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Commader Tomeros Massu Korton

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Knowledge Gives You "Eyes" To See


10/8/98   KORTON


Good afternoon.  Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in Radiance and Light.  I come in service to God and The Creation, to aid mankind during his most turbulent of times.

As the usurpers of freedom once again increase their thrust upon their fellow human beings, God too increases His assistance to those who are pledged to bring Truth that man can find his way through that which is intended to all but smother and extinguish the life of yet another "Earth" of experiencing humans.  To see to it that that does not happen to another planet in this solar system, ways are and have been provided--both financial and physical life-sustaining ways--to ensure that a REMNANT does make it through.

Your world is overpopulated, approaching 9 billion people.  Thus, with your "elite" trying to rid themselves (any way they can) of all who are not to be part of their "utopia", a great many of you are not slated to survive very long into your year 2000.

It certainly does not have to be that way, but as you march along to Satan's drumbeat, which steers the masses toward the rocky abyss as blind goyim (nonhuman animals as translated from the Jewish-Khazarian language known as Yiddish), you show your enemy AND GOD that you are willing to accept whatever fate comes your way, with little or no effort to save yourselves.  In this I speak of the masses who see it coming, yet do nothing to save their own lives and stop that which is devouring their world.

When (not if) war comes, it will be man's fault for not stopping the few who will have caused it when you had the chance.  For those who effort to stop or limit it by whatever means are available to them, BUT ALSO FAIL TO PREPARE FOR THEIR OWN SURVIVAL, they too will just as surely perish, and it will be by their own ignorance.

How many warnings and prophecies do you need to hear before you realize you ARE in the days called Armageddon?  Being forewarned is forearmed, and you have been warned--repeatedly.


We of God-Aton's Hosts will walk with you through the valley's ominous shadows until there is once again peace and harmony on your world, or until there is no habitable ground upon which to walk.  This newspaper and the Phoenix Journals are among the instructions mankind has been waiting for these past 2000 years in your counting.  It is these words, and the messages "between the lines", which will "deliver you from evil.

Your news media does not give you news.  At best you can know WHERE things are happening, but lies and fragments of truth are all you can expect, for the media prostitutes are the mouthpieces of your enslavers, nothing more and nothing less.

However, to not be informed of what your adversary is up to is just as gross an error as not availing yourselves of God's Word.  How are you to fix a thing if you know not "where" the problem is?  When the Lord (Teacher) said "my people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge", that was a reference to these very days you are living in.

Is not this your "Information Age"?  Data and documents flow with lightning speed through your so-called information superhighways.  These are things that have come into being (publicly) only within the past 20 years or so.  Never before, in your recorded history, has so much depended on what you know and the insights gained from this knowing.  Indeed, at the close of your twentieth century, knowledge IS power!

The power of God's Word is, simply enough, in the Word.  You have a brain that is relatively empty for the most part.  The reason you use so little of it is because you do not have that much for it to do.  What do you think is meant by the phrase, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come"?  It means that when you have a need to know something, and you are diligently pursuing all methods you are aware of to gain the answer, Guides will help to give you new tools (inspiration, books, or whatever is most practical and beneficial to a particular individual) with which to allow YOU to find the answer.

Your mind is the first and foremost tool God gave the spiritual, eternal, soul "you".  It was the only thing you needed to receive all that Creator had to give you.  Today, it is still all you need, for God's way of speaking to you has never changed since man's creation--it didn't need to.  In God's mind-universe, a brain is what the physical aspect of you utilizes to function in a physical manifested world.  All else you do in that physical world is of your own free-will choice.  God's "gift" to Higher Universal man (HU-man) is to CO-CREATE with God, and thereby experience that which you need to experience to further your growth AND KNOWLEDGE.

But man has used his free-will to experience those things which go against God's Laws and those of The Creation, and has reaped bitter fruit for himself and his descendants.  When you developed your other physical flesh tools (such as a mouth, hands, feet, etc.) you began to "create" physical things to enhance your ability to further create in the electrical compression of third-dimensional reality.  By learning from your mistakes, as well as from your successes, you evolved into wiser beings who had the ability to shape your environment into that which better suited a more harmonious balance between people and Nature herself.

When knowledge became secondary to your learning experience, and "sensual" physical sensing became your all-consuming passion (this includes food, fashion, sports, and war--as well as sex); the upward growth toward harmony and balance became a downward spiral toward stagnation and moral and spiritual decay.

In the Higher Realms ALL is a positive experience because there is no physical dimension in which to get "lost".  Remember that the physical realm is only a simulation of reality.  However, while you are part of the physical experience, IT BECOMES YOUR REALITY--and remains so until you cross back into the spiritual domain from which all manifested experience comes.  Any endeavor or desire or sensing that is rooted exclusively in the physical is likely to lead to error (sin) because it is based on something that is not real.


All that matters in God's Mind-universe is knowledge and the wisdom gained from it, for it is all your soul takes with you when you make transition to another plane of existence.  In other words, while all your worldly possessions don't go with you, your experience--gained while borrowing and utilizing the physical tools available in physical reality--does become a forever part of your Higher Self.

If you would just contemplate that thought for awhile, it would begin to make sense to you why such is a fact of God's universe.  Since all that you encounter in the physical is composed fundamentally of electrical frequencies of indefinitely differing rates of vibrations--hence different apparent compressions-- there is no solid physical matter to deal with in the first place, only multitudes of electrical simulations for your senses (themselves comprised of still more electrical frequency variations) to record.

In the vast void of space, from where comes all manifested physical "reality", electrical potential is very low by comparison to that which you can see and feel as "solid mass".  Space is the uncompressed or unwound electric substance that is used to manufacture your physical dimension.  God's "hands" are the right and left-turning (in and out) vortex-spiral principle used to wind-up low-potential static (still) electricity into fast-moving, high-potential hot bodies of seeming solids.

Whether these solids are microscopic atoms or macrocosmic suns, THEY ARE STILL NONPHYSICAL THINGS in origin.  When their lifestreams are completed, they go back to being low-potential, still, electrical, INVISIBLE substance from which God will again wind-up suns and atoms in a never-ending cycle of creation.


These writings are given to man to allow him to find his path back in the direction of peace, harmony, and balance.  Aton, The One Light, will always provide His Lighted fragments (you) with guidance that is most beneficial and direct for His ones to find their way home.  AND IT WILL BE THROUGH THE WORD THAT SUCH WILL BE DONE.

Or did you think such guidance was coming from Jerry Falwell, or Mr. Netanyahu of Israel?  God is within, chelas!  He needs no intermediaries--and certainly none who themselves repeatedly and continually break His Laws.

It is through experimental remindings and thought-provoking parables that man learns best.  Any worthy teacher would never take the learning experience from you by giving you all the answers and doing you job for you--as do your so-called leaders and Sunday preachers.

Am I against those who profess to show you the way from the pulpits and the Crystal Cathedrals?  That is not for me, Korton, to judge.  However, they have not given you very much in the way of methods of ridding the evils that are consuming your world.  In fact, more blood has been shed in the name of religion and worship than you can imagine.  Is it not time YOU "save" yourself and stop putting YOUR responsibility off upon a Teacher who lived among you 2000 years ago?

Can you not avail yourselves of the teachings offered by Esu "Jesus" Immanuel Sananda and find your own salvation?  (By the way, Sananda is the "new name" your Bible refers to: he who the ancient Egyptians labeled the Master Teacher.)

The time is rapidly approaching when your elected leaders will carve-in and cause to be stricken for all time the allowance of "separation of church and state" in your United States.




This will prove to be a fatal blow to those who have believed with their very souls that what they are following is THE religion.  The ones who tout this union of Jews and Christians are the ones who are plotting the demise of both!  How else are you going to start a war in the Middle East if there are not generated circumstances to "cover" the true agenda?

This is not to say that Christians and Jews, and other faiths, should not join together!  Unity and brotherhood is the only way you can save your world.  It is just that, in the case of the unknowing, this is also the arena which evil utilizes to further divide the people, making them ripe for conquering.


There is a concerned effort to start a war.  All hot spots, whether they be ancient battlegrounds or newly created places to intentionally foster disputes, are going to be manipulated.  Kosovo, a Bolshevik-manipulated region of southwest Serbia, is secretly being controlled by Kissinger Associates, Inc., the low-profile, political "consulting" group which specializes in promoting violence for the express purpose of furthering UN-based global control.

You will recall that this is the same kind of tactic focused several years ago upon Kuwait, a region AND LAWFUL PROPERTY of southeast Iraq.  The "sleight of hand" worked there once and can easily work there again--so long as so many Americans remain asleep to or silent about the truth of the matter.

This Kosovo region is the other major area to watch because it is there that a World War can be sparked and Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian Yugoslav president and the newest "elitist" to fall out of favor with his New World Order benefactors, is the point-man of focus in this little segment of the play. Remember he was the puppet carrying out the "ethnic cleansing" orders in Bosnia not long ago.

Kissinger, Bush, Scowcroft and other heavy hitters--former advisors and power brokers--still pull the strings in global politics.  All three are British subjects and each, respectively, controls a substantial portion of world politics, world military forces, and world religion.  Brent Scowcroft is a longtime leader of the Mormon (the word means "Satan" in the Asian world and Mormon worship is outlawed in their countries.) "cult'--which is to ultimately replace Judeo-Christianity as the religion of choice.  (You see, even the Jews lose out as all eventually are double-crossed by the Prince of Deceivers.)

These ones are major participants in what is happening in central Europe.  Why is this location so important to ones who play at war?  Because its central position forces--by clever structuring of international treaty--your G-7 nations and their allies to participate whether they want to or not.

A war in Kosovo, with the Serbians as the "bad guys", provides all the ingredients necessary to create and fan a BELIEVABLE escalated conflict.  This is why Mossad and CIA massacres in Albania are being blamed on president Milosevic.  Every time air strikes are threatened, he withdraws his troops immediately--as your operatives on the ground report and your spy plane pictures show--and is continually goaded into more and more tenuous positions until all-out war breaks out.  Let us not forget who his ally is--the media never seems to put enough emphasis on "the Russian Connection".  Remember from my past lectures just how formidable is that Russian Military aspect of this chess game.

By the way, the reason your FBI is taking such an active role in world policing and investigations is because Central Intelligence is up to their ears in covert terror campaigns with Israeli-backed (as well as staffed) death squads, and the Agency is trying to keep the focus off of what they ARE doing abroad.

Getting back to the chess game with the Russian Military, this is why former MI-6 (British Intelligence) agent, Richard Tomlinson, is such a hated man by your world governments--with the exception of Switzerland and possibly Russia.  In addition to his providing you with the opportunity for physical proof of that which we already brought to you regarding the assassination of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed by British-Israel, French, and American operatives, he also knows enough to expose--AND BRING TO AN END, WITH YOUR SUPPORT--the entire World Domination plan.

Believe me, chelas, there is a heavy price tag on Tomlinson's head, and if it were not for the protection of God's Lighted Shielding (and perhaps a few Godly Russians), he would have been long ago assassinated during one of his plane trips as he fled from country to country seeking asylum.


When Tomlinson was denied entry into the United States, after trying to disclose British-Israeli plans (which quite literally are for the downfall of your free world), he went to Geneva, Switzerland, where you have neutral laws concerning banking and politics.  When he got there, he was allowed to speak by satellite link to Matt Lauer, a high-level Mossad agent, on the Today Show.

Incidentally, there are various ways in which the average citizen can utilize the same clues that ones within the intelligence community employ to pass on information.  One ridiculously obvious "red flag" is in their clothing--ties in particular.

In Israel, suits are normally not worn with ties because that "uniform" is a sign of a lower "worker" class of servant in the eyes of your Khazarian-Israeli "elite" masters.  However, GREY WILL ALWAYS BE THE PREDOMINANT COLOR OF RECOGNITION BETWEEN THE COVERT BANKSTER THIEVES AND THEIR AGENTS.  High-level active secret agents will wear a very expensive tie in shades and patterns of grey.  These patterns are usually in a motif of sophisticated Scottish tartan, and being that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is also an extension of British Intelligence, I would imagine that this is more than a passing coincidence.

Likewise, other colors represent different signals.  As a for instance, remember when Mr. Clinton was "ordered" to Russia, while taking refuge in a cottage in New England to dodge the opening salvos of the Lewinsky-Israeli coup attempt?  Remember the infamous yellow tie given to him by her as THE "gift" that made world headlines?  (One reporter even joked about Chelsea probably taking the scissors to it when the family all got together that evening.)  None of this publicity stopped him from boarding the blue-Israeli-emblemed Air Force One WEARING THE EXACT TIE as he waved to you-the-people on his way to the Kremlin!

Indeed, it IS as blatant as that, chelas, for your Israeli master manipulators do enjoy these "Inside jokes" in the face of an uninformed world populace.  I intend to point out every significant indicator of how they have you ones by the throat in a series of outlayings, for you need to see just how vast is the reach of the self-labeled "Serpent People".  I guess vanity does have its dangers.

Anyway, after this four-paragraph digression into symbols, let me continue with the Tomlinson interview on the Today Show.  He spoke of exactly the method used to assassinate Diana and Dodi, based on documents he saw while at MI-6.

When prominent persons are killed by your secret government hit men, it is not a haphazard "send someone to bump them off" Mafia-style hit.  The "target" is set up and the "problem" is approached just like any secret wartime paramilitary operation.  In cases like this, it is ever the more important since exposure of the death(s) AS ASSASSINATION would cause worse trouble for the perpetrators.  Plans and contingency plans are drawn up, with the one most likely to succeed being selected, including several backups ready as standby, should last-minute changes be necessary.

The plan which was ultimately selected to kill the princess was one borrowed from plans in place to assassinate Yugoslav president Milosevic, should he need to be gotten out of the way.  (Small world, isn't it?)  In documents from MI-6 headquarters, a very similar "accident" in a tunnel was to be used to kill the Serbian Yugoslav president so that "elite" plans to start a war there could continue without further interruptions.

As has been given to your prior to this, a laser flashgun was used to outright kill the driver, Henri Paul, himself a British operative, and Dodi.  The princess' bodyguard was and is also on the payroll of MI-6.  Diana was subsequently killed en route to the hospital.  They had to be sure she was dead; that is why it took so long for a ride that should have taken only a few minutes.

SDECE (French Intelligence) dossiers stated that Diana's fatal injury was a "ruptured aorta".  Since the aorta is the main trunk artery out of the heart, a ruptured aorta would result in almost immediate death, with virtually no chance of survival.  If that were true, she most certainly would not have been able to talk, much less move, several minutes after the accident.  Later, after the culprits tried to rectify their mistake, the injury was identified as a torn pulmonary (from the heart, to the lungs, and back to the heart) artery or vein.  Well, which was it?

As always, when prominent individuals, or many hundreds at a time, are slaughtered by the death squads of the Global Manipulators, their flimsy cover stories never pass muster with any who earnestly search for TRUTH among the major media drivel dolled out to placate you.  Their stories don't have to be anywhere near perfect to satisfy most of the sleeping public; moreover, the fabrications need only last long enough to allow the next orchestrated incident(s) to distract you, one after another--until the "elite" controllers capture you without you ever knowing what actually happened.

All this sounds like something from the late author Ian Fleming of James Bond "fiction" fame, but you must come into understanding of what we are speaking of, and there are no stranger tales to write about than the real life characters of your governments' inner circles.  (Remember from my past articles that Mr. Fleming was, himself an officer of MI-6 who also tried to give "fictionalized" information to the public which he got from actual agency files.  Because of the daring way he chose to inform the public, he walked a fine line for his personal safety on many, many occasions!)

"The Conspiracy" against you-the-people is a very real thing.  However, it is riddled with conflicts between your oldest and wealthiest families of inherited AND ASSUMED power, and warring RELIGIOUS factions vying for world rulership--with you nice unassuming citizens caught in the middle.

British-Israel and Islamic "tribes" have been at war for centuries, and they have never lost sight of who is related to whom and what lands supposedly belong to which kingdom.  Do you actually think the British Crown welcomed with open arms the introduction of an Arab child into the blue bloods of England?  Diana was killed because she was pregnant with Dodi's baby AND because there is a secret war going on between the royal families of those two religious kingdoms.

Remember, the war of wars in your "Ending Time" conflict is between, ultimately, the Muslims and the Jews.  Your Master Teacher Esu "Jesus" Immanuel told you that.  You are merely witnessing the "tip of the iceberg" preceding the bigger battle yet to come.

Why am I telling you these things?  To show you what is happening and what is being planned, so that you have more of an opportunity to turn things around.  It does not have to be this way!  You can cause a different outcome if you act while you still have the tools and the means to effect PEACEFUL change.

By allowing you to see what is taking place at your level of information dissemination, and providing a bit of insight about the closed-door meetings of your would-be global slave-masters, you can more easily discern the steamroller gathering steam as it prepares to roll over you.  And like the slow, lumbering steamroller, if you but open your eyes, IN TIME, you can easily side-step that which is on a path to crush you.  True knowledge about what is going on around you gives you "eyes" to see--as a first step toward taking corrective action.

In the spy business, "sheep-dipped" operatives and agents change their identities with the same frequency you change your wardrobes.  Therefore, whether or not they are exactly who they say they are, or are just information bringers out to make a name for themselves, there are many ones such as Tomlinson, David Shayler (an MI-5 agent jailed in France and awaiting extradition back to England), John Coleman, Gunther Russbacher, Bo Gritz, Victor Ostrovsky, and many other former "insiders" who can bring you truth--even if it is in the form that spy novelist Ian Fleming employed through his James Bond character.


Do you think just because an operation goes wrong that the director of the multi-headed beast is going to come clean and air their misdeeds on CNN?  Of course not!  So pay close attention when a truthful sound bite or two makes it to such as the Today Show.  A little truth may just come out when the bad guys are being scrutinized under the public spotlight--and we will add as much detail as time and writing space permits.

As Mr. Lauer repeatedly tried to make Tomlinson look ridiculous, the former British agent spoke truth and did not allow Lauer's bantering to cloud his giving you the facts.  Instead of coming off like a lunatic, Tomlinson caused many ones to think twice about the unexplained flash in the tunnel that tragic, late August, 1997 night in France.

In New Zealand (Tomlinson has duel citizenship there and in England), France, as well as in all of Europe, and most other countries elsewhere, it was PROVEN that your "free world" is coming completely under the rule of the British Crown as the Official Secrets Act prevents even the mention of anything British Intelligence decides it does not want individuals or media organizations to disclose.  By airing Tomlinson's short interview, your U.S. government violated the Official Secrets Act.  And shortly thereafter a Swissair jet--from your premier American airport JFK, headed for Geneva--was blown out of the sky.

Given the fact (1) a double sonic blast was heard over many miles of inland Nova Scotia, and (2) there were several Kidon ("K" or assassination) teams as passengers on the aircraft who were unaware of each other's presence, SOMEONE wanted to be sure that the message got through that Tomlinson was to be silenced.  I would say that tit-for-tat is heating up among various factions of your "elite" would-be kings.


As your world teeters on the brink of massive change, you don't need fortune tellers to tell you what and who is behind your failing world financial markets, the sudden rekindling of you world's "hot spots", and the "crisis" in your White House.  You KNOW the time is at hand for your adversary to begin to make his move for final conquest of your planet.  It remains to be seen whether or not you-the-people rise to meet the challenges to prevent total collapse of your sovereign way of life.

God has provided you with what you need to slay the beast, but it is going to take the masses to do it--not the politicians.  They CAN be at the forefront of your actions to save your economy and provide shelters for your citizens, and be in the front of the action--digging the canal alongside you--that nurtures your dying financial and barter infrastructure.  But, if they are unwilling to "put their backs into it", then they must stand aside.

As for actual earthen shelters, whether or not you have a major war, your environment has been irreversibly altered.  Your present dwelling structures will not endure the sustained high winds, radioactive fallout, and other hazards you can expect as you AND YOUR PLANET makes the transition into cleansing and rebirth, as your aboriginal brothers have been warning you about for some time.

As an aside here, even if you never explode another nuclear device in your atmosphere, you are now being irradiated by radioactive particulate from all your past detonations.  This is actually the major insult killing your AIDS victims, once the immune system becomes compromised.  When your body's defenses are down, the most prevailing menace to your health is also why there has been such an increase in skin cancers in recent years.  Your radioactive predicament is yet another "little" surprise your so-called "elite" have kept from you.  However, if their Larger Picture agenda is massive depopulation of most of you "useless eaters" from this planet, then what better, more innocent-looking way to murder so many of you-the-people than through hiding behind manufactured "natural" excuses such as a thinning ozone layer in your atmosphere?!

The ancient ones have gone back to their caves and deep caverns to await the cleansing.  Those of you who wish to survive will make similar, but more practical, adjustments.  And for that which is beyond your ability to prepare--that is our concern as your elder Cosmic Relations.

A corporation called Shelters Across America, Inc., is being set up to assist those who may want to purchase used shipping containers from ports such as Long Beach, California to use as inexpensive makeshift shelters for individual families and community areas set aside for emergency use.  These metal cargo containers are in great abundance in your country.  In fact, you send shiploads full of EMPTY CONTAINERS just so the Asian markets can have enough to send back to you all the goods you're purchasing which are backlogged and piled high waiting on their docks!  Well, so much for balanced trade.)

Should you not make use of that surplus to aid in your own survival?  And at the same time, another "industry" would be created--that of manufacturing more shipping containers to handle the already huge shortage of these very useful and versatile boxes that are easily transportable by rail and truck to anywhere in your nation.  These shelter-containers could be outfitted and offered in various "conversion kits" for combining two, three, or four, or however many may be needed for a given corporate or community project.

Companion "survival packages" could be offered for sale with each shelter to provide medical and health supplies for a predetermined number of people per shelter.  These would contain basic, but absolutely necessary items, such as: storable food and water, as well as water purification means, a battery-less shortwave radio, a basic survival instruction manual.  The Family Preparedness Handbook by James Talmage Stevens is an excellent reference source.  Electrical power from such as the new Craftsman computer-adjusted-output 3,600-watt generator (as referenced in Dr. Overholt's The News Desk, printed in the September 15, 1998 issue of CONTACT, page 5, which runs only fast enough to satisfy existing electrical loads, thereby reducing noise and saving fuel; the generator can provide electrical power for up to 29 hours on 4 gallons of fuel.  Portable waste management modules, as well as other "necessities" could be easily acquired or manufactured specifically for these proposed Shelter Kits.

Shelters would need to be placed partially or completely below ground-level and covered with four to ten feet of earth, depending on whether or not added composition material that shields radiation is used.  Other types of structures, manufactured as "add-ons" for animals, vehicles, earth-moving equipment, or for those who just desire more living space for long-duration occupancy, would also be made available.  These structures could utilize naturally efficient doomed architecture (what we utilize in Pleiades) made from compressed earthen material which is several times harder (and more radiation resistant) than standard hardened concrete.

Upkeep and readiness maintenance could be done by assigned "neighborhood watch" groups, or for more ambitious setups where ample space is allotted near or in the major cities, the homeless could be charged with that task in exchange for a place to live.  Moreover, a project like this would be a good opportunity for your local and state elected officials to do that which you pay them to do: help provide for the welfare (as in safety) of their constituents.

We of the Hosts and of the Intergalactic Fleets stand ready to assist you with that which is outside your ability to deal with.  An example of this would be if your primitive (by our standards) and poorly understood (by your so-called super scientists) beam-weapons technology accidentally starts a chain reaction igniting your atmosphere.

However, if you utilize what we bring in the way of suggestions, which are the methods given to you as inspired by God--concerning matters such as health, corporate business, and common (constitutional) law--then the severity of what may occur could be greatly diminished.

As for how long (and to what extent) you have to live below ground and off of stored and hydroponically grown foods, that is up to you.  If you wait until your choice is only the emergency scenario option, then your stay will be quite long, as it will take time to repair the damage that will result from massive wars and plagues.

However, if you turn your plight around with no further destruction of your environment and your peoples, then the process of "clean-up" can begin immediately and all you have to do is shelter yourselves long enough to live comfortably during some portions of Mother Earth's rebalancing process.

God has no wish to make matters more difficult for you than you have already made them.  It is you who push things to the limit of allowable time for a smooth turning around back to goodness.  The confusion and manipulation by your adversary has made it all the more difficult for you to literally know right from wrong--though at the soul level you innately know Truth.

Always allow Godly inspired thought to be your guiding Light, and waste no more time following up those inner promptings with right action for, as always, it is you who will (one way of another) make the world "a better place".  This is directed especially to those who are new to these writings--as well as to ones who have agreed to be our physical hands and eyes, such as this scribe.

God-Aton allows for the human aspect to function as humans do in the third-dimensional format.  However, consider well that you are rapidly moving into a higher-dimensional plane of experience!

As you make your plans and attempts to organize that which you perceive to be in disorder in your life, Life marches onward.  You must learn to integrate, in balance, that which the physical realm requires for existence with whatever is your "appointed" Higher task or tasks at this time of planetary transition.  If you put God FIRST in all your plans and endeavors, you are going to find that all else falls into place in a balanced way.

May you know that, as things seem to be their worst, and you feel you cannot take another step, it is then that God carries you by giving you the inner strength that is your very essence.  Understand that it is Creator's Light which forms and gives tremendous energy to suns and galaxies--and it is that same energy which resides within you, just waiting to be tapped.  Call upon it now--don't wait--for it can move mountains!

Korton to standby, please.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, October 27, 1998, Volume 22, Number 10, Pages 12-15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.