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Commader Tomeros Massu Korton

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History Repeats As Our Lessons Unfold


7/20/98   KORTON


Good afternoon.  Commander Korton here in Radiance and Light, in service to Aton of The One Lighted Source.

You have had a very busy few weeks in your counting of time: Your President made it back from China without being assassinated, sparking war between your nation and that of the dragon; you came precariously close to war between your soccer-playing countries as win or lose celebrations were to snowball into riots culminating in military law (Martial Law) and retaliation from your patriot and militia groups, and your heat wave and fires did not shut down your country (as of yet) through the auspices of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).  And with American Independence Day come and gone, you did not PUBLICLY have another 4th of July revolution--this time signaling the demise, instead of birth, of your once great nation.

Did prayer and God have anything to do with it?  You bet!  Never underestimate the power of prayer, chelas, but you are not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot.

It amazes me how many on your place have no notion of the history of God.  Except for CONTACT readers and a few informed ones scattered about, America is completely ignorant as to the most basic understanding of The Creator's NAME or His influence on your current beliefs or way of life.


The same 'source' which is providing your weary planet with the Truth and Wisdom of God's WORD today, is the same from whence Truth first issued forth in your recorded history period.  As always, you will find that the Egyptian-African continent is an important location as to human and cultural development.

The ruling factions of your planet have laid siege to the natural resources and untold wealth of today's Africa and its Black population.  Remember, your Elite Committee of 300 Venetian Black (as in deeds, not color of skin) Nobility and their Zionist/Khazarian partners envision a world comprised of their races.  All others are considered to be undesirable--"useless eaters"--and are to be killed off.

This is being done through such as man-made diseases, including AIDS (created in a lab in Tel Aviv, Israel AFTER A CURE WAS ALREADY PERFECTED); it is fully funded and instigated "ethnic cleansing" and other cute-sounding names for genociding whole peoples from countries the Elite Parasite Class wants for itself.  And, as you are now witnessing, the agenda is being helped along through INCREDIBLE WEATHER TAMPERING to further wipe out you-the-people and blame the disasters and "freak" conditions on Mother Nature.


Do not forget the capabilities of beam weapons blasted into the sea, causing massive tidal waves anywhere the ones at the controls desire.  Clue: witnesses heard blasts far out at sea shortly before waves came crashing ashore.

Is it really a normal occurrence for underwater "shifting plates" to be heard not only from shore but from deep beneath the ocean's surface as well?  Keep in mind that just below Papua, New Guinea is Australia, the location of some very dangerous secret-project bases fully capable of influencing natural phenomena anywhere on your globe.  Just look at your El Nino disturbances--what might American and French secret underwater nuclear testing have to do with its appearance?

Make no mistake about it, sleepy heads, your adversary can unleash, manyfold, the same type of devastation ON ANY continental coast they choose.  They test these weapons on third-world populations to remind other elite factions of their capabilities AND to further THEIR MUTUAL AIM OF GLOBAL HUMAN DEPOPULATION!  How else are you going to experience the "End Times", as they have outlined the script in your Bible and elsewhere, without made-to-order disasters?

Tampering with Mother Nature is a no-no, and now your bad boys at play have upset even further the natural cyclic weather patterns such as your jet stream and seasonal climate changes that are destroying buildings and farm land.  You can no longer expect predictable weather conditions for the balance has been irreversibly upset.  HAVE YOU STARTED BUILDING THOSE ALL-PURPOSE SHELTERS YET?

Since when do you have lightning strikes starting fires on buildings and in forests seemingly with the precision of your not-so-smart "smart" bombs?  And what of Nevada?  While the rest of the country is experiencing devastating droughts and blazing temperatures, Las Vegas, Nevada was getting drenched in an unusual downpour, flooding the city while several structures caught fire from more freak lightning.

Is it possible that suddenly, buildings insulated with the latest in lightning dispersement systems, are now super conductors for lightning?  Sure.  However, it is more likely that what you experienced were surgical blasts from Cosmospheres (those amazing, EXCLUSIVELY Russian electrogravitic weapons platforms) hiding in the clouds high over the city.

Nevada is becoming the new trade center of the world, since the returning of Hong Kong to Chinese rule.  (Hong Kong's status as 'trade center' has nothing to do with legitimate trade; their chief product --as in China's gross national product--is OPIUM.  And, as Mr. Clinton knows first hand, though I doubt you will hear about it during his weekly radio broadcast, the Chinese reap pure profit from their illicit drug trade because their own people are forbidden to use it under penalty of death.)  In addition to Nevada being the place everyone from Sir George Bush, the Canadian Bronfman family (of Seagram's whiskey fame and among the would-be thieves of Swiss gold), and the heads of mega-multinational corporations do their business, LEGALLY sheltering funds, Nevada is also the location of the biggest technotronic mind-control network on your planet.


In numerology (the study of occult meanings of numbers), when 51 is reduced to its single-digit whole number: 5 plus 1 equals 6, and after using the A from the abbreviation of Area (keeping in mind your adversary's love of Satanic occult symbology) it is easy to see how they operate.

Remember: Evil always wears a clue.  To connect the network of super-secret installations throughout the false Four Corners area (Tehachapi and the navigation crystal is actually the center of the true -Four Corners" location of Native American heritage), as well as the related underground facilities, there is a highway--the only one in your country labeled, appropriately enough, highway 666.  Every other test site, such as S-4 (Site-4), among the Nevada test ranges, have numbers that are low numerical neighbors, '51' is completely out of context--until you reduce it to 6.

666 is that number you have been taught to fear as representative of "the Beast" in the biblical Book of Revelation.  Is there any inherent menace in triple sixes?  Only as a nuisance to those who are frightened by its biblical implications, I suppose.  These are only numbers and, in this case, used only to represent a thing or conjured meaning designed to fit the calculated scenario engineered by your secret elite controllers.

There IS a Battle EngAgement Simulator Tracker (B.E.A.S.T.) that is to be part of the holographic portion of you adversary's "End Times" script.  It, along with some very real-looking (but very limited) extraterrestrial craft, WITH MANUFACTURED REPLICAS OF OTHER-WORLDLY OCCUPANTS, will be used to usher in Bush's New World Order exactly as Ronald Reagan told you they would do when he spoke at the United Nations of "a threat from outer space".

Wake up, chelas; you are approaching the planned Armageddon!  Don't allow the Elite Magicians to suck you into THEIR VERSION of the script.  It does not have to go that way.  You are being set up for slaughter by the Elite Parasite Class, comprised of those ones who are motivated by greed with a thirst for power that, ironically, they themselves do not possess.  It is you of the so-called working class of average citizens who have the power and are fleeced of your very life-blood in order to fuel their evil dreams of conquest and sacrifice--TO THEIR GOD.

It is your money, land, and bodies that they want, for such is the stuff of wars, is it not?  Are not these the things you fight for most of all?  Oh, you thought it was "the love of country" which sent your sons (and increasingly, your daughters) off to war?  That is what Britain's Tavistock Institute social scientists have programmed you to think.  Make no mistake about it, dear ones; war is fought only for MATERIAL GAIN and PHYSICAL CONTROL over your brothers.

It is worse than that today for you ones who "live by the sword" because not even your controlled major media is admitting that your own supposedly powerful military--especially your UN/Israeli-OWNED Air Force--is of little use to you in today's climate of ever increasing battles and growing rumors of wars.  Your troops have NO MORALE and there are not even parts to maintain your fleets and aircraft and ground vehicles.

Please understand: I advocate nothing remotely close to fighting your enemy with bullets.  Their beam-weapon capabilities and electromagnetic grid networks can disable and kill entire armies AND CITIES in mere seconds.  It is the scope of the mind-control LIE which convinces YOU to participate in such a war which I am endeavoring to point out.

Do you have a prayer of winning such a seemingly one-sided conflict?  Yes!  The adversary has already lost--AND HE KNOWS IT!  Now we have to inform all of you victors of the outcome SO YOU DON'T BLOW IT--AGAIN.  As with all things and processes in the Spiritual Realms, you have in your hands the choice between "winning" and "losing".  It is up to you which one you choose to manifest in YOUR reality.


You do not have wars to settle disputes or to curb the threats of kings and generals.  WARS ARE ENGINEERED AND FOUGHT TO GET RID OF AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

Remember that the ones on top and in control of your daily lives are RELATED TO EACH OTHER!  The bones of the Russian Czar and his family, carried back and forth and finally laid to rest, ARE BLOOD RELATIVES TO THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY.

Keep in mind, it was Nicholas II who sided with President Lincoln and lent the Russian Navy to aid America when the French and British conspired with Bronfman's Canada to destroy your fledgling Republic.  HE WAS KILLED FOR RENDERING THAT ASSISTANCE!

So too was the "royal" Kaiser of Germany CONNECTED BY BLOOD RELATIONS.  Queen Victoria was known in Elite circles as "the grandmother of Europe" and, when King Edward VII ascended the throne, two of his nephew's were already exceedingly powerful; one was Wilhelm, the German Emperor and the other was Nicholas II.  A glance at portraits and photographs of the Monarchs of the Old World Order shows many striking resemblances among Europe's ruling Houses.


Know thine enemy, friends!  And that enemy is definitely not thy brother and sister slaves across the border or next door.

The Parasite Class is made up of only a handful of synthetic replicas of human beings WITH ONLY FIVE OR SIX WEAKLY-SOULED BEINGS RUNNING EVERYTHING.  You out-number them A BILLION TO ONE--LITERALLY!!!

Are you that far gone down the tubes that a roomful of people can kill off a planet???  We of the Hosts hope not; that is why we are here, to bring this information to your attention and help you to take back your world in the name of God of Light. 

At the Highest Levels of Understanding, Evil has already been vanquished back to the thousands of years of isolation and darkness ALLOTTED FOR THEIR OWN GROWTH EXPERIENCE.  BUT, AT YOUR PRESENT STATE OF AWARENESS AND BEINGNESS, YOU STILL HAVE TO PLAY OUT YOUR END OF THE LARGER SCENARIO--AND, CHELAS, IT CAN GO EITHER WAY FOR YOUR PHYSICAL BODIES.  Again, we can help and show you the way, but if a thing be done for God's people and God's earthly 'kingdom', it will be done by you.


So, why is Egypt so important?  This is the place where your records record mankind's first belief in ONE GOD.  Before that time religions were dominated by many gods who, as the priests interpreted, demanded wars and human sacrifices to appease them.

Then, as now with Dharma in Tehachapi, a soul comes along who is to be a translator and scribe for that Higher Energy.  In ancient Egypt it was a young pharaoh who did not allow the Divine Light within him to be extinguished.  And to those of you who believe in the TRUTH of reincarnation, is it not feasible that the "receiver" of over three thousand years past, and the one receiving for HATONN at present, might be one and the same?

As with all ones who come in the service of God and His Hosts of the Lighted Brotherhood, you keep at the same task until it is accomplished, even if it takes many incarnations to complete it.  No more and no less.  Those who have reached such a high state of awareness of the truly Divine task of enLight-ening their brothers and sisters are so connected to "the work" that it becomes no less than a lifetime-after-lifetime volunteered commitment.  It did not take you one life experience to get to this point in your soul's growth, or that of your civilization's present standing; conversely, it likely takes more than one experience to fix it.

All ones have their appointed or volunteered status and tasks in each lifestream experience and they are not given to know exactly what the job is, though many ones have come into the REALIZATION of their position.

By seeking The Light and inspiration of the God WITHIN, you are invariably guided to do the things (or at the very least be presented with the opportunity to do them) that advance your soul's growth.  Do that which is God's "work" and all else will be given unto you.  That is a promise by the beloved Father-Mother Principle that is a part of you.  This is what the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV did (and preached) as he went against 1700 years of tradition and worship of pagan gods and material gain.

What does it take for a man, who strove to bring peace and love to his fellow man, to be hated and despised so much that his likeness and legacy were stricken from all history?  If it was not for the accidental stumbling upon relics of his existence (ah, but there are no accidents from the perspective of Higher Resource), the public would not know of "the Sun Pharaoh" and his reverence to the One God.


The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton was born Amenhotep IV and assumed the throne upon the death of his father Amenhotep III.  Amenhotep IV changed his name to AkenATON to show his reverence for Aton ("Face of the Sun") and to show his dislike for what his dynasty had come to represent.

He decreed that the people were not to worship the pantheon of many gods or pay tribute to the priests of Amon, whose tables groaned from the weight of gold and jewels--the plunder from neighboring lands; there was only one God and his name was Aton.

One hundred years before Esu "Jesus" Immanuel walked the Earth, Akhenaton was the first man in recorded history to speak of a single omnipotent God.  This was a concept that shook the foundations of ancient Egypt.

He ruled for 17 years, yet his name does not even appear on the list of kings.  Every other pharaoh before and since have their colossal temples standing for all to see at Karnak, Luxor, and the Valley of the Kings.  Readily visible and well defined are the relics of the various pharaohs, Seti, Tuthmosis, Hatshepsut, and the others--with the single exception being Akhenaton.

His temple at Karnak was deliberately obliterated by his general, Horemheb, who secretly conspired with the disbanded cult of Amon, and with their funds and materials, took Egypt back to its former worship of pagan gods and warring ways.  (This is not unlike the Bolsheviks in New York and England who conspired against Nicholas II during the October 1917 Revolution and plunged Russia into nearly 80 years of "Soviet" Communist rule.)

Akhenaton was one of the most intriguing personalities in human history, yet the average person scarcely knows his name.  His son-in-law, however, is known to all mankind.  Tutankhamon, the "Boy King" Tut, who at the age of 18 had his lifestream conveniently cut short, is famous for his tomb which was discovered by the British in 1922 with its treasures intact. (Horemheb and his fellow conspirators changed TutankhATON's name to TutankhAMON after taking him back to the old capital to erase Aton from history.)  Along with his solid gold coffin, gold portrait mask, and other relics, was some of the burial furniture belonging to Akhenaton.  There was nothing, however, to throw light on Akhenaton's mysterious death because his tomb was never found (so the story goes).

According to one prominent Egyptologist "there died with Akhenaton such a spirit as the world had never seen before".  To mystery-story writer Agatha Christie he was the supreme mystery and she was inspired to write a story about him.  Even Sigmund "Fraud" Freud, of the elitist bunch, recognized Akhenaton as "one of the most important men in history".

The puppet prostitutes of your adversary, funded by such as Rockefeller and Rothschild and other "royal" families, will not allow you to know all that has been found that further illuminates Akhenaton's writings and "receivings" from Aton.  His immediate successors went to extraordinary lengths to erase his memory from the face of the Earth.


These are writings inspired by and translated for Aton that are kept in secret vaults and private collections that have not seen the light of day of public exposure.  However, the following is a poem written by Akhenaton about the radiance of Aton's life-giving Light.


Aton's Life-Giving Light

Dawning, glittering, going afar and returning, you make millions of forms through yourself alone.

Bright as the Earth when you rise on the horizon, when you shine as Aton by day you drive away the darkness.

When you send forth your rays all the people are at daily festivity, awake and standing upon their feet when you have raised them up.

Their limbs bathed, they take their clothing, their arms uplifted in adoration to your dawning.  In all the world they do their work.


Found inscribed in the tomb of one of his courtiers, this is practically all that is offered by the ones holding formerly lost and stolen information.  I'm sorry, but this is the time you live in, where your supposed elected trustees conspire to keep you-the-people in the dark.  Only petitioning to have them come clean WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE LEGAL TOOLS TO DO SO, along with your actions to PEACEFULLY change same, will allow you to better your plight.

Your adversary will never change on his own; he has no desire to allow you to become informed enough to do anything about the lies and misperceptions that have governed your lands for centuries.  And why should he?  It is THE METHOD through which evil has gained control of a planet.


The architecture of ancient Egypt was constructed of massive stones, but the temple of Akhenaton was built on a more human scale.  Stones called talatads (literally: "span of three hands") were first uncovered less than a hundred years ago.  A French team happened upon them while restoring a temple of Amon Ra in the early 1920s.  Used as fill for the base of the pylons and pillars of that temple, there began to emerge, by the thousands, the building blocks of Akhenaton.  His ruined temple had been recycled for use by his successors.  There is no depth to which evil will not sink to destroy and cover up Truth.  Not much different this day, is it?


To understand why such extraordinary lengths were taken to hide the accomplishments of a man of peace, you have to remember that war is a most lucrative trade.  Akhenaton brought his people from the old capital and moved 100 miles south of present-day Cairo to build a new city.  He might have fared better saving the one he left behind, but as today, with your own dilemma of building a new America, there is no place else left to go--you must repair what is broken and rebuild that which you already have.

People and armies allied themselves with Akhenaton because he was a man of peace and would wage no wars.  The priests were relieved of the absolute control of gold, grain, and plunder.  The artisans and builders were instructed not to build pagan idols or make depictions of warriors and sacrifice for the people to glorify, but were allowed to use Nature itself for their inspiration.

Akhenaton himself was the only pharaoh before or after his reign to be rendered as a loving family man with his wife Nefertiti and their daughters.  Since he had no sons to ascent the throne, when he and his wife were murdered (their graves or bodies have never been found as far as in publicly known), the blood lineage of the royal family ended.  The well-known but short reign of Tutankhamon, brought back to the old capital in Thebes by Horemheb, also has the unfortunate distinction of being the earliest recorded MILITARY COUP in your history.  When the new pharaoh was also "taken out", Horemheb installed himself as ruler of all Egypt.  Then he personally oversaw the task of erasing for all time--the conspirators thought--the knowledge of Aton and the memory of the "Poet King" who strove to awaken the people to The Truth.

If all this does not seem reason enough to cover-up the truth about Akhenaton and Aton, AND THE CONTINUED ATTACK TO SILENCE THE WORD OF GOD AND HIS HOSTS TODAY, then perhaps some additional food for thought is in order.


Moses did not lead the Israelites out of Egypt because of the simple fact that there were no people called "ISRAELIS" or "JEWS" during that time.  Those were terms that were not invented until the 16th century.  If you look at history as it was presented, you will find that it more closely resembles the life and times of Amenhotep IV's transformation and "discovery" of "his" God and the leading out of Egypt of ATON's CHILDREN.  The "wanderers" in the "desert wilderness" more closely fit that which Amenhotep IV / Akhenaton experienced than what you have been told in the exodus centering around Moses.

Did Moses exist?  Not as presented to you.  If so, was he a good guy or bad guy?  Neither.  Truth can be gained from any and all sources if INTENT is proper and Truth is indeed the focus.  Chelas, you are going to find that all ones from all time periods are the same ones experiencing over and over again.  This is a Play of Creation and you and God will create whatever scenario is best for your advancement.  We of The Hosts seem to bring much controversial and disheartening "news" to some, but from this side of the veil WE KNOW you ALL--every last one of Aton's Light Projection Fragments--will come back into THE ONE.  And believe me, it will be a joyous and festive time indeed.

How do I know?  Because it has already happened.  Remember, you in the physical are living out the trailing edge of the "time spiral" as you experience the winding up (or unwinding, as the case may be) to "zero time"--where the tapestry of all that was or ever will be created is frozen in the forever now, exactly as God envisioned it to be.

All are a part of the WHOLE and there is no separation between any one thing from another.  Is that not the true definition of Oneness?  Do you now understand why wars are such a stupid waste of "time"?  Cancer (mutating, warring cells) of the body of God's microcosmic universe IS your warring upon each other because of your "mutated" thoughts, don't you see?  That is why The Hosts and Galactic Fleets have come to your little emerald planet; the cancer of war will not be allowed to infect the "body" of the Universal One.

You will be allowed your games and hard learning experiences--as you seem to learn from those the most; however, before the consequences of your antics reach critical levels of irreversible destruction, the planet will be encapsulated--preventing the "infection", or unbalance, as we label it, to spread to the rest of God's universe.  All ones will then be removed BY US (not through some silly rapture to fluffy clouds as your ministers preach) to continue your individual lessons elsewhere.

Go about your day in peace and security in the knowledge that your assistance comes from Aton, The One Light, The Source of All Power and All Possibilities.  You are that which He IS.  Would God be of any less service to Himself?

Tomeros Maasu Korton here, moving to stand-by.  I remain in humble service to my precious relations.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, July 28, 1998, Volume 21, Number 10, Pages 33-36.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.