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Tomeros Massu Korton

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June 12, 2016

8/31/96   KORTON

Commander Tomeros Massu Korton here in the Radiant Light of the One Light, Infinite Source. Thank you for receiving my energy this day.

There is a great need among ground crew at this time for an awakening of innate abilities that usually go unacknowledged.

You are entering a time of great and turbulent change connected with Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.  During this most critical time, your personal link with Creator, and with we of the Lighted Brotherhood, shall become essential if you are to just maintain a balanced mental state, much less carry out your unique job in the overall mission.

Ones MUST begin to receive personal messages for themselves because as a purely practical consideration, we of the Hosts need to be able to get our messages through to ground crew members in a timely manner despite the interruptions likely to affect a medium of communication such as CONTACT as the turbulent times unfold.  The more direct way is person-to-person or, more accurately, being-to-being communication.

For those of you who are not familiar with my designation, I am a Communicator.  That is to say, I specialize in establishing and maintaining operating communication links.  I am able to cover an extensive spectrum of frequencies in order to help couple the third-dimensional expression with that of the higher-dimensional expressions.  Consider me a facilitator, linguist and translator--all in one.  I operate across many inter-dimensional and inner-dimensional frequencies.

Over the past several weeks Masters (Cohans) have come to impart their messages of Lighted, Inspired Truth.  An underlying theme for many of them has been the need to get you ones to the point of recognizing that you ARE receiving and that you ARE hearing, and to get you to the point of realization that you CAN do this on a very conscious level.

Due to the limitations of the English language, we will do that which we can in order to project as clear a picture, as we are able, of this process.  If you are already consciously receiving, perhaps these messages can help you to explain to others how they can reach through and connect.

First of all, KNOW that it is YOUR God-given RIGHT to receive directly from Creator Source (as well as from we of the Lighted Brotherhood) any time you so desire.  You actually do this every time you think a thought.

Why do I say this?  Because Creator God (He who created you) created you with thought energy. You are thus, in effect, a unique thought in Creator's creative thinking.

You were given an individual uniqueness that stems from the core of His Infinite Mind.  Therefore YOU (the non-physical, thinking YOU) are, in entirety, a thought projection with an individualized electromagnetic signature.  This means that every thought you have is in fact, God's thought.

Keeping this in mind, know that receiving is as natural as thinking.  If, in your exercising of the thinking process, you can perceive and discern transcendent realities such as the incredible beauty displayed by the smallest of flowers, and appreciate same with your reasoning mind, then you can and do receive from the Higher Realms.


For each person there will be subtle differences in the execution of the receiving process, for no two aspects of Creator are exactly the same.

First and foremost is to find a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed.  For those of you who are already communing through meditation, this would be a good place, if practical, to keep a notebook and pen.

Get quiet and clear your mind from any and all dark energies [as Commander Soltec instructed with several examples and in specific detail, in last week's 8/24/96 writing].  Demand--WITH FEELING--that all dark energies leave immediately.  Call in the Divine Light of Creator and FEEL it from within as it fills you up from the center of your being.

Take up your notebook or other recording device.  If you prefer to speak into a tape recorder, then do so.  The recording, whether it be written or audio, is usually for you and you alone.  You shall have need for the recording, for it shall serve as a documented confirmation at a later date.

Date the notebook or tape.  Also make a note of the time of day you have started the receiving session, and then again when you are through.  This data is important for, among other things, verifying your messages so that it will be clear to you, when the messages become validated at a later date, that you are, in fact, receiving.  The start and stop times also help separate several messages within a given day and further help you to keep track of that elusive quantity you call time.

The writings should generally be considered personal and you should use great discretion when sharing them with others.

Now that we have cleared our space and are sitting down to write or record, you will find it helpful if you have a specific question in mind.  Write the question down in the notebook.  This will serve as a focus point for the mind.

If you have no specific question, then perhaps you can write this one: "Are there any messages from the Lighted Brotherhood that I may write at this time?"  Please DO include the words "Lighted Brotherhood" for this will help to reaffirm the quality of your intension and thereby helps to keep the dark side from interfering.

Now we get to the real "sticking point" for most of you: Some expect the pen to move by some outside force--they expect for some one or thing to take control of their hand, physically, and just make it start writing.  This many happen, but it is NOT likely to be the case.

At this point you should simply WRITE WHAT COMES.

At first you should expect exercises in locking-on to the signal.  Such instruction as, "Relax your mind' let the thoughts come" or "Do not block; allow the message to flow" are quite typical.

The receiving will most likely be very subtle, like a quiet whisper in your mind.  It may seem that you are just making up the thoughts yourself.  That is fine; just write them down anyway.

If a picture flashes into your mind, then write down that which you see, in as much detail as you can.  Each mind is unique and the symbols will have personal meaning to you.

When this scribe first started writing, he thought that his ego had gotten the best of him and that he was just regurgitating parts of past books that he had read.  With persistence, he soon, after about seven months of writing, had undeniable confirmations of his writings.

Be patient and always use discernment concerning that which you write.  The dark energies will most certainly come to trick you.  If a message confuses you, then clear your space (WITH FEELING!) and ask for clarification.  DEMAND that the energy identifies itself.  Only allow the Lighted energies to enter into this communion with you.

Keep a record of your thoughts.  Consider the notebook a diary of sorts.  Write down any emotional or inspirational thoughts or feelings that you may have.  If you have a vivid dream, write it down in detail, along with the date and time if possible.

Your Guides will work with you in any way that they are allowed.  Remember to ask for assistance--and expect an answer!  They can do more for you when you ask and make effort to meet them partway.

Many people have doubts and other questions about receiving, and perceive that they cannot do it. THIS IS FALSE!

The writings or thoughts that come may seem goofy or awkward at first.  Just write what your mind is triggered to remember or to think.

Allow for practice.  Like riding a bicycle, you may fall down a few times but, with persistence, you shall begin to sort the messages from your own thoughts.  And with practice the messages shall start flowing smoothly.

There is no need for special crystals, incense, or music.  However, if these things help you to focus your mind, then by all means please use them.

I am just saying that you have ALL that you need--A SOUL--from the day that you were created, to make these Higher Connections.

Call upon me, Korton, and I shall assist you and your Lighted Guides in making the connection.  Be open to the subtleness of the entire process.

Thank you for reading this message.  May you consciously and conscientiously hold onto the signal when you recognize it.  And don't let YOUR perceived ineffectiveness with this type of communication be YOUR excuse for not getting YOUR job done!

There are many a "sleeping giant" out there in need of awakening their inner talents so that they may share their special gifts with the world at this grand time.  Receiving, in this manner, is but the first step.

Commander Korton in service unto the One Light.

I stand ready to assist any who call.

Thank you and Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, September 3, 1996, Volume 14, Number 4, Page 26.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.