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Commader Tomeros Massu Korton

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James Bond And The Collapsing Of A World


3//26/98   KORTON


Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in the Radiant Light of God-Aton.  In a world where love and respect for your fellow beings is sorely lacking, we bring Truth in the hopes that it may provide you with the opportunity to look the usurpers of freedom squarely in the eyes and peacefully take back your world.


When history looks back at the closing of your century, according to the method you "keep time", it will mostly chronicle the fall of civilization, as you have known it, by the steady unrecorded slaughter of entire continents of people--an act that neither God nor Mother Earth will longer tolerate.  Such an unthinkable (except to man) disruption in the natural order of God's perfect universe will prompt the Hand of Nature to begin cleansing the Living Being that gave you this splendor called PHYSICAL Life.

Earth-Shan has long suffered during man's evolution through this experience.  While his technology has created more efficient ways to snuff-out life; his thirst for blood has caused the highest resources available to him to be channeled in the direction of death.  And when such unchecked aggression is focused on the very principle of the continuity of life itself, the very Laws of Creation become the tools of destruction--AND THAT, DEAR ONES, IS WHERE THE LINE IS DRAWN!

MAN HAS NO NOTION OF THE EXTENT OF THE DARKNESS INFUSING THAT WHICH HE IS NOW ABOUT TO DO, NOR ITS CONSEQUENCES IN THE TAPESTRY OF SOULED EXISTENCE.  Hence, all the attention your little orb is getting.  When God's people cry out, He hears the call and responds--but it will be through you that assistance will be rendered.


Your adversary has slated the African continent as the "proving ground" for the extinction of people they deem undesirable.  Of course there are ones who may believe that this is an equitable solution to an overpopulated planet, but I have news for those ones who think in such a myopic manner.  You're next on the list!  Your evil rulers have envisioned a world that has ninety percent fewer living humans AND ALL CONTINENTS WILL BE DEPOPULATED.

So why is your president visiting Africa?  Some on your world might say he is hiding from his attackers (the same attackers you-the-people have to worry about) at home in Washington.  Others would voice that it is with the Blacks, a people who have been bitterly used by the adversary to help bring about this global government, with whom he has aligned himself in order to survive.

If so, what affinity has he for choosing this race?  For one, it is about time Clinton's Black child, who is a striking likeness to your president, be brought to the forefront.

Since every other accuser--both actual "victims" and orchestrated performers solicited by the Khazarian Jews to bring him down and replace him with Gore, who, by the way, is also Khazarian--is coming out of the woodwork, why not add one who has the best evidence of infidelity?  Both mother and child have been conspicuously missing from the media spotlight and I would venture an opinion that, if they were to surface during the racial conflagrations brewing, a new hope for joining together may be sparked by the details of what actually transpired.

But, as always, highly skilled manipulators are in place to make sure the flames of racism are fanned to feverish temperatures whereby no clearheaded thinking is likely.  Seeing through to the underlying causes of life's problems goes a long way toward reaching peaceful resolutions to issues of coexistence on a small and overcrowded world.


In order for American Blacks to understand the origin of the organized racial assault against them, it is necessary to go back and look at the beginnings of "cults" like the Klu Klux Klan, or relatively more recent ones like the NAACP (a Jewish-Rockefeller creation), designed to be used as tools to further divide God's children through color of skin.

The control exercised covertly by British Intelligence over organizations like the KKK is indicative of a wide range of activities your adversarial elite continually utilize as they situate themselves in all of you seats of power.  By using such divide-and-conquer methods, the adversary gains control over governments and nations.

Up until now, America has resisted total takeover by Satan's workers.  But the time has come for the evil ones to play their final hand AND IT IS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS A WHOLE--NOT JUST THE "BLACK" AMERICANS--WHO WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

Will you allow this race war to happen, even though you have and are being shown what is coming and how it will reveal itself in actual manifestation?  Or will you march on and continue to participate in greed of some perceived wealth your adversary has told you is what you should have in order to be considered "equal"?

What of "White" America, you who watch and wait, while not acting or speaking out when you witness what is termed "reverse racism"?  Meanwhile, the same satanic elite manipulators tell you, through their theaters and TV monitors, that this is your "just reward" for centuries of mistreatment against this race or that race.  Does not common HUMAN decency and justness matter to you anymore?  Chelas (students), the "race" issue is the issue that will cost America her life, as the downfall of your nation is already in progress.

This did not accidentally "happen" to you.  It is a well-laid trap, planned by an intelligence apparatus that has CONTROL as its original and only goal.  It is steadily fulfilling that goal.  It is steadily fulfilling that goal right in front of the entire world--for all to see and hear who have eyes and ears to comprehend what is actually occurring.

Aside from intelligence insiders, how do the masses come by such information?  Were there ones who came forward to share these insidious plans?  My goodness, yes!  They did then, and they do to this day, and will continue to do so until the final trumpet sounds.

However, just as Esu "Jesus" (Greek definition: Anointed) Immanuel had to speak in parables (notwithstanding it is be best method to really learn your lesson, by pondering meaning with reason) so that he would not be killed outright or be accused of sedition while endeavoring to enLIGHTen God's wayward children, so too do today's Truthbringers have to obscure certain "unhealthy" facts so as to not end up in the modern version of the lion pit.


When the late author and former consultant on foreign affairs to the London Sunday Times introduced the world to the fictional spy, James Bond, he was initiating a deaf and unthinking world to the inner workings of the machine that, today, has brought your societies to the brink of total collapse like even the dark ages have never seen.

Dear ones, the secret planners are manipulators of human behavior through subtle (and not so subtle) suggestion for the purposes of allowing you to destroy yourselves through the outward differences of your container bodies.  Their focus is never on the common-sense knowledge of facts, such as the similar blood hues or arrangement and appearance of body organs you as human beings share--PROVING YOUR COMMON ORIGINS--but always on the PHYSICAL APPEARANCE for the purposes of exploitation.

Instead of denoting your own special and unique reflection of that ONE LIGHT, where all have the opportunity to choose how they will express that uniqueness, the political instigators of the world seek to create an atmosphere of infighting based upon those outward differences.  We of the Hosts are continually saddened by you, our brethren of comparatively pre-kindergarten level, who fall prey to the bullies sent to set the wheels of disharmony and conflict into motion.

And once the schoolyard "fight" has been instigated by the clever promoter (who always has something to gain that is kept from the view of the combatants), he can reap the rewards.  Be it lunch money, millions of dollars in ringside or "pay-per-view" participants, or the coffers of continents, the rewards can then be used to buy power and influence over everyone else.

All, however, are not fooled by the smooth, fast-talk of promoting a conflict.  Whether it be a prize fight featuring a Mike Tyson versus the underdog, or Saddam as a very different underdog against the world favorite (America-Britain-Israel), stunning upsets do happen and always there are those who see it coming and try to alert the masses.  In both these examples, there was and is foul play and hidden manipulation involved that is not made public.

Beginning in the 1950s and '60s, millions were fascinated by the fictional exploits of an imaginary British spy.  It was Fleming more than anyone else who created the image of the modern "super spy".

All the Fleming spy stories had two major characteristics in common which made them stand out.  For one thing, every story was about a world-shaking situation which was kept secret from the public.  The other common ingredient was always a dazzling display of secret high technologies of every description--things unknown to the public.

These two unique features of his stories eventually catapulted Ian Fleming into world-wide fame.  He was the undisputed leader in his field.  As always happens, many others tried to copy him, and spy stories were all around in the late '60s.  But he always remained one of a kind.

Try as they might, none of his imitators could ever match his work.  It was as though he had a secret advantage, a secret weapon of his own--which he did.

In writing his stories, Ian Fleming was drawing upon his own secret weapon.  That weapon was knowledge.  Fleming had been a high-ranking officer of Britain's crack Intelligence agency called MI-6.  It was the British who practically invented and perfected the modern concept of Intelligence, and to this day British Intelligence remains the equal of any in the world.

When Fleming "left" Her Majesty's Secret Service (you never really leave any intelligence service; it's like your mafia organizations--once a member, always a member) to become a writer, he was severely limited in what he could publish.  He was bound by the restrictions of the British "Official Secrets Act" (the same restrictions that prevent the MANY in England who know the facts of Diana and Dodi's murder from presenting proof of same).  Under the Act, Fleming would have been liable for punishment for revealing any official secret without authorization.  And so Ian Fleming became what is known as a "fictionalizer", that is, he started with factual knowledge but rearranged and modified it in order to create startling stories of fiction.

He was always extremely careful about how he did this.  He always knew that he was skirting the fringes of the Official Secrets Act.  He could not afford to make a mistake because it would have meant prison for him and possible forfeiture of pension rights; and so he always altered every situation, every secret technology, and every personality enough to avoid revealing actual secrets.

It was a long and meticulous process, both to protect himself and to make each final story readable.  For that reason Fleming completed a new James Bond novel only about once a year.  If it had all been imagination, as many people believe, he would have been capable of producing a new book every few months, making himself far richer.  Because his stories were all rooted in fact--secret fact--he did not dare speed up and run the risk of making a mistake.

Ian Fleming had two purposes in writing his famous series of spy novels.  One purpose, of course, was to earn a very comfortable living; but beyond that, he was also trying to subtly open the eyes of the reading public through the medium of fiction.

Because of the Official Secrets Act, he could not publish the facts that he knew as fact without modification, so he did what he felt was the next best thing--use his stories to open your minds to at least think in terms which were otherwise hidden from you.  Fleming truly believed that this was something which somehow had to be done because, knowing what he knew, he was not an optimistic man.


More than four decades ago he could see that the public was beginning to be left behind by secret new weapons, new technologies, and new techniques to enslave the unsuspecting masses.  A public awakening was the only hope he could see to prevent eventual disaster.  And so, beginning in the early 1950s, Fleming started writing exciting fiction in order to hint at secret facts.

His plan was a simple and direct approach: "fictionalize to open eyes".  By the early 1960s, the one-man campaign of Ian Fleming was starting to gather steam.  His fictional hero, James Bond, started gaining popularity in ever-wider circles.

Even though his exploits were understood to be fiction, people were beginning to think of possibilities which had never occurred to them before.  Soon the famous James Bond movies were in the works.

After years of gradual growth, the power of Ian Fleming's fiction was about to explode into a world-wide craze.  Countless millions were on the verge of being encouraged to think unthinkable thoughts about what goes on in secret.  Simply by encouraging people to think new thoughts for themselves, Ian Fleming was endangering secret plans of very powerful men--and he almost got away with it because they were slow to realize what he was doing.

But just as the James Bond craze was beginning, Ian Fleming's plan was brought to an end.  On August 12, 1964, Ian Fleming died an untimely death at age 56.

By making you expand your thinking, Ian Fleming had posed a real danger to secret long-range plans of a powerful few.  And even after he was removed from the scene, his fictional efforts to awaken you could not be stopped overnight.

The momentum of public interest was just too great because he had caught the imagination of millions upon millions.  The James Bond phenomenon could not be stopped, and so the other choice was to control it.

Experts in propaganda and public deception studied the problem and quickly hit on the solution.  Fleming's plan had been "fictionalize to open eyes".  He wanted to make you see possibilities which were being hidden from you otherwise.

But with him out of the way, the new plan became "fictionalize to close eyes".  It was a plan to make secrets more secure than ever by making the truth unbelievable to you.  This technique of blinding you through fiction has been a major factor on the American scene now for 33 years.

A perfect example of all of this took place with a book Fleming published in 1959.  It was titled GOLDFINGER.

The starting point for the book was, as usual, knowledge about certain secrets.  Fleming knew that there was a long-range plan to create monetary chaos for private gain and power.  He also knew that a central feature of the plan was to be the secret disappearance of America's monetary gold hoard at Fort Knox.  He knew that the kingpin of this international plot was a man with legendary greed for gold.  His name: DAVID ROCKEFELLER.

It was a plan that was totally unexpected by the public.  Remember, it was still the Eisenhower era--the heyday of the so-called "almighty dollar".  The dollar was labeled "good as gold", because it was backed by the world's largest known monetary gold hoard.  Fort Knox was thought to be impregnable; and in those days, chelas, no one dared speak ill of the four Rockefeller brothers.

Ian Fleming decided to write a book that would begin to alert people to what was afoot.  He could not tell the whole story, nor tell it as fact because of the Official Secrets Act.  But, by fictionalizing, he was able to cause people to think of possibilities which would never have occurred to them otherwise.

For example, in the 1950s it was a rare American who considered even the possibility of monetary turmoil.  The dollar was "good as gold", and that was that.  Why even think about gold?

Individual citizens could not own it except in jewelry.  (Did you forget the details about that unConstitutional confiscation?  If you did, don't worry, its coming again.)  Wasn't all the rest of it thought to be sealed-up in Fort Knox?

Everyone "knew" that nobody could get in there, and so you didn't even think about it.  But in his book, Goldfinger, Fleming brought several key thoughts to your minds.  He devised a fictional scheme to show that Fort Knox might not be impregnable after all.  He raised the question: "What would happen to the dollar and other currencies if the Fort Knox gold were no longer available?"  And he proposed the unthinkable thought that someone, if they were rich enough and greedy enough, might want to get their hands on America's gold.

The actual Goldfinger story, of course, was fiction; yet the basic points which I have just mentioned were fact.

Goldfinger was published in 1959.  Barely two years later, in 1961, the hemorrhaging of America's monetary gold supply began.  Agents of David Rockefeller within the U.S. Government provided a cloak of authority called the "London Gold Pool Arrangement".  What do you mean, you never heard that?!


Some of the gold shipments during those seven years were recorded on a list by the U.S. Mint.  Almost without exception the listed shipments went to the New York Assay Office, where they disappeared without any further accounting.As you may recall, the New York Assay Office was the focus of a scandal in December of 1978 involving missing gold.  Over 5,000 ounces had simply disappeared; but that was a very small tip of a very large iceberg.  And so the controversy over the missing millions in gold at the New York Assay Office was quickly smoothed over and covered up.

They could not afford to allow any real investigation which might let the public know the truth. According to the official list of shipments mentioned earlier, a large fraction of America's monetary gold went to the New York Assay Office in the 1960s.  There it disappeared, never to be seen again.

So who has it now?  The same anti-Christ moneychangers who have been reincarnating since the beginning.

It was their tool then, and now "the love of money (gold)" has become the very means to bring down an entire planet.  When you were told that gold had a luster and a power of its own, I would imagine you had no notion of just HOW powerful of an illusion it would ultimately become.  I assure you, however, it was not lost on the traditional hoarders of that precious metal.


Long ago there was hard evidence of many large gold shipments from Fort Knox which were not even listed.  A specific example of this was a shipment of January 20, 1965, in which four tractor-trailers were loaded at Fort Knox and then headed for railroad tracks across the river at Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Your own intelligence sources provided details, including photographs of the operation.  But the shipment was one of many which did not show on any official Government list of shipments.

In June of 1975, Mr. Edward Durell and other associates were able to confront officials of the U.S. Mint with this example of missing shipments, and for once the confrontation took place under circumstances in which the Mint was under great pressure to respond.

In the most specific terms, the Bureau of the Mint was asked what was shipped out of Fort Knox in the four tractor-trailers on January 20, 1965.  The written answer, dated June 19, 1975, came from the then-Director of the U.S. Mint, Mrs. Mary Brooks.  She confirmed that this unlisted shipment amounted to more than one-and-three-quarter million ounces of gold--and, my friends, this was not junk gold melted down from old coins (which were confiscated from the American people in 1934).  The shipment was part of America's true monetary gold, good delivery gold which is .995 fine of better in assay.

After this ADMISSION IN WRITING about an enormous secret shipment of gold out of Fort Knox, one would have thought that there would be fireworks.  But not so!

Mr. Durell showered the appropriated officials throughout the Government with this evidence of massive fraud at Fort Knox and, as well, he notified the major media and all of the appropriate leaders of Congress about this evidence.  One of these "leaders" was Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin, former chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Proxmire loved to parade as a great defender of your financial interests in Washington.  He was famous for handing out, with great public-news-conference flourish, his "Golden Fleece Award".  Proxmire would search through the Federal Budget with a fine-tooth comb, and he was always able to find some project or contract which rightly or wrongly will look ridiculous to the public.

He then trots it out, announces how much it costs, and with a great and dramatic show of disdain, gives it his Golden Fleece Award.  By this and other means, Proxmire was a master at maintaining his image as a protector of the American economy.

But if ever a situation deserved the Proxmire Golden Fleece Award, it is the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL.  The petty examples usually chosen by Proxmire fleeced the American public out of perhaps hundreds of thousands or a few million dollars.  It makes good publicity for Proxmire, but it is insignificant by true theft standards.

The Fort Knox Gold Scandal is fleecing every one of you of the shirt on your back.  It has undermined the dollar itself, which is on its way to destruction.

(Actually, that ship, I'm sorry to say, has sailed!!  Your adversary is just waiting for the appropriate moment to let you in on this "little secret" concerning your worthless monetary system.  However, the rest of the economic world already knows it; but, as with "the emperor's new clothes", instead of telling it to you like it is, your trade-and-barter buddy nations just shake their heads and snicker in utter amazement at your shortsightedness.)

This bold maneuver has set off ever-worsening inflation, even while your economy is stagnating.  The Gold Scandal fleeced you all, but what did Senator William Proxmire do about that?

For years Proxmire had been among the top American leaders who have been kept informed about major developments and evidence in the Gold Scandal.  He had been given the evidence about the missing shipment from Fort Knox, as well as other evidence of major discrepancies.  And yet, since that time, Proxmire kept his lips sealed about discrepancies about America's gold supply--with one exception.  That exception took place in December of 1978.

Word had leaked out about the more than 5,000 missing ounces of gold at the New York Assay Office.  As the then Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Proxmire immediately jumped on the story.  Frowning in disapproval, he proclaimed that this would have to be looked into.  Hearing those words from the champion of the Golden Fleece Award, the public relaxed and quickly forgot about it.  To this day, no real investigation has ever taken place over the missing gold at the New York Assay Office.

Proxmire's failure to follow up on that gold discrepancy was bad enough, but it is nothing compared to his apparent disinterest in investigating the truth about the Fort Knox gold scandal.  The case of the missing Fort Knox shipment is a case in point.  At today's prices, that one shipment alone was worth more than half a billion dollars!  And that was only one RECORDED portion of the most massive monetary theft in the short history of your United States of America.

There were many unreported shipments like that.  That is why the Treasury figures, which show a huge remaining American gold hoard, are a total fraud.  And that's why the United States could auction off only a small amount of junk gold over a period of time and then had to stop.  Is it any wonder why the U.S. dollar is no longer "as good as gold"?  Instead, it is now worth less than the paper upon which it is printed.

Senator William Proxmire, like many others trusted by the American public, had been given massive evidence about all of this.  However, his actions have helped only those who have taken your gold in order to fleece you of everything you think you own.


I want to finish the story of Ian Fleming's attempts to alert the public about events like these.  As already explained, his principle was "fictionalize to open eyes".  After being "taken out" in 1964, his stories were "adjusted" to try to accomplish the opposite purpose.  The new purpose became "fictionalize to CLOSE eyes".

Nothing could be done to alter and neutralize Fleming's books once they had been published.  So, instead, attention was drawn away from the books to the James Bond movies.  And, as the movies were in preparation, disinformation agents were planted on the scene to guide the process.

One film, however, did manage to retain enough of Fleming's realism to portray--even today, with the engineered biological threats and genocidal shenanigans of your One Worlders--a chilling image of what goes on behind closed doors and atop mountaintop hideaways.

The 1969 film called On Her Majesty's Secret Service portrays the pairing THROUGH BLOOD MARRIAGE (in true elitist fashion) high-level organized crime, a whitewashed embodiment of your global elite factions, together with what is supposed to be your topnotch anti-terrorist and paramilitary protectors.

A partnership of the two opposing Secret Orders makes for strange bedfellows indeed.  Granted, many of those who volunteered for service at one time believed they were doing it for King/Queen/President and country.  However, those pulling the strings have only greed and power as their "noble" causes, and so public coverup must continue.

As a result, the James Bond who emerged on film was a very different character from the one in Fleming's novels.  The basic story lines remained the same, but in many subtle ways the psychology was radically changed.  The movies retained the adventure, fast action, dazzling secret technologies, and bold plots which Fleming had pioneered.  But by clever use of satirical humor, every James Bond movie ended up by laughing at itself.  Secret weapons were exaggerated or twisted so as to make them entertaining but also ridiculous.  And by filling the movies with strange characters and never-ending gimmicks, viewers were distracted from the underlying informational warnings of the basic plot.

The Goldfinger story was a perfect example of all this.  Fleming's original novel called attention to something which most readers would never have thought about otherwise.  That was the potential relationship between Fort Knox gold and international monetary chaos, and through his fictional plot he also planted the idea that the legendary Fort Knox bullion depository might not be invulnerable after all.

But these lessons were rarely, if ever, realized by those who saw only the movie; instead, the typical viewer walked out of the movie laughing.  It was obvious that what he had seen could happen only in fiction, and from that point onward he was programmed to react with disbelief if he should ever hear of tampering with Fort Knox gold.  Such a thing could only be fiction--it was just too outlandish to ever really happen.


The British Crown made plans to use America's gold in an unseen role, beginning in Zaire, to help facilitate the turmoil that is to come in a "prosperous Africa".  The release of Nelson Mandela from prison launched the start of that precious nation's downfall through the planned astronomical rise, and then dramatic fall, of the price of gold.

Why is he playing with the Soviet elite and contributing to the downfall of his own nation?  Did he really have a choice?  Might one not give in to very human options when being of limited physical strength and offered what is left of one's life after decades of confinement?  The man did what he thought he had to do.

Do I somehow condone his past or current role?  No more than Sir George Bush of Her Majesty's treasonous secret service, and certainly not more that Bush's fellow agent, provocateur Heinz Stern, aka Sir Henry Kissinger.

(Sir Henry also has the distinction of being a Soviet KGB agent whose code name was "Boar", and seeing that he was to soon serve in the highest national security and state positions in your U.S., it indeed looks as if the foxes invaded the henhouse many, many years ago in your counting.  Thus, when these elite shenanigans seem so convoluted and hard to believe and completely "fictional", always keep uppermost in your minds that evil has had a staggering "head start" to conspire over you ones now awakening to what your world has become--BY DESIGN.)

Mr. Mandela's partnership with the communist aspect of Russia is part of his agreement to steer South Africa to her new destiny--a destiny fraught with ever worsening bloodshed and turmoil, COURTESY OF THE ELITE'S NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  He is to bring about such results for purposes of submission and control.  Then Africa's vast national resources are to become a nice feather in the cap of the ones divvying up captured global assets.

Is Winnie Mandela part and parcel to the evil shadow eclipsing the so-called dark continent?  Let's just say she has enough to worry about regarding trials from the families of all those who were killed during HER "reign".  Moreover, as with another soon-to-be former first lady named Hillary, Winnie's britches got too big for her role as supportive wife turned dictatress.

Women, more and more, are playing an active role in Satan's traditionally male-dominated pillage-and-plunder drama.  Regardless of Evil utilizing male or female puppets to usher in the final portions of this New World Order, labeled Global 2000, the outcome will be the same.

Whether in Africa or the United States or wherever, the "reasons" that individual ones in service to Evil may give you as to WHY they are doing their darkly motivated deeds are not so important as are the ACTIONS of the entire dragon--not just one or two of its many heads.

The difference between someone of Fleming's standing and his counterparts in the U.S. is that you in the U.S. do not yet have quite an Official Secrets Act like that of Britain.  Thus patriotic (not your latest "dirty" word: patriot) citizens who come by Truth do not have to fictionalize; they can share the real plans and the real names of those responsible for the things that are brought upon you.


You are in a world where nothing presented to you by your controllers is as it seems to be.  Everything in your society that you look to for protection and dissemination of information--vital to your survival and education--is carefully filtered and adjusted toward a goal of deceit by those who would enslave you.

You are being spoon-fed poison, literally.  All the while your commercial advertisements sell all kinds of "poisons" to you, including programming you to believe that your life should be just one big merry "fun in the Sun" time, with well-trained bodies, and they use this "beautiful people" image as a hook for proclaiming "this is the way to get yours"--that is, to acquire every avenue of MATERIAL success.

Well, dear ones, God already gave you wondrous and beautiful bodies (of all shapes and sizes and colors) for you to responsibly maintain and keep fully functional.  Why?  So that you may better serve Him through the development and sharing of the unique gifts YOU bring to this "party" called life.

And as for "getting yours", if you continue believing blindly and without thought that which is touted through your controlled media, you very well may get yours.  But I promise you, it will more likely be skin cancer and the poor house, not that mansion on Easy Street you expect to pay for by IRAs, Social Security funds, or state-sanctioned investment strategies--especially those tied directly or indirectly to your beguiled stock markets.

Those "safety nets", plus others such as Medicare and Welfare--superficial good intentions aside--have been set up to snare the masses at the appointed hour.  What better way to throw a nation into a state of compliant disarray, ripe for "emergency interventions", than to induce your dependence upon "Big Brother" and then take that crutch away from you all of a sudden!

The why all the pronouncements and promises of a securable and exuberant financial future trumpeted by the politicians?  It's simply another facet of the dragon's appearance.  As long as you-the-people believe the facade of a government-supplied safety net as things go from bad to worse--while placing self-reliance on the back burner due to the clever media-driven propaganda toward "fun in the Sun" complacency--then you are in for a rude awakening!


Have you ones noticed the barrage of new drug commercials on your TV and radio airwaves?  The drugs in question have very frightening side affects, which are scarcely mentioned, that seem to be WORSE than the condition the drugs are supposed to cure.  Your adversary is out to CONTROL a world, and in the U.S. are all that is standing in their way.  Free thinkers that you are--lied to and ill-informed, yes--you are still a danger to the "masterminds" seeking to enslave you.  The new drugs are there to help to get you into a brain-numbing stupor, prior to pushing total takeover and enslavement.

It worked in Christian Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution by adding rat poison (fluorides) to the water supply, plunging that country into decades of Satanic rule under the banner of a "Soviet Union".  Do you think those same anti-God Bolsheviks, who now run your own government, are averse to using a similar method on you?  My Goodness, chelas, the heinous chemicals and technologies you have developed since then have the capability of wiping out not only humans, but all life on your planet!

Most ones are seeking "good health" in all the wrong places.  When you go within FIRST, God will guide you to do that which will maintain a healthy functioning body.  Good health, by the way, is usually the very last thing for which you wish when petitioning God to bestow his merciful "gifts" upon you.  I probably do not have to tell you that money is usually always at the top of the list.

The knowledge and factual freedom information that We of the Hosts bring you is not to cause fear and trepidation, but hopefully a sense of personal security.  When that long tunnel, which has been wallpapered with lies and misinformation, is illuminated by the Wisdom of Divine Light, fear will give way to clarity of purpose and direction.

In God-Aton's Kingdom there is only Love and Light.  All else is an illusion manufactured by man in a limited-awareness focus of physical expression.  As long as you allow the negative emotion of fear to rule your every thought, there is not room enough to allow God's Whisper to bring you comfort and inner guidance.

How do you separate the lies from the Truth?  When all the cards are played and evil is exposed for that which it is, all that is necessary for those in service to God of Light to do is to use the gift of Reason and the "right path" will be revealed unto you.  However, you cannot use Reason effectively if you have no valid experiential bases for understanding the differences between "good" and "evil".  So, availing yourselves of ALL resources that provide an opportunity to honestly KNOW, is that "secret" (and sacred) element you ones have been searching for, lo these many eons.

Do you know what it is that you are looking for and where it is that you want to go?  If YOU don't know, how should God help you?  The gift of Free Will also means it is YOUR choice, not God's, as to how you will experience life this time around.  The Way is ever illuminated by the Wisdom of our Creator, Wise are those who perceive and acknowledge this illumination, and thus know The Way.  And always, We of God's Hosts stand ready to assist when called upon.

Learn about God-Aton in as much as it will help you to wisely follow the way home that has the least resistance, though, if you be of limited learning experience, you may not perceive it as such.  The river of Truth and Life can be a terrible obstacle if you are misdirected and are paddling for all your worth--against the current, out of ignorance.

May God always be sought BEFORE you venture along the next segment of your physical journey.  The guiding "star light" of the Phoenix is as readily available as a sign today as it was two thousand years ago in your counting when it acted as "the star in the east" guiding the wise men to Bethlehem.  Do not forget your "heavenly" beginnings.

Thank you, my scribe, for your service to Aton and His Hosts.  Tomeros Maasu Korton to clear, please.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 21, 1998, Volume 20, Number 9, Pages 28-32.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.