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Introducing Cmdr. Korton, Chief Of Communications





'Atonn present in the service unto Holy God.  I take the privilege of giving recognition to a receiver-translator whom we shall simply recognize by his elder label of "John".

Dharma has written many, many hours for Tomeros (Thomas in English) Korton and is grateful to have relief so our thank-yous are abundant in appreciation.  As the "crew" becomes more organized as to locations of central function about the nations, representatives must be available for translating our communications transmissions.

I will not "press" for regular writings for the paper, for training is long and tedious for the receivers and to find a level of comfort is at first quite difficult.  We will, however, add, to the Toniose Soltec geophysical entries, those of communications Cmdr. Korton--as comfort is reached with the receiver.  Esu "Sananda" has had a speaker and writer in Thomas for years but we allowed Druthea to be the focused scribe during these past four or so years.  That response is now lost to us in validity acceptance due to very earthly pressurrings, as was the receiver for Moses, who also as readily received from one she assumed was Esu (Jesus).  Validity and clarity of reception and CLEARING is both the responsibility of the receiver AND the speaker.  This means that the RECEIVER-TRANSLATOR must at all times be most careful as to resources utilizing his-her "frequency".  For no matter what entertaining channels may wish you to dissolve into heinous tools of misinformation and disinformation.  However, TRUTH FROM ANY SOURCE--IS TRUTH AND IT IS UP TO THE READERS-LISTENERS TO FORM THEIR DISCERNMENT--FOR WE JUDGE NOT THE PHYSICAL SPEAKER.  Our most humble wish is that those speakers will continue to find audience--FOR TRUTH, but it is most difficult to recover original respect after physical expression has been damaged or destroyed through human ACTIONS AND INTENT TOWARD HUMAN "GAIN", in English, the word of definition being "greed".

The slip-over is rarely recognized and the ones in point will deny, excuse and even lie to avoid confrontation of the truth of it.  But the adversarial forces will abandon those precious beings when their dirty work is accomplished or CAN NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED--WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.  We effort in every "human" way to be heard for as the human expression takes hold and the energy resources program for tuning out the Host's warnings and petitions, the Receiver-Translator BECOMES QUITE DEAF, LOSES LOGIC AND GRASPS AT THAT WHICH IS "PHYSICAL".

Be that as it may--there is always the waiting and committed ones who take the task in open willingness to serve as needed.  We are honored and when these ones continue without failure under the load and bombardments--there is rejoicing "in Heaven".

I shall tell "John" who he REALLY is one of these days--but the task must always be undertaken and expressed without much realization of other than purpose of the task at hand and undenied, unqualified devotion and intent to serve the Lighted God and Hosts--but without tinkering and reservation once the lines are clear and functional.  It is most difficult to put aside the interruptions and interference of "consciousness" and "receiver opinions".  This must be totally overcome in all instances if information is to be valid as presented--not corrected to suit the needs or wishes of the day.

I do have to request that these brothers of mine keep the writings to minimum length (SHORT) as we overload this newspaper now going to print in far too many pages.  Yet, it is a time when we must present these things (happenings) of the day and the "time" so that you ones can grasp necessary actions to make it through the time of chaos and confusion and enter into what will most likely be time of total enslavement of the masses.  You shout "this is a free nation" if you be from America--NO, you are enslaved and pay for the enslavement.  It will, however, get much worse before it turns about on its axis and moves again into freedom.  Therefore, you must know what you are "about" and act in wisdom through intelligence--and studied knowledge of the facts as presented.  MOST on the planet will heed not, nor CAN they heed anything save simply survival, if that much.

For instance, as a radioactive cloud sweeps across the lands from Russia (Siberia) said to be a nuclear POWER plant in Tomsk--what have you, actually?  Well, it seems that for a little village of such as Siberian Tomsk, a lot goes on.  Remember back if you will--a few years--AT THE TIME OF A MOST IMPORTANT SUMMIT MEETING--A MUNITIONS PLANT BLEW UP ON ABOUT THE EVE OF SAME.  AND, HOW DO YOU "KNOW" IT WAS A POWER PLANT?  HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING?  YOU DON'T AND THIS IS FAR WORSE THAN ANY LITTLE HUMAN ERROR "ACCIDENT" (FIRST IDENTIFIED AS A "NUCLEAR INCIDENT").  I suggest you take a good deep breath, open your eyes and ears and hang onto your seats.

So be it, scribe, may we now just present Tomeros' writing to share a bit of uplifting input out of the fear and dreary happenings of the day.

* * * * * * *

4 / 5 / 93

Korton present upon the ray within the Light of God.

Attend your contract with us as the source for your telling.  Be the seed that we create to share with your brothers in the snare.  All of the writings are words to express the moment of communication.  You are to communicate our mastery of your words to precipitate communications with events that you humans call "time", a close inspections of things as they happen, indeed.

I must thank Commander Hatonn for his orchestrating my acceptance by my scribe over these events of human perception of nearly 3 months.  Force fed by your command, therefore, thank you Commander, as there is another to receive our own understanding.

I will pause for John to read and think this over with all his own many points of view....

[C: as "original teacher" I suggest that John try a different approach: don't stop to "think" about these things for from these periods of pausing comes the confusion of the content, the doubts and the desire to feel inadequate.  WRITE--then, and only then, ponder upon the message.  Yours is NOT to confirm the message--ONLY TO TAKE IT AND STUDY IT AS OTHERS AFTER THE FACT.  ENJOY THE "COMMUNION" FOR IT IS INDEED WONDROUS--BUT DO NOT GET LOST IN THE COMMUNION OF SELF AND FORGET THE TASK AT HAND.  John, you are doing superbly--do not attend the spelling, punctuation and other things which require your attention in the conscious self-consciousness.  These things will come easier as the teacher becomes ever more affluent in the language in your own data system.  We will NEVER allow embarrassment to either you, the word, or the teacher--except as we make our own errors.  Simply attend the messages in translation, rest in the rather personal content here at onset for only through this type of rather broken communication can the ultimate messages and lessons, especially as they become quite scientific in nature and presentation, be accepted and penned by the receiver.  You must realize at some point that you WILL NOT KNOW CONSCIOUSLY--MOST OF WHAT WILL EVENTUALLY BE PRESENTED. Korton is our Chief Communications Officer and, therefore, information WILL (must) become at some time, technical.  Just as with Dharma receiving Germain's technical data with Walter Russell, so too will you be hearing from ones of great frequency technology.  It is most difficult to "communicate" between worlds and dimensions so that understanding is received and utilized in both transmission and receiving centers.  Thank you for your patience; I salute you for your patience and never-failing eagerness and willingness to serve.  Salu.]

[cont proofing here:]

Korton at the helm to exclude the "other 6 views".  All is from the Light of God, John's views are from man.  All is not lost however, for there is much received from the higher realms of perceptions.  There is much work to be done.  Understanding is on the rise to its level of incompetency.  There must be Light from a higher source to transcend those manmade limits of growth.  There is a fountain of perception within the willing mind to receive.  The words are the vehicle to transport the understanding within your own perception that is without limits within God.  All of creation is within God's Light and you are that same Light in reflection.  So let us see the words as tools to accelerate your perceived perception beyond the limits placed by self within the illusion of the physical persuasion.

Webster, the adversary to goodness, would confuse the scholars to where they think that properly strung together words will express truth of a thing.  Not so.  The words only uncover the truth known WITHIN the receiver, that is there already.  As in understanding--realize these are your limits put upon you by the adversary.  Listen within for our message to set you free of the snare of "perception limits".  The foundation of greed: power over perception.

To say it another way, we are here to guide you to the recognition that those limits are man made goals for profit and control to enslave your souls through your own perception of limits.  As Commander Hatonn has said, "You have not yet learned that you do not need to eat", or that there is no "out there somewhere" God, or that Jesus somehow died FOR YOUR sins so that "we are magically SAVED".  There are many examples of limits created on our perceptions like, the other guy with money, cars, clothes.  He says he does not believe; he is an atheist....etc.  Maybe that is the secret to success and respect...or, how about this: "I think I will believe in God because then I can claim Jesus Christ as my savior and sin all I want, because he spilled his blood for me to keep me safe and out of harm's way (just in case some of it may be true)."  There are many ways to limit your perception from man's many points of view; however, the Hosts have come to show you the way from all of the evil snares of perception designed to entrap you in the illusion of those limits.

To confirm this message for today: See the limit, then look beyond for the Truth that is hidden from you by those limits that restrict.  Reach to God of Light, your being within that is all knowing and free to be WITH GOD and then place those limits you choose to set WITH HIM as you grow in the Light of God.  Amen.

I know this is a worry to you, but being thrown into the water WILL teach you to swim and KNOW that we are here with you.

There is a road which is perceived, say, by an ant which is not much different than if there were "no" road.  A rabbit perceives a different road.  But the ants, mostly no road at all from their tiny flatland viewpoint.  And the rabbit perceives only an opening strip in the road.  But nonetheless, a road (pathway) is perceived each unto its own direction-finder.  Man may perceive those paths as not fit to even be called a road for it will be qualified as too steep, too narrow, too muddy, too bumpy, too many holes, not wide enough and on and on.  As with perception limits.  Its existence is within your perceived illusion of reality, which insists that you comply with the rules laid down for you or the limits as resulting from the illusion of perception with all those limitations.

All of the physical is but illusion.  You must KNOW this possibility in order to grow in the Light of your Soul journey into REALITY (that which is beyond illusion) where a sequence of events may and can begin beyond your physical expression of perception, grow into a consciousness of which IS, including perceptions, limitations and illusions.  How many people do you know who would even perceive an "ant road" or a "rabbit road"?  Ants seem insignificant to man's perception.  However, almost all humans would perceive the road as an "ant road" if there are enough ants on it.  They could change the physical perception of man through physical power--and fear--if there are enough of them.  These are the tools for molding physical perception and creating limitations while shackling "the soul".

A "rabbit road", however, has been "perceived" by man.  In fact, one of your leaders, President Carter, relinquished his perception of physical authority over a rabbit.  (He was camping and came back to proclaim a "killer rabbit" attacked his group.)  However, the limit of physical perception held by the masses would not allow this perception to stand, and sent this particular entity to the "shop" for a "mental tune up"!  So it is that there are limits in the other direction of travel; also, and perceptual existence remains within a narrow channel of allowed perception, held in place by a "perception" of how you must think, express and participate within this illusion.  It would seem you would rather fight than switch perceptions beyond those limits.  Or, might you try it within, in the silence and stillness of the universe, with silence and stillness of the universe, with GOD in your mind, to be a part of this experience with illusion WITHIN SOUL, and consequently and subsequently be able to grow through the illusion into what is WITHIN GOD'S LIGHT.

Could there be reality within "this reality"--a new reality as perceived "from"--or must it be "IS" as there is creation of wider realities that can also be illusion that is perceived in the physical?  Is the "other" not?  Look to see what power is present that creates a "reality" that is illusion that all perceived is represented in the physical perception only.  You must allow going beyond the perceived limitations of physical "reality", on into WHAT IS, to find the "cause" of assumed "reality".  It is from here that you must go WITH YOUR SOUL; it is your journey to commune and return to the physical, commune and return, commune and return--until the illusion becomes your own CREATION WITH GOD!

Korton is blessed with this opportunity to serve.


* * *

Blessed are those who seek and find, dare and achieve--for in that willingness of the first step is the journey accomplished.  Thank you.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 13, 1993, Volume 1, Number 3, Pages 26-27.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.