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KORTON & SANANDA: 11/24/90 KORTON l 11/26/90 SANANDA

Commader Tomeros Massu Korton/Sananda

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11/24/90   KORTON


I Am Korton.  I come in the Light of Holy God in the service of the Master Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda under the command of Hatonn of the Galactic Fleet of the Inter-Space Mission for Earth.  The time is most auspicious.  Your leaders are under the influence of great pressure to cause an incident to allow them to proceed with their foolish plans.  Since they have not been able to make an incident among the countries of Earth, it has been decided to attempt one of true insanity and turn their dark intentions directly toward the Hosts of God.  Even now the confrontation continues and their determination to cause us to react in a way that will provide them an excuse to use us as the "butt" of their focus of discounting and disclaiming.  They are most determined.

Let us get into an explanation of that which happened this mid-day in your sequence.  There was an incident involving four cosmospheres and a command vehicle of ours in which there was a beam thrust toward us, first by one ship and then in rotation from the others in hopes of throwing us into an unbalanced state and to cause us to lose our invisibility shield, thereby creating an incident to look like we were attacking Edward's Air Force Base.  Also present was a Phantom plane belonging to the U.S. Air Force which, had we dropped our invisibility shield, was to attack us in plain view and their hope was that we would react to it and cause it to be shot down or disabled in some way.  The unmanned Phantom was programmed to react as if we shot it down, even if we did not, and ditch it.  Thus, they planned to claim that aliens had attacked.

All of this began as the Phantom sent the beam thrust at the house on Adam Way.  It was in the moment that this was done that the first beam thrust at us was sent by the Russians.  It was thought that our attention would be in the diverting of that beam and we would not be aware of that which would be thrust at us.  Wrong!  We have not spent these years in the study of earth thought processes and in observing the thought patterns of our adversaries to no avail.  Devious and cunning sleight-of-hand tricks are easily seen through when one lives and works from Truth.  It is always amazing to those of the dark side who come into Truth and begin to experience from the other side, the Lighted side, to see how incredibly visible they were to those of Truth.  The devious and dark tricks only work on those who are in fear.  Fear is the great blinder.  When one comes from truth, the veil of fear is simply nonexistent and thus it is simple to observe and act in split seconds.  Fear is not only the blinder but also the binder, causing slowing of the ability to act and thus many are lost because of this timing differentiation.

Let us discuss the incident of the beam thrust toward the house of Dharma this day.  We were able to divert it from the house, but in doing this we were unable to completely keep it from affecting the crystal.  The original idea was to get two birds with one stone, knock out the Dharma group and inflict damage directly into the crystal programming.  Another sign of the insanity that rules in the command echelon of the military of all the major powers in that they know that the stability of this entire sector of this galaxy pivots upon this point.  However, they estimated that we would counter it enough to keep it from shattering and that by simply scrambling the programming it might somehow affect our command ship's ability to react.  This was based on the fact that the cosmospheres are tied to their command bases, and if the command bases for them are crippled, the ability of the cosmospheres to act is hampered, if not completely destroyed.  Because the energy necessary to use the particle beams and fuel the cosmospheres is transferred from earth, it was assumed that the crystal might serve the cosmic fleet in some manner similar, if not for energy, then for stability of directional guidance.  Our ships are entirely self-sufficient and not tied to anything for energy source or guidance ability, though they can and do use the crystal signals for some functions that are performed aboard.  In actuality there is more input from the ships to the crystal than visa versa.

To continue, the crystal was damaged in some slight ways, but the damage was more extensively to the programming and this has caused us to direct descrambling focus into the crystal in order to neutralize the chaotic confusion of emissions of pulling the programming and putting it through our computers to unscramble the decibels and to simultaneously return the correct decibels back into it.  In the meantime the messages that normally emanate from it out into the cosmos must be monitored and corrections must be entered to override and maintain the correct informational flow.  Needless to say, this has been a most busy crew aboard the Majestic.  We felt it important that you understand the process so that those of you who are attuned to the crystal in a more conscious way could be given to understand the chaotic vibrations that were affecting you and to explain also to those who are not consciously aware, but only find themselves experiencing the usual routine in a most unbalanced and uncomfortable way.

As the chaos of the earth humans, both emotionally and physically, becomes more consciously experienced, it is more and more difficult to maintain a balanced guidance of earth in its orbit.  The constant testing below the surface of the earth, the draining of the pools of water and oil beneath, along with the collection of water in huge surface reservoirs all add to the imbalance.  Gathering of the consciousness of humans into great cities with its pressures, noises, and increased fear and violence add immeasurably to the pressures.  Death in fear and violence in which large numbers of souls translate from physical to astral also causes additional pressures.  Earth herself is being torn asunder in the Mid-East, not only with actual war going on, but also in the preparations for war.  The focusing of both hate and greed with the resultant fear, physical pain and violent separation of souls from physical bodies causes a physical experience of great pain to the planet herself.  You must remember that she is alive, conscious and has feeling just as do you.  You are her children made up of her living, breathing body and you are not separate from her any more than you are from the Father God who breathed the life spark into you to give your Soul consciousness.

The crystal is not permanently damaged, and it will be brought back into balance and will continue its work.  The attack against it was most serious indeed from the audacity of it for, had it been destroyed, the orbit of the planet would have been seriously affected and indeed you might have experienced a lift-off this very afternoon.  It must be given to you through this, the understanding that the forces that are behind that which you call the conspiracy are heinous indeed and they intend to win the confrontation with God.  Just because you have been told that they know the outcome, which they do, they have every intention of going for "broke" in this round.  Indeed they do know that this is the end of a very great cycle and that they shall be starting over again from ground zero.  They have no intention of not using every possible approach to win and believe me, they have been conjuring and calculating for a very long time.  There is a lot of dark and evil stuff in their bag of tricks.  You innocent ones of God, who cannot even identify with one of your violent movies, have no idea just how much evil emotion is pent up waiting for expression.  It behooves you to come into the realization of it and be sure you have placed yourself safely under God's wing.  You do not want to get caught on the wrong side in this sequence of events, not for even one minute.

Do not be disappointed that I have not filled this writing with co-ordinates and intersection points.  It is that you might understand that which has happened this day in concept and intentions.  You are most treasured and protected, but we ask that you also think and take responsible precautions to assist us in holding you safe.  Do keep your light shields intact!  Do acknowledge your God Spirit within and without!  Ask for instructions and LISTEN!  We are but a thought away.

Be committed unto God's service.  Ask what you are to do and stay in the present moment that you may be in the Presence of God.  You stand at the doorway of your return unto the eternity of existence that is your home.  Your fellow man and the beloved planet that nurtures you ask for your loving help.  Stand with your hand outstretched and allow the radiance of your loving concern this day forward.  SO BE IT!  Salu!  Korton out!

* * * * * * *


11/26/90  SANANDA

Be at peace, I am here Thomas.  I Am Sananda and I come within the Light of the Father.

I come to put those responsible for Saturday's incident on notice; you shall not harm mine workers!  Those who take arms against mine ones take arms against ME!  Space Command has spoken at length with the ones on your military bases and secret places and still they proceed with such foolishness as an attack against my speaker and the crystal which is so critical to your placement. Such actions will no longer be tolerated.

There shall be increased actions around the planet in an effort to bring Command into visibility that the populace may be duped into believing that space beings are attacking; it is the ones on your own placement that are the attackers and foolish indeed are they for they know not that which they are dealing with.  If these ones continue to play with fire, they will indeed get burned!  The impact of the beam thrust against this dwelling was felt by all present to the extent that few could believe it was directed at the very place wherein the Word of God pours forth.  How little has changed in your two thousand years.  I come forth in confirmation of that which my brother Commander Hatonn has brought unto you.  So, too, Korton has spoken of these things.  The workers of God are under attack and must be most cautious during this time of great peril.  The seas grow rough but I ever hold mine own within the wings of light which God IS.  Do not be careless in thine day to day activities for you are more closely watched than you realize.  Go in peace and with the knowledge that you are in the hands of God.  Be worthy of the honor.  To those who plot and plan to take action against mine ones, you had best be in the reconsidering while there is yet time.  So be it.  Salu.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, November 1990, Volume 5, Number 9, Pages 4-6.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.