--YOUR PERSONAL CONNECTION TO CREATOR SOURCE.

Until you "remember" how you did it in lifetimes past, it is necessary to learn from your brothers and sisters who are a little ahead of you.  Never forget that it is the MESSAGE you are scrutinizing, and NOT the messenger.  Mankind has been programed to not see beyond the images and ideologies placed before him.  If the controlled major media label one an anti-anything, 90 percent of you accept that pronouncement.  Meanwhile, it becomes all but impossible to reach the ones looking for Truth because they have already made up their minds that the presenter is ill-informed.  Instead of judging someone because of what someone else has said, try listening to WHAT is being said first, and then allow reason and insight to guide your decisions.  Who knows, you might learn something.


Ones are now witnessing what appears to be "stars" in the middle of the day.  How can this be? Just like the twinkling and strobing CRAFT in your night skies, you have a flotilla of ships in the daylight sky making a more obvious presence to any who care to take a break from their "daily grind" and look up.

Are they "good guys" or "bad guys"?  Would you know the difference?  That is one of the reasons why I, Commander Korton, am here.

I specialize in establishing and maintaining operating communications links.  I am able to cover an extensive spectrum of frequencies in order to help couple the third-dimensional expression with that of the higher-dimensional expressions.

Our craft can operate in the physical dimensions, but at the present time they are mostly kept on station in a dimension that is outside of your perception.  At the higher frequencies, our ships are quite impervious to your technology.  However, when we materialize and make presentation, our ships CAN be vulnerable to your crude weaponry.

The governments of your world have space-capable craft that are seen from time to time, and "witnesses" are carefully arranged.  If you see these vehicles, it is because they (or we) want you to, for they have a visual barrier that shields them from unintentional observers.  We of the Command are not beyond causing their shielding to be presented.  If enough of you see them, and you are not afraid to speak of your sightings, then their eventual unveiling will not come as such a shock.

When we next sit to write, I would like to discuss a most heinous plan by elements of your governments for World Capitulation--A STAGED EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASION.

Thank you for your service.  Know that those in service to God do not walk the path alone.  Salu.

Korton to clear, please.