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4/20/98   KORTON


Good afternoon, my scribe. Commander Tomeros Massu Korton here in the Radiant Light of God's Presence.

You ones are being assaulted in a variety of ways, especially those of you in service to the Hosts of God-Aton.  Illnesses are chief among the "distractions" tossed your way.  It is through those subtle strikes (such as colds, gastro-intestinal dis-eases, nervous system ailments, mental depressions, and the like) that the adversary attacks, if a weakness can be found in your protective Light shielding.  Of course, the moral of this warning is simply to be diligent about calling-in the Light of God for protection--every a few minutes if need be, under some attack circumstances.

In the days to come, every "trick in the book" (including from your Bible) will be tried against both God's diligent workers and His wayward fragments who struggle to find en-LIGHT-enment.  Even though Satan rules these "end" times, the days of Evil are numbered.  That means you are in for the worst, as those in service to Evil prepare for your demise by both "fair" (seeming) methods and foul.  However, if you persist in becoming "tuned-in" to the inner voice of God, and diligently focus upon that which is of the Lighted path, then a little "turbulence" may be all you experience personally.


When Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, he and his Rothschild sponsors envisioned a world that celebrated this organized "birthday of Evil" with as much allegiance as any other state "holiday".  But, instead of celebrating some form of natural "independence", this day would represent the very opposite to you-the-people.

As you approach May 1, 1998, there is the possibility of your dark elite controllers using one of their most "sacred" days to help usher in their new era of total domination over you ones, bringing your seemingly sovereign way of life to an Earth-shattering end. This does not mean that this will surely be THE hour in which Evil chooses to remove the veils from the faces of the Satanic deceivers, but it does allow you ones more clues as to the PROBABLE buildup of happenings--now, and regarding timing for future events.

When you look back, remember that during the days leading up to the WORLD May First observances, there was always great and tumultuous public displays against governments for exposed injustices (engineered by the elite) against the common people. Even in America, through skilled military and psychological manipulations, preplanned riots and economic bombshells have been launched in the weeks and days preceding the date of May First.  Thus, you "celebrated" your own May Day (from whence the cryptic "distress call" is fittingly derived) festivities.  The big difference between you in the U.S. and your brethren who reside in other nations is that THEY KNOW a lot more of what it is all about and you don't.

You say it doesn't seem that way to you, this issue of the ignorance of the American people?  Well, who controls the media which presents to you exactly what you are supposed to see and hear about your neighbors in other countries?  Without exercising diligent independent effort on your own, how would you discover otherwise?

Whether your organized evil association are called Orders, Committees, Societies, Illuminated (Dark) Brotherhoods, Fraternities, Initiates, or Agencies--their modus operandi remains the same as it has since they were first forced to go "underground" (fugitively, figuratively, and literally).  Their goal always remains the same: gaining control of a planet for the big bad boy himself.  Luciferians know no national boundaries or religious differences, in fact, it was they who invented religions for better control over you!

Publicly these elite so-called masterminds (you now often call them philanthropists: they are pretenders of public virtue) would scarcely have come to your attention if it were not for a divinely guided incident, involving a courier, back in the 16th century.  This messenger was struck by lightning as he traveled by horseback on hidden paths between two points along the secret courier network of the evil brotherhood.  By "chance" this particular delivery contained blueprints for the 1789 French Revolution--which had not yet occurred!  The evidence was so compelling that the authorities of the day ordered the Bavarian Illuminati to be disbanded.  Obviously, however, no successful attempt was made to derail the planned revolution.

Whether it was too fantastic to believe at the time, or perhaps due to careful suppression of the information by Illuminists who occupied influential positions within the French government, the made-to-order Revolution came off on schedule.

With another stage of the World Domination Plan completed, the ignorant masses would be methodically prepared for the next phase of Illuminati-governed servitude.  However, those annoying documents found on the dead courier didn't exactly go away.

Since that time, at least some of the public have been aware of a "secret few" who commanded great power and political influence.  And, my friends, the evil ones knew that the problem of possible exposure would not go away without directed clandestine effort on their part.

In order to carry out their dark directives, the minions of the adversary must operate in complete secrecy--because YOU outnumber them, many millions of you to every one of them!  That is why, as you close out this millennium (toward which your adversary has spent more than 1800 years planning for THIS DAY), the existence of these dark elite still remains a very little-known, obscure "cult idea" that brings laughter of disbelief whenever the possibility of their existence is mentioned in most gatherings.

Hidden in the uppermost ranks of your current, multi-level, secret or semi-secret societies (such as Freemasonry, Intelligence agencies, Councils on Foreign Domestic Relations, and Bilderberg clubs for billionaire elitists the world over) are the descendants and reincarnated Luciferians who planned, financed, and reaped the "benefits" of all your world conflicts.  And all of these conflicts were engineered toward the single goal of achieving absolute world control in this present time period.

Chelas [students], war does not happen by accident!  That would imply that God's consummate manifest idea of human expression, such as should be exhibited in the life on your planet, was built on a less-than-perfect foundation, and that is not the case.  In more basic terms, expressing Lighted fragments of God do not of their own accord resort to war to settle differences of opinion.  Left to his own nature, man is more inclined to help than to hurt.

The fabric of the universe of physical and spiritual manifestation comes into existence through the "willpower" of LOVE--equal, in a scientific sense, to the all-pervasive "force" you call gravity.  This incredible force of Divine Love IS the basis for ALL that exists, in the entire omniverse of universes, including your continued existence in what you understand as third-dimensional reality.

God does not create His kingdoms and worlds to be fleeting moments to be forgotten in the eternity of His imaginings. He creates them to one day come back, in a fullness of expression, into the Oneness that He Himself IS, and, in so doing, for the experiences of that creation to be forever recorded upon the Akashic Records that make up the "tapestry" of ALL That Is.

War (conflict in general) is a cancerous assault upon the emotions of Joy and Harmony--which are fundamental to what God IS. The negative vibrations of hate and disharmony simply do not mix with the higher frequencies of the Divine Light from God's thinking and imagining.

This is not a difficult concept to grasp intuitively; it is simple physics, like conditions seek their own kind--oil and water do not mix. Neither do negative and positive vibrations (of manifested physicality or spiritual essence of same) blend together, for they are OPPOSITE conditions.


By preparing your brothers and sisters for what is planned, and by paying attention to the sequencing of events that signal possible triggering of circumstances that allow for the unfolding of the heinous things your adversary has in store for you, you create a window of opportunity to allow God's miracles to take place.  Simply knowing what may happen is not enough--though it does help the individual who comes by that knowledge to function with less of a distracting "surprise" reaction as events unfold. However, in order to truly assist mankind, as a species of created life-forms experiencing upon this manifested schoolyard of learning, the lesson of understanding ONENESS WITH YOUR BROTHER is what needs to be wholly acted upon "this time around".

As always, it is in the "doing something about it" that gives you access to the Powers of The Creation to "battle" that which threatens to cause disharmony with the natural order of God's perfect universe.  One human being CAN do it alone.  However, most have been trained through religions to want to place their load (and everyone else's) upon the shoulders of the Master Teacher who lived two thousand years ago upon your place.  Such an avoidance of responsibility completely negates what he told you that which YOU are capable of accomplishing.  Lighted beings come in but two forms: those operating from a state of awareness of their Christed capabilities, and those still unaware of that Potential within.

Man must not be lured into a false sense of security simply because the ones in service to Evil tell you that all is well and there is no cause for alarm.  Remember: "And they were liars from the beginning".  This quote from your Holy Book should not be taken lightly, for it sums up your adversary quite well.

These dark ones are the perpetrators of what your nation has come to be in its decadent and insidious policies and practices. These dark ones rob, not only the people of the United States, but condemn the peoples of the world to slavery and death because the most impoverished peoples have looked to you in the U.S. as a child looks to its parents for guidance and spiritual hope.

Do not let down those who believe, as you once did, in the DREAM of the "American way of life".  But DO face the fact that, presently, America is a land where much evil resides.  And daily many more dark ones seek shelter through pouring into your lands--most without going through official immigration channels--for it is in the good old U.S. of A. that they believe they will be safe as they plunder the globe from the new Jer-USA-lem.

Their enemies know where to find them, chelas, and they will come after them, and it will be on your native soil that pivotal conflicts erupt.  All the while, you nice citizens will be ordered to defend, with your very blood, the dark ones who caused the conflicts in the first place.  Do not prove to the world that you indeed are as blind as they say you are.  Do not allow these things to take place without so much as a word of protest or call to justice about that which you KNOW is against the very reason you have a Constitution in the first place.

[Editor's note: One has but to look at this week's Front Page story to see a perfect example of Commander Korton's advice being put into action in Switzerland.  For those who have been following that outrageous confrontation, especially in past issues of CONTACT, the politicians and bankers in Switzerland were at first responding as spinelessly as is typically the case anywhere.  But then there was a great, indignant groundswell of protest from the populace at large.  And only THEN did the Swiss officials find it within themselves to take up a stance of defiance toward the huff-and-puff extortion thugs.  It gives one pause to consider exactly what is "the power of the people" upon which our country's Founding Fathers placed so much trust.  Also consider the old phrase "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" in these matters.  Or as George Washington put it when pressed for basic advice about what's important about being an American: "Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of Celestial Fire, called conscience."]


Signs are all around you as to who Satan's helpers are and where they hide.  They have been a part of the founding (and daily operation) of your churches, mosques, and synagogues; they have had much to do with the creation and continued control of all of your major cultural and societal institutions, including such as those in the financial and political arenas, those of "higher" un-learning, hospitals, and police organizations; and blatant evidence abounds, forever recorded in your Book of Books, as to the very dark nature of its depictions of war and lascivious human conduct.  Is this what you glorify when you promise to obey and follow EVERYTHING within those pages of that "good" book?  Which of the many versions are you referring to?

How much do you know about the symbols and true origins of what you have come to blindly believe it?  Do you think it was Esu "Jesus" Sananda's disciples (friends) who called for the cross--of all the heinous devices, known for its image of great indignity while causing slow, agonizing death--to be a "symbol" of their beloved teacher?

Dear ones, the cross is a symbol of Satan.  The term "double-cross" comes from the widely known (before you were made to forget during the Dark Ages) double-cross crest that was adopted to the coat of arms of an Illuminati Order.  The people know of the treachery of the evil societies and forever associated their twin-cross emblem with what they were best known for--deceit and manipulation.

The "End Times" as described in John's Book Of Revelation will likely come about because that is what you ones believe should be part of your experience, and therefore manifest.  Well, since "it" is going to come to pass, what can you do about it, if you are among the ones who believe God has given you the power to make a difference?

For starters, learn where you actually are in the timetable of the Armageddon scenario.  In actuality, you are approaching your new century as your erroneous calendars present--you are already PAST that "deadline" by several years.  You are PRESENTLY living out Armageddon--right now!

How much worse do you desire it to get?  How vile and corrupt does your world have to become for you to accept your downward spiraling into "Hell" as a fact?  Do you need locusts and plagues and dead bodies piled up in the streets for you to realize Evil reigns at this time?  Will you wait until there is absolutely no turning back to goodness and decency on your place before you acknowledge the serpent's grasp around your throat?

God will wait for you, always allowing you the opportunity to learn your lessons.  However, when the Father announces: "Mine hour has come", there will only be a moment in eternity of "time" for you to make up your minds as to who you will serve--satan (def: adversary) or God and His Celestial Hosts.  And, dear ones, I would suggest you make up your minds before that hour comes, for the human brain (at your level of development) is not skilled at making those kinds of decisions upon such short notice.

Remember, I said the adversary has some really unimaginable distractions ready and awaiting proper timing to spring upon you. How better to control ones that through sheer panic and the resulting mayhem.  Some feel they are prepared mentally for what may come--anything.  Usually this derives from a false state of complacency based upon that one's limited ability to imagine the kind and degree of the assault possible upon them.  However, when the master deceiver decides to put on a show of force, the desired (dark) effect is most often achieved not through a single event, but multiple assaults, lined up like storms blasting a coastline, which hit faster than any one assault can be dealt with.

Your own first instinct will be to panic, because that is how your controllers have programmed you to respond.  Overriding the negative programming should be your priority as a next step.  And then, if you have prepared yourselves with the wisdom of God's knowledge, allow divine inspiration and instinct--God's Universal Language of Light--to guide your way.  In the midst of chaos, only the "voice" of the Heavenly Father within can lead you to safety.  That is what is meant by the phrase: "Put your faith in the Lord.".

My speciality is communications and in such capacity I remind you that it matters not how the call for help is made--no special external language is necessary--for the honest call for help comes from the heart.  That is a REAL energy sent out and, as we have so often reminded you; "the call compels the answer".  Keep this in mind as you effort to improve your hearing of the "still, small voice within" your heart, for therein lies God and His constant communications with you--if you but LISTEN.

The next most difficult step to take is acting upon what you hear.  Faith, my beloved brethren, helps immensely here, for the adversary will try every weakness you have in order to dissuade you from following Lighted input.  And as I said at the beginning of this message, right now the adversary is desperate to maintain his hold over humanity and thus is testing you with every trick there is.  The dark ones know their time is short and that they lose their power over you the minute you awaken to their pranks.

So, is that an alarm clock I hear ringing, my sleepy brothers?  Now would be a good time to HEAR the call and ACT upon the alarm.  Shall you hit the "snooze" button and roll over for more slumber, or shall you spring out of your bed and get to work?  We shall see.

Thank you for your attention, my beloved brethren.  Your tireless petitions for assistance to We of the Hosts of God-Aton do not go unheard.

May you KNOW and FEEL God's presence within you at all times, for that truly is the only way to live.  Commander Korton to clear, please.  Salu.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 28, 1998, Volume 20, Number 10, Pages 15-17.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.