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1/28/98   KORTON 

Korton here in the Radiant Light of our Creator Source.  Good morning.

America, you have made it through the Super Bowl activities and the "special effects" planned for the event.  Many of your adversary's plans were postponed because of advance warning of that which was expected.  Other plans were carried out but did not go according to the wishes of the Khazarian "masterminds".

Recognizw that there are MAN'S plans and they are fallible.  Satan and his servants will ALWAYS make errors, and those mistakes will eventually do-in the evil ones.  If YOU do that which you know to be within the Laws of God and the Creation, you will make it through and have the opportunity to be part of the remmant.

Keep in mind that there are millions of life-supporting planets in your galactic placement alone; remember: "There are many mansions in my Father's kingdom".  Whenever Earth-Shan (or any experiencing orb) is threatened with possible annihilation, in which case the planet would have to be evacuated, in addition to those who come in the name of God to assist, there are those who will be reintroduced when it is again suitable for human habitation in safety and continuity.

A "remnant" is always left behind to seed humanity.  Evidence of this can be found throughout your societies and civilizations that have come and gone.  In fact, you have had so many civilizations come and go that we of Space Command are VERY PRACTICED at our jobs.

There will be those who are the keepers of the Oral Tradition of the Ancients, and there are those who hold the cosmic "secrets" for man, as a species, to again build his societies--hopefully in a manner that is consistent with God-Aton's Laws (there goes that Free-Will Choice again).

Those choices are given by your Creator TO SEE THAT WHICH YOU WILL DO.  AND WE KNOW WHAT CHOICE MAN WILL MAKE EVERY TIME.  Has the hour not come when God wins instead of that OTHER voice whispering over your shoulder?

Since when has solely listening to the teachings of man provided you with the answers to all your questions?  You have wars and conflicts involving every nation upon your globe.

Even Switzerland, the last "great" haven for your offshore banking schemes to horde gold, is experiencing woes.  The "blame-extortion scheme" of the so-called "Holocaust" has now penetrated that country's neutral financial inner workings.  The "business" of Swiss funds is what held your world together as a "free-market" society.

You have NO leadership in the structure YOU RECOGNIZE as "government".  It was not always so. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson warned you that if you did not stem the tide of Khazarian invaders gaining control of your government, with their ability to issue "money" your children will wake up slaves in the land their forefathers founded--and now you are there.  Moreover, you have the best Congress money can buy!  The Israeli Lobby groups have purchased your senators and representatives; THEY NOW DICTATE ALL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC POLICY.

Meanwhile, the satanic manipulators are now bringing those same moral leadership problems to your attention toward advancing their own goals.  Once they have "convinced you" that your government is in such a deplorable state that it can no longer function AS PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, THEY WILL QUICKLY INTRODUCE A NEW GOVERNMENT AND A DANDY NEW CONSTITUTION TO REPLACE THAT WHICH THEY HELPED TO DESTROY.  You can either be a part of that plan, or you can work to RETAIN that which you ALREADY HAVE.

You say you are concerned about jobs leaving the country, and yet you allow the decisions for the policies of your nation to be GUIDED AND MANIPULATED BY THESE FOREIGN INTERESTS.  I, Korton, am not "anti-Semitic".  However, I find it interesting that a nation, made up of many different races of people, allows a group, that makes up the very smallest portion, to control EVERYTHING that pertains to the lives of the majority of the population.  Your educational system, domestic and international banking, key policy and lawmaking positions, and even your Hollywood film and television factory churns out opinions and "entertainment" that reflects Jewish Khazarian thinking and influence.

By the way, on the subject of the clever Khazarian mind-control accusation of "anti-Semitism", not that it is the ones touting bigotry, especially toward those exposing the Truth, who in fact are NOT Semites!  The so-called "Jews" come from the line of Japheth, not Shem.  [The Semites or Shem-ites came from the line of Shem.]  Further, based on all historical data, nearly everyone else in the sphere of influence of the accusers ARE Semites--by definition.  But again, remember that Satan's "plan" is to create confusion and lies.

The manipulators, whether or not they include Jews, Whites, Blacks, Arabs, or whatever, make up two percent of your citizenry and their plans do not call for the survival of very many of you who are outside their circles.

It is not bigotry, or some other form of racism, that is spoken of in these writings and those of my compatriots.  We are concerned about THE VERY SURVIVAL OF GOD'S PRECIOUS CREATIONS.


Do you go out and make war against those whom you perceive are trying to do you in?  Who would you "take out"?  Kissinger?  Elizabeth of the British Crown?  We are talking about the Book Of Revelation's BEAST WITH MANY HEADS.  There is always another waiting in the wings to be "successor".

And what of your weapons?  Do you really believe an Israeli Uzi or Chinese-made AK-47 can accomplish the job?  The enforcers for the One World Order have technologies available to them that include such as microwave phasers and portable lasers (like the type witnessed during the murderous ambush of the Princess and Dodi in the tunnel) that can disable, blind, or kill an entire battlefield full of soldiers.


War is not an option as far as Godly behavior is concerned.  However, to allow your God-given body to be slain by an attacker is, as I said before, self-murder. Intelligent, life-preserving defense of God's creation IS permitted.

Let me clarify several points before I proceed.  The term "Satan" does not denote a being; it is a label meaning "adversary".  Lucifer, however, is a very real entity and you had best know his modus operandi.  Esu Immanuel was the actual given name of the one you have been misled to call "Jesus Christ". Saul (Paul) of Tarsus labeled him "Jesus", which is the Greek word for "anointed".  The term "Christ" is not a name; it is a state of beingness.

The satanic ones have exploited the concept of "turning the other cheek" to take over entire peoples.  The one known as "Jesus Christ" would never do such a stupid thing, nor tell you to do so.  If you are going to read your so-called "Holy" Book, always be sure you use your God-given gift of REASON.

We of the Hosts of God are not permitted to directly interfere in your Earth squabbles--except in some very specific, life-threatening circumstances.  In general, we can only assist.  Moreover, you must first ASK for that assistance, and then you must receive of it that you might make the best use of what has been given to you.

Will you know what your "help" looks like?  You have forgotten how to "see" your Guardian Angels and their Guiding Light.  However, you can ask to be given the insight to PERCEIVE and the correct course of action will be revealed unto you.

Will it come in the form of words that you can "hear"?  In the situations where you need God the most, there is usually no time to wait for a response.  Therefore, you must attune yourself to the frequency of God's Energies so that there is always a connection left "open".

Should you find yourself facing a physical confrontation, you will need to be ready to receive God's instructions, especially should your options seem to be "fight or flight".  If you remain clearheaded, you will be given that which you need--but be prepared (open) for options presenting themselves that were not previously within your conscious awareness.  Never limit God!

If you are doing everything within your power to follow the Laws as given forth by God Creator, you will not end up in such dire circumstances in the first place.  At worst, you may have to use your legs to make a hasty retreat.

If you knew you were going to be killed by, say one holding a gun, and this person has told you that his intentions are to shoot you dead, and you were unarmed (a not-so-unusual situation in your rapidly deteriorating larger cities like New York or Los Angeles), would it not be better to "go" while attempting to escape?  And how do you know your help isn't going to come to you in the form of inaccurate shots or a misfire or two?  If you never "test" the larger sphere of possibilities by spending your last breath preserving the Life that God gave to you, how will you know?


Call on this gift often, for in the PRACTICE comes the familiarity which becomes KNOWING, and when you know to utilize Divine Protection, you will discover that you lose your fear of those things put in your path to distract you from your work.


God is Joy and Abundance, not lack and unhappiness.  When you fully comprehend the state of being of the Master Teacher Himself, you can fathom the hows and the whys of his existence and the Source of his Power and Wisdom.  Is that not the purpose of this journey?

To be like the Master Teacher, who is of the Father, is to be like The One Who created you; and after experiencing Oneness with the I AM Presence, you can be set free to fly again, coming full circle to begin anew your experience called life.

The Sacred Circle of Infinity is not a concept; it is an effect of Nature to behold each time your seasons change.  Mother Earth's processes allow for cycles of "death" and "rebirth" as Autumn turns to Winter, and Winter turns to Spring. Should man, whose physical body (vehicle or "space suit" for experiencing in the physical dimensions) is also of the Earth, be any different?

Just because you don't (at the moment) remember a previous incarnation or existence does not mean it could not have happened.  You believe in many things you do not see--the illusion of "time", for instance, is your biggest preoccupation.  In the Higher Planes we do not experience "time" as such.  We experience sequence of events, where one thing follows another in an expanded perspective and perception of possible and probable realities.  Is it not time to have a little more Faith in that "unseen world" you profess to believe in?

May we walk together in brotherhood through this wondrous journey called life.  Korton to clear, please.





Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 3, 1998, Volume 19, Number 11, Pages 37-38.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.